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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday Fun Post

This is something I have been very good at during my lifetime.  Attending Catholic school didn't help. The older I got the more trouble I got into for talking. Once an old nun named sister Mary Rita asked me I thought perhaps I were a mother hen! I did enjoy a quiet moment in the office of my counselor, an old priest who just smiled and held his head in his hands! Father Everett Chandler. That is second to what I am really good at. Remembering names and faces. visit Sandee and share something silly today.

Here is tiny Thor. He is a fierce warrior of the worlds. He has a wagging tail that is so happy when you left him run outside. We have some huge black birds in our area so we have to keep an extra close eye on these pups. Angela who use to host Tuesday Show and Tails recently lost her mom. I will remind her to stop by for a smile. She is another blogger I miss terribly over here. She got into her phamily ancestry and social media. I have had a few rough times but I love blogging. I wish she would come back too.

When we tried Blue Apron we were impressed with the meals they sent us. This one was a favorite and still is for me. Green Chili Spicy Pork chops  with summer squash and quinoa. Truly it is not that spice even with the addition of a jalapeno pepper chopping finely into the topping. It is delcious and filling. You can find the recipe at Blue Apron. Now I am really getting hungry.

Please remember Jene in your prayers. She is having multiple retinal tears in her eyes and it is very scary and frustrating. My favorite grandma lost her sight in the 1960's due to detached retina. I have been told I could lose my sight from it as well. so I take extra special care of my eyes. They are a valuable tool in our lives. Please pray for Debbie G and her phamily. They have been tossed and turned in the storms of lives and yet their faith never wavers. Pray for health and peace for Debbie and her siblings. Pray for Ken another blogging buddies brother. Someone is always needing an extra prayer. I enjoy prayer time and my list grows longer each day. Rebecca, another kind heart blogger lost her momon Christmas Eve 2017 and it is difficult her for living without her mom. Her late father was a Nazerene pastor and two days ago a plane carrying 10 Nazerene pastors and their spouses perished in a plane crash in Cuba, leaving ten young children orphaned. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

God is good even when we do not understand why he allows such tragedy . Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Good Monday

I have been gone so long I wasn't sure I could get back into the swing of things. We were dealing with puppy woes, coughs and other life issues and I was happy, getting ready to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary on May 3rd. I was sick to the point, I did not get out of my bed until last Saturday. I thought I had food poisoning but this virus was not going away. I had never experienced anything like it and I went through neurosurgery not once or twice but three times. Anyway, I am trying to get better and shared this photo of Lulu. She is a joyful little girl and can brighten anyones day. I hope Aw...Mondays will take me and my lateness today.
Saying hello to Blue Monday and sharing a Scripture that gives me great comfort in difficult situations and helps me not be troubled by the things of this world. God's got this, I need to remind myself of this daily.
Annie at McGruffy's Reader and Sparks moved to wordpress and it is by invitation only. I still want to share a favorite quote. If you caught any of the Royal Wedding this weekend, I felt happy for the newlywed couple but also grateful that the American preacher spoke about love. Without love nothing will change in this world. No matter how hard you protest or give your personal opinion. We are sadly lacking in love. It is everywhere. I was very shocked, a wonderful woman I have known for years, made a very derogatory comment about the royal wedding. It is not everyone's thing but being kind should be your top priority as a Christian. I was very sad.
Love is certainly not easy, it should be, but often it is not. This Love is... sums it up very nicely. I wish life were this simple.
When I was small my grandmother use to say the lightening and thunder were God's way of showing us He was unhappy with us. We have had some crazy thunder storms and rain and cold and very dreary days. Finally getting some warmth. We are always under some sort of weather watch.
I had a hard time dealing with being so sick.  But my son-in-law Roger and our son Nick had this same horrible thing. The newlywed Rebekah had it briefly but she got better quickly. Ah....youth.
Some words to reflect. I am going to restart all my Alphabet Days in June and pray that I can get through them without conflict. I hope everyone has a beautiful week and thank you for sticking by me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

B is For...

