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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Dog's Poem

An Owner's Plea

Please, God, if You should hear a scratch on Eden's Gate tonight,
A gentle whine, a muffled bark; have Peter take a light
And open up the Pearly Gates and call her Spirit in,
For I think she lived in Heaven once; please take her back again.

She may have been a mongrell, without a pedigree,
Yet she was noble, kind and good; I think You will agree:
That she'll be very useful where the souls of children play.
She'll romp with them, and see; Dear God; they do not go astray.

Just tell her that we're sorry that we could not pat her head,
And whisper how we loved here 'ere her Spirit fled.
I pray that when death beckons, and my soul surmounts life's fog,
I'll rate a place in Heaven, Dear God, beside our dog...

Author Unknown 

I found this lovely poem and just thought I would share it today. 

I found this unknown author poem on a website called Cherished Memories. 


Parsley said...

I could cry. With one terminal dog and another very sick, I feel the pain.

I'm sorry you don't know what happened to your pup. I hope she's just been temporarily under someone else's care. If not, I KNOW God cares and he hears your prayers for your dog. He will welcome her home. She was on loan from God and he will welcome her back home.

Again, so very sorry...

Cat said...

My heart cries for you and your family.. I would be lost without our sweet little girl..(she doesn't think shes a dog)

Chatty Crone said...

I'm thinking of you too and your daughter. sandie