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Monday, March 12, 2018

Aw...Mondays with Blue Mondays and such.

Cats do the craziest things!
This bunch is going to burst that box open! Maybe Sandee will enjoy this madcap bunch of feline funny fur balls!
Visit Blue Monday for a bit of blue.
I can not get enough of this tiny grandboy. Look at that face! He likes to sleep during the day and keep his tired parents awake at night. He has a little smile saying, Ah-ha, I am small but mighty! I have your number and you will do as I say!
I could spend all night kissing baby feet! I even kiss Harrison's feet! He is quite tickleish and loves it.
Getting so tall! Saturday he got to watch his cousin Devin play soccer. His momma said "would you like a baby brother", he replied, "a bicycle". She said" how about a baby sister?" He was exasperated and walked away shrugging his shoulders! He wore me out yesterday. We ran and played with Leo in the yard. Did I ever mention Leo doesn't like sharing? He won't let us throw the frisbee for him!
Don't let the innocent face fool you?
Love is....always right on que. I am not into Hollywood or celebrity opinions but yesterday I left my phone at home and watched the movie "Lady Bird" with Noelle and Roger. It was quite good and just really is sort of like real life. Having attended Catholic school, I loved all the quips from the "cool" nun. She was older and very wise but it was cute, while chaperoning a dance, she walked up to a couple dancing and said, "Six inched, leave six inches between you for the Holy Spirit!" During my Catholic school days at SMCS in Pueblo, Sister Benita was a young and very beautiful Irish Catholic nun from Chicago. She would roll up her habit, and play baseball with us. Those nuns had a great impact on me. remembering November 22, 1963, the nuns were all crying when sharing the news of the assassination of president JFK. We even had a Hispanic nun, Sister Carla Barela, in high school, who taught music. She was associated with the Brown Beret, a local activist group who worked hard for the rights of the Hispanic people.
Should you be so fortunate to have your mother here with you today make sure you keep her close to your heart. Call her, visit her, tell her how much you love her. Then stop by Annie's and share something positive for  Spark's.
Have a beautiful and blessed day. Visit Josie Two Shoes and share what you are grateful for as well. We can make a difference here by being positive and steering clear of meanness and negativity. Let's all lift each other up.
Maxine I think you are being very silly. She is gearing up for a nice warm Spring day in the sunshine.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Strong Willed Women and More

My days are random. Sometimes I think I am going to accomplish certain things and other things happen. I have neglected my blog and I do not like that feeling. So I am going to start off by celebrating women in my life and also women who I admire.

My grandmother was my hero and the best friend any one could ever imagine having. She raised her children without complaining after the untimely loss of her husband and youngest son. I am the only grandchild shown in this photo, the other kids are her great grands. She loved each one of us and she kept bags of Kraft original butter mints in her cabinet to share with us when we visited. She also had a bottle of rock n rye in that cabinet. I was always intrigued by the fruit slices that floated inside that unopened liquor bottle. Let me celebrate my grandmother here along with other women who I love and or admire.

Harrison and I were watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one morning. A commercial came on with Danica Patrick. He looked up at her and said "Vroom Vroom". I said, "Do you know who she is?" He looked at me and said "Yes".  I said "do you like her?". Again he answered "Yes". I said, "is it because she drives cars fast?" He said, " Yesssss, Vroom Vroom" I have loved car racing since I was a kid and he does too. But pretty girls like Danica didn't race in the Indy 500 or NASCAR back then.

My maternal grandfather died when my mother was 13 years old so I never knew him, only wonderful stories I heard about him. This is a photo of his mother Mrs. Maiji (Mary) Virant-Steblay and three sisters. The youngest sister is Teresa Steblay Percic.  On the left is Mrs. Margaret Steblay Teckvee and on the other side is Mrs. Francesca Steblay-Marolt. I knew Mrs. Marolt and I knew many stories about my mother's aunt Mrs. Teckavee and her daughters. Celebrating all these women for their strength and courage.

My childhood hero Annie Oakley. She was a strong willed incredible woman and she never received the respect men who were sharpshooters received. She was every bit as good as they were. I celebrate this woman of the Wild West Days.

My parents were goodness and faithful and kind. They adored each other and although my father passed away too soon my mother never lost her passion for him and she often spoke of joining him in his heavenly home. My mom was a terrific baseball player. She was a bowler and she could talk with anyone, anywhere. I truly celebrate my mother everyday I am still here.

My mom admired Babe Didrikson Zaharis. Although she was an accomplished golfer she was also a superb athlete in basketball, baseball and track and field. I am celebrating her too.

Stop by Beverly's and celebrate Happy Pink Saturday. Look at this cute bright pink sofa peeking from this scripture.

This little one is telling his daddy, no thank you, I do not wish to go to bed. It may be late but I am wide awake. One of these days he will get his days and nights straight. Tonight might not be a good night to do that. Most of us have to Spring forward one hour. I do not like losing an extra hour in my day. I need all the help I can get.

Pray for this handsome grandson. Even tiny babies need prayer.

I tried to link this to Pink Saturday and comments will not appear at this second blog of mine. So I am going to make it private and use it to journal. I am tired of fighting blogger and google to get my comments to stay published once they are left. I hope you all have a beautiful SONday.

