Sunday, January 30, 2022

Aw...Mondays and Some Funnies


Someone shared this and I said this sounds like me! I love to be at home. Everything I need is here and I enjoy the quiet days. I do not miss the office chaos , the mean girls and the gossip. It would be perfect if Avery could be here everyday too.  I don't like night driving and haven't for many years. Too many people on the roads, even in my neighborhood, and too many folks who are careless, not paying attention.  Why would I go from store to store when my friends at will bring my groceries to my door, for no charge?  I am not much of a store shopper anyway. I have not been for a long time. I prefer my peace and quiet over throngs of people hurrying along life's roadways. 

People want to travel and although it isa  nice thought, the last two airlines we had to deal with were not worth all the new hassles.  If we need a road trip, we can go on one. Planes and cruise ships do not interest me. Ideally traveling across the USA by train would be a great adventure. Otherwise no thank you for your high prices and declining services. If you enjoy those things, that is wonderful. I am just not like everyone else and have friends who travel constantly.  If it is your thing, that is your good thing. I am my father's daughter and I enjoy being here in my own home. As my dear friend Mike, the railroad engineer use to say, "There is no place like Home". 

Love is...never fails me! I have always enjoy watching sports. I watched football and baseball with my dad and mom since I was a small child. I am a different kind of person, I like to know the know people I am interested in watching. If they are playing the game because they love it I love watching them succeed. If they want to mash up their political views, nope, not interested.  

Lately I have found myself listening to my bible on tape, reading it and rereading and seeing the day go by. I know people who love art and paint all day. Others read books, everyone has things they love. I do what I love too. It took me a long while to figure things out and seeing the world me makes me  want more.

People love to downsize. It is great, if that makes you happy. Others exercise or go on weight loss plans. I think you have to find what makes you happiest and go with it.  It is really very simple. No one has the right to tell you what you should and should not do. 

That is why I always loved blogging. People come and go in our lives and I enjoy the ones who spread kindness. I love seeing fur babies and people with tremendous talents. I love kind hearts. I am not a real complex person. We should all love what we love. 


Loki, Mollie and Lulu. It is hard to capture them all together. Lulu and Loki have this lovely relationship. Mollie is the product of it. They are so sweet. Annoying at times but everyday they do things that makes me laugh ! they have taken over the Minnie & Daisy slumber bag I have on hand for the kids when any of them visit. Ninja Turtles, Minnie & Daisy and more.

Have a wonderful week and be blessed.

Saturday, January 29, 2022


 Pink Saturday

Always lovely in Pretty Pinks! 

Lots of vintage pinks

Friday, January 28, 2022

Feline Friay

 Feline Friday

This is Casper. He is Oreo's brother. They are as different as they can be! But they are enjoying the kindness of Hannah and Jake.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I know most everyone here is thankful for a fur baby, canine or feline or others. This was too cute not to share. I love that people dream up these sweet shares. I wanted to put this at the bottom of my post but for some reason blogger was giving me a fit! So I switched it to the top and ta da it worked!

Beth gave me her permission to repost this info about her brother.

 Hi friends and family! I'm going to ask a kind of BIG favor. As many if you know (if not, I posted the end of June) my brother Bob fell backwards on his garage step in May and broke his neck. Not only his, but his family's life radically changed that day, as he is now a quadriplegic. He was healthy, active, athletic, extremely giving, and funny. He now needs to be fed every meal, have his teeth brushed for him, shaved, etc. He was at home, but is now in a specialty hospital getting wound care, from a bed wound, and pain management, from neck, shoulder, and nerve pain. If he's not groggy, and they position his phone just right, he can voice text and call. He's got my sister-in-law, nephew, and niece, but no other family where they are in Nashville. We visit as much as possible, but it's just really lonely for them, and we all feel very helpless. He has not lost his faith, thank God (literally) so he does not look at life as hopeless. He's still Bob!

Here's where the favor comes in. Bob's birthday is February 9th - his first birthday with this new life and not at home, and I thought it would be fun to have a "card shower" for him. If you're willing and able, would you send a card for him? Just a birthday card or an encouragement card, and if you want to include a favorite verse or photo, that's great, too. No money, no gifts, just joy! I've set up a PO Box here and when we visit in February, we'll bring him a box of love and cheer! I've made this public, so if you feel like sharing that's great, if you know children who like to draw pictures, that's fabulous, and if you want to skip the card and just write a note of encouragement, that's awesome, too! Please, if you know anyone who may want to take part, let them know. Here is where to send them:
Bob Derrington
c/o Beth Russo
P.O. Box 132
Old Monroe, MO 63369
THANK YOU, truly, from the bottom of my heart. ❤ 📬

Happy Tuesday Wordless Wednesday

 Happy Tuesday

My Tuesday was pancake day! I made my sweetheart  a batch of Plain Buttermilk Pancakes. Nick had Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Chip and I had Blueberry.

