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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday And A New Baby

My heart is full! This precious boy, Harrison James, was born yesterday, Wednesday February 10, 2016. He is a beautiful boy.

When he was born yesterday afternoon we did not have to wait too long for him. He was quick after four hours of labor. This boy can make you S M I L E and if that doesn't warm your heart...

I hope you stop by Jenny's and share your warm hearts too.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blue Monday/A Super Bowl Win/Aw...Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/

Oh Sally you are gonna see some blue today! A real American gentleman, a hero in football, a man filled with dignity and kindness. So happy for Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco football team. Never been much of a fan of Mr. Elway but when he hoisted that Lombardi trophy and said, "This one's for Pat", I lost it! An emotional season, an underdog going in to the Super Bowl. I pray like Peyton too except I do ask God if He could give me a little nudge in the winning direction! Happy for Gary Kubiak, the first coach to win a Super Bowl with the same team he played for. A nice win. Von Miller, oh Lord, we know Von was the MVP! He let Cam Newton get a good view of the Levi Stadium laying on his back! I am just happy no one was seriously injured. Cam will learn, he needs a little humility, some grace, some stepping back for a moment. He will be back. I have no doubts, he is an excellent QB! As a dancer, terrific too!
This morning I said Lord, did you put this verse on my heart to remind me that Peyton Manning is a kind heart? It is fitting for this Super Bowl 5 - 0 win!
A QB deserving of this win! He brought so much to Denver and when fans who followed him with the Colts remark how they still love this man (except when he plays their team) you know he has done something right.
Gotta love my girlfriends in Indy!
The excitement, the electricity, the emotion! Love these Bronco boys!
Denver's Union Station decked out in blue and orange. These guy made us all so very proud.
The ultimate Super Bowl fans, and all time Bronco loving kids, our Brittany and Jeremy. Who loves their Denver Bronco's?

Hoping when Peyton leaves Denver Brock will take the helm. He was the starter when Denver beat the Bengals, the Packers and the Pat's! Youth and talent. He and Cam are both going to be great quarterbacks!

So much blue for the Broncos win and now a little Aw....Monday

Smokey looks like he has blue eyes here! Although this is an older photo,  this big guy is the most unique dog you would ever want to meet. Thinks he is a person and will sit in a chair like one if you ask nicely.

If you tell Leo he is handsome, he will make this face. "I am, I really am handsome"! I hope you stop by and visit Sandee and everyone from Aw...Monday. We all need smiles in our lives.

People were shooting fireworks all over the neighborhood after that Bronco win. Sometime life is like that and Love is...always puts it into perspective for me.
Laughing Out Loud! I love most all of my relatives but I get Maxine. Someday's you only want to see Papa John at your door, or Domino's and maybe even Pizza Hut!
I promise it is the last of my Bronco blues for the night! This cutie is Ella, her momma Lyndsee is a Denver Bronco fan, daddy, Andrew, well, he likes Tom Brady and those Patriot's! No matter what outfit they put this girl in, she will laugh and giggle and make you smile. She even has teeny, tiny, Bronco shoes. That is Jeremy and Brittany's Bronco tree behind her. We all had a terrific time at their house having a Super Bowl party today. This was a tough week, J and Brit lost a friend from their office, Lorice. He was fine Monday, Wednesday they received word he passed away leaving his wife and four year old child. Life is short, say I love you to those you care for. Brittany's mom got word that her dad Robert fell and broke his pelvis. It is a much more complex surgery and injury than the doctors had anticipated. Please pray for his well being and pray for the family of Lorice. He was in his 30's and the kids think it was his heart. Have a good week and smile.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Maxine on Pink Saturday

I thought Beverly and the Pinkies would like this snappy pink car that Maxine complains makes her car sick when the car payment is due!
As much as I love watching birds and enjoying their different colorful feathers and head dress I agree with Maxine, they have a knack for finding your car once you wash it and it is sparkling and shiny.So does the snow and rain! It is one of those things in life that never fails.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend and I hope Maxine made you smile.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Some Loves in My Life

