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Friday, August 23, 2019

Saturday Sillyness

These past few weeks have been hell. I won't lie. It has been a rough road. I find myself thinking of sweet Alastor Avery and I cry. I was having a rough time at the store this morning. I had a lot of things in my cart and Target, as per usual, had no checkers,only their self serve lanes open. Some man was making a total scene so the clerk watching the self serve lane checked him out at another register. Meanwhile three of us had encountered problems with the system and had to wait for Mr. Selfish to be on his way before we could get help. The store was busy and I was trying to get out of the way and had so much stuff to load back in my cart. A young woman who came up to use the register I was at , set her things down and came over and helped me load my items into my cart. I looked at her and told her, you have the kindest heart. I sat inside my car and cried while I prayed for her. Kindness is out there, sometime you have to look harder for it.
Thinking of Alastor. I know my dad and my niece Sarah are going to show him the fine art of baseball because they are already there. Anyone who knows me knows I love two things besides God, my phamily and my faith. Baseball and Tea. I will follow you anywhere for baseball and anything related to tea.
Our phamily has had more wild pitches and curve balls than we need . Trying to make sense of all the loss and still remain sane.
I love a good cup of tea.
I may have shared this, forgive me, if I did, as these past weeks have been a blur. Debbie sent this lovely devotional book to me. It has been a lifesaver these past weeks. Thank you Debbie, one of my very favorite tea friends.
She sent this care package of all things tea including a lovely china teacup and saucer from her personal collection. The tea she sent me is divine. The Walker Shortbread is yummy and the tea strainer and all the delightful accessories made me smile.
To everyone who sent cards and gifts and love, thank you so very much. Deena from Oklahoma sent me strawberry tea. I need to get all the cards together and take a photo. Cheri from Iowa sent me a beautiful bracelet called Family Tree. She said each heart represents my phamily. She has spent a lot of time talking with me and crying and knowing the pain of loss. She is a nurse and cares for her sweet mom who has battled cancer for a long while. Cheri's daughter was in a horrific car accident, similar to my sister-in-law Lucy's accident last year. We are both grateful we have our loved ones here with us still.
All the kindnesses we have been shown has been amazing. My husband's boss is not a people person, she is a numbers cruncher. she loves playing with numbers. But she sent the most gorgeous floral arrangement to the kids from their department. Avery is so blessed with many co workers who support him daily and their show of love and sympathy was something we will always cherish.

My life long friend Lynette has called me and checked in with me. She knows me well. There is really nothing like those hand written notes or cards or personal phone calls. She cares for her aunt who had a bad fall and is rehabbing. She also lives with her mom. Recently retired and now that golden age of 6 5 she joins the rest of us in the ranks of the old folks hahaha. she can make me laugh because we share stories of our childhood and all the silly things we did.
I remember Lynette and I at this age. She always was a terrific swimmer, me, I sunk like a rock! I wish this google image really was the two of us.
The girl upside down, that would be me or my daughter Noelle. Girls you could never keep inside the box. Noelle took dance lessons but I attended Catholic school and no matter how hard they tried. Those nuns could not keep me inside their box! Noelle once gave me a birthday card with this same photo on it! I cherish it!
For all the friendship here and everywhere, thank you. I know life can get in the way but if you are still blogging please continue. many of you never realize you might be the only one making us smile on a certain day. We admire your table setting designs. Your floral arrangements. Your quilting and sewing talent. Just the fact that you stop by and say hello means so much more than having hundreds of friends who probably don't really care about us. Your faith, your prayers, your kind hearts. Keep blogging and enjoy a beautiful weekend.
Enjoy your weekend.

Remember how important you really are.


Dogmom Diva said...

Love you!

Brian said...

Kindness is so important, I wish it wasn’t so rare these days.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I love the thought of your dad and Sarah showing Alastor Avery the fine points of baseball! All these sweet outpourings of support, oh my! I think when one of us hurts, we all hurt. {{HUGS}}

Edna B said...

Anne, don't even try to make sense out of the loss and the pain. I've been down this road many times, and after the tears, we put our smile back on and keep going forward. Life is a gift, and oh so precious I wish you a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.