Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Wedding Tales/My BoJon Heritage/Baseball/Holidays

Carrie, my niece shared this with Noelle who shared it with me. Today is the wedding anniversary of John and Carrie. Weren't they a cute couple? Then there is my mom. Gosh, she was such a fashion plate. Always decked out in her wedding finest. I miss her so much. She was a wonderful woman, a terrific mom, great wife and grandma and there was no one she could not carry a conversation with .
How about a pretty pink sky to share this wedding post with? I took this last week at the RTD station where I leave my honey each morning during the work week. God paints a beautiful portrait. He is always giving us such treasures to remind us He is watching over us.
I like that this sky is similar to the photo I took yet it is so different. I love looking up into the sky at night and in the early morning.
This young BoJon pitcher is pitching in the World Series. Luke Hochevar is the son of Brian. Luke's dad grew up on the 1200 block of Mahren in Pueblo's BoJon Town, (Colorado). He was a good baseball player and his son is an excellent pitcher. It is nice to see successful BoJon's in the world.

There are three things in my life which I really love:  God, my family, and baseball.  The only problem - once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit.  ~Al Gallagher, 1971
Did you know this fact about the late Yogi Berra?  He wore number 8 throughout his career and when he lost his wife in 2014 their home sold for $888,000.00. Coincidence? 
Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a pitch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire's eye or on the ball.  ~Jim Murray

This is an absolute favorite photo of mine, It is my very beautiful grandmother Cecilia Kralj Steblay and two of her children, her sons, Louis (hat in his hand) and Tony (baby). I remember my Uncle Louie  telling me that his little brother was so small and weak that grandma had to give him goat's milk and he perked right up. Uncle Louie also told me he loved that big hat and wore it everywhere he went. Gosh, the memories of this BoJon Phamily makes me smile. I was raised in the best phamily by  the best parents and had the greatest grandparents and relatives a girl could ever have. 
This was a Halloween I co hosted with a long ago friend Camille (Miss Piggy). It was 1979 and my childhood friend Lynette was a clown while Camille's niece Mary was dressed up with an evening gown, hat and long gloves.

I was Kermit the Frog and Patti Hegge was a big baby. Gosh, except for Lynette , I have not seen those other gals in forever.
Leave it to Maxine to  make us laugh.

Some people go all out for Halloween.
I would make "Witch Hats" for the kids and Graveyard Pudding
I miss those days too. I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pink Saturday/Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/Love is....

I hope Glinda the Good Witch is your "pink" cup of tea! I think she is very pretty. She is Addy, the 7 year old daughter of Brittany. Jeremy and Brittany are getting married April 30, 2016. We are so excited. That is Colt, Brittany's two year old nephew. He and Jeremy are good buddies already. They were so cute as the Wizard of Oz characters for a Halloween party they attended yesterday. Thanks Jeremy for letting me post your picture!  I hope you will stop by and say hello to Beverly and those who visit Pink Saturday each week.
Nick has always loves sports. He earned this certificate trimmed in blue for participating in the Junior NBA Basketball Globeville league. Gosh that was 2004, ans Nick was a little guy. I hope Sally likes this blue. Visit all the Blue Crew too!
The glass gives off a glare but my favorite feline friend Boots was a handsome cat. I lost him March 16, 2012 and my heart still aches. He was a unique cat and a true gentleman. we were working in the garage today and Rebekah found this old photo. It is sitting on my dresser now. Sandee shares all the favorite Aw...Monday shares too. Thank you Sandee. I hope you visit everyone who participates. It is always sure to bring you a smile.

