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Monday, October 17, 2016

Grateful Post: Aw...Mondays and A Rainy Day Wednesday and Apple Fritter Bread

Grateful for warmth inside my home. This tree sits in my neighbor's front yard across the street from me. The photo does not do the golden leaves justice. Somedays are dark, dreary and rainy day. Others are hot and sunny just like summer.
Rainy days make me want to bake. Here is the yummy loaf of Apple Fritter Bread. A friend shared this and it is delicious. So warm and filled with Granny Smith apples and brown sugar and cinnamon. A few days ago I had some overly ripe bananas. I have been baking banana bread since I was a teen. All three loaves failed! They did not bake through. I was so sad. I am not sure what happened because the oven bakes fine every time and this was such a fluke.
My Tea Mug Exchange lady Cheryl  sent me a beautiful mug with this verse. I have been  drinking some Mint Lemon Verbena tea with honey and lemon slices in my new cup. It is so good.  I am so happy I joined the tea cup/tea mug exchange.

The very best feline friend I knew was Boots and looked very similar to this fellow. I don't understand superstitions especially for beautiful black cats.

This feline must be a follower of the Trekkies! I love this because it brings a big smile. Now stop by Sandee's and join the Aw...Mondays crowd with your favorite shares.

This cup is sweetness. Perhaps they were having a Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.  I thought maybe Jeanne and the folks at Blue Monday would enjoy this blue.
Do you have a favorite tea cup? A favorite color? I love them all but this blue tea cup and matching teapot is really stunning. Lots of beautiful pieces to add to a collection.

I was thinking of my banana bread fail and this popped up! Leave it to Maxine to add things up!

Love perfectly today. Tea and honey go together so beautifully. I like to purchase locally produced honey as well as other produce and products.
This is my favorite honey, raw and unfiltered.
I hope you have a wonderful day and great week as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Many Monday Memories in the Making

I think being different is cool. It is awesome and fun! I own one cat, his name is Mr Kitty. He is quite pretentious and thinks he is the house ruler. I am caregiver to Nick's cat, Rose. She is the Chicken Wrangler, steals chicken faster than you can say "Where did my chicken go?"  Fried, baked, boiled, she is not picky although I think she may have some Southern roots. I have caught her twice with fried chicken, only the remains of the crispy goodness in her whiskers. A faint whisper of fried chicken on her breathe. The girl is a magician, disposing of the bones so she leave no evidence. Daphne belongs to our middle daughter's beau. I call her "Hey Girl", as she is skittish and shy. Having been dumped inside a twelve pack box of Miller Lite Beer with four siblings, as a newborn , I guess I would be afraid of humans too! Our youngest daughter owes Leo, oh what can I say about Leo, he is the neighborhood good will ambassador. Greets each dog in three yards surrounding our home each day. The grumpy black lab, who for nearly 6 years, has barked at me! Yet he wags his tail at Leo as they sniff butts through the fence and pee as if giving each other a high five! Leo stands about six feet tall on his hind legs. He is massive, about 75 lbs. He will lick you to death, kiss you and nibble your arms! But he is a gentle giant, once confined to a kennel for more than 12 hours a day. My hubby hates for him to jump on the bed but when I have had a bad day, a rotten  migraine or simply feel defeated he will come and lay next to me. He will look me directly in the eyes and I tell him how blessed he is to be here where he can run, catch rabbits, play fetch and lounge outside in the sunshine. He understands me and he loves the great outdoors. I babysit Jeremy's three dogs. Bandit is the ancient one. The old man recently received sad news. He is 15, quite a feat for a fellow who weighs a whooping 10-12 lbs. and is called a rat terrier. But he had an infection on his back paw and the vet thinks is is quite serious. The oral antibiotics helped and his three times a week foot soak with a special medicated shampoo has healed him somewhat. But Jeremy will have to decide about further testing to determine the seriousness of his illness. At nearly 100 in human years, the little fellow is a true prince. Smokey is a Boxador, which is a Boxer/Lab. he is 8 and the friendliest fellow. He watches over his tiny elderly brother and cherishes Stella, also 8, the shepherd/blue heel rescue. She is his love and he guards as as if she were a precious gemstone. My days are filled with cat litter, dog food, hair and spills. But the company is good. Sometime a furry friend knows exactly what you need. They will never let you down either. They are so different from people. They give a vacuum a great workout! So be different and visit Sandee at Aw...Mondays.
Pretty blue tea things from Pinterest. This elegant teapot would be terrific for a little tea party. I love the design on it.
Pinterest has some pretty tea sets too. This one is very classic and might be used at a high tea or just a fun vintage tea.
This Vintage Cobalt Blue teacup is bright and colorful. It would be fun to use at a Mad Hatter Tea Party where you could mix and match some different tea cups and saucers.
Amen to this pinterest find. I hope Jeanne joins me for some tea. I have lovely almond cookies, an English shortbread cookie and some elegant pastries to share. won't you join me too?
I will ask pinterest to give me this scone recipe too. You might enjoy glazed lemon blueberry scones.
Even Love is...loves tea time too!
Now Ms. Maxine, we really need to work on those manners. You can't spill hot tea on someone you don't like! Isn't it better to simply kill them, with kindness?
I will always love sharing Scriptures and the Book of James is very special to me.  I read it because my father read it and furthermore, he lived it.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Changes At My Blog and More Tea Exchange Treasures

