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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Stop by Thankful Thursday and share some thankfulness. Sam Senkfor from LuLaRoe had a contest. If you shared a grateful post with her each day on May you could win a piece of LuLaRoe. She inspired me although I am chasing puppies most days. Cats with chronic illnesses and dogs with diseases from which there will be no turning back. So whether it is an excuse or not I did not participate each day so far. But I have two big May dates etched on my heart, and I am thinking of what I can do to honor the people who passed away on these dates.
Some words from the 23rd Psalm are etched in stone on the gravestone of my parents. I think it offers great comfort that one day we will be together with all those we loved and lost.
I have always been told that white flowers are a symbol of loved ones passed away. At Mother's Day after I lost my own mom I was told to wear a white orchid because my mom was no longer of this earth. But here is the flower that reminds me most of my mother:
At my mother's funeral my older sister and I noticed snapdragons in the floral arrangement across the casket. My sister recalled my birth, five years after her own, when a neighbor brought our mom a bouquet of snapdragons from her garden. While the neighbor oohed and ahhed over me, my sister sat off to the side snapping the heads off those flowers. That is the story she told me and I now forever associate snapdragons with my mother.
I like to remember how my mom appreciated lilies. So here is a bouquet for you mom although I imagine if flowers bloom in heaven they are more delightful than these.
Sunflowers will remind me of a special friend I lost in 2014. Miz Mollye who had a lovely blog with the same name and later a blog titled fruit-of-the-spirit. We were paired up in a Mother's Day giveaway/exchange and there were rules to follow. Between the two of us, we could not figure out one of them! So we made a pact to never tell on each other. We decided no one would be the wiser because we were the two ladies exchanging gifts. I laugh out loud when I think of our sneaky little plan. After that we were sisters. Sisters in Christ and sisters in our minds only. We wrote cards and letters back and forth and one day she said she had to have some tests. She went into the hospital and she was gone. It broke my heart. It hurts today 5 years later that I will never talk to Mollye in this life again. Her death, very much like the death of my oldest sister Pat was so calm and peaceful for me even though it tore my heart to shreds. I knew how both of these precious souls felt about Jesus and it helped me cope. I think of their faith when I am rattled today, especially in the wake of the division in our country and the hate spilling over. Never does one moment of one day go by that I do not hear their voices in my heart saying, it is going to be alright. You are going to see me again. Keep your eye on Jesus.
I will see my sisters in Christ again. Tomorrow, I will share more.
My sister Pat: she was a garden of pretty posies.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I am not good at not using words here! But this was so cute I had to share it. Stop by Sandee's and share your Wordless Wednesday.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day Moments

Mom's are everywhere! Instead of the negativity that sometime surrounds this blessed day, remember, as a caregiver, be it your child, your feline or canine or equestrian friend, you are "Mom" to all.
The Book of Proverbs speaks eloquently about mothers. My prayer today is for the ones who were not given a grand earthly mother. Life is hard, sometime we look out at those who raised us, in good and bad times. List all the positive things in your life for which you are grateful. I know someone loved and cared for you so that your life would turn to the path chosen just for you. Rejoice for the ones who allowed you to share your feelings freely. Often, in real life, men are put down yet I could write posts about men I know who took up the care, the love and raising of their children and often children that were left behind by the system. Look for the joy in your life. Find and treasure moments when someone cared enough to love you without reservation.
Here are some of my May LuLaRoe Fashions I have shared. The first photo with the pink lace skirt and black and white Aztec top won a first piece of LuLa with Allora and Nancy Campbell. I Am excited to find something great out! I made a promise to myself to share an outfit a day through the month of May. Last year at this time, I was deathly ill with some viral bug. I was participating in one with Allora and was unable to finish it.She has encouraged me to step outside the box and try some different styles. She is an excellent teacher!/designer!
Another school shooting in our metro area. This young man gave his life so others could escape the shooters. His father spoke to the media, he did not talk about the NRA or  our president . He spoke of the way his son was raised, his only son. He always put others first. We could all learn so much from this young man. This is a sad Mother's Day for Kendrick's mom . His friends spoke of the need for metal detectors, addressing bullying and the sad state of our mental health programs today. Something I have been talking about since Columbine 20 years ago. #hero #kendrickcastillo #rip

Keep this phamily in your thoughts and most of all, prayers. His dad said please remember Kendrick was a hero and please give kindness. Wells Fargo Bank is accepting donations for the phamily at all their locations.
The media needs to stop giving the shooters notoriety. Kendrick's dad mentioned paying attention to your children and talking with them. Be involved in their lives.  Wise words from a man with a broken heart.

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend we celebrate mothers although we should celebrate them every single day.
"I remember my mother's prayers and they have followed me . They have clung to me all my life. " Abraham Lincoln
A mother feline and her kittens. Happy Feline Friday to Brian and friends.
Our girl Lulu when she was a tiny lil thing.
Here is the sweet little momma Lulu with Molly (top) and Finn (lower). Molly was born 6 hours before her brother.
I will always miss my mother and cherish my photos of her all the days of my life. Visit Pink Saturday
Sweet dreams, I will continue my Mother;s Day posts this weekend.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday Show and Tail

American Pharoah! The last triple crown winner we saw in the USA. He is a beauty! Enjoying his life these days. He worked hard for those 3 wins!
I loved horse racing until this year in 2019. Now, like the NFL, I will never love it in the same way American Pharoah broke a 37 year so called curse when he won the biggest prize in horse racing.  I am sharing him for my take on Tuesday show and Tails. This fellow is enjoying life, Perhaps one of his off springs will follow suit.
I feel like Maxine some days but most days I am a much better person! Come visit at Sandee's and join HappyTuesday fun!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Aw...Mondays and More

This Monday is sad for me. Not only does my hubby have to go back to work tomorrow after a long five day anniversary celebration. I also am sad over the outcome of the Kentucky Derby. I have watched the derby my whole life. My entire phamily watched it and many years ago we had the opportunity on the off season to visit Church Hill Downs.
I believe this graceful horse won that race. The top photo was not all over the airwaves because it shows the second place winner bumping another horse. My true thoughts on the whole process is the fact that the derby wants to please the rich masses and they never should have allowed 19 horses to run on that sloopy track. The chance of rain is 99% on any given Kentucky Derby. After the horrors at Santa Anita and the number of horses who died as a result of human greed I Understand the caution. But the fact is the second place winner ( and he will always be one in my heart) had odds of  65-1 ! Maximum Security is the fastest horse in racing. It is sad there will be no chance of a triple crown winner.
I did not get around to buying my Kentucky derby hat this year. I guess in my heart I wasn't excited about it as I have been in the past. So taking away the title from the winner calls for a black mourning hat! On this Aw....Mondays this magnificent horse Maximum Security is the winner.
Ha! This is a great Love is....Men are usually smart when it comes to matters of their wife or girlfriend and their body issues.
I like the Lord's look on our hearts rather than our bodies.
Me and my twin. Harrison James and me long ago.
Blue Monday shares.

Fun to share Mondays!

Have a great one!