Keeping warm & cozy on a cold Winter's day is happiness with hot tea and a short stack of blueberry pancakes for me. Although Avery did have to truck into work, he enjoyed some pancakes. He keeps a miniature jug of syrup at his desk and he is always eager to have a nice hot breakfast  there. He is very happy and blessed as he was watching the snowfall from the 26th floor. Their department has one of the best views of the city! B L E S S E D ! My husband finds joy in the smallest things and I L O V E it!

Wordless Wednesday

 "Poems are made by fool's like me, but only God can make a tree." Joyce Kilmer 1886-1918

Monday, January 24, 2022

My BoJon Heritage


The sunrise today looks like eyes peeking through the tree. It really made me smile.  Hoping you have had a wonderful Monday so far.

Mia is one of my American Girl dolls. A terrific lady at etsy made this Valentine Dress. Mia is on display all desked out for February 14th. I try to mail Valentines from Loveland, Colorado every year. They hand stamp the cutest message to your loved ones. We put up a few Valentine's Day treasures. I can not get into that shed to grab my other stuff. I just do not feel up to it. So this will do.  I left my little Precious Moment figure in her cloche. Avery gave it to me, it says "This grandma is fabulous". Harrison gave me the Willow Creek figure. She simply says "Grandmother".  I also had one of my Nativity sets under glass. That O'Brien Sculpted set is a little more pricey like my Belleek pieces from Ireland so I have to be careful with them. They are so special to me. 


My ears have been wonky and causing me dizziness. My friend Angie in Ohio is a nurse. She recently got over the crude like everyone else. She said she had the worst Vertigo so she tried Benadryl. It was a miracle cure ! I tried it too! But I forgot how sensitive I am to drugs even OTC. I was asleep in 2.5 minutes for over 60 minutes. hahaha. But my head felt lighter. Poor Nick, something he ate or he claims, it was his laundry made his face swell up like the Pillsbury Doughboy. He has his own stash of Benadryl for these moments in life. Tonight at dinner his face was much better. Which reminds me, Rebekah takes a screen shot of all of us gathered around the dinner table. I will make her give that to me tomorrow, We had a beautiful lasagna with salad and fresh garlic bread. It is nice just the five of us gathered around the table.

Elizabeth is still hanging in there waiting for that baby girl to make her entrance. She appreciates the prayers.

Andrea sent her husband Nick to the basement, don't worry, it is comfy and cozy there. He has a basket of items to help him get well. Seems like everyone hit into the super crude. They would appreciate prayers too. 

My sister Mary lost her cat Chompers. He just up and passed away. She was very sad but in human years he would have been 98! He lived a wonderful life as he and his two brothers were rescues. It is awful what someone did to those poor babies. They were neutered as newborns so they were quite skittish (wouldn't you be??) and my sister is the original Cat Lady. Years ago her vet made house calls and they saved the lives of many feline fur babies. My sister was always a sucker for kittens. We had a terribly angry and probably drunk old man who would do away with these precious kittens. My brave sister got into his yard one night and slipped away with those kittens. They also had lived a very nice lifestyle and loved my sister so much.

Recently my friend Lynette told me she and her boyfriend were out on the town. Her bf got up to talk to a guy at the bar. She called me the next day. She was mortified. She said it was Ronnie, one of the son's of the mean old cat hating old man. She called her beau back to the table and asked him what the heck he was doing talking with the  Cat Killer! Poor guy was clueless! She told him he helped his dad do away with kittens when we were small and she better never catch him talking with him again. Poor fellow, they worked together on the railroad. I am sure Ronnie knew immediately what Lynette meant because she said he had a very guilty face.

My dad tried to reason with the old neighbor but the old guy would not listen. It made my father sad and he was more of a dog guy. But every chance we had to save more kittens from an untimely death, we sure did it! Back than no organizations were around  to help you out. My sister adopted out many kittens through the years. These three little brothers were her last fur babies. So say a prayer for her too.

The weekend was a tough one and the Buffalo Bills lost the AFC Championship game. Someone posted, Dear God, for the sake of society let the Bengals win next week! it was a sad night to see them lose. But they are a young team. 

This google images reminds me of my sister's house back in the day of her rescue mission. She saved many tiny kittens from starving or meeting a worse end. Aw...Mondays

Always where I like to be! Thanks Love is...and I always dedicated my love to Love is... to Marydon who use to blog and we became fast friends because we shared this always and forever.

