Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Always a difficult time of year for me. As much as I love the Springtime, I have experienced so much loss during these months of February, March, April and May. Just a perfect share for me.

 Snoopy can always make me smile. Thanks for the Right words when life can be difficult.
Do you know people who will talk over you? Not only is it incredibly rude it is also extremely disrespectful. I am so glad I was raised better than that. This little chart has some very wise advice. Good words of wisdom.
I don't mean to sound grumpy. Life is hard sometime. That is why I surround myself with the Saviour.
Wise words and words I am sure my mom would share if she were still here.
I wish you all a glorious Easter. We are going to attend a service tomorrow and have a simple SONday dinner. Nothing too fancy, ham and scalloped potatoes, a tossed salad and veggies.
Say hello to Sandee who graciously hosts Aw...Mondays, wordless Wednesday and Friday Felines. A fine looking feline fellow this one is. He is counting his money from the Easter Egg Hunt. Stop by and say hello to Sandee today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday's Show and Tail

This is Seamus. He resides at the hot springs resort we visited a few  weekends ago. What a great fellow he is. Very personable. The lady who feds him and other animals who live there, slept in and boy oh boy did they make a lots of noise. They wanted their morning grub. It was a sight to see. Seamus runs with the sheep.Remembering Tuesday's Show and Tail with Angela. Those were some fun days!

I am always and forever trying to find things to be grateful for. If you start a list, you will be surprised at what you are truly grateful for!
I often feel just like Snoopy. Somedays are more taxing than others and many of them are just plain fun!
Loving my grands and enjoying time with some of them. Not so much with others. But I would be with all of them always and forever if I were allowed.
Ideas for Easter Baskets this year. The grands in Longmont don't eat candy so a gift card may be in order. I am thinking books....I love books!

I am late posting this but have a terrific night and see you tomorrow for another share with Wordless Wednesday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


I start something and sometimes it never gets finished. Lately, I have been thinking about AlphabeThursday and the fact that May 16, 2016 was the last time we heard from Jenny on her blog. She was magnificent at what she did for all of us.  I may just post my own version of Alphabe Thursday and try to keep it up from A to Z.  I have kept up with Jenny and sent letters and cards but I don't know anyone who has heard anything from her. I do know she moved but other than that, nothing else. so I will try to get the alphabet done in 28 weeks of A to Z.
Now I hope you will visit Sandee and share your favorite Aw....Monday animal post.
This friendship is really something and the person who took the photo really had a gem of a photo op! So sweet.
Blue skies and bright Spring like pink flowers.  The perfect combo for Blue Monday. We have snow tonight and dark skies but I love seeing a bright blue sky. Makes me smile. So visit Blue Monday and share your favorite blue today.
RIP Stephen Hawking. I have always loved this quote attributed to him. The most intelligent man in the world and lived a long life with a horribly devastating illness. I was saddened by his death but smiled at the remarks of his children who all said he was the kindest person they ever knew. I do believe life is what you make it. Thanks for all the memories Stephen Hawking. You were an amazing human being. Please visit Annie and share something positive and enlightening today.
This is a tiny faker. Somehow I believe newborn babies contemplate how they can control their parents from the moment they lay eyes on that baby. This little guy likes late night wide awake times and daytime sound sleeping. Laughing out loud, because our son Jeremy was a night owl too. Like father, like son. Babies make me smile and my life is good because of it.
Maxine seems fitting today. She and Brody would great along famously. When I saw the caption about Mr. Coffee, I thought about Joe DiMaggio. Do you remember him hawking Mr. Coffee on T.V. commercials? If you love baseball like I do you will know "Joltin' Joe", the "Yankee Clipper".
Did I mention baseball is in the air? Coming to a city near you in a few short weeks.
A terrific application to life.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Aw...Mondays with Blue Mondays and such.

