Wednesday, September 17, 2014

R is for "Ramblings"

Oh my, what a day! Many who know me well, know I love football! During the NFL season my phamily has a T.V.  blarring in nearly ever room! I watched it with my father as a child and now I enjoy it as well, with my phamily!
Now you know I am getting ready to ramble! Not rumble, just ramble! But I will showcase my favorite NFL team my hometown Denver Broncos! Don't you just love Peyton Manning? Aside from getting an unsportsman like conduct fine to the tune of $8,200 for uttering a profanity to a Houston Texan player, the guy is practically sainted. He is an all around great guy who even visits his old stomping grounds in Indy to promote a favorite charity he had there in connection with a Children's Hospital.
Tim Tebow was a Denver Bronco for a short while. He also spent a few months with the Patriots and the Jets. People were offended. Spouting God while he played ball!  Talking about his faith. Being a Christian! Well, perhaps we need a few more Tim Tebows. Oh, I am not saying there are not a handful of great guys playing in the NFL. Problem is, there seems to be more trouble!
Brandon Marshall, a former Bronco and current Chicago Bear made headlines today.  Someone came forward stating back in 2006 Marshall abused his daughter who refused to press charges. Said he promised to marry her since they were in the 8th grade! Yikes! Do I condone beating women? Heck no! But why now? Oh yea, because Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and Ray Rice former Raven are already in trouble for child beating and wife beating respectively. What the heck is going on? Perhaps the NFL needs to implement a criminal background check. They do a full background check to become a school teacher. Why not to make millions in the NFL?
Awww...we love Wes Welker in Denver. He is a former Patriot and "supposedly" good friend of Tom Brady the Patriots QB!  Brady apparently offered to give up some of his own salary to keep Welker from going to Denver. The friendship is fleeting as Brady had a few choice words for Welker and his run in with the law for using Adderall. Ok, I don't condone drug use but I do know that this drug, used for children labeled ADD and ADHD offers the reverse effect on adults. Makes you filled with energy. So if we want to get judgmental let's talk illegitimate children in pro sports in  general! Tom Brady has one, his first born son in fact from actress Bridget Moynahan.  He later married a super model and lives a luxurious  lifestyle. So let's stop the name calling!
I hate to start naming names and then find out my heroes also have secret lives but there are some decent guys in the NFL. Lots of folks think Phillip Rivers, QB for the San Diego Chargers has too  many children! well, first of all he can afford it and two he is married to his middle school sweetheart!  Can you say, aw....a love story! Jay Cutler, a former Bronco and current QB for the Chicago Bears dislikes the media! In fact, he runs from them like he's running from the plague and he has a bad rap as a result. Jay likes his private life private and his team efforts just that! He was born in Santa Claus, Indiana. Just a little FYI in case you were interested! There are some good guys in the NFL, RG3 from the Redskins (which by the way will be sued by a congressman because they refuse to change their offensive name!)  No RG3 was married in Denver this summer! Aw.....There is Alex Smith  QB for the Chiefs.  He has a charity that sends foster teens to college. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers.  Studious in college. Kind hearted in the NFL.

Feel free to add your own favorites if you choose. My ramblings go on for a moment to say what if we scrutinized politicians this way? Or bankers? Insurance companies? Ah ha! I knew I touched a nerve. It is something to ponder.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Love is..../Blue Monday

I needed a back rub tonight. We had a hectic day at my office.  So I am super late putting this up but I will send it over to Sally to share my favorite blues from this weekend with everyone. I love this little Love is... too. I miss the days when more people put their favorite Love is...up.
Our little grandson Jayden celebrated his third birthday this weekend. He loves Buzz and Woody from Toy Store. His cake definitely was touched with blue.
, Tarrah's mom, bought Jayden this cute diner. I see some blue here too. This boy was busy putting his pizza in the oven! He is smart and has a wonderful imagination.
Here is Buzz Lightyear hanging around the picnic pavilion at the park. I noticed he has a touch or two of blue on his space uniform.
His grandpa Scott bought him this cool scooter with matching elbow and knee pads and helmet! That helmet was striking with blue!

