Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday

Please visit Thankful Thursday to show everyone what you are thankful for.
This is the post office in Bridal Veil , Oregon. This was once a ghost town but it sits in close proximity to Multnomah Falls which is a breathe taking view of the falls. I know this because someone I know visited there and said it was spectacular.
I mentioned this because when I posted about Loveland, Colorado and how you can make sure your Valentine's Day cards are hand stamped from this sweet post office I searched other states that have this unique service. I sent several cards here but the post mark was plain and simple. I read an article that brides travel there in droves because they do offer a hand stamped service for your wedding announcements. There are other cities where I sent cards for Valentine's in the past and none of them had the hand stamped postmark like Loveland. It was interesting so I had to share it.
Here is a sweet vintage Valentine. I love sending and receiving cards so I am anxious to get all my cards to Loveland very soon. I am thankful for these services and enjoy using them. Do you send cards?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


A view of Long's Peak near Loveland, Colorado. I love Loveland because every year you can mail your Valentine's Day wishes from there. Each year there is a hand stamped poem stamped onto your cards and letters.  This program has been going on for over 70 years and they have about 60 volunteers who hand stamp the mail. You can go on line and find out about this fun program in case you want to send some old fashioned love to your Valentine. Please visit Wordless Wednesday and say hello to all who participate.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Tuesday Show and Tail and Happy Tuesday and More

I have loved Tom and Jerry since I was a kid.  They have been around longer than I have! The series started in 1940 and ran until 1958. There have been several spin offs. I still watch the show with my hubby and we enjoy it immensely. Their antics are so silly and sometime frustrating, especially for Tom, but they belong together even though they antagonize each other. They are a favorite memory for me to share with my love of Tuesday Show and Tails that Angela once hosted.
If you visit Happy Tuesday you can share some happiness there. I am sharing Tom and Jerry. It is rare to see them smile together.

Ah....the little necessities of life! Love is....reads my mind.  A cup of hot tea and some tea cookies and my evening is almost complete.
HaHaHa! Maxine is so snarky! You gotta love her!
A little humor never hurt anyone. This one was truly just too cute not to share.
Did you grow up with an ash pit? Incinerator was another name, This isn't in the yard of my childhood home but someone shared it on my hometown page on social media. My dad always burned the trash. Today you can't use them in the city. Yet the air quality is still awful.  Too many people assembled in too many places all together. There is a big part of your answer. I miss my childhood, life was simple and people were kind.
Then and now. Boy does life move quickly.

Aw....Mondays Love Stories and A Sad Day 01/26/2020

This baby Llama is so precious. He almost resembles a little lamb. He will fit into the Aw....Mondays. Stop by and say hello.
Some Llama fun facts. Everyday I try to learn something new.
January 26, 2020 we lost a legend. A man so great only one other NBA player surpasses him (Kareem Abdul Jabar). Kobe was a winner, he always wanted to be a winner but he also wanted others to succeed. I am stunned hearing of his untimely passing and the passing of his 13 year old daughter Gianna. We do not know all the facts but we are hearing that 7 others perished in the helicopter crash. May they all rest in peace.

