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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tell me something about you.....

1. When you were a child,  what age did you think was old ?

     When we were in the first grade, my friends dad passed away. Although he was in his
     30's, I thought it was ancient!

2. How often do you have dessert?

     One of the pharmaceutical reps brought lunch from Olive Garden today.
     I shared my piece of Tiramasu with my hubby!

3. What's your favorite kind of exercise?

     I like to walk around the water near the rec center close to our home.  We can
     see and hear all the birds and enjoy nature. Especially early in the morning. Sigh!

4. Do you watch movies on T.V., movies from a rental or the library, or movies on line?

     Sometime we watch movies on T.V. Occasionally the kids rent a movie but we watch
     old shows Like "I Love Lucy" and a few weekly favorites like "The Big Bang Theory"
     and Person of Interest.

5. Tell me something you remember from your grandmother's/grandfather's house. I'm thinking of    
     something you saw all the time, like a picture, a clock, statue, teapot, or something 
     that was always there.

     My maternal grandmother always had a bag of Kraft Butter Mints in her cupboard and because
     she was blind, she always trusted us to bring the bag to her without sneaking any. My grand-
     mother was my BFF and I am still saddened by her death nearly 46 years after losing her.

     My paternal grandmother had a picture of Christ and He was rising into the clouds, on
      Resurrection Day and the picture appeared to be moving upward. As a kid I was so
     fascinated with that picture!

     After my paternal grandmother passed away my grandfather had a little tiny tin can on his stove
     that had grease in it, and he cooked his eggs in that and recycled it! He lived well into old age
     and I adored him. He was an amazing man. He passed away in 1968 and I still miss all
     the wonderful stories he told me.
 This is a google image as close to the image in my mind of that little tin can with oil/lard in it.


Theresa said...

Oh girl, lots of yours are mine too:) Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing! HUGS!

Esther Joy said...

Lots of memories, but not lots with my grandparents because both sets died when I was quite young. However, my husband's grandparents loved me like I was their own, and helped to fill that hole.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your answers.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, wow... such special memories of your grandparents!

I can remember my grandmother's Bible, her chairs in her bedroom (which I now have), her kitchen furniture always painted a fresh white each year with new cushions she would make to match new curtains, and her grease jar on her stove that was also metal! Hers said "grease" on it, and she lived to be 97. :-)

I'm not sure what age I thought was old, but most likely 60 which seems YOUNG now. LOL



Dewena Callis said...

Great questions, and great answers you gave. I know that the age I am now would have seemed ancient to me at 16. Little did I know that you feel the same way inside. I try to make dessert once a week just because I know we're going to eat dessert anyway and it might as well be homemade. Yesterday I made an Angel Pie that uses baked meringue for the crust. Tonight I'll give most of it to our son to take home as it's too rich for my husband's taste and I don't need to eat the rest of it. In the summer my favorite desserts are fruit cobblers. Favorite exercise? A walk CD that is about the only kind of exercise my knees will take. Movies? Never go to theater anymore so it's mostly ones we buy when they come out. Big Bang is one show we watch together, that and Blue Bloods. Other than Sunday night PBS shows I'd rather read.

My grandparents' house? The cookie jar that always had homemade cookies in it at one house, and a pretty little footstool at the other. Oh, and the green jar of Camphophenique (wrong spelling) my grandfather always had on the table by the sofa!