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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blue Monday Love is....

Hee Hee! This Love so precious. It is a good reminder of the coolness of splashing around the swimming pool when the temps are rising above 95 plus degrees! Whew! What a cool refreshing way to entertain yourself.
Come join the Love is... fun with all the girls. Stop by Marydon's and check everyone out. Then go visit Sally . We all have been praying and rooting for her since her ordeal with her health began over a month ago! Keep hanging in there Sally and we will wish you a beautiful blue Monday!

We have been working in our two car garage since summer started. We had a wet Spring so we could not get out there. I think by September we can put two cars in the garage! Yea for us!
I found this pair of  blue stems. I think they are so sweet. I think there were four because one was broken inside a felt bag but the 4th one is nowhere to be found.

I hope you like them. I don't know a thing about them. They had tags that said "China" on them but they came off when I gave them a good bath!

Say hello to Sally and come join some blue fun!
Remember to leave a comment and be a follower so you can enter my Love is...giveaway. I am giving away a copy of the sweet little book "Love is...A wild Ride" which has lots of sweet Love is...cartoons to share with all of us!


Beverly said...

Anything blue gets my attention. Love your blue glassware. Such a good find if only two of them.
Yes splashing around in water sounds wonderful. I'm off to visit your links. Have a great day.

GWENNY said...

I love stemware. A fave color of mine. It has been extremely warm and humid here for over a week. I am almost wishing for fall.

Marydon said...

Oh, how I wish we hadn't taken OUT our swimming pool at this house in weather like this. Guess the shower will have to do ... chuckle! Don't have THIS LoveIs... either.

China or not, the stemware is lovely, Anne. Now this is a shade that I could actually enjoy. The design looks so versatile for any setting.

Have a wonderful week ~

Kim B said...

Love the Love is...and the blue stemware is super pretty. Kim x

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you stopped by as your visit led me to you. I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site and look forward to more visits.

Pamela said...

I love one of a kind goblets. My husband chooses one each day -- except Wednesday, the day I work. He puts the tea in my yellow travel mug.

Lynn said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I loved Boulder, I love MTS. Originally from the NE, the Adirondack MT area, but to you, those mts are foothills. However, foothills are way better than Flat Florida where I am now, lol. Family is here, so we are here!
Love those blue glasses. I am more pink/lavender and always white, but those glasses are truly beautiful. They have a depth that I perceive as being utterly romantic. Blessings

bp said...

Thank you for visiting and reading about our Colorado vacation. I have a couple more days left to post about.

Since we've moved we have gradually seen the amount of stuff in one half of our garage decrease. Maybe eventually the half will be clear enough for the other vehicle!

LV said...

Those are very pretty blue glasses. Very unusual.

Parsley said...

Lovely glasses. The blue is striking.