Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Pink Saturday

February is always pretty in pink (and red too!). We celebrate Valentine's Day and enjoy an extra sweet treat. These cute ballerina pink marshmallows are precious and if you link back to thewhoot  to get all the glorious details on making these! Then hop over to Beverly's and say hello to our pretty "pink" hostess and all the other pinkies who participate. Each week you will be dazzled by great ideas, pastel pinks, shocking brights and everything else in between at Pink Saturday. Have a great day and enjoy it!

Just a Saturday reminder that Nick and his team mates run at  the Concordia Classic today. Nick will run in the 3k at 6 P.M. tonight (CST)  They traveled to Seward, Nebraska for this race. The only picture I have of their team in pink is from the October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  I wanted to share this cool Nike pink  today. Pray for safe travels coming and going and also great race times.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Love is.../Blue Monday

This Love us today! I am late posting because we have been running since we rolled out of bed. Jeremy needed to get to the airport, check that off our list. Waiting to hear that he is safe in Indy. He is anxious to try out his deflate jokes with them! A gal he knows there told him a bakery put deflated footballs on their cupcakes! HaHaHa! We have cleaned out one fridge and freezer. Whew. On to the second one. Floors sparkling because we finally had a chance to mop. They look good and smell better, nice orange cent wafting through the air.
Now these are exciting photos. This is in the break room at my honey's work. The did a total remodel and they have a beautiful break area. They love to recycle. So do I!
A building from the window. It is really beautiful because his area is surrounded by windows. The sky appears to be a pale shade of blue.
His floor is done with lots of orange. I guess they know most of the Bronco fans work here!
A soda cooler for the fans of sugary sweet treats! The Pepsi logo and some of their cans are blue too.
More recycle stuff in blue.
This blue is part of a life saver! They have medical equipment in their break area too, which if I am not mistaking, is the law in businesses today.
Leaving the office after Saturday mail. What a day! Hubby has on his blue jeans and his bag is lime green and aqua blue!
Leaving the office we saw this blue information house, which has apartment and housing info in it for free.

Stop by Sally's and visit all the blues today! Jeremy arrived safely in Indy!

 Here is a football   Tom Brady used  and here are some deflated cupcakes! Enjoy boys!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pink Saturday

Good morning to Beverly and all the Pinkies! My son's friend posted this at Face Book! I try to avoid donuts as much as possible but this one was a little interesting. That donut looks scrumption but the donuts come in pink boxes, perfect for Pink Saturday! People tell  me they are stacked up in all their pink glory inside these stores! I also understand the employees are not interested in chit chat and if you point at something in the case, you are buying it! Wow! I am old fashioned so I would not be interested in this type of non customer service! I will stick with Dunkin Donut when I need a sugar fix!

I am just happy I came by to say hello for Pink Saturday and wish everyone well!

Prayers for Nick and his team mates. They will be running the Men's Distance Medley at eleven a.m. CST at Illinois College in the Snowbird Invitational at Jacksonville, IL. Nick will run the 1200 and start off the race. His Colorado buddy Louis will run the 1600 and finish the race. I apologize I do not know the two runners in between. Please pray for great races for all and no injuries as well as safe travels back some.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love is.../Blue Monday

We had a beautiful church service today and each time I attend church I find so much peace and feel so safe and secure close to Our Savior. This Love is...will always be a personal favorite of mine. Without God, life can be hopeless and filled with despair.If you don't believe me take a look around our world today.
I thought Sally and the Blue Crew would like these Scripture verses I shared highlighted in blue. Today was a blue day for lots of football fans, at least the teams that lost and are  finished for one more season.
Me, I was thinking about baseball and with the beautiful Spring like weather we had today I know there is hope that Spring is not too far in the distance.

Visit all those wonderful folks who share Blue Monday with each one of us and have a terrific week.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

P H A M I L Y / Love is.../ Blue Monday

Tiny Jeremy. I love this photo. He was such a typical boy as a child. He loved balls, baseball, basketball, football, you name it, he had one!
Ah youth! We were younger back than and Jeremy was a tiny boy!
Nick was a tiny baby at his first Christmas 1993. He was four moths old. My auntie Ang made his beautiful Christmas stocking. She was so talented. Look at the afghan behind him. I admire talented and crafty people. I am not one of them.
Nick was a tiny boy. This was Easter and I think he turned three that August.
Although the Broncos lost their playoff game today, I am and always will be a dedicated fan. My Uncle Tom was a diehard Cowboys fan and he always said no one had truer fans than the Denver Broncos. We never turn our back on our team. There are many memories to share and so many of them are so happy.
Blue to share with Sally and all those who participate with us each week.
This Love very colorful and shares a message that holds true for all of us. Sally, the lil cartoon fellow is even wearing his blue scarf.

