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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scrubbing the Bathtub,Cleaning the Kitchen and Shopping for Christmas

My bathtub is old and disgusting. But recently my niece Karla told me to go to Walmart and purchase a cooper pan scrubber. This little scrubber works like a gem! You should check in an inconspicuous place to make sure it won't scratch the surface you are cleaning but I got a workout using that little pad! Three of them cost $1.95 and that was a great deal! I used my soft scrub with bleach and a pair of rubber gloves and my bathtub looks very nice.

I never have a scrubbing problem with my kitchen pots & pans. I use all my Princess House kitchen ware and it cleans up like a dream! I don't always use their cleaning products either because the cookware cleans like a dream. Considering the cost of cheap pots and pans I have purchased in the past their cookware is a wonderful bargain. They have a new line of healthy cookware and you can buddy up with a friend and buy a set and get a set half off!

The hubby and I have spent a few hours during this weekend to shop for the holidays. Our kids are older now, three in college, paying their own way. So we set a limit and draw names. But I can never stop shopping for just a few more items.Just small things like a movie or warm gloves,socks or cologne. We have quite a few readers in the phamily and a good book is never a bad gift. I also like to add things like hot cocoa with a new mug or little items like bookmarks,eye makeup and lip balm.

Nick wanted a Peyton Manning jersey because rather then embrace the Denver Broncos he is a life long Colts fan. $79.99 at the shop, $50 at J.P. Penney and $24.99 at with free shipping. Not such a bad deal in these economic tough times.

Hannah wanted a book called "The Perks of Being A Wallflower". $15 with tax at Barnes and Noble.

Rebekah wanted her very own copy of Scrabble. Walmart:on sale $9.99.

Jeremy a warm thermal shirt, K-Mart, on sale for $6!

The hubby had beautiful thinsulation gloves. Found 'em to replace his pair Nick lost, at Wal-greens, $5.99!

I found Axe Chocolate Gift Set for Colton at Walmart, $8.87 compared to $9.99 at Walgreens and K-Mart.

Nothing for Noelle and Roger just yet and Andrew is easy, gift card, Barnes & Noble. We can not keep up with the unusual books he reads!

By the way, Nick is my Secret Santa and we had a $25 limit!

This time of year I enjoy on line shopping as opposed to the crowds in stores and the hassle of parking the car. My favorite picks,, and a new fun find with jewelry including pieces made with  Swarvorski crystals. It is reasonably priced and the site is Lots of great reviews for this site too.

I am always interested in finding great new finds on line. So send your favorites to me today!

I usually rely on Barb at dogmomdiva and Beverly at HowSweetTheSound for bloggers but I am always looking for new blogging sites to check out. I like to visit Linda at Prairie Flower Farm and Rhonda at Blue Creek Home. I get a lot of encouragement from all four of these ladies.

My baby girl Noelle turned 34 today. We missed having breakfast with her and her husband Roger, who is also a birthday boy today. They are late sleepers, we like to get up and out before the crowds. But I am happy that are having a nice day. It probably would be nicer if the darn Cowboys could beat the Chargers! Those Cowboys are Noelle's favorite team!

I am a little sad, my blogging buddies still are two plus myself, quite by accident! I guess no one ever wants me to give away lots of great goodies! I think if I get 10 followers I may have a giveaway!

I think Tink is getting worse, she is having trouble holding her bladder in particular. She makes a terrible mess on my runner in the living by the front door. I am just tired of washing rugs every day! It isn't like  she is here alone someone will always help her. Someone is always home but she drinks so much water and pees everywhere. It is so frustrating. I still think she may have diabetes but the vet says liver disease. After the holidays I am thinking Rebekah may have to make a tough decision.

My nephew bought his fiancee a second French bulldog. Talk about a dog with some serious health issues. I read that one lil guy in a foster home here in Colorado takes Pepcid AC before his meals. Others are prone to spinia bifida and have to have their lil rumps wiped when they use the bathroom! I learn something new every day but an expensive dog like that should have a built in warranty! Yikes they can cost upward $800-900! Too rich for my budget! But they are certainly cute lil dogs.

I wanted to show everyone "Gracie" my Avon edition Madame Alexander doll standing under our Christmas tree showing off her cute lil plaid holiday dress!

Happy Sunday to all and a wonderful  work week to all!


Dogmom Diva said...

This was a great post Anne..good job! It's hard to get followers it takes a long time believe me...but keep up with your if you want to change up your backgrounds or whatever let me know and I can do that for you, or maybe you want to try..I like changing mine up every so often..
Hang in there you:)

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