I am going to do more posts about tea and all the things I love about tea. I was posting so many things about my phamily and I just think I need to switch things up. I also was spending time at social media, and in the words of Teresa, another blogger, it is cutting and cruel. I could no longer stand the constant bullying and insults regarding political matters. As adults, people need to look at the bigger picture and stop bullying each other. My personal thoughts and I will not be visiting there or commenting any longer. My loss, no one else's as it seems more and more folks enjoy the drama and the back biting. I don't. I feel anyone talking about their faith needs to be able to back it up and I was being shunned more and more, Until we are no longer a free world, I will continue to post my Scripture whenever I feel like it. I am just stunned at the phoniness of so many and it really hurt my heart. I do appreciate the kind hearts that have followed me here and continue to. Your encouraging words always mean so much to me. These are the friendships I treasure. Anyone can brag about themselves but it is a true person who comments from their heart and is kind and well meaning.
Sometime I say too many words but I am a passionate person and I am honest and sincere. I have great faith and am a terrible Christian, because I am so imperfect. But I have a good heart and I try hard. I love kindness and dislike bullying. Love is so important in this world yet hate seems to rule. The very people who think change is needed and feel racism and political unrest is rampant in this world are often the very ones who love to stir the pot. Often people want their agenda and bully those that do not think like them. How sad the world would be if everyone was robotic and acted the same way. Honesty and ethics are good things.  You won't hear me talk like this again at my blog. I will simply ignore any hatefulness. I will pray and I will enjoy posting about all the beautiful things tea !
Love and happiness are going to surround me.
Once you learn this you will live happier. My mother use to say, if someone took advantage of me, for instance, "with a friend like that, you will never need any enemies." I have taken that to heart throughout my life. It served me well like her words to me,  pray and then pray harder.
This lovely tea mug arrived from the state  of Virginia and lovely Cheryl. She sent a lovely tea exchange package.
Shortbread to enjoy with tea time and a cheery card,
A sweet book to enjoy while sipping my tea. Thank you Cheryl, you made my day and gave me a smile.
I want to thank Melissa in  Alabama, Cheryl in Virginia  for all the lovely gifts and  Stephanie in Colorado for hosting the Tea Cup/ Tea Mug Exchange.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 7 scripture Challenge and Hello Pink Saturday

My Day 7 Scripture Challenge share. I had my flu shot on Wednesday. I really felt miserable yesterday and today. Doing better this evening. So this verse came to mind. Another favorite.
Here are the  hand blended teas sent to me in the Tea Cup/ Tea Mug Exchange. Melissa from Alabama sent me the sweetest tea cup and saucer and other sweet things
She sent along this cute kitten note pad.
Here is the sweet tea cup and saucer. She also sent along a really cool book filled with info about her home state of Alabama. Some tasty Russian tea cakes and of course, chocolate. She wrote a lovely handwritten letter and I really enjoyed receiving this gift. It was the perfect share for Pink Saturday so tell Beverly hello and visit a few Pinkies too.
I want to thank Melissa for this delightful gift box filled with so much  to make me smile. I am very grateful for  Stephanie who hosted this Tea Cup/Mug Exchange . Between her kind heart and Melissa's kind heart this was fun and successful for me and I hope the two lovely ladies I was honored to send gift boxes to. Thank you. Tomorrow I will share the goodies from my Tea Cup Exchange Mug. That is another fun filled goody box too. Thank you and enjoy a great weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Scripture Challenge Day 5 and Day 6 and My BoJon Heritage

Blogger and I butted heads yesterday! Plus the fact that I had my flu shot, and started to have an achy arm late last night I gave up and came back today to post my Day 5 and Day 6 Scripture. This verse reminds me of my grandmother Steblay. She was my biggest hero, the best friend a girl could ever know and she lost her eyesight when I was 8 years old. It never changed her faith. It was rock solid her entire life and life did not give her an easy life. I want to honor her today with this verse which will always give me a smile when I think of her.
My grandmother on your left, was still able to see when this photo was taken with her oldest daughter Mary and Auntie Mary's mother-in-law Mrs. Mary Mishmash. My grandma was a kind heart. She raised five beautiful daughters and one son but lost two daughters and a son all tragically.  I am proud of what I came from. Strong-willed women and kind hearted men and lots of faithful servants to Our Lord.
I love everything related to tea! Today my tea cup exchange package arrived from Melissa in Alabama. I will post photos later but let me say that Melissa brightened my day tremendously! Someday I am going to have a Mad Hatter Tea Party with mismatched everything! You have to wear your favorite hat or I will find one for you to wear! It is part of the tea party dress code.
So many differences in this world! It is perfectly fine to state your opinion if it is different from someone else. But together we need to learn L O V E is what can heal. I started posting these Scriptures because I am tired of the hateful attitudes regarding politics. Isn't it enough the candidates are hateful and demeaning to each other? Do we really want to act like they do? Try kindness. Use love. They are so much more healthy than hate and mean spirited behavior.
Tomorrow I hope I can talk more about the illness my cousin Mike suffers from. It is important to me because when he was diagnosed they told him people with the Eastern European heritage seem prone to this disease. Until tomorrow, take care, use kindness and spread around some love.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 4 Scripture Challenge

Last week there was a person on the encouragement list who suffers from the same illness as my cousin Mike. Mike wrote about his illness at his blog (Life In Bojontown ). He says while researching it he found out that descendants of eastern Europe are prone to this illness. I sent the person on our list this Scripture. I find that offering kindness always trumps hate and meanness.  I think we are in for some difficult days once the election is over and I find more comfort in Scripture and trusting God than anything the world has to offer me. I will write more tomorrow. This day ran away from me and it is late and I have an early day tomorrow.  Sweet dreams everyone.