Check your clocks, the time change is here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Spring is in the air for MLB players who are joining their Spring training camps primarily in Arizona and Florida.  It is the one sport that has always ran through my blood. My dad raised us up on baseball. I wish he could have seen a game with me and enjoy the new baby Brody in our phamily.
I want to teach Brody to love the Lord. I will share God's word with him when I whisper into his sweet ears. When he is older, he can sit next to me and learn more. My heart is light today having a new grandson after a 21 year wait. It bring joy that is unexplainable
I need my rest! Would everyone please be quiet.
A favorite share from the bible. Jesus loves the little children. He does not judge . He just gives unconditional love.
Mom! Mom! I need some dinner. My hand just isn't very filling!

Words to contemplate. Good words to live by.
I think I Need some sunglasses! The paparazzi is daunting!
The three photos here are courtesy of Uncle Nick.  The sentiment is 100 percent Brody!
Wise words for Master Brody Edward , baseball will teach you much, learn it and listen.
Brody, this grammie loves you to the centerfield and back. She also loves you to infinity and beyond!
Come grow in great love Brody. We will all teach you about  Jesus, baseball, kindness and how love is the greatest of all.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aw......Mondays and Blue Monday and More

Sandee is the best host of Aw....Mondays. Now that our life events have all fallen into place, I am hopeful I will be able to catch up with everyone who kindly leaves comments. This cute baby and this sweet black lab look cozy together. Please share your own Aw...Monday favorites too.

Today Brody Edward made his entrance into our world. Both phamilies are beyond happy to welcome this tiny new member of our world. PaPa Avery and tiny grandson Brody. He is our first grandson since 1996. We are so tickled. He was 6 lbs. and 2 oz. and was 19 and 1/4 inches long.
He is a handsome and sweet boy. We are going to love him always and forever. Grateful he is perfect and healthy in every way.
Look at his cute baseball hat. Both grandparents and his sister and parents L O V E baseball. We thought we would share with Blue Monday Boy is for baby blue and I wore my blue and yellow Carly dress to meet this precious bundle of love.
He was enjoying a little nap time and we did not want to fiddle with his new baseball beanie. He looks like a tiny baby pope.
A definition of B O Y. Joyful to have a new life in our lives. He will be so loved.
Love always right on target.
Oh Maxine, I figured you would change the subject! We have a cold front roaring through, 60 today and 28 tomorrow. Not exactly global warming here in Colorado.
Brody has the most precious feet and hands. He is long for a small bundle of pure love. Thank you for stopping by and know I care and will visit soon.
Stop in and tell Annie hello and share something beautiful and positive today.
I love sharing positive things and beautiful shares. I don't like the hatefulness I see around our world, I like to set my heart on the heroes, the goodness in people. I think everyone could do a better job just being kinder especially to or about people we are not fond of.
Come share your thoughts at Annie's too.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Aw...Mondays and More

Sandee hosts Aw.....Mondays each week. I hope you stop by and say hello. Stop in with Blue Monday too and show them your blues.

Leo takes important duties very seriously. Although Rebekah graced his neck with a beautiful blue kerchief from Harrison's second birthday party, Leo knew I was serious, when asking him to stand guard over the venerable phamily icon, Bandit.
Leo wasn't going to let anyone into Nick's room, where the grand Mister Bandito was resting comfortable. Last night, Bandit gave everyone a terrible scare. He is quite elderly, as you know, and blind in one eye, but his little Vulcan sharp ears and his strong bark can scare off anyone who does not know him well. His back legs were not working at 100 percent. He gave Jeremy and his little phamily quite a scare. They are waiting for baby Brody to make his appearance, Brittany is feeling a bit under the weather and Jeremy is busy with his work at his at home office. We all rushed over to help out and hearing our voices and feeling our touch helped Mister Bandit to get a bit better. He will get a good check over by his vet tomorrow.
Animals have a way of loving us that often humans do not even understand.
Leo and Stella often double as guardians for Harrison when he visits me. They know how precious he is. Stella is currently preparing for the arrival of the new baby and she is always posted outside his nursery making sure no one gets in or out under her watchful eyes.
A Happy Valentine's Day wish to everyone. As you can see, I am still writing my draft from Monday. I do not know where the days go!

I thought this was a sweet share. We don't try to fight the crowds on Valentine's Day. We will enjoy a quiet dinner on a different night.

Annie shares all the good things we should all be sharing. I like it at Annie's place.

We should have a new grandbaby by this weekend. Waiting patiently to meet Brody Edward. Hurry, hurry little one, many are waiting with open arms to love and cherish you.

This fellow is patiently waiting for the little one too. The vet confirmed he had a stroke but could not believe that he was up and walking around. we know he is quite old and he may not be here forever, although we all would love to have our favorite furry friends with us during our lifetime. But he loves Jeremy and we remind him that baby will be here shortly. I think he wants to meet mini Jeremy.

Love is...will always brighten my day.
I think Maxine needs a little love, how about you?
John 14:2 I was thinking of this verse today and had to share it here.