I will continue my Alphabet Day post. "B" might not seem like a fantastic choice to everyone but I choose "babies". We have lots of babies in this crazy phamily. I am very much my father's daughter. He loved phamily, he adored children and he truly loved babies. When my dad was  a teen, my dad's older sister, Auntie Gela, told me a story that he came home, crying. When my grandmother asked him why he said the neighbor baby died. She said you aren't related to him ,why are you so sad? My dad answered because I love babies! I love babies too. I had lots of children so I always felt like I was very good at the job. My mother use to say God blessed me with healthy children who were beautiful and a good husband and I should always be grateful for those gifts. Even today I remember her words and am grateful and happy. The google image is an Anne Geddes baby, I remember seeing her baby photos all over labor and delivery rooms for a while.
This cutie belongs to our phamily too. She is Layla Rayne and my niece Kate and her husband Jason have two older children, Ari and Zander.  My sis doesn't like photos so she showed this shot of Layla smiling which is what she does most of all. Plus snuggle. My kinda girl. She is a week younger than Brody, our grandson.
Here's a double B for you! Benjamin James, the son of our grandson Andrew and  Tarrah. He is a sweetheart. A boy who looks exactly like his sweet mom. It's funny because his two older brothers look exactly like their dad. Genetics!

The second half of my Alphabet Day is B for Boise, Idaho! I chose it simply because my life long friend Karen currently lives there and I have never been. Because I was always good in geography Karen and her husband  Chris and their daughter Katherine moved to Boise in 1990. Her older sister lived there and they liked the lay out of the city and the mountains near by. They still live there and their daughter is in Seattle, married and working for the university. Since their daughter married an only child also, they are going to move to Oregon when Karen retires.  They became really good friends with their son-in-laws parents and plan to move near them.
 A photo of the Boise River noted for water sports. Boise is the largest city in the state and also the state capital.
Before I sign off, B is also for Bucket List. I don't have a huge one but the first two letters of the Alphabet that I chose might be on my bucket list. I have another idea for my future posts on the letters C through Z!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Merry Month of May

May is a good month. I did lose my precious TaTa Rose in May 1986, but otherwise it is a very good month. We were married in May and my favorite Uncle, (late) Louie was born in May as was my  late brother-in-law Gary.
My second blog, which I have never been able to check commenta without losing them shows my TaTa Rose with my Grandmother, her older sister (far right). Her little cottage is in the middle and her wedding photo is on the left.
Uncle Louie was my mom's older brother. He was only surviving brother having lost their dad and their 17 year old brother Tony in a gold mining accident at Victor, Colorado when my mom was 13 and Uncle Louie was 18. He survived having left for a lunch break right before the cave in.  He was a remarkable man, learned how to fly a plane and knew Colorado history backward and forward and everything in between. He was a "Wall Street Wiz" before all the slick  unflattering movies were made. He knew how to chooce a stock and when to keep it or lose it. He called his money "lucky" and always said God had been so very good to him. The more he gave away, the more that came to him. He was married to Ang, my favorite aunt. She was a strong willed woman and she always spoke her mind. She smoked and made almost all of her own clothes. She was a real fashion plate. Matching handbags and shoes and nail polish too. She was my best shopping and lunch buddy. My memories of them are  always filled with wonderful stories and laughter.
Technically these cuties came to live with us in April but my son-in-law Zach took this photo today before work. My girl Lulu (black and white) Thor in the middle and Loki. They are amazing little furry energy balls. They have so many toys, they are incredibly spoiled. Thor and Loki are the twin boys of Rebekah and Zach, the newlyweds.
In Colorado we wait until after Mother's Day to plant because in 2015 and 2016 we had snow storms on Mother's Day. We have the weirdest weather but I would not care to live anywhere else in this big ole world. The sun finds way to shine even on the gloomiest of days.

I love tea and everything associated with it. I also love hats so I am going to post a photo for my Kentucky Derby hat soon. I buy a new hat every year. This year is is green and very much reminds me of Springtime.  I would love to attend the Kentucky Derby but I like to make tea and tea tyme foods. and watch the Derby with my hubby. Last year Nick was graduating so it was the first time in forever that we missed it live. His college graduation was well worth it though.
Here is a very patriotic Derby hat. Some of these hats cost a king's ransom. My daughter Noelle has a friend who is very creative and she attends the Kentucky Derby every year and makes her own hat. I will post my hat at the end of this week.
Alphabet Day for me. Let's see if I can get through the entire alphabet. A is for adorable. Our cute and absolutely adorable grandson Brody Edward appears to be dreaming about milk.  He is so angelic and I wanted to add a second Alphabet and add a place:

A is for Arkansas. My late father-in-law was born there and lived in Arkansas until joining the Navy at age 14 by having a wicked aunt lie to get him out of her house! He and his two siblings, an older sister and younger brother were orphaned when dad was 5, his sister 7 and his brother 3. This is the Arkansas Buffalo NationalRiver. It is America's first designated  national riverf.  It flows freely for 135 miles  and is one of our country's  few remaining undimmed rivers in the lower 48. Though primarily a canoeing venue, the Buffalo River Trail  also provides a backpacking/hiking venue. I can take up a lot of space so I wanted to make this short and sweet. I have not been to Arkansas but it is on my list simply because I would like to see where my father-in-law spent his youth.