Cats do the craziest things!
This bunch is going to burst that box open! Maybe Sandee will enjoy this madcap bunch of feline funny fur balls!
Visit Blue Monday for a bit of blue.
I can not get enough of this tiny grandboy. Look at that face! He likes to sleep during the day and keep his tired parents awake at night. He has a little smile saying, Ah-ha, I am small but mighty! I have your number and you will do as I say!
I could spend all night kissing baby feet! I even kiss Harrison's feet! He is quite tickleish and loves it.
Getting so tall! Saturday he got to watch his cousin Devin play soccer. His momma said "would you like a baby brother", he replied, "a bicycle". She said" how about a baby sister?" He was exasperated and walked away shrugging his shoulders! He wore me out yesterday. We ran and played with Leo in the yard. Did I ever mention Leo doesn't like sharing? He won't let us throw the frisbee for him!
Don't let the innocent face fool you?
Love is....always right on que. I am not into Hollywood or celebrity opinions but yesterday I left my phone at home and watched the movie "Lady Bird" with Noelle and Roger. It was quite good and just really is sort of like real life. Having attended Catholic school, I loved all the quips from the "cool" nun. She was older and very wise but it was cute, while chaperoning a dance, she walked up to a couple dancing and said, "Six inched, leave six inches between you for the Holy Spirit!" During my Catholic school days at SMCS in Pueblo, Sister Benita was a young and very beautiful Irish Catholic nun from Chicago. She would roll up her habit, and play baseball with us. Those nuns had a great impact on me. remembering November 22, 1963, the nuns were all crying when sharing the news of the assassination of president JFK. We even had a Hispanic nun, Sister Carla Barela, in high school, who taught music. She was associated with the Brown Beret, a local activist group who worked hard for the rights of the Hispanic people.
Should you be so fortunate to have your mother here with you today make sure you keep her close to your heart. Call her, visit her, tell her how much you love her. Then stop by Annie's and share something positive for  Spark's.
Have a beautiful and blessed day. Visit Josie Two Shoes and share what you are grateful for as well. We can make a difference here by being positive and steering clear of meanness and negativity. Let's all lift each other up.
Maxine I think you are being very silly. She is gearing up for a nice warm Spring day in the sunshine.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Strong Willed Women and More

My days are random. Sometimes I think I am going to accomplish certain things and other things happen. I have neglected my blog and I do not like that feeling. So I am going to start off by celebrating women in my life and also women who I admire.

My grandmother was my hero and the best friend any one could ever imagine having. She raised her children without complaining after the untimely loss of her husband and youngest son. I am the only grandchild shown in this photo, the other kids are her great grands. She loved each one of us and she kept bags of Kraft original butter mints in her cabinet to share with us when we visited. She also had a bottle of rock n rye in that cabinet. I was always intrigued by the fruit slices that floated inside that unopened liquor bottle. Let me celebrate my grandmother here along with other women who I love and or admire.

Harrison and I were watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one morning. A commercial came on with Danica Patrick. He looked up at her and said "Vroom Vroom". I said, "Do you know who she is?" He looked at me and said "Yes".  I said "do you like her?". Again he answered "Yes". I said, "is it because she drives cars fast?" He said, " Yesssss, Vroom Vroom" I have loved car racing since I was a kid and he does too. But pretty girls like Danica didn't race in the Indy 500 or NASCAR back then.

My maternal grandfather died when my mother was 13 years old so I never knew him, only wonderful stories I heard about him. This is a photo of his mother Mrs. Maiji (Mary) Virant-Steblay and three sisters. The youngest sister is Teresa Steblay Percic.  On the left is Mrs. Margaret Steblay Teckvee and on the other side is Mrs. Francesca Steblay-Marolt. I knew Mrs. Marolt and I knew many stories about my mother's aunt Mrs. Teckavee and her daughters. Celebrating all these women for their strength and courage.

My childhood hero Annie Oakley. She was a strong willed incredible woman and she never received the respect men who were sharpshooters received. She was every bit as good as they were. I celebrate this woman of the Wild West Days.

My parents were goodness and faithful and kind. They adored each other and although my father passed away too soon my mother never lost her passion for him and she often spoke of joining him in his heavenly home. My mom was a terrific baseball player. She was a bowler and she could talk with anyone, anywhere. I truly celebrate my mother everyday I am still here.

My mom admired Babe Didrikson Zaharis. Although she was an accomplished golfer she was also a superb athlete in basketball, baseball and track and field. I am celebrating her too.

Stop by Beverly's and celebrate Happy Pink Saturday. Look at this cute bright pink sofa peeking from this scripture.

This little one is telling his daddy, no thank you, I do not wish to go to bed. It may be late but I am wide awake. One of these days he will get his days and nights straight. Tonight might not be a good night to do that. Most of us have to Spring forward one hour. I do not like losing an extra hour in my day. I need all the help I can get.

Pray for this handsome grandson. Even tiny babies need prayer.

I tried to link this to Pink Saturday and comments will not appear at this second blog of mine. So I am going to make it private and use it to journal. I am tired of fighting blogger and google to get my comments to stay published once they are left. I hope you all have a beautiful SONday.

Check your clocks, the time change is here.