Say hello to the all the blues today. I will be catching up with everyone this week.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

P's and Q's for Ms. Jenny and Beverly at Pink Saturday

One of these days  I am hoping I will have more leisure time so I can create and post my thoughts in a timely fashion! Today I am combining last week's "P" for Ms. Jenny with this week's "Q".  I am also adding my Pink Saturday post here too. I really admire Jenny and Beverly, for their dedication to these weekly posts. They have done a really amazing job keeping these running for a long time. I hope we continue them for a long time to come.

I have combined my "P" for Princess  for Jenny with pink for Beverly.  I love these buttons I find at Face Book or that people share with me.

Ah, young  ladies today should follow this simple message!

LOL! I Just think this is too funny! I am not sure I know anyone brave enough to go to work, even on casual Friday, dressed in this manner! But I do love the tiara!

Ah.....the tiara! I think most girls dream of having one of these!

I have looked like this many days, laugh out loud, but I truly need to get a haircut! I feel like "Cousin It" from the Addams Family T.V. I just haven't found the time to cut my hair!

I love "Queenisms", I am learning to follow some of these and take care of me. I am always taking care of everyone else and  there is nothing left for me.

I thought Princesses and Queens would be a great combination for Alphabe Thursday!

Please visit Jenny and Beverly soon and lots of their followers too.

New American Standard Bible
Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

Prayer requests for  my phamily please. Some difficulties that require prayer. Prayers for those who are suffering around the world and being persecuted for their faith.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Love is.../Blue Monday

Hi, you will be shocked today! A very short post for me! I tend to get "wordy"! LOL!

I was challenged at Facebook to do the five day challenge and post three things that make my heart grateful. This Love is... says it best! I miss all the gals who use to participate in Love is...If you have them or love them share one with me please.
Found this at pinterest. The pale blue touches adds such elegance to this gorgeous vanity. I would sit there, even for a few minutes a day, and just dream! Sigh! Please tell Blue Monday and sweet smiling Sally you want to share some blue too. Have a super day everyone!

Someone I love lots needs to see this.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love is.../Happy Anniversary Blue Monday/ Happy Labor Day

I am a lover of the sweet cartoon Love is... I have many of these and even a tiny book filled with these cute little quips! This one is very special to me. My phamily will always pray for each other and often I will ask one of them, did you pray for your sister/brother? I know I ask for a lot of prayer and right now someone in my phamily is going through a real difficulty. I would appreciate prayer. It is a real heartbreaking situation and I don't want to burden anyone here. I just want to ask for prayer. Thank you.
I thought these "Sky Parfaits" were so sweet. Jell-O comes in so many different flavors and this pretty blue Jell-O mixed with whipped cream makes a pretty sky effect! They will hopefully make Sally smile on this 6th anniversary day of Blue Monday!
I am going to make myself a pin board. This one is cute with some touches of blue. I want to make one and add lots of different expressions I collect and keep this at my office so I will always have something to smile at or remain positive with. I will share a few of those here:
I prefer to drink Sleepy Time tea rather than count sheep. They don't seem to help me and I am not sure how close the nearest sheep farm is!
Laughing Out Loud! I love Sylvester. He is a sly one! I was thinking of this when we returned from our trip to Las Vegas. The most horrible man was sitting next to me on the plane. He was talking on a phone rather loudly and cursing! When the flight was taking off the attendant had to make him hang up that phone! As we were landing he started up again except whomever he called, he said "You know I never use profanity, blah blah blah". The entire plane full of passengers wanted to toss this man off the plane!As we exited the plane all I could think of was ," this guy is a liar and I would love to see his pants catch on fire"! A co worker of my hubby's was on that flight and he was at the very back of the plane. He said he asked an attendant on the flight why no one was stopping this rudeness! He also spoke to an airline rep. when we landed in Denver! Perhaps the jerk had friends in high places. Who knows, but he was an awful passenger!
This one is just self explanatory. I hope you enjoyed my touches of blue and my thoughts today. Visit  Sally and share your favorite blue too!

