Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue Monday/ Love is...

I am late but trying to  get this posted before Sally closes the link! I have a few easter shares and since I had to use my i phone these are not the best quality shots:
This is Abigail Abernathy! I found her at the thrift store a few weeks ago for a few dollars and when I washed her clothes she looked at as good as new! I love bunnies at Easter time. So sweet.
 She has a blue background because the trim on her dress is mint green!
Chickie in a snow globe. It is a tiny mini one sitting on a blue teapot. The other chickie is holding on too!
Garden bunny holds a blue watering can. She was a thrift store find last year. Fifty cents I think!
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Visit Marydon (MD Middaugh) at Facebook and share your favorite Love is... I like this one. Reminds me of the song I sang as a kid "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". I sang it to my children and grand kids too! Lots of sadness in this world, war, the horrible plane crash in Maylasia. shootings, every kind of sadness. But I stay positive remembering He does hold the whole world in His hands.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Umpires": America's Sport Baseball

I love baseball! I was born with baseball blood pulsing through my veins. My father played the game, long before I was born, He was a catcher, He became quite friendly with many umpires during his semi pro career. He was wonderful to watch baseball games with! He knew everything. I know so many wonderful stories about different players.  My dad would often say "get some glasses ump" when a bad call was made. I find myself doing that to this very day! I don't know any famous umpires but I know they do have a tough job, making all those calls at the plate!  You know that you can never please everyone and umpires make lots of people unhappy with their calls! The umpire has a very important job, they officiate the game from the beginning to  end. The ump has to enforce all the rules of the game.  They have  to make judgement calls and handles disciplinary actions. They may be addressed as blue due to the uniform their wear. Players and managers seldom use the term.  They prefer to address the umpire by their name. Games were often officiated by a sole umpire but at the turn of the 20th century , officiating has been commonly divided  among several umpires, called an umpire crew.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tidbit about umpires. Tell me if you watch baseball and do you have a favorite team, a favorite player? My father was a life long Yankees fan and although he would have loved seeing Colorado get a major league team of their own (the Colorado Rockies) I know his heart was always true to the New York Yankees. I know I have mentioned this before but he once caught at home plate while the "Babe" was up to bat. He had an autographed ball and gave it to my oldest brother who gave it to his only son. That ball, as far as I know, resides in the state of Pennsylvania today.

Before I sign off tonight, I will leave with you with some baseball quotes by famous Yankee players. Ah, Joltin Joe DiMaggio. Someday I will tell you a story about Joe, a friend of mine and a SF cable car!
The most handsome Yankee player...Derek Jeter! Sigh, I will be sad when he retires after this season. He sure loved playing the game.
Probably the greatest Yankee to ever play the game, the Sultan of Swing, the Great Bambino, the King of Crash, The colossus of clout! George Herman Ruth, more commonly known as "the Babe".

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blue Monday/Love is..../George Strait

Four years ago when we moved into our home we bought new bedroom furniture. But we have too much for the small room. The sign on our bedroom set "This bedroom set is HUGE" which my hubby did not believe. Our furniture is HUGE! But we decided to try to find a second dresser and give Nick our dresser. He has the same, do it yourself dressers that we had! So I will try to do a post about our bedroom pieces and see what every thinks about buying a second piece like this above and redoing it. I hope Sally and the blues like this blue share! Give me your thoughts if you like to decorate, refurnish or just have interior design ideas. Visit Sally and all the blues too.

Today was a tough day. The idea of having lunch alone with my honey was making me smile until he had to invite his brother! The whole idea went down the drain! Here is some free advice, if you dislike country/western music, do not, and I want to repeat that, do not eat lunch at the Texas Roadhouse! They kick up the c/w music! Of course, they seated us under a booming speaker! He started to complain and the next thing we know he is going to pout in the car because his head hurt! I know he is not one hundred percent well! But....first of all because you hate c/w music you should have chosen to sit home by yourself! Secondly, if you suffer migraine headaches do not consume boxes and bakery items filled with sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar. Do not drink coffee and tea for the entire day and complain that your hurt heads and you can not sleep! A medical doctor is not needed for this dilemma! Use common sense, which, if one does not know what that is, one should refer to a dictionary that can explain it! Caffeine will not make you sleepy. Drinking it in excess will, surprise, surprise, give you a headache! Extreme doses of sugar will also give you a headache! Get a list of foods to avoid because you experience migraine headaches and I will guarantee avoiding caffeine and sugar will be on the top of that list! Of course, I only have had neurosurgery three times, what would I know??? So a kiss for a kiss was not at the top of my list today! I hope you can share a favorite Love is..with me. Marydon shares her at Facebook these days. Visit her at MD Middaugh to see what she is up to.
George Strait, sigh! I have every single song George sang in his entire musical career. I had always dreamed of seeing him in concert, but his "The Cowboy Rides Away" show was in Denver last night. I was sad I could not go! My girlfriend was there as well as Jeremy's friend Adam who told me George played for three solid hours! Sigh!  Plus he won the entertainer of the Year Award in Vegas tonight. Double sigh. Hopefully and God willing I can convince my daughter Noelle to go to Dallas with me next year and attend the awards at the A T and T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Doesn't George look handsome in his blue shirt? Sigh.
Now I need to get to bed and rest but one final shot of George in another blue shirt. Ah....sweet dreams tonight! (wink wink)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday Mom! !Missing My Dad

Happy 100th belated birthday to a mother who left me too soon. I was going to post this on her birthday January 4, 2014 but blogger was giving me a fit! She went to spend eternity in heaven and one of these days I am going to join her there. When I lost my mother on November 16, 2001 we had survived the death of my oldest sister Pat. Saw one of my childhood heroes pass away (Dale Evans). Lost a home and a dog all in the same month and watched in horror as 9-11 happened. But losing a mother is a tough one. There really are no words. Nothing that can wipe away the pain. But there is one thing my mother gave me that no one can ever take from me. She taught me to love the Lord. Always make Him first in your life. She taught me how to pray and I will always do that. I will use my faith as a shield to protect from  the evils of the world. All the politically correct garbage I see and deal with daily. All the "tolerance" people so easily accept. Shouldn't tolerance be a two way street? Why do some feel they have rights and the rest of us don't? That's not very tolerate!
Oh goodness, if my mother were here she would tell me to pray! She would remind me that life is tough and we need to pray harder. Always, always, always, using her faith to share with us and reminding us to pray and pray harder and be kind.

