Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Good Life

A tiny baby sister with her big brother! Jeremy and Rebekah. This was taken in 1988. Rebekah was a newborn and Jeremy was going to turn 3. Goodness, it seems like yesterday...
Twenty four years later....graduation for pretty Rebekah from Metro State University. One year earlier handsome Jeremy graduated from what was formerly known as Metro State College. Siblings, friends, raised to be kind and caring, respectful and compassionate. I think my hubby and I did a good job raising kids. My mother use to say "God blessed you, you had healthy babies and you are raising them right." Life is good, you can not ask for much more than that.
I was going to finish my tribute to pets we have had and still do have. But other than wishing Bandit a very happy birthday today, he is 13,  I am asking for prayer for Jeremy. Tomorrow he is having gall bladder surgery. Now I have to smile and tell you some silly things, because it is how I deal with life when it comes to my phamily and serious stuff. Jeremy was told at the emergency room yesterday that he could have the surgery but it would be the end of May or first of June! Not acceptable. Anyone have gall bladder? Let me tell you, I have! I struggled with three neuro surgeries where they basically rooter rooted my brain! The pain was zero compared to the ride I had with gall bladder. So...when my son says 4-6 weeks I say "B A L O N E Y"! At our house we have a saying, "Look out, don't make dad mad, because he will "Bruce Lee the door down"! My hubby has always been a fan of the late Bruce Lee. If you know anything about him, he was a master of martial arts. My hubby can still do a decent round house kick! It is a lethal weapon! You can knock a door down by kicking it in! So even though my honey doesn't tear doors down it is a good metaphor to use in these stressful situations.
Here is an idea of how this surgery breaks down. I will tell you, when I had mine 19 years ago I was told it is not genetic! Wellllllll......that is a fib! My dad started it having a gall bladder attack while eating popcorn! Ouch! Then each one of my siblings had it. My sister Mary was the youngest patient her doctor had, 19.  My brother Ed had it with kidney stones Nothing like a brother glowing like a chartreuse Crayola crayon!  My brother Bill and sister Pat had it too. Then my mother who jinxed me! Oh, did I mention, they left an instrument in her when they closed her incision and she was glowing too!? Had to have a second surgery to  clear up the infection! Then I had Nick, had a hysterectomy and six weeks later, bingo! Gall bladder surgery! Sigh! Every single friend of my mine that had gall bladder either had a new baby or had a hysterectomy. Interesting huh?
So back to Jeremy's story. I called his insurance company, got more surgeon names and went on a quest! Found a local doctor, Dr. Nickel who practices nearby. I called to get some info, gave the receptionist the info and accidentally mentioned who I worked for! Next thing I know Jeremy had an appointment this morning and surgery scheduled tomorrow!  So please pray!
The doctor has a nice personality. He told Jeremy, "When people come to me with gall bladder pain, I call it Old Testament pain, you're crawling around the house looking for a bible or a gun!" Amen, doctor! I have been there and done that. Gall bladder is unbelievable, it just hurts to the very core of your being! There is no way anyway could wait weeks for the surgery. The emergency room gave him a prescription that the doctor says, "claims" to break up the gall stones, He told Jeremy it is very expensive and does not work. We were suppose to pick that up today, so I called the pharmacy and told them to cancel it. I guess it was a godsend that  they did not have it in stock yesterday!
It is all I will say. Our health care system is going down the drain! If I did not work where I work Jeremy may have had to wait weeks to have his surgery and could have lost his job in the process! I see this treatment daily of people. Doctors that won't accept specific insurance , some patients go weeks without care. No one cares.  I guess I should rephrase it. Our government does not care. It is all I have to say. I am not a Democratic, I am not a Republican and when they come knocking on my door this summer "campaigning", I will refuse to answer. I don't accept their calls. I have 110 blocked calls on my cell phone. I refuse to talk to telemarketers or political calls. I have a three minute popular song on my home answering machine. Most won't wait to leave a message. They all hang up! It may be annoying but I am going to stick with God and let Him do what He has to do!
So please pray for Jeremy and pray Dr. Nickel will have a steady hand to complete the surgery and pray Jeremy heals quickly. I will share my second half of the pet tribute soon. Thanks for stopping by.

A quick final note, continue to pray for Leena. She is the five year old daughter of  Jeremy's friend Edgar . She has been hospitalized and they could not figure out what was causing her pain. They took her appendix out, no relief. They somehow found out, she has gall bladder! SO pray for her as well as she goes in for surgery tomorrow too.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Love is.../Blue Monday

I thought this was very cute. We had very warm temps yesterday and last night, cold and rain started to set in! This Love perfect for the Colorado weather we have! Visit M D Middaugh at FaceBook as you posts her Love is...there.

