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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have always been a rebellious one! It stems from being the last of five children and a spoiled rotten kid! I just love this John Mellencamp song. It is great to listen to while running or walking! I find lots of great music and some of the language is not fit to publish so I have to choose carefully. Listen to this and if it does not load here go to you tube and listen to it. I liked the graphics too.

Enjoy your day! I have in busy with phamily things so I will catch up with all when I ge tmy Alphabe Thursday post up laster tonight!


Coloradolady said...

Anne....don't forget to take a minute for yourself too!!! Have a fantastic day!!

Intense Guy said...

Youtube is a neat source for tunes.


Hope you are having a good week.

Terra said...

Remember when he was John Cougar? I am a rebel too, and am the oldest of two!

Angela said...

I'm the oldest of 2 but am now starting to be a rebel as I get older! I will not be pushed around anymore. I'm not a kid! Don't tell me that I can't have my Granny open a present for Christmas before Santa comes! Seriously! A huge fight a few years ago over that. I don't go there for Christmas anymore over it either!

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, What a surprise, I found a few minutes to visit. Love John's music too. Rebellious, NOT sweet you. Big smile.
XO, Jeanne