Friday, August 29, 2014

"N": Noelle and Nick/"O" Orange and Blue/Pink Saturday

How I missed the "N" post for Alphabe Thursday is baffling! I have had a lot going on and I hate missing these fun meme's. Makes my mind sharp and I enjoy the company at Ms. Jenny's. So today I combined my "N" for Noelle and Nick, my oldest daughter and youngest son and added my favorite orange and blue team colors for the Denver Bronco football team! I teamed them both up with a pink post from our Vegas vacation to add to  Beverly and the Pinkies!
Noelle is posing with friend Jodi (bride) and Christina (right) at Jodi's wedding to Lennie! The bridesmaids are pretty in pink!
Nick Christmas 2013 visiting phamily.
Noelle and I look a little sleepy on Christmas 1977.
Nick with eyes closed on Mother's Day 2013 with Jeremy and I.
Vegas fun with Hannah and her brothers, Nick (who turned 21) and Jeremy.
Noelle and Hannah back in Colorado after fun in the sun in sunny Las Vegas.

I thought Noelle and Nick would be a perfect "N" post for Ms. Jenny's Alphabe Thursday class!
When Peyton Manning fired off an "F" bomb at a Houston Texan player who knocked his team mate Wes Welker out of the game, I was proud of Manning! He was fined for the first time in his career for "unsportsman like conduct"! He said that was the best $8,200 he spent! He was, after all, just protecting his team mate. I am amazed in the NFL how many "dirty"  hits are ignored.  Manning is a classy guy, and he tapped the other player on the shoulder and turned away from the camera when he gave the guy a piece of his mind! It was the Texan's player who blasted the words Manning said all over the morning news! Because Peyton has small children, he is very cautious on the field, trying to be a good role model. Then there are days, you just have to say what is on your mind! I am proud of him wearing orange and blue and I wish him a successful year in 2014!
As a Colorado native, I love this bumper sticker. We have had such a large influx of people moving here because of this legalized marijuana. That and the liberal politicians are my least favorite things about the state that I love.
I love the Bronco's logo. My dad was a life long fan and I am too! We watch NFL football every weekend and my phamily has fun! My hubby and I have nicknames for other team players and we really enjoy being silly. I am proud of the orange and blue and will always wear it proudly.
While in Las Vegas we visited Pink's! It is the Vegas version of the famed Hollywood establishment founded in 1939. Although not a budget friendly meal my hubby and I shared an order of fries with their tasty chili dogs. While there we met a young man, named Jeff, who recently came back to his native Las Vegas from the U.S. Navy. It was nice chatting with him while we ate our dinner and I snapped a few "pink" shots from Pink's Las Vegas diner:
The door is bordered in pink and it was a fun visit.
The Las Vegas dry heat is something else and even the cooling fans are touched with pink!
We shared a cold soda but you can have a variety of beverages while visiting Pink's.

I hope you will visit Beverly and thank her for her continued support of Pink Saturday and visit some Pinkies today!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blue on Blue and Love is...

I love, love, love this Love is...! Science can not quantify it! Only God knows the secret to making love work. It is, after all, written in His book,

Mother Teresa spoke of love and the importance of it. She was surrounded with despair, hopelessness, homelessness, sadness and yet she found peace bringing some dignity to those so less fortunate. She was a beautiful soul.
She even wore a habit that was piped with blue. She is part of my Blue Monday post.
I found this quaint blue church on pinterest. I like to go to a quiet place like this to pray.
I know I have posted this photo and quote previously but it fit into the theme I was posting here. I often get blue when I see people who are homeless and children who are hungry. I am a happy person by nature but our world is spinning out of control. It makes one blue.

We enjoyed our recent trip with the phamily to Las Vegas. But I never dreamed I would see homeless people roaming the streets there. It is truly sad. You can always tell a true homeless person but from those trying to scam people for drug or liquor money, One night, my hubby and I went to a grocery store off the strip to buy water. He lived there may years ago and Vegas is very easy to maneuver. We were returning from the store when we approached the red light. My eyes locked into the eyes of a homeless man. As long as I am alive I will never forget that look of sadness,hopelessness and despair. I never dreamed that homeless people would be so overwhelming in such a city. I am sad because of this problem. I know Denver is filled with many homeless especially veterans and young people. If you have some time please check out the city of Portland, Oregon. They are spending dollars to build affordable housing and help homeless folks have a new beginning. It is a project I wish all major cities would embrace.

I hope you will visit Sally and the Blue Crew. I am going to try to catch up last week and this week for Blue Monday so I hope to see you here soon. Thank you for stopping by, you mean a lot to me with your kind comments. Have a blue-ti-ful week.