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Monday, January 14, 2019


I am a hit and miss kinda gal. Lately my brain is scattered.  As much as I want to blog here, 100 things come up and I am taken away and then it is time to call it a day and get rest. But I have so many ideas and thoughts and things to say. So here I am!
Lots of lovely January birthday wishes to send out.
This mountain gorilla is 61 according to this google image. I am just a tad older than he is. But although she doesn't come over to social media I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Sandy F. a sweet lady I worked with for many years. I choose this image because she once confided in me that had she not gotten married and had two beautiful daughters she would have loved to live among these beautiful creatures. Sandy was a tiny little auburn haired gal and she never struck me as the mountain gorilla living type. But we talked about this a lot and I agreed with her. God created some incredible creatures when he created this species. Smart and loyal and incredibly kind. Happy birthday to Sandy, who works hard with her hubby Rick running their appliance store.
My nephew Troy has a birthday today. He plays the sax and is very musical and also very kind. I wish him lots of love today and always. I will always remember my dad's oldest sister, Auntie Mima. She once told us her youngest son Bobby insisted on playing the saxophone! She said he lost interest and the darn thing sat under his bed long after he left home and got married. It is a fond memory I have of her, smiling and telling a story to us.
To my PH girl Laura K. Happy Birthday. Laura is a quilter, an excellent quilter. I wish I had her talent for it. So I am wishing her well today. I am also congratulating Laura and her son Cody. He was just a tiny baby yesterday wasn't he? He is going to NASCAR! Cody has loved auto racing since he was a kid and he is good at it. No he is terrific at it! I always have a story to share and this one was shared previously. I watched Harrison one day and he wanted to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. A commercial came on and I heard him say "Vroom Vroom"! I looked up and there was Danica Patrick on my screen. I said, do you like her? He replied Y E S ! I said do you like her because she's pretty and drives fast cars? He replied, "Vroom Vroom"! When I tell this story I am reminded of a former co worker. Helen Vroom (no, I am not kidding) was a pretty young Hispanic lady and her hubby was Matt Vroom. He was like 100, at least he looked to be 100 when I was a mere 18 years old. Anyway Helen and Matt had a really lovely marriage and I often wonder how they ended up together.  SHe worked, he was retired and he cooked wonderful meals for her. I always love a good love story and they had a good one.

Stop over and visit Aw.....Mondays. Sandee and all the fun folks participating will make you smile.
Although we have had cold days and nights we have been lacking in moisture. We need more snow but thinking about Spring can't be a bad thing can it?
I love this verse in Scripture. But the thoughts listed here can make you think about how the earth is round too.

This Love is... makes me think I am truly blessed. Sharing because of Annie at McGuffy's Reader- Sparks.

Maxine is not a good role model today. She is eating all the cookies and I am trying to stop!

Finally another January birthday. Sarah B is the daughter of a dear blogger, Marilyn who passed away too soon. Marilyn would be so happy to see Sarah married and she would love Alex, Sarah's hubby and Oliver Jude their son. Blogging is such a beautiful community. I weighed in on blogging with some bloggers at social media. I appreciate each person who stops by to say hello. I do not have a fancy blog. I don't have a fabulous house to share photos of. I love my phamily. I love my faith and I love my truly wonderful blogging friends. See you soon.

Friday, January 4, 2019


I think they call this the good life. Too tired to change the TV channel. Stop by and visit Sandee with everyone over at Feline Friday.

So many of  the beautiful people in my life. My momma top row far right)who has a heavenly birthday today. She is sharing it with most everyone in this photo except my older brother Bill (2nd row far left and cousin Charlotte, next to him). I do not know the young lad in the front row  .  Like me, my brother (who tells me he better not see his photo anywhere) and my cousin Charlotte are still on this earth without all these amazing folks. My Tata Rose and Grandmother are on the top row far left. How much I learned from them and my mom and her sisters and my oldest sis Pat (2nd row far right). In this photo are four of the five girls my grandmother had. The grandchildren and greats are too numerous to list.
A birthday wish for my mom, who left us too soon in 2001.
This is always a difficult day for me. Takes me a while to get focused so I can post.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year For Living

Some of my daily reading for 2019. Rebekah gave each other of her siblings and her parents a book for each one of us to write our own storey for her. Where do I start? The hubby gave me a beautiful new bible, the NASB Message bible. I am a lover of the word and I will share it with anyone who doesn't have their own bible. I worked with some wonderful CHRISTian women in the mid-1980's. They all read from the Women's bible. I love it because in between each chapter of the various books are personal stories by such amazing women - Joni Eareckson-Tada, Ruth Bell-Graham,  Anne Graham-Lotz, Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot and more. It is fun to read . My dotted notebook will serve as a journal for me this year. In case I forget fun facts for Rebekah, I can recheck them there. Jan Karon is my favorite author. This little book "Bathed In Prayer" highlights some of the most notable events in her Mitford series collection. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp is just excellent reading.
This verse caught my eye today. It fits perfectly into this new year 2019.
I was thinking, since I missed my November 1, 2018 blogaversary I would hold a giveaway. But I decided instead to send a random gift(s) to someone who follows me here and comments during this year 2019. I would love to see people who receive a little token of my appreciation to "Pay it Forward". I believe in this quote and have experienced a random kindness myself on many occasions that lifted my spirits. Made me smile. Made me laugh out loud! So watch those mailboxes! If you don't think you shared your mailing address with me please send it via my g mail at I can't say too much about this but I already have someone I know locally who is going to be gifted by me. I like to let people know they are appreciated and more.
Love is...brings a smile to my face daily. When we were young and newlywed I use to clip these treasures from the morning newspaper comic section and paste them on colorful construction paper (it was the 1980's, no scrapbooking phenomenon). THe TV and movie actor Dick van dyke turns 93 this March. He claims tai chi keeps him young! Hmmmm.......he looks darn good for his age.

