Thursday, June 21, 2018


We are in for eighty-five degrees today. It is a relief from the 90's we had for 15 days straight! Then the storms, hail damage everywhere. We have a fiberglass cover on the front porch and it is riddled with holes. But some folks lost windshields in their cars and even their homes so we are very grateful.
Enjoyed the company of Harrison Tuesday and half day Wednesday!   He is such a great helper and a good little boy. I miss seeing him each week.
This child is serious about eating his cheeseburgers! We had gone out to dinner and he was exhausted, no nap early in the day. He fell asleep so we carried him inside and took his food to go. We got caught in a hail storm, we were soaking wet and by the time we got back to the house, he was ready to chow down on his delicious burger with cheese.  He fits into Wordless Wednesday !  Come CHRISTmas he will have a new sibling. WHen you ask him about it he says the only baby he wants is cousin Brody!
Brody's daddy said it was time to get another shot and here is his face! This kid cracks me up. he is totally serious or hamming it up for the camera. Grateful all is well with him and he is growing so quickly. What a sweet boy he is.
Our son-in-law Roger is having surgery on his shoulder as we speak.  Noelle is a grateful her friend Julie from New York is visiting and she went to the surgery center with them this morning. Keep Anne and Heather, both in Texas in your prayers. Anne has a cyst that will need to be removed and Heather, some type of tumor. They would appreciate your prayers.
I am in charge of the first afternoon feeding of this tiny fellow. Loki is quite a character and I like my time with him while I have to fed him. Although they have diagnosed him with Mega Esophagus he has never vomited and our daughter and her husband wonder if he is truly a ME pup.
Our girl Lulu is growing so quickly. She can keep up with the two boys now. AT first she was so shy and timid but she is queen of the house now!
THor is trouble with a capital "T"! He loves to bark randomly at nothing. He will bark at the neighbor dogs, Duke the black lab just lifts his leg and ignores him and trots back to his house.  Naazy the beagle is afraid of this goofy fellow. He likes to bark at other dsogs and if he gets no response he cries like he is being hurt! They run off and don't look twice at this little fellow. The great dane behind us, just gets the biggest kick out of Thor. I am sure he thinks "what a pipsqueak!" Life is funny with this trio of silly pups. Leo enjoys them and then he wants his quiet time.
This was Leo's first meeting with Lulu. He is so careful around these puppies and she looks up to Leo. When she does her business she runs over to him as if she is saying, "Hey look at the great job I did!" The girl is fearless.
The puppies will wonder where their lunch is and I want to finish my salad I had last night. enjoy a wonderful day and always have a grateful heart.
Stop by Thankful Thursday here and also Thankful Thursday thank Sandee for sharing this and Brian for hosting.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Stop by Aw....Mondays and tell Sandee and friends hello and please share something to make you say Aw....Mondays! This baby gorilaa is being loved by his mother shortly after his birth. What a precious thing life is.
Mother Teresa was a wise woman who cared for the masses of poverty riddled Calcutta, India. She held them close and always remembered them in her prayers. She was incredibly kind .Annie from McGuffy's Reader/Sparks is on hiatus. She is in my daily prayers. I love that she shared this kindness with all of us. Also stop by Blue Monday for a bit of blue.
Love is...can always bring me a smile. I use to love to play pool. I would love to have a pool table to practice .
Oh Maxine! we still have a land line. I like to make up songs to sing, and I am not a singer , so the spammers, hackers, frauds, political calls, will hang up on me first.  Now they are infiltrating our cell phones too.
Have a beautiful week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


A tiny bundle of pink goodness! Here is a girl who waited and waited and waited to be born! Talk about indecision! But we are happy thirty years ago today this princess made her entrance in our world.

A sassy girl who loved pre school and always loved learning.
A lover of books and fun and adventures. She loves to travel!
A girl who loves her daddy second, Jesus first and of course her new husband! The dad and the hubby have a two way tie for second place!
A girl and her dad.
E N G A G E D ! These two are like salt and pepper, macaroni and cheese, They belong together. Happy moments at Avalanche Ranch getting engaged.

