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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Aw....Mondays and Other Monday Fun

Aw....Mondays and I wanted to have a little fun. These pups are the original bad boys.
Love is....always comes around with the right thing to say.

Humor....does anyone else relate to this?

I love these words.
These two guys took in a Rockies game on Father's Day. It was a beautiful sunny day. We've had rain and cooler days but we hear the 90's are going to hit us next. It is a little sad because we go from freezing to rainy to boiling. Not much of a happy medium. But we can't complain much. It is what it is. 
It is going to be a great week! My laptop battery bit the dust and I am now happy because we only had to replace the battery. It is going to be a great day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


This little lady has had a trying few weeks. She was misdiagnosed with blindness in her left eye. Our middle took her to CSU Veterinary Hospital in Fort Collins and she had some sort of injury to her eye. Since the diagnosis she has been her old (3 month old) self running and jumping and playing with her mom and brother and the three boys- Leo, Loki and Thor! Some people have no business working around animals. We are so grateful that her sight is great! She was looking like an alien baby for a while. So she is my Tuesday Show and Tail. We love this little snuggle bug and she is a fearless little fighter. Thanks to the good Lord for listening to our prayers.
Nothing like a soft and snuggly puppy and puppy breath! Say hello to Sandee at Happy Tuesday too.
HA HA HA! Maxine I think I Love you today!

Today is a happy day! Grateful and thankful for Molly and her beautiful eyes.
Our babies, Hannah and Nick! I think this was one of the last times we were able to have lunch at the Original Spaghetti Factory downtown.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Aw....Mondays and More

This six hour old Hippo is the cutest. Wanted to share Baby Hippo with Aw...Mondays . What an amazing creation.
Be humble, be kind, be grateful. Your day will be amazing.
This is our bedtime ritual. Celestial Seasoning Sleepy Tea or their Mint Sleepy Tea.
Apple humor for your Monday.
Snoopy makes me smile.

Words to ponder.
Someday's I really do.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


What is there to say about the greatest dad a girl could ever have? My dad was the kindest person I ever knew. He loved my mother, his children and his phamily. He was quiet, kind, humble and faithful to his maker.
My dad was amazing. He knew everything about baseball. He had the most beautiful handwriting and he read his bible. I know this because he constantly told me things I know he read in his bible. "He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. " Clarence Budington Kelland
I miss my dad and my mom too. The worst feeling ever, being an orphan.
Best parents ever!

Photo shares of amazing men I love and those they love best.

P H A M I L Y always makes me happy.

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! Lydia  M. Child, Philothea: A Romance 1836

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow we will wish all the father's everywhere a Happy Father's Day. I tip my hat to fathers. I know many who stepped it up and raised their kids when there was not a mother in the picture. I often feel discouraged when I see TV ads, commercials and even programming "dogging" men and especially fathers. As an early tribute, here is something for our oldest son Jeremy and his mini me.
These two are like each other. It is fun to see our son be an amazing father to his little boy. Come September, another boy will grace their little phamily making Addy the big sister times two and Brody a big brother.
Go Denver Nuggets! These two love their sports. You know the expression, like father like son? Well here it is.
One of my favorite all time quotes by an all time favorite ball player I learned so much about from my own father.
Having dinner out. These two make me smile.
Wise words when raising children.
Dad and son. This boy has the best smile. He is his fathers son.
My parents taught me. I taught my children. I do know my son is teaching his son.
Getting ready to roll. This boy loves to chatter away in his car seat. He is such a character. Did I mention his father is a character too?
Happy Father's Day to Jeremy. You make us so very proud because you are an excellenct father to your children.
From the beginning Addy was important to Jeremy. It was quite evident at the wedding of Brittany and Jeremy. A dance for the little lady who once told her mom, if you ever divorce Jeremy, I'm going to live with him. Because he knows how to bring the very best out of kids and people in general.He is a kind heart. We need more kind hearts in our world.