"A" is for Afternoon Tea Sweets! I am an avid tea drinker as it is easier on my belly then coffee but love both. I adore drinking afternoon tea. Earl Grey is a favorite although in the mid afternoon I use Earl Grey decaf or I will be staring at the ceiling all night long. There is a tea concoction called "London Fog: which requires you to make a strong cup of Earl Grey with sugar or honey and then add frothy steamed milk. Earl has been a friend of mine for a really long time. If you go to a teahouse in the afternoon you need some sweet treats to enjoy with your tea. I am always ready to join a tea party or simply have a cup alone. It is something I truly treasure. "A" is also for Always make sure you give yourself an afternoon break and breathe.

Sandee with Happy Tuesday I thought I'd share some silly New Year's Resolutions here. Are they eating diet cake?
I think they said "Decadent Cake" not "Diet".
You have to say some of these made you happy! I love that parrot on # 10. #1 is a good one and #3 made me laugh out loud.  So come visit Sandee and share a happy Tuesday with her too.
Finally to make my friend Angela smile out loud. Tuesday Show and Tail. She has slowly started to come back to blog. Visit her, she is a genuine person. A great lady, I was happy to see some posts from her. Woot Woot!
See you tomorrow. God willing.

Monday, December 31, 2018


Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year 2019 with love, health and happiness. Be joyful too. It is going to be my word for the new year.
A New Year;s pup for Aw....Mondays . Stop by and wish Sandee and the gang a great new year too.
Always a perfect share...Love is...
OH Maxine, I Love this one! I think we are all guilty on breaking them so stop making them! Hee Hee Hee!
Psalm 126:3 fits perfectly into my 2019 plan. I hope we are showered with much joy, everyone of us.
We were stylish at the December 2,2017 wedding of Rebekah and Zach. Some of my memories throughout the years.
Harrison with Alastor Avery, he loves this tiny brother. His mommy said he kissed his brother's head and laid down with him. Priceless and joy filled.
Summertime at OneUp and the Blake Street Bombers.
Hannah and Nick at the Old Spaghetti Factory, downtown, this past April, a few months before they closed their doors.
Happy New Year's Eve heading into 2019 with Brittany and Brody and Jeremy Missing Addy tonight as they had a fantastic dinner at the Texas de Brazil. Addy was off on a different New Year's adventure.
Meeting Alastor Avery for the first time, Noelle and Roger. The grammie and the Papa.
Thor and Loki waiting on their nightly belly rubs! Are they spoiled or what?
Zach and Rebekah meeting Pearl Harbor Survivor Sterling Cale in Hawaii in June this year.
See you soon.

Monday, December 24, 2018


Wishing everyone a beautiful and bright and Merry CHRISTmas,
Santa was a great guy, I was just afraid of everyone when I was small. I love that my mom took the time to have a photo made with the jolly fellow when I was small.
This Santa was a good fellow. He worked for the Crews Beggs department store when I was a child.
A message to share to everyone.
These great grands are so precious. Devin  (11)is the oldest grandson for our daughter Noelle and her hubby Roger , Alastor Avery is the youngest born December 18, 2018, Although we saw Alastor earlier in the day, we missed the other greats because we were at our church service. Noelle took this precious photo.
I love CHIRSTmas and especially the story behind it. This is a favorite verse.
Can Maxine make you smile out loud? She is a real hoot.
Love is...always says it best.
Wish Sandee a Merry CHRISTmas and join her and everyone for  Aw....Mondays. Cat and Dog wish you happy holidays too.
A final post share for Annie with Sparks who has been taking a much needed break. Have a blessed and beautiful holiday. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Birthday Wishes and More

My child isn't a child anymore but I love her so much! The firstborn, we are celebrating a double birthday with her and her hubby. Happy birthday Noelle and Roger. Have an awesome weekend filled with wonderful joys.
My son-in-law Roger has a big hog. Unfortunately this year has not been kind to him. He had surgery on both shoulders and he is still recuperating. Say some prayers for him please.
I have a December birthday too and this was my cake. I love the Incredibles. Teri at my local Safeway bakery does a terrific job. Noelle and Roger do not have any cakes to share. They have a fun filled weekend planned.
Good words to ponder.
Even though sparks has taken a much needed break. here is a perfect share today. EVen the Grinch was kind.
A CHRISTmas wish from Love
 Sandee has the link to Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop.  Thankful Thursday