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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blogger Thieves, FaceBook Impersonators

I just had to post a quick note about this junk on the web! I know we can not avoid it but I have to say, my niece Holly sent me an e mail stating that she was closing her Face Book. She added her maiden name and B I N G O ! The nut jobs came out of the woodwork! Tonight, I had an "Urgent" e mail from an old friend. It was one of those scams, send me money quickly, blah,blah,blah! People is there really anyone that dumb out there in life??!!!???  The real Jonel knows me very,very well. She knows I could not afford to send her a long distance cheer from some ridiculous foreign country, of which I will not name and would never travel to because obviously, the village idiots there are so stupid they think they can get money from people who have none! HA!HA!HA!HA!

The scary part is they used her real e mail address and goofy as I am I thought perhaps she wants to win the trip to the Big Island in Hawaii with Princess House and putting a plea out early on for lots of orders! But after I read the first sentence I dumped the junk as spam and erased the whole mess!

Today on the country western radio station here, KYGO 98.5 FM they had a part two of a two part series on. They had on a local police detective posing on their computer as a 12 year old girl. The perverts out there are  like moths to a flame. Within 10 minuted a creep-o was talking to the cop like he wanted to help "Her" start her modeling career. Next thing you know the old creep was asking for pics of the 12 year old (a/k/a Police Detective) in varies states of undress!

Blah Blah Blah. I know your right of freedom of speech. But even  so...there should be no freedom of perverts cruising the internet for babies! Years ago, when my kids were small a local t.v. news station were on a stake out waiting for the cops to arrive to arrest a known pedophile.  The news anchor, seeing the guy walk out of his house, chased him down and started to beat the heck out of him! When the cops got there a minute or two later then had to pull the newscaster off the perp! It was so darn funny because he kept saying he kept thinking about his own kids and it made him so darn angry! My friend Sharons brother Teddy is a single father. When his daughter Monae was about 12 she and a friend walked from one house down the block to the other. A man standing in his doorway caught their attention! He started doing things to himself! Monae ran back home and told her dad. He called 9-1-1 and ran back to the house. As the police approached, they were like, "Mr. Hayes, you need to put his screen door down and you need to stop beating him with it." Her brother was so angry he tore the guys screen door off its hinges and beat the guy until the cops arrived! The cops later congratulated him for kicked the guys butt!

We live in such troubling times and all the politically correct garbage is so nauseating! But the criminals have rights and the victims, well, tough luck!

I just really felt like I needed to speak my mind on this one! Thanks for listening!


Parsley said...

It's sad and scary! We won't let our daughter be on the computer unless it's in the office. It's not that we don't trust her, she is just to young to know the dangers out there.

nancy said...

Can't trust nobody today. Seems like the world would never change. It's not just kids who need to learn, its the adult too. It is sad. Raped and unsafe sex too. Have a good day. Nancy

Joyce said...

People are so SICK!! God have mercy on us....very important to educate the youth about the weirdos out there and for the kids boys/girls to NOT be very trusting. Sadly.
With all this new technology that is available...we have to be this way.