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Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi everyone! I was hoping I would be able to wind down the postcard exchange by now. But still missing those key states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois,Kansas,Kentucky,  Missouri,Montana and New Hampshire. I have been filling my Colorful Colorado goody box with lots of fun items! Eight states to go! C'mon, join the fun! Thanks to everyone who has participated so gar! You all have entries into the win!


Denise said...

Be blessed sis.

Anonymous said...

I used to collect post cards and one day I put them in a yard sale. Can you imagine... goodness, had I known how big they would've become, I might now have done so. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Tazzy LOVE your blog!

Rhonda said...

Hi Anne,
I am sorry that it's been a while since I stopped to chat. I DO come over...I just always seem to be in a hurry.

I love those sheets. I can imagine how wonderful 650 thread count feels.I am afraid I would never leave my bed!!!!


Parsley said...

Oh you got some cute postcards! I kinda miss seeing postcards fill my mailbox. :-( Maybe I'll have to announce another postcard exchange!

Anonymous said...

You will not be missing Missouri for long! I happened to find one on my desk yesterday and popped it in the mail. :D

Intense Guy said...

Hope you get these stragglers soon!

Angela said...

If I lived closer to Kentucky I would go and get one to send to you! It won't be much longer though!


Rose said...

postcards are sointeresting from sharing inf on them to just nonsense. rose


What a great idea, collecting postcards from all the states. I'm from Missouri but I don't have any postcards. I just found you through Spiritual Sundays and thought I'd stop by. Come see me at my place if you have time. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

Annesphamily said...

I have more postcards to share! Looks like we are getting more states and countries! Woot Woot! Come on join the fun and keep those cards coming! Do you know that a postcard only costs 27 cents to send? I think they can be a great way to stay in touch without being so impersonal too. I love my blog and bloggy friends but sometime I just need to send you a real card! I guess living in a large city with cute shops that cater to Colorado products it is easy to find postcards here. Now c'mon and join in the fun. Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Anne with an "e" :) :) :) I hope you get the postcards you need ) :) :) I had fun picking out the ones that I sent you from Oregon :) There are so many...and many of them with interesting tidbits of history. There's a particular type of Myrtle Tree that only grows right here in Oregon...the same as the famous Royal Riviera Pears that Harry & David sells...those only grow here in southern Oregon and nowhere else in the USA... I can't wait to see what else people send you :) :) :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Christyr71 said...

Hi Anne,

Parsley sent me over to you in regards to the postcard exchange...I would love to be a part of it. Please let me know. I am also a fellow Blogger Sister and I love Cindy Atkins I Owe It All To Him's blog! She sent my daughter a tag not to long ago when my daughter who is 16 was going through a really rough patch.

So yea, please let me know how to get involved!