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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Morning...I Have Been Thinking

I have missed two days of walking! I am sad! :(
I have a summer cold with bronchitis! Yuck! How I caught it I am sure I know. Have you ever been forced to work with people that do not respect you? They touch your things like rotten little kids with no manners! You can wash your hands and use tons of sanitizer on your hands and phone but....if they won't leave you alone they can make you sick! Literally!
So I am off to the dentist in about an hour attempting to get my teeth cleaned! Have you ever stuck a stick thru your eyeball? That is how I feel when I go to the dentist. They make you pay all the money for your services up front like a house of ill repute!
 But I am up front too! I ask how many children the dentist has. Then I proceed to tell them that they need to know up front that I will not, let me repeat it twice, I will not pay for their children's college educations! I am funny that way!
Then you have to go out into the world and be surrounded by mean girls and disrespect and hatefulness. You see, many of you know I attended Catholic school. From K to 11 I was under their command. So I learned to get savvy and smart and that is why I have such a B I G opinion on things today! I am an outta the box kinda girl! I hate when people try to make me do things their way only! I like a bright and fresh perspective on life and work. I am very good at what I do. I have worked in the medical field since 1983! I kissed no ones toes in the process. I feel like you can not do a good job if you are constantly blowing your own horn and kissing up to the person in charge! When I attended Catholic school I made many life long friends. You have a special bond with these people. The popular rude girls will always be that way. The jocks and the geeks and the loners too. But I was never hateful or mean to any of them and therefore I can not tolerate mean people!
When I worked in the medical school I made fast friends. Ladies many years older than me. One of them Bea and I still connect. She is 81! She taught me to demand respect from the doctors. When I left the medical school for a different job on campus I was told by people interviewing me that they asked for references and were always surprised what that group of doctors said about me. They said if I came back and worked with them then would give me a bad reference so I would not leave them. It is called camaraderie. People you can trust, you can count on in the rush of life and work tumbling over your head! People that care! Wow! What a word! Caring! Lacking sorely in this world today. I went to work in the hospital in the Admissions Dept. as well as the emergency room! Talk about getting life experience. That is why things rarely bother me! I have heard them all! I made some of the most wonderful friends. Silly girls I still talk with today although one moved back to her stompin grounds in Texas! Another to Nashville! One still at the hospital! Another helping her hubby with their appliance business. That is friendship! Great times, sad times always helping each other in those difficult situations and laughing your pants off with them when times are terrific! The ins. co. Yikes! What a place, ranks up there with politicians and bankers, sleazy, corrupt mean and wicked! But the people stuck working there with me always had your back! That is team work.  Kindness and consideration. Words and actions sorely lacking today.
Now I am in a place where you can not get anyone to help you out. No watching your back! More like middle school with bullies! Whispering! Hatefulness! Acting like evil! I have a plaque someone gave me from the days at the ins. co. It simply says "How will I ever fly with eagles when I am stuck working with turkeys?"
I am thinking perhaps a change will be in store for me. Why? Because so many of you have taken risks and succeeded! My baby will graduate in May 2012! God willing if I am there at his side I may think about making a change for myself!
I have been a good person, working diligently without any succeed. Making the same money I had made in 1999! Yet times have been good and it is extremely difficult working around non believers and making me feel so hopeless there. I tend to lash out when I am cornered and I hate it! I hate being an untrue Christian. I want to live my life for the Lord. I do not want to worry about ridiculous things like reality T.V.  or inappropriate magazines littered around an office that should showcase  a professional atmosphere. I want to go somewhere that I can work hard and be treated with dignity and respect. Somewhere that someone will have my back!


Robin said...

My 2 most favorite soups....lobster bisque and she crab soup. I never tire of them.
They are my favorite comfort foods.

Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend

Dogmom Diva said...

I love lobster bisque, have not had it in years! My prayers with you, maybe a new job is on the horizon, Anne..hang in there!


Intense Guy said...

I hope you are feeling better today and that the dentist visit went smoothly.

Caring is in short supply these days where everyone seems to be "out for themselves".