December 18, 2013 in Westminster, CO. Don't those pink skies look pretty with the mix of blue  and white clouds? I couldn't leave without one more pink for Beverly today.
A while ago we stopped by Famous Dave's to have lunch and we took a photo in front of the welcoming bear. My honey wore his navy blue t shirt so I could add another l blue to the Blue Monday share.
Mr. Kitty was a tiny, tiny kitten when we took this photo in July, 2013. He is a big boy now.
He looks so innocent but please don;t let that sweet face fool you! He is a terror. That's why he needs his rest,
We worked most of the day in our garage. Rebekah, Hannah and grandson Colton and his friend Ryan helped us out. We need a hot bath to ease the aches and pains we suffer tonight. we were quite happy though, we got a lot of  boxes sorted and filled two bags for shredding, two boxes of recycled papers and such, two bags of giveaway items and downsized dozens of cardboard boxes and filled clear plastic storage tubs.
We all pitched in and got a lot of boxes sorted. We are hoping that by the Spring, God willing, we can finish insulating and putting up sheet rock on the walls so we can really use the garage as a work place for car storage and repair. We have an extra fridge as well as a small freezer so it would be nice to have those in our two car garage. I have quite a doll collection and we have lots of books and movies so I am hopeful we can sort everything and get more space in the garage area.
I would like to ask for prayer for Baby Mayah and her mom and dad Angie and Ryan. Mom still has been unable to hold her in her arms and this has been one month. Pray that Mayah can breathe on her own so they may remove the  trachea.. Keep praying about my situation with my Social Security retirement and pray for those who lost loved ones at Stillwater, OK. yesterday as well as those who were injured. Four people died including a two year old boy and 47 people were injured. We have to pray for the woman who ran them over as well. We never know what is going through the mind of others.

Have a good week and visit all these favorite folks please.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weird Weather and the Whys of Life

This was an Autumn day 2014. The sky was perfectly painted and it was cool but calm.
This was Monday, October 19th, 2015. The clouds were low but the sky was still marvelous with color.
Earlier today you could see the cloudy skies from all the rain but my neighbors autumn tree was still golden. The past two mornings I could not take a sunrise photo. The sky was black as in pitch black. The rain was coming down so hard and fast it took a long while for the skies to change from black to cloudy.
This reminds me of the weather we have had all across the country. Downright weird is about the best description of it. Last week we were still in the 80's, this week the low at night hits 40! Brrr....time for electric blankets, hot cocoa and flannel sheets. I hope you will visit Ms. Jenny and the "W" featured at Alphabe Thursday.
This is a Kelly Black print of the Colorado Columbine. It is the state flower of our glorious state. But today I thought about it in a whole different light.
My FB friend Coni Sanders had a tough day today. She has been struggling with some health issues herself. She was recently married and she holds a relatively high stress job. But  at Face Book she talked about her dad. Dave Sanders would have turned 64 years old today. Coni misses him. She wishes she could hug him and eat some Mexican food with him and drink a rum and coke together. But that won't happen, her dad, lower left of this photo was the lone teacher who died at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado . April 20, 1999 was a beautiful Spring day and then Coni's dad like the twelve students pictured above were murdered .Today Coni is mad. She wants to change people so violence like this won't happen. She wants no one else to feel the pain she feels every single day.  Coni is a brave lady, she counsels at risk human beings. When people ask her why she says because she  wishes someone would have reached out to the young men who took her dad's life. Coni is an inspiration to all of us. She is smart, she is kind and caring. She reaches out a helping hand and yet she herself has had more struggles than a person should have to deal with after such a violent loss. She is a kind lady with a big heart and she is filled with compassion and encouragement. She won't be able to hug her dad today but he is shining down smiling at her. I just know it, because he would be so very proud of all the things she has done. So happy heavenly birthday Coach Dave Sanders, You would be proud of this beautiful lady you called your daughter. She deals with the tough stuff. She took after you and we all know that you gave your life protecting so many of your students.
I hope this google image makes Coni's dad smile from his heavenly home. I don't have the answers to the whys in life but I know I can be a better person and pray and reach out a kind hand to someone hurting today.

I can pray and I can trust God. Sometime you need just a smile:
Thanks to my friend Lorna for posting this cute kitten. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wedding Blues/Love is.../Aw...Monday/My BoJon Heritage/Alphabe Thursday "V" is for Vintage

I thought Sandee and the gang would like this Aw....Monday too. I sure feel this way some days. I have something going on that needs lots of prayer. Please pray. Thank you.

Karla and Aaron were married on April 30, 1995. They are still such a cute couple today. Karla reminded me of Auntie Ang with her modern white wedding suit. She was a beautiful bride. Aaron looks so handsome in his white tux and tails.
A vintage Nabisco PremiumSaltine Cracker canister. This will always and forever remind me of Auntie Jo Steblay Binder, mom's baby sister. She and her hubby Uncle Tom lived in Texas a great deal of their marriage and later Louisana and this was a must to keep crackers fresh in the humidity. Although I live in high altitude those crackers get stale quickly without the protection of this sturdy little canister. I purchased this when I was a newlywed in 1984. I thought Ms. Jenny would like this little vintage treasure.