A sister and her brother on her wedding day.
The wedding dance.
My girls Mother's Day 2013
Ann Landers often had a wealth of information. You have to let your children go, let them fly free and experience life with all the ups and downs and inbetweens. If you raised them right they will always know where they can come home to when they need a break. I am grateful to have raised a strong, independent woman with my husband. We love you Rebekah Michelle Robinson Eudis!
I believe your thirties will bring you some of the best years of your life! Love from your mom

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

F is for the Fine and Fun Things in Life and Fatherhood

F is a fantastic letter. Filled with fun and finery and flubbing things up! You never know what your going to get with the letter F.
Fourteen years with Princess House as a consultant and oh the joy it still brings me. All the remarkable hand blown items that seem to be falling by the wayside today. Champagne flutes and when our kids were small they would drink their juice from these and other stemware I have. Hand blown glass stemware is more durable the more you use it. Don't lock it away in a cupboard. Enjoy yourself.
I was so sick during the first half of the month of May that I missed showing off my Kentucky Derby 2018 hat from Berkley Hat Co. I was happy that Justify won the Derby and went on to win the Preakness and the Belmont also. His jockey Mike Smith, age 52, the oldest jockey in the sport and now a two time winner. Not bad for a high school drop out with a love for Jesus Christ.  The two of them make me smile.
Justify is one amazing horse. He is magnificent. So beautiful and yet so powerful. I hope he will be able to retire now and enjoy the good life. Lots of pretty little fillies and hopefully a future Kentucky Derby contender offspring. I love horses and as a child, a very shy child, my grandmother's cousin Mr. Kralj taught me to not fear horses. He had a beautiful beast of a horse and he would let me fed him carrots and occasionally a sugar cube. I remember walking up the hill from grandma's house and crossing the bridge over the Arkansas River and down a short embankment to get to Mr. Kralj's house. Oh he was such a good man. I am researching our ancestry and hopefully someone from his phamily will have some photos to share. He and his wife had "a lot" of children. Justify makes a perfect "Tuesday Show and Tail". I miss Angela here too. She recently lost her mom and I know it must be truly difficult for her. Those parental losses are hard to handle. Prayer for peace and strength for Angela during this difficult time.
Father's Day will be here on SONday June 16, 2018.  It is one celebration my own father looked forward to. He would always say don't waste your money and buy me any gifts. I don't need anything but he looked forward to getting new cologne or a novelty t shirt.
My father was proud to be a Colorado native and he had this awesome kind of t shirt. Father's Day is tough for me, because my dad enjoyed it so very much.
I was raised by an exceptional father. Kind, humble, hard working, God fearing, honest. decent and generous.

This is the Walter's Brewery semi-pro baseball team Pueblo, Colorado.The artist Nathan Solano created this portrait from a black and white photo.
I will always love this quote. I Knew all these old school baseball players because my father knew them all so well.
My dad leaning on his bat. We tried to print this pulling the photo from a large group. I love it anyway.

This is such a beautiful statement and the photo is perfect but it is hard to read so I found a copy with where the wording is larger and easier to read

A Papa's love.

Harrison and Papa Roger.
Jeremy Edward and Brody Edward sharing a love of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball and a middle name. Jeremy is a first time dad although he has taken on the role of mentor for Addy too.
I love the words on here. I know most everyone who stops by knows my phamily is bonkers over baseball.  Blessed to be mother to two wonderful sons.
A father and his sons. I made this post rather lengthy and did not mean to. But before I close I want to wish all the wonderful dad's out there an amazing Father's Day 2018. IN our society we often hear only about the deadbeat dads but I personally know several dad's who have stepped up to the plate and raised their children, and raised them well, when they were in difficult circumstances. I toast all of you. May God bless you.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Aw....Mondays and Everything Else

Proof that love can exist and we can be different. Now tell Sandee hello and visit her to share one of these plus an awesome positive kindness quote.
A blue Hawaiian sunset. This is a cool google image and although the newlyweds just returned from their fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon they did not get a lot of photos. Too busy doing too many things like snorkeling, visiting ther site of Pearl Harbor, drinking  Kona coffee, and other fun activities. I thought I'd share this for Blue Monday So serene and peaceful. We are dropping into the high 80's today but I am over these 90 plus temps. Miserable unless you can lounge in a pool.
This  Love is...would be such a luxury for us. Always something to do, to repair, to clean.
Doesn't sound like much fun to me. I will behave and drink some cool drinks or perhaps a cup of tea or coffee too. Oh Maxine, you negative Nelly.
This verse is mandatory in a good, solid marriage.
Wishing Annie well and sharing my thoughts for today. Praying for you Annie.
E is for everything important to you. I love sharing a variety of things and sometimes my posts are long but that's how I roll. I like a little something for everyone here. I'm not fancy or filling posts with fancy houses I don't own but just sharing my heart with friends. This is  for you Jenny Matlock  . Perhaps one day you will rejoin us here.
Have a beautiful day.