More Sparks because Annie was the best Sparks host. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

When Life Throws Curve Balls At You and Beautiful Addy


Friday was a nothing goes right day! To be truthful, the whole week was the same way. You have to live it to understand it.  So being left handed by nature I went left. At least things are looking up. For the best things in life!

This is Addy our beautiful grand girl. When Jeremy and Brittany married we welcomed this young lady into our phamily. She is pretty, smart, kind and has the best manners. Two weeks ago her little brothers were under the weather feeling bad and she was being the trooper she always is. Helping out, getting her school work done and living her best life. We took these silly little cars to the boys and we gave Addy a small gift card. You know teens like to have their own spending cash and cards. No sooner had we walked in the door at home she sent us a text message thanking us. She has a big heart and it is so kind. My beautiful daughter-in-law Brittany is blessed to have this wonderful child. She is very close to her maternal grandparents and she is not afraid to show it. Jeremy loves this girl and they have a nice relationship.

Brittany sent me these amazing photos of Addy and her brothers. She has a friend Jessica who is a terrific photographer and she took all these photos.

I had planned to put these photos on my Grandparents Celebration post at FB. But after 6 days of posting and inviting other to join me I became very discouraged. No one posted any photos of their own grands. So I wrapped up the FB post on day 7 with the grandmother and myself and some of her great grands. I thought perhaps I Missed others posting previously and they did not want to repost again. So I told Brittany I was putting a post up with Addy. I can not leave out these handsome fellas. They facetime us and always crack us up. Handsome boys with a pretty big sister. We love that we live close to them too. They moved a little farther East but just a couple extra minutes.

This big dreamer is heading East later this year for a school trip. I think Boston will be an amazing part of her trip due to all the history. She will enjoy that trip. Thank you for letting me share this pretty teen with you today.

"I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. " 3 John 1:4

Friday, January 21, 2022

Pink Saturday/

 Pink Saturday

If you visit William Sonoma you will find lots of pretty pinks. 

If you have a white kitchen you could switch up colorful linens, utensils and other kitchen gadgets and necessities.

A Pink Yeti. I thought about getting this one. Your beverage will stay hot or cold for 12 hours.

Even mixing bowls are delightfully pink! My aunt Ang had all the Fiesta Ware. when I was first married I wanted to collect it, but found out how expensive it was. So we use Corelle to this very day.


Continue to pray for LaVoice as she recovers. Pray for Elizabeth expecting a third daughter any day now and diagnosed with the virus too. Prayers for my husband's  niece and her husband and her oldest daughter. They are all ill with the virus and her daughter is is the worst off. Pray for the family of my husband's former co worker Julee. She passed away on the 19th. So young, 66 and so tragic, cancer.


Always be kinder than you feel. You never know what someone else is going through


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Monday, January 17, 2022

Happy Tuesday


If you stop by Happy Tuesday  maybe you can share some humor too. I love laughter so I love collecting these silly shares. I wish I could think of such silly stuff.

These puns crack me up! You need humor, it is excellent medicine and you do not need a scientist to tell you that! I know you don't need Bill Gates to either! He has a hard enough time trying to create a decent computer app! hahaha

Maxine is on a roll today! She covers a variety of subjects and is very opinionated on each one. She must know my C A T ! hahaha

I remember the day Dr. King was assassinated/ What a sad day that was. He had a good heart and only wanted equality for all. How backward we have become.

I could not decide on a Sparks for today So I chose three! Music is my jam and Bob Marley, he is simply a music icon.

Aw....the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. When Nick was running around in his baby walker he would stop when we turned on this program. Nick would dance along to the song. Will Smith has many talents.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new week. Life moves so quickly.  Share your favorite Sparks too.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Pink Saturday and Aw...Mondays


Pink Saturday

When I first joined Pink Saturday in 2010 I remember searching for pink everywhere. The Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers were hilarious as were the Pink Panther cartoons. You can not get much more pink than this! I miss these simple movies and cartoons. Those were wonderful days. 

Princess Sassy Pants is always good for a think pink moment. She has words of wisdom too. 


Have you ever seen a baby goat in pajamas? These two look like they are enjoying their pj day!

This baby goat is a fashionista in her pajamas. They are sure cute when they are small. But I understand they are not easy to raise and care for. They seem to have an ornery streak too.

I hope many of you have seen my post about LaVoice and will send her an encouraging card with get well messages. She loves cards and she is one of the sweetest bloggers I was fortunate enough to meet several years ago. Please pray too that she will recover soon and regain her strength. 

With the new week here to stay here is a perfectly pink tea party courtesy of google images  you can share with me. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy, stay healthy and happy  . If it is cold where you are stay warm and s=cozy. If it is warm, enjoy a tall cool glass of tea.

