Monday, August 29, 2016


Aw....Roxanne. She was a special little girl. This was taken April 22, 2012. She lived with us for a few years until she passing on  November 3, 2013. God sent this girl to us, I just know it. She would dance when she heard the song "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Just a sweet girl. Someday I want to find a little Chihuahua just like her and live the rest of my life protecting these little furry friends from bad people. I saw the cutest boy Chihuahua at the pet store. I have to walk through there occasionally so I can smile and lower my blood pressure from the evils of this world.  I see protesters at one local pet store. I think they should be protesting those that breed dogs illegally.  It is so frustrating. This lady must have a protection order because her pets are clean and happy and well cared for. But boy oh boy does she have the puppies. Lots of tiny pups and a handful of big doggies too. Or at least they will grow into their little sturdy bodies quickly. Stop by Aw...Monday and tell Sandee hello today.
I missed both Sandee and Jeanne last week. Back ache issues. :-( But I am back today and took this photo of the morning sky while making sure the hubby got to his bus timely. The clouds have a blue hue in the grayness of the early morning hours.
I would like to recline in this cozy blue bedroom I found at pinterest. Currently we have gray and bright yellow in our bedroom. It is a cheerful combination but I do love blue. Stop by and tell Jeanne hello along with the Blue Crew there too.
Aw....Love is...always makes me smile and this is truly part of my everyday life.
I use to love bike riding.  I probably need a bike with a wide comfy gel seat today. Which I did not know they have but my daughter's beau Zach told me that is what he has. Maxine is plain grumpy today!
Today marks the wedding anniversary of my parents. What wonderful role models they were. Faithful and kind and loving. They loved each other their entire lives. I miss them so much on days like these although they are issed each day I live.
Their wedding day August 29, 1936.
This was them in 1979. I miss them both so much.
Thank you for sharing with me today.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

16 Years of Memories

Today, August 27, 2916 Noelle and Roger have celebrated 16 years of marriage. We had a lovely Mexican food dinner with them this evening along with Brittany, our daughter-in-love, Rebekah and Zach too. Always a good time celebrating with phamily. Brittany wasn't feeling 100 percent so she did not go to the Bronco game. Jeremy and Addy went instead.
These are game faces! Do you think these two love those Denver Broncos? Always a good opportunity for Jeremy to bond with this little miss. Addy is a delight and she is a big Bronco fan too!
I love this no soliciting sign!  Since someone was ringing my doorbell and pounding like a crazy person yesterday while I was reclining in my bath I was mad as a hornet! I babysit all the dogs and of course, they go crazy when the doorbell rings and this person wasn't giving up. I need this sign for sure. I have been under the weather a bit. I have a rotten back ache so have not been blogging. Makes me sad but I just did not have it in me to get up and write. I have so many days to catch up so here I am. Celebrating My BoJon Heritage along with Pink Saturday. I use to love heading over to Pink Saturday and for many years I did. Then I noticed so many don't compliment you by commenting and many of my dear friends stopped participating. I don't come over all the time but I know who those true pink friends are and I want to thank you here.

Here is a pretty pink rose google image to share with all of you that keep coming back and supporting me. Friendship means a lot to me and I am not a wishy washy type of friend. I am there for you for the long haul.
Our three youngest children from Noelle and Roger's wedding, 2000. Oh where have all those years gone? Nick is finishing his final year at Kansas Wesleyan University. We drove him there last weekend and that could be part of my backache problem. Two days in the car. But the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing Nick off. Hannah is our pre school teacher. She is so tall and so slender. She was small and quiet back then. Rebekah never changes. Still tiny. She started a new job the day after the 4th of July and is learning the ropes there. She loves traveling and is saving for her trip to Australia.
Hee Hee! I should run a bath for my honey but since I tweaked this back there he is  helping me with this luxury. There is nothing like a long hot bath to help those aching muscles and we have had some rainy days. The cooler air feels wonderful but sometime it is hard on my bad bones.  Oh Love such a big part of our lives. I sure miss our friend MD who use to blog and put up those cute Love is...posts each week. She went on to other projects so I understand. I just miss her hosting.
Rebekah is an avid hiker and plans to hike at Pikes Peak before the really cold weather sets in. Since they had snow on top of the mountain yesterday I told her to pack her long johns! Nick use to hike this fourteener in the summer with his track and field team. His former coach loves his Colorado mountains and particularly Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. They trained up there every year. Nick isn't very impressed with their new coach and we know Coach Bailey is home here in Colorado helping his mom with their ranch since his dad is battling cancer.  If you want to see the Christian side of a godly man go to his blog We sure miss you Coach Bailey but we understand the reason why you had to leave.

Always good to keep people in your prayers. Pray for Baton Rouge with all the aftermath of the flooding. Pray for Italy in the aftermath of  the earthquake. There is someone somewhere who needs your prayers. Don't forget to pray.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 9: Happy Birthday Nick/ My BoJon Heritage/ Birthday and Anniversary Wishes for Heaven

I loved this photo of Nick from middle school 2008. He has always loved sports so there are lots of photos sharing his love. He is 23 today! Happy birthday Nick! Celebrating with Noelle's bestie Crystal who turned 40 earlier this week. Crystal has a new home so we are watching the Bronco preseason game as well as the UFC fight too. We will have cake and pizza. Ah....such fun!
March 7, 2014 at the Amory in NYC watching Nick run indoor track. What an exciting time that was!