So it is Thankful Thursday and I have a confession to make! First of all, here is Stella, the contontionist, she insists on fitting inside this tiny dog bed. It was purchased for Bandit and the cats along with another similar one. Stella's face is priceless!
Leo is thinking, I know I should get off the couch, but....he is the reason for my confession. We were having a great day on Tuesday, it was snowing like crazy and it was super cold. But Leo decided to fit himself through the gap in the driveway gate and voila he was on an adventure! I knew my son-in-law Roger was home so I called him first. He said he had not seen Leo but since Markus rents the basement from Roger and Noelle he came over and started to search for Leo first on foot then in his SUV. The snow was so deep and it was windy and cold and I barely got halfway up my street asking our mail carrier if she saw him. God bless her, she said she had not seen Leo but if she did she would come back and tell me. I warned her, he is huge, but friendly. I was so mad at Leo that I took it out on the other animals and yelled at them and told them they all need to learn some manners! Finally Leo showed up at the front door and Markus came a few minutes later.
Stella knows Mr. Bandito is getting up there in years and his sight is shot. But his hearing and smell senses are still 100 percent! She is cuddling with her brother.
Smokey is showing you how I felt that day, life, it gets in your way! Thankful for all these precious furry friends I have gathered round me each day.

* if you click on the photos they will enlarge. I am not a photography expert but I think as a general rule this will enlarge somewhat. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunshine and Snowy Days

We have sunshine and crystal clear blue skies! The dogs have made a path when they go outside. It is really cold but the air is crisp and clean. My poor lil Hyundai, I wonder if we can ever get it fixed? I have had enough snow already. The main roads are clear but the side streets and some backroads are still buried with the glistening white stuff.

Trek enjoys the snow and this was taken in 2011 while he was enjoying a romp in the cold stuff in my backyard. Does he looks like like he is saying "Yipee"? It sure does to me and it makes my heart warm. Stop by Jenny's and say hi today. Stay warm wherever you are if you are experiencing a cold spell too. Have some of this stuff:
This one is courtesy of Starbucks and google images.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blue Monday/Love is.../Aw....Monday/Maxine Cracks Me Up/

I am literally laughing out loud when I read this! Last week I started a healthy eating and exercise program and Tuesday I cut my finger and it changed my plan a bit! It seems I have had one disaster after another with my plan to get fit but I have not had any problems with the workouts. I guess I am more fit than I imagined! My finger is healing nicely so hopefully by Thursday I will be able to get rid of this splint! I hope Sally and all those who share their blues like my button.
Do you know Grumpy Cat? He doesn't like much of anything! I am just the opposite of him and love football. I hate when they get stuck though, on silliness, for instance the zebra tights Cam Newton wore coming off the plane and heading to his hotel in San Francisco. They called them pants, I wear those to workout in, those are "tights" or "leggings" but they ain't pants! Because now the limelight is shining bright n him. Oh my dad would say, tomorrow he will still be a millionaire and you will still be living your normal life! I hope you visit Sandee and share some furry fun today.
I thought I would stay with the clothing theme for just a moment longer. I love shopping for my hubby. He likes the wear golf shirt and Nick is our golfer not my hubby. Love is...makes me smile.

Leave it up to Maxine to have a wise remark regarding just about anything!
The empire state building has some blue lights too, for the two teams in the Super Bowl this year. My Broncos and the Panthers both sport a little blue. Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ouch! On Warm Heart Wednesday and Some Fun Shares

I love sharing sunrises and sunsets too. I took this photo yesterday morning while getting the hubby to his bus station.
I was rushing about yesterday getting dinner ready and slicing some cucumbers for my water. I borrowed my daughter's mandolin! I had a whole cucumber on the thing and it slipped and caught my left pinkie finger. I have a miserable gash! I could not stop the bleeding and started to feel lightheaded so I raced over to the urgent care where we receive our medical care. I was seen and back home being treated within one hour and twenty minutes. I saw one of the P.A.'s Michelle and she took really great care of me. We ended up putting the steri strips on the wound because the finger is cut right on the bend so stitches would not hold up on that flimsy skin flap.I have to wear this splint for ten days and hopefully I will heal nicely. I am not a fan of pain medication and allergic to most of it so am using tylenol and then I can go back to my Ibuprofen tomorrow, I was warm hearted that I received good medical care. It is just hard to do anything with out my fingers all fully mobile, Please visit Jenny and all who participate in this Wednesday warm heart posting.
I wanted to share a few of these with you too. My lil grand boy Jayden broke his collarbone on Sunday celebrating the Bronco game and win. He is a real trooper helping his momma with his baby brother. Not much medically they can do for a four year old with a broken collarbone. So here he is:
He has to be just miserable yet he plays with  his baby brother Michael. Another warm heart moment.
Von Miller is making Chuck Norris sleepless. A little Bronco humor to make you smile.
A little cop humor too.
Don't forget to visit Jenny and other folks who share their thoughts.
Since I won't be hundred percent for a few more days I better get my tired to bed. Goodnight all.