I wasn't sure I liked Kobe when he first came on the scene. But both of our sons loved him and I grew to love him too. I was probably one of the few who never cared much for Michael Jordan. Kobe was such a hard working basketball player. Everything he did, he did in a big way. But when he retired he felt it was his time to leave. He went on to coach one of his four daughters. Sadly Gianna passed away with him in the crash today. I wonder how great she could have been. He taught her so much and I believe she might have been as great as her dad. Our hearts are sad today for Kobe's phamily and all those he and Gianna left behind. Many prayers go out for all the phamilies of the lives lost today. Even our nearly two year old grandson knows Kobe. When he dunks a ball in his little basketball hoop his daddy will say "Kobe". Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna.
I promised I would write a bit about how I met my husband. I was getting ready to go to California for my friend Barb's wedding when I decided to go to the Bloody Bucket Lounge at our local Holiday Inn on a Wednesday night with some friends. It was March 9, 1977. He was there too and asked me to dance. We went out a few times before he moved away when I came home from the wedding. He moved out of state and I didn't think too much about it. It was funny because while I was waiting for the birth of my oldest daughter, I was on maternity leave and my two aunts and their friend asked me to drive them to work each day. They paid for my gas so I was eager to help them out. This was December 1975. I tell the story backward because I Met my future mother-in-law Rita before I met her son!. She worked in the cafeteria at the Southern Colorado State College with my two aunts. Today the college is now Colorado State University at Pueblo. I went in to the cafeteria with them one day and they introduced me to Rita. I also went to say hi to my other aunt Elsie who was my dad's sister-in-law. My mom's two sisters Mary and Ann worked with Rita and my aunt Elsie as well as their friend Fay. My MIL looked at me and said "You would make a fine girlfriend/wife for my son Avery." So that's my story. We somehow started to date again although I still lived in Pueblo and he was in Denver. In July, 1983 I moved to Denver to take a job at the UCHSC (thank you Karen my life long friend). She worked in the cancer research center and she was always bugging me to make the move. She helped me find the perfect job and the rest is history. I lived in a cute third floor apartment on Dexter Street a few blocks from the hospital/school. It is where I established some wonderful life long friendships as my co worker Bea lived two doors away from me and she helped me navigate the school of medicine system where we worked together. She will be 90 this May. But Bea is another story for another time.
My hubby lived in Thornton at the time and I was in Denver. When my father fell critically in September 1983, my future hubby drove me home every single weekend and supported me as dad was in the ICU for 38 days. We had talked about marriage and that following May 1984 we tied the knot in a quiet ceremony as my father was unable to give me away . We have had many ups and downs but the journey has been a wonderful one even with all the pain and loss and sadness we have experienced along with all the beautiful moments and wonderful times. I know so many people with really cute love stories so I hope you will think about sharing yours soon.
A reason to keep smiling. A tiny Wrestler. Twice yesterday he was looking for me and said to me, "Grandmother, where were you? I was looking for you." He loves to wait for his two kiss candies when he comes over. He sure knows how to sweet talk a girl.
I follow KYGO.FM a local country station on Instagram. I love their shares.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Feline Friday and Other Fun

Come visit Feline Friday and share some fun. I love these words and the google image of this precious kitten.  They do stay in our hearts forever.

Friendly-Friday Fill-Ins:

It is time for Friendly Friday Fill-Ins. Ellen of  came up with the first two questions and Lori of came up with the other two.

1. I am particular about__________.

2. My _________is __________.

3. ____________is a moment I will never forget.

4. Have you ever heard of ____________?

Here are my answers:

1. I am particular about laundry. I am not too fussy but I like laundry done a certain way.

2. My faith is my priority. I don't think much of our world these days so I hang on to what I
     I know is truth.

3. Meeting my hubby for the first time is a moment I will never forget.

4.  Have you ever heard of eating mashed potatoes with pork and beans? I love it! I don't have it
      as much as I use to but there is something in those two things that makes me a happy camper!
       I don't even like camping hahaha! The combination of tastes together is so yum!

Thank you ladies for these questions. They make me happy.

Pink Saturday Have you ever found your laundry turned pink in the washer? It looks like Maxine has! She should drop by for a visit with Beverly and everyone who shares their favorite "anything goes" Pink Saturday.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday

Oh if only people could muster the respect, intelligence and kindness to get along.
Love is love, lacking in so much today, Why can an animal extend kindness and love? People would rather use the worst weapon of all, H A T E !
Animals are wise creatures. They learn to get along.
 Sometime putting those with differences together works out for the very best, One can always hope.
Please visit Thankful Thursday  Stick with kindness. Let go of hate. Be thankful you still live in a free country. Be thankful if you have a job.  Be grateful for people who do love you regardless of your differences. Be helpful. Someone is waiting for you and you don't even know they need you. A kind word, a simple card or gift.  A helping hand. I am thankful there is always someone who needs my encouragement and I their encouragement. Be kinder and stop the hate.
Prayer helps me keep my focus on the good there is in our world. For this, I am very thankful. I hope today you will pray.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday Show and Tail