My sister Pat and her husband Gary would have been married 60 years on August 18, 2016. We lost both of them and I especially miss my sister. She was a wealth of information and wonderful ear to listen to you. She was a beautiful bride even though I was a tiny toddler back then. Miss her so much.
Auntie Ang would have celebrated her birthday on August 19th. She is the reason I exercised my strong will. She was strong willed too and we had so much fun always shopping and having lunch together. She is a gem and I miss her so much.
To Auntie Ang in heaven.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 8: My BoJon Heritage/Faith and Phamily/

Phamily matters to tend to. Running more and more behind. But I am going to incorporate my heritage posts with my grateful for....posts. Last night I did not sleep well and got up once or twice throughout the night. Had Jenny on my mind. Praying about her needs and her chronic pain. I was thinking my troubles are few compared to what she has to deal with day in and day out. Breaks my heart. I can be a little cynical at times, and when I came across this verse while studying my bible today I felt it was perfectly related to Jenny and all she is dealing with as well as some phamily members dealing with some heart breaking news too. Then I thought, my goodness, the government sells stars! You can give a loved one a star for their birthday or other special occasion. Isn't it funny, those stars belong to the creator of the universe, they certainly do not belong to any government agency.

I have been praying for Louisana and all the devastating floods they have had.  It is funny how some areas of the country are dry and other places are swimming in rain waters. In Colorado we have had a long hot summer but they recently passed a law where you can save rain water in rain barrels to water your garden etc. Again I ask how did the government get control of nature? Why would it be illegal to gather rain water to use for gardening and washing your car etc. ? People are so  complacent and do not pay attention to things that matter. Rather they trust the main stream media to tell them what is going on in our world.
I surround myself by the word of God. I am fearful of what is happening in our world. I don't think it will be any better but rather worse. I will always trust the Lord, my mother taught me well, pray hard and pray harder too. She lived by it.
Now for some absolute cuteness:
Harrison James hanging out on Thursday 8/11/16. He is one busy fellow,  trying to pull himself up around furniture. He is going to spend a little time with me tomorrow. I will also get to see him Thursday because his daddy is going to pick Uncle Nick up at the airport and I will keep this busy fellow until they get home and we all go to lunch together.
Somewhere in my garage I have this cookbook. I was frustrated because the summer is fading away quickly and  I want to find this copy I have had since 1972. I recently ordered an updated copy from an antique vendor. Their pricing was excellent because the cost was ten dollars more than I paid 44 years ago! I am waiting anxiously to receive it.
These  sLOVEnian cookbooks are loaded with my heritage and traditional meals that my mom prepared for us. I wish I had paid better attention to her while we she cooking up a storm! I will share a few recipes when my newest cookbook arrives. I have always loved cookbooks. Another favorite is Betty Crocker

I cooked from this book when our children were small. Somewhere in my storage of books I have a Popcorn Cookbook. Laugh Out Loud. I was an avid collector when I was younger. Living in the high altitude these days I also still cook from the Denver Junior League :
This one is specifically filled with recipes to create in the high altitude. I have to thank my childhood friend Karen for sharing this book with me over 32 years ago. It is a charming cookbook and there are tons of amazing recipes. I hope you will come back and join me when I post a few recipes in the coming weeks. Now for some beauty sleep before I see Harrison tomorrow.

sladke sanje

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 7: Aw....Monday/Blue Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/My BoJon Heritage/

Yesterday we went to see the movie The Secret Life of Pets with Noelle and Roger and two of the grand boys Devin and Jayden. If you have the opportunity to see this cute movie please do. It made us laugh out loud.
A cast of silly, silly pets.
Max and
Duke the brothers! Hee Hee Hee!
Snowball is a bad, bad, bunny! Look at the wild look in his eyes!
Gidget has a "thing" for Max!
Chloe is....well.....she is a cat! Enough said! Visit Sandee at Aw...Monday. These pets gave me an Aw.....moment!
Happy Blue Monday to Jeanne and all the Blue Crew! This pinterest find highlighted in blue and pink made me smile.  I do 1-2-3-7-8-9-10-13-15-16-17-18-20-21-22-23-24-25! I am trying to be g=get better at eating more healthy things. I love bread and dessert so those two things really have to get cut back. I do some yoga and exercise but I have not been consistent so I can not tell a fib. I am working on it. I thought this would be a good blue list to post today.
This is good advice, plain and simple. I have had so many problems with my allergies this season. I went from Winter to Spring to Summer and nothing has changed. Somedays I get so aggravated. I am going to frame this quote.
I need to go over this list and try to answer these questions. I thought some thoughtful fun was in order for Blue Monday today.
I always keep honey on hand. This Love too sweet not to share.

I am not a meanie like Maxine but these kicky boots are sure cute. You have to admit, Maxine is quite clever.

My dad's folks celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on May 22, 1955. that was an awesome achievement. My goodness they suffered so much and prevailed and kept their marriage strong. My grandmother was not well so much of her life and yet there was Grandpa caring for her as if she were some rare jewel. Their love was something to see and I wo't soon forget it. I don't have many good photos of them and hoping someone comes forward with some to share. One of these days I will sit down and figure out how many grandchildren and great grandchildren they had. My grandfather was a very kind heart and I will always have a very special place in my heart for him. He passed away when I was in the 7th grade but I never forgot the many conversations I had with him. Like my father, he was easy, like Sunday morning.  Those are words to a song and they fit both my grandfather and my dad's personalities to a T. I hope you stop by again very soon. I have fallen behind with commenting but I will be visiting you very soon. Thank you for supporting me here.