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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casey My Favorite Pup

It rained hard most of the day! Tink is still missing. My daughter's heart is breaking and I know exactly how she feels. Phil is a good man. He took flyer's we made and tacked them all over in the rain! While she worked. So many people are telling her they think Tink went off to die alone. I will never believe it! Those two were inseparable I think, in my heart, that someone picked her up. In fact, a woman Phil spoke with, said to him that if she found Tink she would keep her! Phil, said, really, even though she is chipped and she is so ill? The woman said yes I'd take good care of her. I always hated those chip implants. But if anyone took her to a vet for care they might find out that she really belongs to us. When J found Stella, lying in the middle of the road, beaten down by some cruel person, he called the authorities and a really cool cop told us, to get her chipped that way if the perp tried to get her back she would have our name! Losing a sick, old, confused, deaf and nearly blind dog is one thing, beating a sweet pup and then trying to retrieve her is disgusting!

When I lost my unborn daughter Rachel 23 years ago I had a little cockapoo named Casey. My sister Mary found him in Pueblo from a lady who was selling a litter of her dogs pups. My sis paid half the cost for our anniversary and Casey came to live with us . That little goofy dog never left my side. He was kind and very gentle to children but he was very wary of lots of adults and he could pick out an unscrupulous person in a minute! He never jumped up on the furniture and never would come on our bed but when my little baby died he never left my side He would put his paws on the side of the bed and he would look at me with his head cocked as if to say, "I love you and I really do understand your pain." He literally saved my life because I  fell into a funk and had a hard time getting out of it.

When I was pregnant with Hannah he was let out of the yard and we never saw him again. 19 years later I sill feel that someone picked him up and took him home and he never looked back! He had just been groomed two days earlier and he looked like a handsome dog when he was groomed! Tht little guy and I had a bond so strong I still feel it today.

My family appreciates your prayers for our Tink and I thank you for letting me share my story of Casey with you. He was named of course, for the great baseball legend! In these photos he is with my broken hearted girl. She loves her pets! One day I will tell you her story with Cocoa the hamster!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I'm so sorry your dog is lost. I have had several of those kind of scares with dogs I've had. They are part of the family, and it is horrible when you have to worry about where they are and what's happenening to them. I pray he shows up soon. laurie

Sonia said...

Sorry about your dog! I would be so devastated if we lost one of ours. I'll be praying for a safe return!!

Miss Blooomers

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It is a sad thing to lose a pet - for whatever reason. Prayers for Tink and for you.

Chatty Crone said...

Still not there. I'm so sorry. sandie

Linda said...

I know your hearts are broken. I am so sorry! Keep the faith! She may show up yet.

Tiffanee said...

I pray that you find your dog! They become such a part of our lives. Best wishes and many hugs!!