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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thankful Thursday

This google image says it best, be thankful! Please stop by Brian's and say hello. Share what you are thankful for.
Stop over at Feline Friday and tell Sandee and feline friends hello. This google image was too cute not to share. The things felines get into are so hilarious.
I saw this cute pink tea set and thought it would be a perfect share for Pink Saturday. stop by and join the fun and say hello to Beverly and all the Pinkies there. If I could find a spot to stash this cute tea set, it would be marked M I N E !
Lot's of us have things and people in our lives that don't spark joy all the time! I really thing removing all of them and all of the things we bought or received because it brought us joy isn't the greatest idea. Marie Kondo, you can have your sterile empty home, I will have mine, filled with many joyful people and things. You really don't know any of us at all. Yet you amass people following you as blindly as sheep to a slaughter. I will never understand this.
 I love this. The author of this peaceful meme is Debbie McDaniel. She listed all these beautiful verses regarding peace found throughout scripture. Thanks Debbie and I Appreciate your beautiful share.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Join Worldess Wednesday
I can never just be wordless on Wednesday.

The world is wayward today. Right is wrong, evil is good. Makes no sense. But prayer does.
We have much to be grateful for but more than we have prayed for. It is what keeps us from going over the edge.
August 20th, today is the day this young man came into our lives. This was CHRISTmas 1993 but Nick was born in August. He shares the day with some cool people, our friends Richard Curry and Sharon Hayes , our niece Katie Kocman Dahlberg. So much happens in August. I am falling behind. But eventually I will catch up.
Nick and Brody at Brody's first birthday in February this year.
Nick and Colton, August 27, 2000. Yesterday  but so far away.
Happy birthday to our youngest son . May all your dreams come true.

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tail

HaHaHa! It was ninety-five degrees today. a scorcher for me. But the hubby was off so he cooked up a huge pot of chili and it was such a nice change of pace. We have it during the cold wintry months. But it was nice today and he makes the best chili ever. Happy Tuesday is a time to share what makes you happy. I could make a list but I will choose the hubby's chili today.
Me after eating all the delicious chili. Snoopy can always bring a happy smile to your face. He is a classic.
Oh how I love silly humor. This was too cute not to share. On the same line as this images my favorite honeymoon joke is , "Lettuce alone!"
Oh my goodness, life is a circle. It goes round and round, This is an old photo of Brody. He was so small and always smiling. Now he is so big and talking and being such a good boy.
He is such a happy boy. It is nice to have some joy. This child is built to smile, he is designed to move quickly and his laugh is infectious and hardy. Love this boy.
This sweet girl Luna came to live with Brody and Addy and Brittany and Jeremy. Next month they will add one more child to their clan. This little pup loves the big dogs and she loves the kids. She is energetic and smart and sassy. A real cutie girl. She is my Tuesday Show and Tail. She was taking a short nap.
Maxine has lots to say on most subjects. I was looking for her punchline. She surprises me somedays.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Aw....Mondays and More

The world lost Grumpy cat not too long ago. What an ornery feline. Sort of a feline Maxine. No filter. Visit Aw....Mondays and say hi to Sandee and friends.
In loving memory of sweet Smiling Sally. A bit of blue for Monday and tea tyme.
Jeremy and Brody today. Brody is one energetic boy. He can give you a great workout! Baby Logan has those excellent days and some down days. But he is growing and he is active and we keep praying he will be home sooner than we think. The days and months slip away.
Love is...always says it best. Have a beautiful week.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thankful Thursday and Other Weekday Smiles

Thankful Thursday is a good way to express the thankfulness inside your heart. We are thankful for tiny but mighty Logan.He moved up to four lbs. so we are thankful for that.
A photo of a tiny boy and his momma. Please pray another down. More testing, but thankful that they will hopefully get to the bottom of this.
Smokey sitting in his chair, Summer 2017. Saw his oncologist today. No bad news, holding steady. Thankfulness.
Persnickety. An  adjective word simply meaning  fussy, when it comes down to brass tax with this feline fellow. Stop in to say hi to Sandee and those who visit Feline Friday.
Lulu and her lil girl Molly. Molly likes to burrow under the covers. Lulu does not. My Lu is a busy girl, a bit nosey. Molly is filled with puppy energy but she likes naps too. Speaking of naps, I love them Respice Prospice. Forgot to mention it at your blog earlier. A friend Lisa, received that Nap Time pillow case from her friend Roseann while they were on vacation in the state of Texas. My girls Lulu and Molly are both so pretty in pink. Molly is still so small she does not have a collar yet. Her mom has a blingy ID tag. Someday soon Molly..... Say hello to Pink Saturday
Pretty pink bling with bows for sweet little puppy girls.

Beautiful words written in the old testament.
Thinking of my beautiful grandmother who was my BFF until her untimely passing. My grandfather passed away tragically with their youngest son Tony in a mining accident. But I found a wonderful photo of his father Jakob on ancestry while searching for loved ones. My mother's cousins had lots and lots of photos. Thankful for all of them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hump Day and More

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Naps are so good and cookies, well, cookies aren't too bad either.
A very favorite verse. Considering the ways of this world, I often wonder what God thinks about our world.
Missing my folks today.
Just remembering my mom and her very kind heart. She was a prayerful person. Always telling me to pray.
I never tire of seeing this photo.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


One week and it feels like 100 years. The days dragged by slowly and felt like the clock stopped ticking the time. Saw Colton and Jacey and Harrison today. We all had a late lunch at the Olive Garden with all of us except Jeremy and his little phamily. I see how broken Harrison is but he still won't let me in. But we loved on each other with Grandfather and we played the hot wheels race track fifty times and Grammie Noelle came over and we had to play dinosaurs. He is so smart. How he knows the different names of them. Pterodactylus and Brontonaurus. He also does a very manly and low voice while he is the dinosaur of his choice. We did giggle a lot. He brought me the bunny candy dish still on the shelf and said, "Why is there no candy here?" He is still a silly boy who loves the sweet treats.
Harrison needed puppy love. They were all around him but Molly wanted a photo too. He says he loves how soft they are and how many kisses they give! Stop by Sandee's and visit Aw....Mondays.
Shirtless smiles from daddy trying to keep his little phamily with some everyday normal.
Grandfather said, of this photo, "I was honored by God, to hold a representative of heaven in my arms." His heart is broken.
Even as a small boy, Colton always tried to help everyone else smile big. Yesterday was a very beautiful day but the occasion was so sad. It is evident in my sweetheart hubby's eyes.

We tried to put on big smiles. Love these siblings, brother Bill and sister Mary. Brother Ed was out of town.
Our comfort is in Him who created us.