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Friday, January 22, 2010

More Pinks

Concentrate  on this Sentence

'To get  something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'   When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing  you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.   Concentrate on this sentence...
'The will of God will never take you where  the Grace of God will not protect you.'    Something good will happen to you today; something that you have  been waiting to hear.


There  comes a point in your life when you realize:  

Who  matters,
Who never did,
Who won't anymore...
And who always  will.
So, don't worry about people from your past,
There's a  reason why they didn't make it to your future.
Give these flowers  to everyone you don't want to lose  in

I wanted to share this with everyone. The sentences are beautiful and so true. The pink roses are beautiful and a symbol that Spring is not too far away! Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!





1 comment:

Terri Morse said...

Thank you so much for that encouragement. I really needed that today. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that wisdom. -Terri