Today, 29 years ago, on April 5, 1985 I lost my father. It was Good Friday and I got that call you hate, my sister, barely whispering what happened. Gone. Taken to heaven before I could spend another day with him and say "I love you". My father, as a small boy, standing next to his sister in the First Communion dress. I believe the baby in my grandfathers lap is Joseph and he passed away during the Influenza Epidemic  (1918-1920). I often wonder how my parents survived in their youthful days. Both had lost siblings. Tragically. So much sadness and they relied on their faith and each other to get through it.
A favorite photo of my dad at my sis Mary's wedding. He was a proud father.
My folks with all their kids. A favorite phamily photo.

Mom and Dad with five of their grand daughters.Mary next to grandma, Carrie holding Noelle, Holly and Karla in front of my dad. Such a wonderful memory.
My dad's favorite book in the bible.

My mother's birthday post is late but if she were here she wouldn't mind. She never was one to think of herself first. I miss her. I miss my dad. He was the most humble and amazing man I knew. His faith was strong and his love for my mother stronger still.  They had a wonderful marriage, they were committed to each other and their children. I wish everyone had parents like I did.

Pink Saturday

Spring is finally around the corner. So you will hear me talking about running a lot! I am like an old bear in the winter time. I hibernate! So now I have to lace up my running shoes and get busy! While we were in New York City, I noticed there  were people everywhere and they tend to be very fit! You have to move quickly through the throngs of people so I am glad I had some good shoes made for running, walking and generally climbing those stairs up and down to the subway stations! It was a wonderful trip. We were so blessed to watch Nick run at the Armory. Two weeks earlier we watched some Olympic  athletes run in that same venue.
Nick was given a card belonging to the gentleman that shot the photos. Nick, in orange, ran well. He ran in the distance medley and the 1200 meter. Although he did not qualify for finals he had an incredible experience. Indoor track is so fast! The distance races go so quickly. I think it is the way the track is set up. Amazing! Visiting NYC was quite an experience for most of the kids he runs with. Now he can settle down for outdoor track and conscentrate on deciding on school for next year. Cowley is a two year college and he likes Wichita State. He will decide soon and start planning his next adventure.

Now I would love this shirt! So hop over to Beverly's and visit some Pinkie's today!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trash or Treasures and Tea

Ah, the letter "T"! There are so many wonderful tea times I could talk about. I love tea. I love tea parties and I love all things about tea. I have a huge collection of teapots and tea cups. I need more space to display all these pretties! So here I am talking about trash and treasure! You know they say "One mans trash is another mans treasure". I admire those who can take something someone else who throw away and revitalize it! I saw a blogger mom take an old coffee table and turn it into an art station for her kids. I am not the craftiest girl but a few years ago I took some Dollar store candle holders and glued recycled glass jars to them and spray painted the candle holders and the jar lids in matching colors for pedestal candy jars at Easter:
My jars were not as fancy as these from google images because I did not add the knobs on top but it was a fun project with a few items that would otherwise have ended up in the trash! My sister inherited a Christmas tree made from a recycled frame and broken jewelry. My late Aunt Ang made it from all the costume jewelry pieces that no longer had an earring mate or a brooch or pin that broke. She added lights to the back so you could plug it in and have your shiny tree lite up.

Here is an example I found on google images.
I need a new hat! So I can celebrate the Kentucky Derby in style! We can watch it on T.V. so here is my first choice and it is also competing with this one:
And one more:
Now for  little tea with the sweet Easter teapot I purchased at the thrift store:
The Easter Bunny Teapot was $3 with the cute little tray. It is stamped on the bottom 1994!
I need to redo my cabinet so I can have all the Easter treats upfront!
Rebekah bought me the little white elephant teapot! Isn't it just precious? Now I hope while you are having your tea you will visit Ms. Jenny and everyone who participates in Aphabe Thursday!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blue Monday and Love is...

This summer I had a little tea party with my friend Bonnie (pink hat) and two of our three girls. Our youngest was being a nanny for the weekend with a little fellow she has often cared for and we thought we had it planned to a "T"! It was August and it was hot. We had lots of lovely dessert items as well as tea sandwiches. I went all out to entertain my sweet friend my my girls. I forgot to take photos of the little brown gift bags that I decorated using  items each person enjoys. We filled them with all sorts of gifts like these cool fans my daughter Rebekah and I found at the World Market. I wore my favorite blue dress and my pretty blue hat! You can not see the detail of my hat but here is a photo of it .
I love hats and I am planning to buy a new hat for the Kentucky Derby this year.  Although I can only watch it on T.V. I love watching the beautiful horses parade around before the race. Magnificent creatures. My heart is set on a cute orange fascinator,   a large hat like this one in orange and pink or a different style in bright yellow. I will see which one I choose and I will let you know.

 When I was a younger woman I loved to write poetry. I wish I could get back into that mode. I loved writing about my honey and this Love is...could have been the two of us. I hope you will join Sally and the Blue Crew as well as Marydon for Love is...she often has been sharing them at her Face Book Page MD Middaugh.