Today has been a long day. Lots of things going on and we had to get some new tires and an oil change on the car. Watching football part of this weekend and feeling blue that our team lost. Even more blue because Nick heads back to school in Kansas in the morning. My nephew Ed's flight was cancelled today due to weather where he is heading. His layover is in Chicago and they have been hammered with horrible weather. He will try again tomorrow morning. I am always sad when Nick heads back to school and will miss Ed. It has been fun having him here. He reminds me exactly of my late sister, his mom. I tell him he has one thing his brothers don't have, the perfect image of his mom.

I hope you will pray for all the travelers in my phamily. Enjoy the week and visit Sally soon.

16 Rejoice always; 17 pray without ceasing; 18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus Thessalonians 5:16-18

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love is..../Snowy Days/Travel

Love is... My honey is working, working hard. His office had a huge remodel project and they are moving offices this week. I won't see him until Monday except for a few hours tonight when we will have our Applebee fest with Nick because Nick loves Applebee's and we have to take him there. Nick return to Kansas and college life on Sunday, please pray. I think the bad weather is moving back east (sorry!) but I worry about those kids on these roads. Jeremy left this morning for Indy. Please pray, he returns  tomorrow.

Looking out my front door. The snow is very icy but my hubby made it safely to work. Hannah is very close and I wish she would let me know she arrived safely. She is working at the center close to our house for another month.
My little Hannah in the middle of Ed (my nephew) and oldest daughter Noelle. Ed is visiting us from Kentucky. He heard it is 63 and rainy at home. LOL!

These two friends, our middle Rebekah and her friend Zach took me to breakfast on my birthday December 3rd to Snooze at Colorado Blvd. and 7th Avenue in Denver. Say a prayer because they are headed to Cooper Mountain for some skiing today.

My sister Mary in her Betty Boop kitchen with Ed. We visited her on Monday in Pueblo. Always a treat to see  my sissy.
Here we are at the Mill Stop. It has the best Mexican food ever in my hometown! It is located within a few blocks of the CF&I steel corporation where my father worked for 47 years. My father-in-law was a guard there and dad was a head roller in the rail mill. That is my brother Bill to your left and his wfie Joyce, myself, Mary and Ed. It felt good to see the phamily.
Nick with cousin Ed. It is good to have phamily here. My sister Pat would be so proud. Ed is the spitting image of my late sister.
Avery and I with Ed. We have had a great time so far.
I wanted to share this with you. I love my phamily very much.

Has anyone else experienced problems with blogger? I know we all have that annoying comment moderator pop up but I have been losing followers. I suppose everyone has the right to leave but I was just curious.

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Love is.../Blue Monday

All the Love is...that I have and this one is always a sweet one to share! My hubby and I are good together on road trips, particularly when we visit Nick at school in Kansas. But tomorrow I am taking a little road trip with other members of my phamily. Noelle is going to take Nick, my nephew Ed from Kentucky and myself to Pueblo to visit my sister, my brother and my nieces and their clan! Ed is visiting for a few weeks so Noelle is being a great host and taking him all over. It will be a quick trip to visit. I hope you will pray for a safe journey and also pray for my cousin Sharon. She lives alone and apparently had a stroke sometime yesterday and was not found until later in the day. They are giving her a fifty fifty chance of surviving it. She is a retired school teacher and very nice lady. Please pray.
A little blue church I found at pinterest. Wanted to share it with Sally and all the participates at Blue Monday.
Jeremy in his Bronco colors of blue and orange wearing his super cool orange Raybans. He is getting ready for a trip to Indy . He leaves on Wednesday. Heading there for a meeting and prayer is always welcome for safe travels.
I have blue eyes and so do my oldest Noelle and my youngest Nick. The other three Jeremy, Rebekah and Hannah have their father's dark eyes.

I love this Albert Einstein quote but the blue skies are a plus for Blue Monday.

Have a great week!