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Saturday, June 18, 2016

P is for Party and People

With my new Independent Jeweler business I had to share it here. I had planned to properly post this people and party idea to share for My BoJon Heritage and Alphabe Day. It is funny how certain topics make many people shy away from them. I posted about my excitement with becoming an Independent Jeweler with Premier Designs and boy,oh ,boy, the people headed for the hills so to speak! When you do a direct selling business like this people are afraid you are going to lock them in your house until they  buy the company or order the entire line of product. I am normally happy and easy going but I have to be very truthful. When people  do not respond to an R.S.V.P. I find they lack manners which seem to be  lacking in this society today. I appreciated the  people who honestly told me they had to decline.

I will tell you about those who supported me. My three daughters, my new daughter-in-law and my grand-girl Christal. My dear, dear friend Lorna and her friend  and  new jeweler Johnna. My daughter Hannah brought a friend Aspen and she supported me as well as she chose to book her own show, sharing the FREE jewelry with Hannah. They were the lucky ladies who won  and split the $50 FREE in jewelry for hosting their own show by popping a party popper. My grand girl Christal is not a wealthy girl. But she supported me. Meant the world to me. My girls love the jewelry and they each ordered something . Lorna and Johnna are both single working women. In fact Johnna works three different jobs trying to keep her head above water. Lorna  had to replace her car that someone else wrecked a few months ago. These are not wealthy women but they chose to support me and I in turn support them,  Three friends are reviewing the catalog and have told me they will purchase something to help me start off my business. I have always supported people in new businesses, after all people who work in this line of work are just trying to help with their phamily expenses. I also fully support people in businesses that I have known  and I won't stop supporting them. You can buy anything you want in big department stores or mega corporate giants like Target and Walmart. But you will not be supporting a struggling single mom, a grandmother helping her kids or grand kids and most of the things you buy through big business comes from China.
This company started out making their jewelry thirty plus years ago in Texas. They opened a factory in Rhode Island and they  their employees  are paid a fair wage for doing such wonderful craftsmanship such as hand beading on many of the bracelets. Their watches include Seiko timepieces. The company recently opened a factory in Malaysia but again, they are not a "sweat shop" type of employer and pay a fair wage.

I have spent many years in direct selling companies and the most successful people are those who are not pushy, respect people and truly believe in the product they are selling. The success is based on  adding new clientale to their data base. I do wish companies would allow customers to purchase their products on line. In a busy world we often don't have time to host a home show. I had great success with MaryKay because they allow their consultants to add ordering to their personal websites and customers love the ease of that option.
Then there are the folks who love hosting parties and want to sit down with a few friends and play with the jewelry and enjoy a nice evening or even a brunch with girlfriend. I truly love this product and am happy that I am able to buy their quality jewelry. I received 225 dollars in  FREE jewelry for joining the company. No one forced me, I enjoyed Kashia and her presentation. I love her enthusiasm for the product and I wanted something to fill a few hours each week to make some extra cash.
Mini cream puffs were on my menu last night along with mini brownie bites and fresh fruit. We had garden fresh salad and Caesar Salad. The evening was filled with fun and I received several pieces of FREE jewelry including a silver cuff watch I had been eyeing in the catalog. Since it was very warm outside I made fresh sweet tea, regular ice tea and  some lemonade. I found a really cute beverage server with two one gallon dispensers and they sit inside a pretty wrought iron holder. I also have a cute two gallon dispenser with wrought iron holder and the evening was filled with fun and laughter and beautiful jewelry.
Although my dispensers are clear glass they are set up very much like this google image. I decided to throw this little proposition out there, I have a goal. I want to see if I can find people across America who would be willing to purchase a piece of jewelry from me.  It is easy to view the catalog on line @ and let me know. You can pay directly by contacting me with a credit card or personal check that I deposit and send on to the company. I am asking if anyone across America would be willing to help me out. Share the news. The product arrives approximately two weeks after I place my orders and I would send your purchase on to you. I have a similar "Bucket List" where I would like to visit every major MLB park in America. If you aren't a jewelry person, perhaps you know someone who is and would enjoy a no hassle purchase.

I hope you will look around and find some jewelry loving folks to share this post with. I have often done direct selling businesses to make friends. I am always grateful to meet new folks and if I can help someone find a perfect piece of jewelry , I will be your favorite jewelry lady. You know I have never put on a price tag on people, or friendship and I am happy to help someone find a pair of earrings or a watch or bracelet or another pretty accessory.  I could talk on about this having known some highly successful Hispanic women who sell Princess House even though their friends and relatives are not wealthy enough to buy the entire line of product,  They purchase small items and work their way into very successful business enterpernaurs because they have large networks of phamily and friends all struggling to make ends meet. Every dollar counts, large or small. One final note, the PremierDesigns company supports misisonary work across the world. Thank for stopping by and thank you for sharing the letter P with me today.


Sandee said...

I wear a wedding ring and that's it. Rarely do I wear earrings. I'm not a jewelry person.

I wish you well.

Have a fabulous day. Big hug. ♥♥♥

Terra Hangen said...

This jewellery enterprise sounds like a good match for you, and I wish you great success. I like that they have 2 factories in the USA and support missions.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

It was a similar situation with my Bella Rosa Shop.... People would attend tupperware a d jewelry parties but when I set up a table at a Mom's event at church, none of my friends thought to buy something to help me out. Such is life! Best to you in your new endeavor!

Jeannie Marie said...

Best wishes on your new endeavor. It's nice to know they support missionary work. I don't wear jewelry myself but share your post on my twitter.

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Looks great

Intense Guy said...

I wish you the bestest of luck with your Jewelry sales!!