I found this sweet tea party poem by Irene Latham. She is quite a clever poet.


 If you stop by my blog My Tata's Cottage I have lots of special requests to ask your help with. I don't want to repeat everything here and you get the feeling I forgot that I already posted this.  A special blog friend needs encouragement so sending her a card would be joyful for her.  Others need prayer, lots of prayer. 

I once knew a very successful lady named Tena. A mutual friend, who was a very devout Christian lady, told Tena she would pray for her regarding an upcoming procedure she was having.  Tena replied, oh honey, you need to pray for someone who needs it. I don't! W O W ! That knocked my socks off! 

Not everyone thinks like us, that would be the most boring thing in the entire universe! Who wants to sit around looking, acting and thinking exactly like the millions of other people all over this planet!? But when I don't agree with or think exactly like someone else, I was raised to use good manners and be polite and kind. We have become a world of apologetic humans who think someone else is more deserving of whatever it is they want and we don't deserve anything because someone said so ! I have a hard time with this mentality. I also have a hard time with bullies and lately, they are all over the place!

We all have opinions, ideas, and thoughts. But we show our true character by simply expressing our example not our opinion.

I know I have plenty of opinions but I share my faith because I think kindness is more important than spouting facts or showing everyone how much we know about everything! I don't like debating and we are entitled to think our way and leave it at that.

I am not looking for a pat on the back but when the world started to go mad day by day back in 2020, I stopped posting lots of personal photos and stories and started to simply post Scripture at social media. . I am not a theologian but many people started to send me messages or even commented that I helped them get through their day by sharing what I did.  I stick to a routine at social media so when someone I know started questioning the verses I posted because it was not  in their favorite interpretation! I Had to take a breath and pray about it. I felt like when I post something the Good Lord may have given me a little shove in the right direction. So I am not going to argue or debate anything with anyone because what I do is simply because I get a feeling someone who may be  shy or concerned or worried and needs a bit of encouragement appreciates what I post.

I had a blogger say I should not post Scripture here. Well I do and if it upset her, she should not stop by. If I see something I don't like, I scroll past it! Problem solved, no confrontation needed! Life should always be so grand!

If you would like to encourage LaVoice (LV) by sending her a card well she regains her strength from COVID please e mail me if you need her address. We want her to be surprises by all the cards she will receive. 

If you feel you can pray for others I listed at my other blog, please do so. If you have a kind word to pass on to them, that is perfect. Life can be simple but we seem to like to complicate it! My husband reminds me of this occasionally, out of kindness! haha he knows me oh so well.

Yesterday was a wild ride. I had my hair appoint with Jae at ten o'clock. But earlier in the morning it seemed like everyone had an immediate need. My son-in-law Roger was working, he could not get through to his wife, our daughter Noelle. He asked if I could walk over to the house three doors away and ring the door bell. I put on my winter coat and boots and still had my night clothes on. I figured the neighbors would get a kick out of my early morning fashion choices! Their dog Piper sat in the window, she did not bark but looked at me with a look that said, "Hey watcha doin?" After two rings of the doorbell here came my daughter, still in her night clothes. She had fallen back asleep and was over an hour late to work! Good thing she works from home. She was mortified. I said, don't sweat it, your dad did this two weeks ago. He jumped outta that bed, into the shower and into his clothes before I could finish making his coffee. He was out of the door in about 8 minutes. I think he set a record, hahaha

I had been checking in with Hannah regarding Jake who had his shoulder surgery Thursday. Roger was ringing my phone as Rebekah, my middle daughter was texting me saying my DIL Brittany needed to ask a question. I was waiting for Avery to call me, as I was compiling a list of questions for him. My phone was a hotline yesterday morning and I felt appreciated.

Sitting in Jae's chair at the salon I felt like a million bucks as she shampooed my hair and told me about her weekend trip to Pueblo. She and Avery and I being natives love to chat about our hometown. Avery had to cancel his appointment with Jae as his co worker got her booster shot on Wednesday,  Geraldine tried to come in to work Thursday, was deathly ill and had to leave. She was still sick Friday so Avery  had to cancel his day off Friday which would have given him a four day weekend. Life is a wild roller coaster ride some days. We just pray Geraldine gets well. She has a really serious heart condition and does not do well with these shots. Daisy to the rescue Saturday morning, to give Avery a much needed haircut.

I like days that float by like Spring time breezes and sunshine. Unfortunately when complications arise life is a bar room brawl and you wonder why the heck you are stuck with all the bullies. More on them another time. In the words of my  late mother, life is hard, pray harder.

These coffee mugs had me smiling. Lauren, a food blogger I know received the Jurassic mug for Christmas. I need the Not today Satan, as I mention that to him on a daily basis.