Anniversary Wishes

Brittany and Jeremy celebrated two years of marriage April 30, 2018. Sharing a wedding photo of them and wishing my hubby a Happy Anniversary too. We celebrate 34 years May 3, 2018.
Wedding belles always make me smile:
The longer the marriage the the happier you become.
This seems like yesterday even though it was a long time ago.

 Wise words and I know some of the Scripture is on my parents wedding certificate.

We were all together at the wedding of Jeremy and Brittany in April 2016.
Brody is the latest of our phamily, he is the first son of Jeremy and Brittany and he says Go Rocklies! He is a tiny fellow and has already been to two of the home games.
Brittany and Goofy with Addy and Jeremy at Disneyland last year.
Nick, Avery and Jeremy
Wedding bells for these two in April 2016.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Tuesday Show and Tails

This boy came to live with us on June 13, 2013/ He was born on April 30, 2013. He dislikes his kennel when he has to travel to the vet office. He is a free spirit and enjoys spending his free time sleeping. He is 5 years old.
Before she passed away on November 3, 2013 Roxanne became good friends with Mr Kitty. He knew she was ill and he stayed close to her and cared for her. Just like a good friend would do. They were not long time friends but he cared for her like one.
He is pounting because the new puppies moved in. He will get use to them. But he is quite dramatic.
He weighed nine lbs. in this photo. Oh my how he has changed. He won't let me snap his photo as I mentioned he is protesting the puppies. So Happy birthday Mr. Kitty.
Be grateful and stop by soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


 I am always cheerleading for bloggers! I hated seeing so many wonderful blogger buddies leave and head over to social media. Yet I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to blog daily and accomplish all my household chores and such, Oh life, why are you so cruel?
Instead of being grumpy or sad or whiney, I am going to share my sweet girl (Lulu) surrounded by Thor (left) and Loki (right). These cuties, sweet long haired chihuahua puppies came to live with us yesterday. The newlyweds wanted a puppy, and they bought the two brothers. They are so cute but they should be Trouble I and Trouble II. They get into serious mischief. with names like Thor and Loki they just want to be super heroes. These fellows and brothers so leaving one behind was N O T an option. My son-in-law Zach is one half  of a set of twins. He was excited having these boys, he fondly calls, his twin boys!
I was so wanting a tiny dog, ever since Hannah lost Roxanne. I asked the lady if she would get any more chihuahua's and she said she had one coming in but was not sure if she was a boy or a girl. My hubby really wanted a girl, like Roxanne.
When Roxanne came to live with us in December 2010, we all fell madly in love with her. She was Hannah's girl. A precious rescue Markus, Hannah's former beau found in an open field on a snowy evening a few days before CHRISTmas. she had been a breeder and when she could not produce anymore babies they dumped her. We loved that little girl until we lost her to cancer 11-01-2013. Lulu has been a gift to reopen our hurting hearts to love again. We know Thor and Loki are the icing on the puppy cake because those two are like a comedy duo.

Thor is this mighty warrior until his brother gets the best of him. He is smart and sweet and so full of energy I wish I could bottle it just to have a single drop every day!
Loki is a mild mannered pup. H A ! N O T ! He seems innocent until he and his brother Thor get into wrrestling matches.
Loki likes solitude when the hectic pace of puppy life gets to him! Lulu can be a diva so he has just had about enough of her nagging! Life is going to be fun with these three characters. Leo is loving it, he is the ultimate guardian of the puppies. The cats, meh, that is another story for another time. So come visit Sandee and say Aw.....Mondays.
I've been doing the daily Dress Up Challenge from April 12 to May 12 2018 with Allora and Nancy Campbell at their LuLuRoe page on social media. My blue, yellow and red Cassie skirt went to the hot diggity dog Irma shirt since I was in a wild and crazy mood with puppy madness today. Maybe the folks at Blue Monday will like my crazy blues mixed with yellow and red too.
Just a smile from a handsome boy to remind myself, life is simply what you make it to be. I'm with my handsome grandson, S M I L E. I was reminding this young lad that although my singing voice is not terrific, the words I make up to silly songs about him are from my heart and he tends to agree. He willbe the same age as Thor, Loki and Lulu as they are all born in the  lovely month of February 2018.
Thank you Love is....I could not have said it better myself.
Cynical Maxine about dogs. Her pet is quite the boom box pup.
A Scripture to share today and some wise words to share with Annie
Grateful to have a smile today and one to share. Be like Brody - S M I L E