Nick met Joel Embiid. He played basketball for Kansas University. Nick is over six feet tall. Joel, seven! He weighs 250lbs.! I wonder what he eats? Joel is being courted by the NBA. I though the blue would fit nicely for Sally and the Blue Crew! As for Nick, he is running to a new college in 2014-15 to finish his education. Wish him well and pray he finds a perfect match!
Prayer requests: My hubby just left with Jeremy. Gall Bladder. Please pray. They told him to go to the emergency room! Urgent care does not open until eight a.m.

We also have more plumbing woes! Pray for us to resolve them quickly. Heading in to work, always accept prayer for a smooth day and less hassles than at home currently! Thank you.

1 Chronicles 16:11

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

Friday, April 25, 2014

"W" is for Women

Here I am combining some fun tonight! I will share random pinkness here and join Beverly and Ms. Jenny for Pink Saturday and Alphabe Thursday. I hope you stop by and visit all the creative hearts sharing their favorites with us.
I know I can be hard on myself some day's. I like this quote and the pretty sky streaked with pink! I find if I trust God and let go of the negative I feel better!
Did you know that Grandma Moses started painting in her late 70's? She lived to be 101. Her birthday was September 7th, a date she shared with my sister Mary. When Mary was a kid she wrote Grandma Moses a letter along with sending her a birthday card. Grandma Moses sent my sister a letter! What a joy! She was an incredible American folk artist and her paintings are so interesting. She was a native of New York state and she had to abandon a career in embroidery due to arthritis. She said she took up paining tin order to create a Christmas gift for the postman. She thought it was easier to paint a picture rather than bake a cake in a hot oven! She is one of the amazing women I admire. I chose the "W" letter for Women! I will try not to get to lengthy but I share lots of my favorite strong willed women and heroes on my pinterest page.

My precious mother (with the baby in her arms) and her sister Ann (head down) and my grandmother BFF Cecilia. Beautiful incredible strong willed women. My grandmother survived the death of her husband early on and her teenage son. She raised her phamily with   perseverance and never complained. She died too soon from stomach cancer. My mother was a hands on mom who took care of her phamily while my father worked long hours at the steel mill. She baked the most amazing bread as light as a feather and the best cream puffs you would ever taste. My aunt Ann lost her battle with Lou Gehrig's disease too young but she could bake a cottage cheese potica to make your mouth water as well as apple strudel! Beautiful women who influenced my life tremendously.

Cleo Parker Robinson is a Denver native. She was born in 1948 and nearly died at the age of ten.when her kidneys shut down and a segregated hospital in Dallas did not admit her quickly enough to prevent heart failure. She was told she would be bedridden her entire life so she threw herself into dancing to ease the pain in her body and to overcome racism.  Her life is very interesting and she eventually formed her own dance company. I am always stunned at racism and wonder what gets into a persons mind to hate one of a different skin color. I have always admired Cleo Parker Robinson and wish I had the fluidness to dance like she danced. 
Hawaii's Princess Ka'iulani in London, 1895 She was born October 16, 1875 in Honolulu, she was named (in part) after Queen Victoria, she spoke several languages fluently, and her name means “the royal sacred one” in Hawaiian. Princess Victoria Ka’iulani, a boldly professing Christian, was the last crown princess of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Wow! She is a true Christian hero!
No one other words are needed.
Auntie Ang and Jeremy (with Uncle's hat). She was a great influence in my life and I hate cancer because it stole her from me! She was my mentor, a shopping buddy, a good lunch pal and she taught me to stick up for myself and never take anything from anyone trying to undermine me! I miss her along with my mother and grandmother too.
Mother Teresa was just awesome. People wear ribbons to support various causes. She got down to the nitty gritty and cared for the dying, the unloved in India.
Oh Dolly! Another influential woman I admire. She rose up from absolute poverty to make a career in music and she can write a song like no other. I love Dolly and she is pretty in pink! Please visit Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday kids and stop by and give Beverly a shout too!

Joshua 1:9
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."

I want to add a few prayer requests, please.

William, struggling with old age, alcoholism and serious health issues

Leena, a little girl hospitalized with huge intestinal problems

Tony struggling with alcoholism and lonliness

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back in Time

There is  a song, an oldie but a goodie, when C/W singer Don Williams was part of the American folk music movement in the 60's. He was part of the singing group, Pozo Seco Singers. They sang a song called "Time". Here are the lyrics, but go to and give a listen! I think you will like it!

Some people run, some people crawl,
Some people don't even move at all
Some roads lead forward some roads lead back
Some roads are bathed in light, some wrapped in fearful black

Time oh time where did you go
Time oh good, good time where did you go

Some people never get, some never give
Some people never die and some never live
Some folks treat me mean, some treat me kind
Most folks just go their way, don't pay me any mind

Time oh time where did you go
Time oh good, good time where did you go

Sometimes I'm satisfied, sometimes I'm not
Sometimes my face is cold, sometimes it's hot
Sunset I laugh, sunrise I cry
At midnight I'm in between and wondering why

Time oh time where did you go
Time oh good good time where did you go

Time oh time where did you go
Time oh good good time where did you go

Time moves swiftly. I look around and I see how things have changed in our world, in our phamilies. I always long for those simplier times. So I am sharing a few favorite phamily photos here:
My fourth grade confirmation. Do you dig that 60's hairdo? My folks were so proud of me.
Hannah and Rebekah at Hannah's second grade First Communion. They are standing in the garden dedicated to the Lord's mother Mary at their former parochial school. Hannah and several other phamily girls wore my first communion veil.
A favorite basketball photo of Nick from his basketball days at middle school.
Nick recently at his schools Sports Banquet with Molly. He will have so many precious memories.

1 Timothy 3:5  

For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church? 

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Tribute of Love

April is a tough month for me. The loss of my father 29 years ago on Good Friday. The loss of our unborn daughter Rachel two years later, on Good Friday. Coming off the March birthday of my oldest sis Pat, who passed away in 2001. Columbine. Oklahoma City Bombing, Flight 370, the South Korean ferry tragedy. The list is long and painful. But today I want to make this about our furry friends.
This is a photo I love to send to Nick when he gets busy and forgets about us! I usually text him with this caption, "Nick, do you still love me?" Rose is his cat. She has terrible allergies. I often tell her, "There will be no dying on my watch!" Nick knows if something happened to Rose I would be the bravest I could be and get her the care she needed. But we have this agreement, Life is fragile. Like a feather, a shattered glass, it can change in a moment. Now I am not a hand wringer! I don't "Oh woe is me " very often. But I am realistic and I know life changes quickly.
When my best feline friend passed away March 16, 2012 I thought I would never smile again. He was the kindest cat who ever lived. He was, in a word, a gentleman. Never bit me, swatted at me or was mean to me! He was a first class fellow. I miss him so much because now I have this to contend with:
This is trouble! This is a kitten who has zero manners! Chews on everything! Bites, swats, cries! Oh I hear my mothers voice inside my head, "Don't ever have more than one pet at a time."  This one is a rebel. Ran away last week. But not brave enough to leave the yard. Thank goodness I was quicker than him because he came to the back door that evening! Hungry eh? Hahahaha.....I think the big bully robins scared him!
Oh Casey! He was a Cockapoo, my sister gave him to us as an anniversary gift! He is leading the middle down the hallway! No one could ever know what he meant to me. Made me a survivor. Lost my father and my unborn baby in an 18 month period of time. He would never, ever get on the bed, but rather put his paws on the side and watch me cry. He was the most comforting creature I knew. The day he disappeared my heart broke. I will never have a furry friend like him again. He was my friend, a very good one and people who do not love animals would never ever understand. He was not some dog! He was my heart!
He was the best groomed fellow in the world. I would give anything to know what happened to him. I have a hole in my heart where my Casey boy once lived. He has been gone since 1991. I always prayed someone kind picked him up and cared for him, he was freshly groomed and looked like a million dollars!
Oh Bandito, this tiny rat terrier is Jeremy's best buddy. He will turn 13 on April 29th. He is getting a little dim sighted but his hearing is still impeccable. He can hear Jeremy's car coming into the driveway. He once ate an entire Advent Calendar filled with milk chocolate! My grandson Andrew's other grandparents sent it to him and when he went off to school, he left it on the table. Well, a rat terrier is called "rat" for a reason! They can climb and scale high places! Fortunately he only spent several days soiling the backyard!
If you know me very well, you know I am primarily very cold blooded. Not like a killer, hee hee, but blood curdling cold and I often need to crank up the electric blanket to get warm. My hubby is the warmest bodied human alive! Although he keeps me warm at night I received this pretty black and white angel shawl from my grandson Colton at Christmas. Bandit and the kitten try to steal it from each other. Doesn't he look peaceful and content? He is a well loved little dog.
Ok, I know, Easter is past but Tinkerbell was rocking the Easter bunny with her sweet bunny ears! The girl was sitting inside an Easter basket. Oh the stories I could share. The worst thing about Tink was she was a known criminal with a record! The authorities made our middle Rebekah get her a chip implant. She was picked up three times for breaking the law and running away! The girl was a heart stealer. She loved Rebekah more than she loved anyone ever. She was a rescue. She lived with us for 14 years and passed away very quickly. We should have called her "Gypsy". She loved to roam. I started this blog when she became ill. They told us liver disease. My goodness the girl never had a drink in her entire life! She will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of each phamily member here.
This is Spats. He belonged to my hubby. He was a gift from his grandfather and my hubby adored his grandfather. He named him Spats because he had white feet like the shoes, called spats! His mother was a full blooded black lab show dog. She was slumming at the farm one summer and oops, puppies, they all died except Spats and his brother Bubba. Bubba was not given the luxury of a long, wonderful life like this fellow.Oh the stories, he rode shotgun with my hubby and yes, I sat behind him! He was like a real person. The day he passed away is the day my honey's heart broke and he has never wanted his own pet again!
Youth and age. Even furry fellows get old. Our daughter Rebekah, who was a thumb sucker, could sing to him while chewing on her thumb. She adored him and he adored her. To tell you how gentle he was, our son Jeremy, was learning to walk. I was gone for two minutes, in the other room and he found a pencil which he tried to insert in poor Spat's derriere! The poor guy had a look on his face like "Oh this is going to hurt isn't it?" Fortunately I leapt off the stairs and snatched that pencil  away! The little fellow was always grateful for that save!

Oh Shadow! Silly silly fellow.  He was a rebellious gypsy at heart. Here he loved doing the cha cha with Rebekah. When he was outside in the large kennel  he killed many a bird and a squirrel once! They had all come to mock Spats in his old age, as he was a birder. He could snatch them up fastest then they could fly away but when he got old they knew it and taunted him. Well, one day after his untimely death, we got Shadow. He was in the kennel and boom! Bird karma! Squirrel karma! Shadow taught them all a hard lesson in life, do not mess with a young pup! Unfortunately, he loved to run and splash in the lake behind our old town home. He died trying to cross the road one night. He is the only pet we had that I dreamed about. He died the year my sister Pat and my mother passed away. It was 2001. It was not a very good year. I am not a good swimmer and often shy away from deep water. Shadow loved to run in the lake and splash around, probably scaring geese and birds in the process too! When I lost my sister and my mother 9 months apart I prayed I would have a dream. I dreamed of Shadow.  I dreamed he jumped into the deepest part of the lake and the sun was shining on him! As he emerged from the water he looked up at me as if to say that all was well! I never forgot that dream.
If you own a cat you probably don't have bathroom privacy anymore!
Hahaha! Cats and dogs. At our house, they help each other!
Now I want to conclude this by  mentioning some dear hearts I know that lost their pets recently:

Anna in Michigan and the loss of  "Rocky", a beautiful boxer.

Rob in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and the loss of "Chunk", a beautiful rescue Greyhound.

Sheri in Thornton and the loss of "Foxie", a sweet little rat terrier. She was 17.

Annmarie in Carthage, NY and the loss of her hairless cat smeegles.

I am sorry I was so long but once I start on the phamily pets, look out! I still have more to share. Another Tuesday.

New American Standard Bible
A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Victor, Colorado

I have always said I wanted to write a post about my mothers cousin Margaret Tekavee who was a Teller County  Judge in the Victor, Colorado. The letter "V" is the perfect timing! Some stories are from my late mothers memory bank and others from an article I read . Here is a story about Victor, Colorado and my mothers cousin "the Judge".
Margaret T. Tekavee was born in Austria in 1912.  She was the oldest of three daughters and when she was three years old her family migrated to Victor, Colorado.  Her father worked as a gold miner. Margaret was not a founding partner of a mega law firm. She never won a famous case. She was not an attorney and she was a high school graduate. Margaret had an incredible personal story and that is what set her apart . Victor was part of the Cripple Creek Mining District.
In the early 1900s Victor, Colorado was a boom town.  with a population of 50,000 and many dance halls,gambling halls and saloons. The Broadmoor Hotel and many other mansions in the north end of Colorado Springs were built with Cripple Creek gold. For Margaret's family, the mine paid her father about $3 a day. Her father Frank was able to purchase a home for his family, which stands today on North Fourth Street.  This is how Margaret grew up. When she was attending the first grade she spoke not one word of English. She was a quick learner and learned quickly from her younger sister and her classmates.  She was considered a good student although quiet and respected by her classmates.
In 1937 Margaret's father passed away and along with her mother they continued to raise the family. Her mother received some government assistance and with  Margaret's income from her job helped support the family. Her mother eventually moved to Cleveland, Ohio to be close to her sister, worked for National Carbine and passed away in the 1960s.
This is the lobby of the Victor Hotel along with other google images of Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado. I do not have any personal photos of Margaret.  Her road to success began when she graduated from high school in 1932.  In those days employment opportunities for women were scarce. She had no family funds for higher education so she went to work for the Department of Agriculture  as a clerk in Cripple Creek. She rode the stagecoach from Victor everyday. Later she was employed by the Department of Social Services, Welfare Division, which was located in the Teller County Court House.  She was employed there for the next thirty years.
This is the Teller County Courthouse and as a child I do remember taking a trip to Cripple Creek and Victor and visiting my mothers cousin here. Margaret never married but my mother told she that she had a special friend, someone named Ben and he went off to WWII and never returned.  During the war she heard of a job opening and was hired by then Teller County Judge/Justice of Peace, Vince Ryan. Margaret learned a lot from the judge and studied the law day and night. She was a voracious reader.
Lowell Thomas was a resident of Victor and he was a well known  American writer and broadcaster. This is the Lowell Thomas Museum in Victor.
Here is Lowell Thomas boyhood home.
My mothers cousin Margaret was a fair person. Probably because of her lack of formal education, she was able to deal with small town problems easily. She was always honest and fair and was well loved. Margaret was an avid outdoors woman. Her passion was fly fishing. In her earlier years she was also a game hunter, hunting both elk and deer. She hiked Peaks Pike often with her sister Mary, a nurse who resided in Denver. Margaret collected arrowheads and also mine memorabilia.  She had mine certificates and the "gold" buttons that were remains of the gold bars after they were molded. Margaret loved the great outdoors but she was an excellent cook. When her mother was living they would cook holiday dinners, often for many guests. Margaret made her own horseradish. She was a terrible driver and once, on her way to to work the sheriff followed her, lights flashing and sirens blaring. She had been speeding and upon arriving at the courthouse she got out of her car,  saw the sheriff and smiled and waved and said "Good morning." The sheriff didn't have the heart to tell her she was speeding and by the end of the day the story had circulated throughout the courthouse.
Cripple Creek.  is five miles away from Victor which  sits at an elevation of 9,780 feet above sea level.  Victor was founded in 1891 shortly after Winfred Scott Stratton found gold. Battle Mountain which sits just above Victor  had the largest and most prolific mines in the mining district and the town became known as "City of Mines".  The mining district hit its peak in 1900.  Victors fame was overshadowed by Cripple Creek . Many of the best mines in the Cripple Creek mining district were located in Victor.  Stratton's Independence Mine and Mill and the Portland Mine.  Half of Battle Mountain's gold was extracted by the Portland Mine. Heavy weight  boxer William Harrison "Jack " Dempsey was a "mucker" in the Portland Mine.
Judge Tekavee was an honorary member of El Paso County Bar Association. She was a member of St. Victor's-St. Peter's Faith Community. She led the choir. She was named Teller County Woman of the Year in 1986 . She was a director of the Balke Trust, president of the Victor's Women's Club, and a member of the Gold Camp Fishing Club. Her life was the law and she was required to retire at age 72 , serving as Teller County judge for nearly thirty years. She loved the law and breathed it, drank it and read it her entire life! She was once asked if a formally educated attorney had ever tripped her up.  She said it would happen, but only once! Margaret passed away February 25, 1999. She would have wanted to be remembered as a kind , fair and good person. The towns people fondly called her "Our Judge".

Before closing this "V" post and sending you to visit Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday gang, I wanted to share a final item about Victor, Colorado. This calendar is from 1927 and belonged to my mother. It is from the Victor Lodge No. 403 and the vintage photos are beautiful. I am posting the first two months of the calendar. In February 1927 my mother, who was 13 years old, lost her father Joseph and her older brother Tony in the gold mines. There was a cave in and they never made it out.

John 14:1-4 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”