Thursday, October 31, 2019


The road trip to Lamar and Holly was wonderful and bittersweet as well. My sister-in-law had cared for her older brother Mike before his passing in March 2015. Time got away from all of us and Mike's wish was to have his ashes spread at the phamily farm in Holly, Colorado. We stopped by the cemetery where the in-laws are buried . Our nephew Dustin is a great photographer and he shot lots of film for us. So I am very thankful for all the moments we were able to share with relatives. Thankful for Jake because we love him dearly and thankful he and Hannah will build a life together and travel a new journey.
Road trips are fun! We played great music all the way to Holly and Lamar. It was a long road trip but filled with good memories.

Lots of fun, good memories and visits with loved ones. More on this trip later.

If you had trick or treaters last night, hopefully you did not turn the older kids away. Nick went out with friends in his middle school years. We would laugh at the bag of candy he would come home with. My friend Carole posted this cute reminder.
Remember to visit Thankful Thursday It is  a gift to have friends here like Brian. SHare your thankfulness too.
Have a beautiful Thankful Thursday.

CHECKING IN is over for another year.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the game. But the world Series win was bittersweet for me. I was rooting for the National's, The Astro's had been there before. The National's  used "Baby Shark" as their encouragement. Very bittersweet because baby Alastor did not like a lot of music but if you cranked up Baby Shark he gave you the biggest smile. I am happy for the outcome of the World Series 2019 and will always be saddened about the loss of our sweet great grand boy Alastor Avery.
Hannah and Jake. They left early SONday morning and headed back east. We have a love for Jake who adores our girl Hannah and they are a perfect match.  I had to use her FB photo to share here. I will share more of their story later.
You know I am no good at Wordless Wednesday but here's my favorite friend to wish you well. Happy Hump Day!
There is a bigger story behind the cake which I will share after this weekend. This was clever that Rebekah had this made. We miss our girl but love Jake so we are happy for their happiness together. We had a barbeque this weekend and lots of well wishers came to wish the couple well.
Some running humor, if my knees did not predict the cold weather coming I'd be on the road running too.
I love to share Scripture here.
Two weekend's ago  we were all on the road to Holly and Lamar. It was a wonderful trip with blessings abounding. I will write more later now that I am home and winding down from all the fun festivities.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


                                                      With our visitor we have been doing lots of fun activities. I went to the Denver Zoo last Monday with Hannah and Jake. This primate caught my eye. I took three quick shots of him. He was not interested in me and I stood there until he gave me his attention. I thought he'd be a great share with Aw...Mondays                                
Today we had a visit at the Aquarium with Hannah, Jakie, Rebekah, Zach and my hubby Avery. 

Blue Monday has been hosted by Magical Mystical Teacher and Jeanne and the late lovely Sue who founded the beautiful day Blue Monday. There was lots of bluetiful blues at the Aquarium. So here is to all those fine folks who once hosted. May your Monday be filled with wonderful shades of blue.
 This fish was a funny fellow. He stopped to pose and look at those bulging blue eyes. He was quite a "catch"!
Fishy, fishy in a brook,
Daddy caught him with a hook,
Mommy fried him in a pan,
And Baby ate him like a man.
This fish brought back memories of my childhood and this little poem. Now I am positive you can not go fishing at the Aquarium. But this sweet poem came to mind.
The Bronco Brothers were happy today. Their team won!
Brittany with Blake, Noelle and Roger, Brody napping and Harrison being handsome with his blue eyes.
Phamily II
My honey and me at the Aquarium. Jacey and Colton, yesterday at Estes Park, Hannah and Jake at Estes Park and Rebekah and Zach at the Aquarium.
Love is...always sweet, special and sensational.

A daily Scripture.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Can you believe October arrived? It brought some cooler weather and beautiful colorful leaves. I love this google image share.  Thankful for the weather changing.
Stop by and visit Pink Saturday Maxine is right! Get your mammogram ladies! It is very important. Thankful for technology for this dreadful disease.
Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the gang celebrated 69 years together this year. Amazing. Do you watch the holiday specials? We do and we love the cartoon characters. Precious and happy. Thankful for such sweet characters like  Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
Did you celebrate National Coffee Day? We had ACV and Honey in our cups. Karla, my niece, er.... I mean Santa gave me the sLOVEnian cup several years ago. Rebekah bought her dad the hot springs cup on our trip there two years ago. Time flies.... Thankful for your choice of hot or cold beverages.
My girl Hannah is heading to upstate New York and a new adventure. We went to the Colorado Rockies final home game on SONday. It was so hot - mid to high 80's but we loved it. We had fun, we ate, watched the game and even stopped by OneUp to say hi to her friends there. The bartender Tough made us a Gummy Bear shot. I would not drink too many of those, but they taste like my favorite gummy bears! Our Rockies won! It was a good day.
                                                       Thankful for these boys in my life.
Meanwhile, three of my favorite guys were at the Denver Bronco game. They had fun, rode the Bronco bus there which is always fun and cheered for their losing team. Those Broncos can't seem to get out of the losing rut they have been in all month of September long. Jeremy is enjoying his job and being dad to three kiddos. The baby is growing so quickly. Thankful for sports. Thankful for beautiful grandbabies,
This is Brody's baby. He loves him so much. Brody is a full speed, fast track, never slowing down kinda boy. He is one hundred percent pure B O Y ! But when he needs a nap he goes to his brother. This is love at it's finest. Thankful for this and so much more.
Love this image of the Northern skies. Look at all those stars dotted the horizon. Thankful for the beauty all around us.

"He spread out the Northern skies over empty space;
       He suspends the earth over nothing.
   He wraps up the waters in His clouds;
        Yet the clouds do not burst under their weight.
    He covers the face of the full moon;
          spreading His clouds over it.
     He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters.
           for a boundary between light and darkness.
      The pillars of the heaven's quake,
            aghast at His rebuke.
        Job 26: 7-9 and 11-14
I hope you visit and leave some happiness behind. Thor was sad his mom and dad went on a little getaway. He was sad so when I brought out a basket of the clean laundry , he hopped right in. Molly, on the other hand, passed out before the hubby and I finished our rousing hand of Gin Rummy! Thankful for simplicity. Puppies too. Felines as well. Leo at the top of that list.