This baby sloth looks so peaceful napping.  What a perfect share for  Tuesday memories of Angela's Tuesday Show and Tail. This photo made me happy so I thought perhaps Happy Tuesday would enjoy seeing this sleeping sweetheart.
Oh Maxine, I agree with you! But don't talk to yourself about politics because someone is sure to jump out and start arguing with you! It is nice to get away to some real peace and quiet.
Humor to make you smile.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Aw....Mondays and Much More

This made me smile and I had to share with Aw....Mondays. This is a typical statement in much of our society today. Perhaps someone possibly this feline told them the path to inner peaxe did begin with these three little words.
Love is...always makes me S M I L E ! You are never too old to feel young again and enjoy some fun.
 Thinking of my mom everyday I live.
I found this photo of my hubby and I from the summer of 2015. Love having all these memories.
Humor at the silliest. I Once took our middle's final pay check from her old job to our bank. She worked for a large insurance co. The teller was new and didn't know me. She was examining that check like an FBI agent! I was thinking, if I had counterfeit skills, do you really think I'd be doing my own errands? Gee Karen, get a life!
Something on a more thoughtful note.
If you celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday or you have to work or, like me, you stay home and enjoy a loved ones company, spread love. It is easier to handle than hate.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friendly Fill-Ins and Feline Friday

 Friendly Fill-Ins
Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.
Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne came up with the last two questions.
If you need help, please let either Ellen or Lorianne know.
Here are this weeks questions:
1. I could not _____ without _________.
2. A simple pleasure I enjoy is ______.
3. If I could change one thing about myself, ______.
4. _________ is hard to find these days.

1. I could not live without my hubby and my phamily, or oxygen and water.
2. A simple pleasure I enjoy is reading a good book, especially on a cold, rainy or snowy day.
3. If I could change one thing about myself, I would love to live pain free.
4. Honesty and Kindness is hard to find these days.

Come say hello to Sandee at Feline Friday There is always a smile or two or more.
Simplicity is my favorite thing these days. I am not super crafty or artistic but I do smile when I see others who have these talents. I like a hot cup of tea in a pretty china cup and saucer. I like to weekends with my hubby and wishing you all a Good morning. Stop by and visit Pink Saturday

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday

I am behind, my laptop was updating last night and I fell asleep. So I am really late. You know I am never wordless and I love the Hump Day memes. Hope it was a good one.Wordless Wednesday
This made me smile for Thankful Thursday. Be grateful in today. Tomorrow is a whole other day. Don't rush it.Thankful Thursday
Feline Friday is fun! I love this kitten, if this kitten had a thumb I think this tiny feline would enjoy the comfort of sucking it's thumb.
Pink Saturday Stop by and say hello to all these fine folks who host these memes each week. This one made me happy in pink because my hubby has the day off Monday for Martin Luther King Day and I am hoping he is better and not coughing so much so we can sleep in and enjoy the day. He has been working so hard and he hasn't felt well since New Year's. I am grateful he saw his Pulmonary doctor and has something to try to quiet that cough. Thanks for thinking of him.
I Like this quote and enjoyed this man's mission. He would be sad today to see how sad our world is and all the division in it. I think instead of pointing fingers at everyone,  we should try more kindness. It's funny how people who want everything to go their way think it is ok to be hateful and bully others and it goes round and round. This man gave his life so all mankind could be treated equal and our world has not done a great job. Anyway I like sharing MLK Jr.  I appreciate my husband's office giving them this holiday off because they work really hard and have so many projects going on. It is a nice break. I hope whether you work or stay home or have other plans, that you enjoy your weekend no matter the number of days you have off or not. Always be grateful for whatever you have.