Jeremy is in Boston on a business trip. He took a couple nice shots of the beautiful architectural design there. I thought Sally and the Blues would like these pretty blue skies too.
I love seeing the different archetectual designs too. More Boston blue skies here. Thanks J!

More blue skies but these are Colorado skies! Look at the sunrise peeking over the horizon. I love the early morning so I can see God's glory and majestic artwork everywhere!
This Layla is a quirky dog! She is a pure bred boxer and rarely puts her tongue back inside her mouth! She can not catch a treat for anything and loves sitting in the chairs at her house. Layla  has been with Noelle and Roger for 7 years. I know I missed Blue Monday with Sally and Sandee at Aw...Monday but I am still putting up my post. I was trying to catch up after a rough week. Not feeling 100 percent and have taken a bit of a break from all the household chores still left to do.

I am not sure I am very good at this anymore. I use to love to ride my bike but I guess I should try it before I don't like it anymore! These two are huffing and puffing up that hill.

Nick heads back to Kansas tomorrow afternoon. It was a quick Fall Break. But he will be back next month for Thanksgiving. This photo of Nick and high school team mate Sean was taken May 11, 2011.  I figured I would add more blue!  Please keep Nick and Louis in your prayers for safe travels. Enjoy these even though they will count toward this new weeks meme's!

For all the baseball fans out there good luck to your teams!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Usual......Usually

I have been trying to be clever. I wanted something unique, understandably, since it is the week of the letter "U" at Ms. Jenny's. Then I decided, I would just go with what I wanted, something, not so ordinary but undeniably and hopefully something to make you smile.
Each day I live, I wake up and drive my honey to his bus. On the way home I usually can catch the sun peeking over the clouds and bursting into the most magnificent colors! So I wanted to share some things that makes you remember how unique you are in this huge world and yet remind you that life is a gamble, it is a dare, we are giving some many days and we should use them wisely. My sister posted this on FaceBook. Made me smile.
A couple days ago I was running an errand and was in the parking lot where the Krispy Kreme Donut shop is. If you roll the car window down when they flash the hot sign you can smell those donuts.....sigh......So although I really could not afford the box of donuts in a cute Halloween box, I slipped inside where I was first mesmerized by all those glazed donuts passing by on the conveyor belt being drenched in warm glaze.
Although I do not believe I would ever enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut filled with a burger, you can get one, I heard, at country fairs! I did gladly accept the F R E E hot and fresh glazed donut the gal behind the counter gave me. I ordered a box to go, half glazed, half mixed and sat in my car enjoying that tasty warm donut . I lifted my eyes upward and said "This is for you ma"! She loved a glazed donut. It was a very usual moment, a normal Tuesday, the rain was coming and it was cool and overcast. I ate that donut with all the passion I could muster in memory of my sweet mom and her love of the plain glazed donut. But it was really a unique moment for me. A lot of the time I am quite predictable but when I think about my age, how long I have already lived , I think, I need to live before I die! So even though it was a simple little donut it made me smile.
Do you ever see these ultra thin people? They are everywhere. I know so many who are more concerned with their weight than their own mortality. They never think about what will be. They want to be thinner, taller, prettier, etc. I think perhaps they do not know the Lord:

I think in life too much priority is put on things that will fade away, looks, cars, money, homes, material things....We forget to be kind. We forget that everyone is struggling with something.

It has taken me a long time to put this post together. You know, life happens.  But spending time with phamily is very important and I had to share a couple more things before I wind this up:

Michael is starting to cut some teeth and he is still such a happy little fellow. He stopped to pose with Grandpa r. for a quick minute.

This boy will jump out of your arms when he smiles! He has the best disposition and lights up a room when he turns on that sweet baby charm!

This is a favorite one of mine. I like to remind the kids, especially Nick, because he is away at school.

The Kansas Wesleyan XC team ran at Victoria, Kansas today. Nick ran into a former high school friend Josh. He attends Adams State College in Alamosa, CO. and is an outstanding athlete . It is always good when friends get a few minutes to say hi in this busy world.
A team photo after the race today. I sure love this team.
I want to remain healthy so I am going to continue to enjoy laughter. I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time: