Monday, July 9, 2018

Aw....Mondays and More

Dogs Playing Poker, this was everywhere at one time. I know that because my late friend Kathy O'Gane had this hanging on a wall in their home. The one pooch is even smoking which is politically incorrect today. I was thinking of my friend and the fun we use to share. I even have a charm bracelet, sterling silver, with charms she picked up for me during her travels with the U.S. Navy. Friends like Kathy are once in a lifetime. The handful of dear hearts still in my life, I have known for what seems like forever. I wanted to share the dogs with Sandee and the folks at Aw....Mondays.
A share for Blue Monday I have heard that most white cats with blue eyes may also be deaf. So pretty and such a sad fact.
My sister Mary has two different colored eyes. It is a unique trait and I love it!
Love is...seems to know me! I love when my hubby has time to massage away my stressful days.
Maxine, you and I have very different reasons for watching "the stars"! I have always loved astronomy. I guess Maxine wants celebrity neighbors. Not me! Very happy being who I am.
The Scripture and yellow daisies made me smile here.
Keeping Annie at McGruffys Reader in my prayers. I like sharing something positive. We often do not see clearly in difficult situations. But once the dust settles, you most often find a beautiful destination. Never give up. Keep believing and trusting. It is all going to turn out alright in the end.
 This is Runyon Field, in my hometown. It is a popular ball park. As kids, visiting our grandmother who lived a few minutes from the ballpark, we would walk behind the outfield wall and collect baseballs. Those were fun times and good memories.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


No other words are necessary for this quote. I love collecting quotes at pinterest and google. It seems when I find them, they fit my mood, my day, my life.
Love needs to be everywhere. You can not live without it. If you try, you will be miserable. Hate will start to consume your soul. Love is a much better answer than hate. Spread love wherever you go.

Reminding everyone to please pray for the following people and anyone else you may wish to add to the list:

1) Mike in Florida, he suffered a mild heart attack. His wife is Cindy, daughter Sam. These folks are amazing people.

2) Amber, niece of Anne of Texas diagnosed with breast cancer.

3) Diane and phamily, over the loss of their sweet brother Kenny.

4) The O'Gane Phamily especially Marlene over the loss of my sweet friend Kathy unexpectedly.

5) Lucy my sister-in-law and her phamily that were injured in a horrific car accident.

6) Zuliabel Blackwell my hubby's aunt who is elderly and not doing very well. :-(

7)  Debbie is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.

8) Heather in Texas recently had a procedure regarding some kind of tumor/lump. PRAY.

I will check my list twice and add more tomorrow. God bless you and enjoy your SONday!

Friday, July 6, 2018


This is Rose having a "Catitude"! She has been so mad since the puppies stole her pretty pink house and destroyed it! Visit Feline Friday and say Hi to Sandee today.
She doesn't know that she may be getting this new house. She does not like anyone handling her things.
I saw a video on how to make this Lipstick cake! I don't think I have the patience to attempt it but it sure is unique and very cute.
This designer cake caught my eye too. They are both google images. I love having a different cake each year for my December birthday. THese are both up my alley.
I love lip color. A sweet friend was telling me her grandmother always made sure she had her lipstick on before greeting her grandfather each night after work. I thought that was a precious story. I am always looking for a new lip color. I keep my colors in separate cosmetic bags. My husband just rolls his eyes but he likes when I pick him up from his work day at the bus station. I always make sure I brush my teeth and comb my hair and put on lipstick. Today I found a color called "Scarlet Red". I am not much of a red lipstick person but this one was a little lighter. I thought everyone would stop by Pink Saturday and say hello to Beverly and some pinkies.

1.  When it is hot, I stay indoors with a/c and ice tea.
2. I am looking forward to my honey's birthday on the 23rd.

3. The theme song of my life would be  You've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Store movie theme song)

4. There is no such thing as too much love.

Visit Friendly Fill-Ins here and Friendly Fill-Ins here too.

Please continue to remember my sister-in-law Lucy in your prayers as well as her daughter Stacie and 4 grands Taylor, Kameron, Mason and Kayden. Taylor and Kayden were sent home, having the least serious injuries. Stacie, although she has a broken neck was released yesterday. My hubby went to visit his sister. he said he did not recognize her, as she took the brute of the accident and when she opened her pretty eyes, he smiled at her. she can communicate with a pad that has the alphabet and numbers on it.
Lucy has many broken bones. We pray for a complete recovery althoguh it will take some time.
Lil Bandit Brody is appropriate for this fellow. Look at that tongue sticking out at us.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Happy birthday to Hannah Elizabeth our youngest daughter! Today, 27 years ago you entered this world, not waiting for a hospital delivery room, but rather our bedroom on the house at Durango Street. You were a bundle of pink goodness weighing in at 8 lbs. and 19 1/2 inches long. You were a celebrity, making the early morning, noontime and nightly news on Channel 4 as well as KOA radio!
Sisters, Rebekah and Hannah.
Prettiest maid of honor at her sisters wedding Dec 2, 2017.
CHRISTmas 2017 with our phamily
Hannah and tiny dancer Roxanne. We miss lil Roxanne so very much.
April 7, 2018, lunch with most of the phamily at the original Old spaghetti Factory in downtown Denver. Silly siblings.

Hannah always chooses unique cakes for her birthday. At 23 she had a cake that said "No one loves you when you're 23" from Blink 182. But she loves cactus so we are going to have a cake made for her this weekend as our bakery is closed for the holiday. Tonight we will have cheesecake! This google image is such a beautiful cake.
Hannah teaches pre school. Enough said.

Hannah is a unique individual. She is smart and talented and very pretty. We love having her as our youngest daughter. She was always a quiet child but today she speaks her mind. Her pre school kids love being with her.  She has a kind heart and visits a friend who is incarcerated. Brave too. I do not like to be closed in and she visits her friend at prison and you know, once you are inside, those doors lock behind you. I couldn't do it. But she likes to catch her friend up on life outside those dreary walls.
Pray always and keep those who ask you to pray in your daily prayers. LIke ANgela with chronic pain and waiting for surgery. Remeber Lucy, Stacy, Kameron, Kayden, Mason and Taylor. My husbands sister who was critically injured in an accident with a drunk driver and her daughter and 4 of her grandkids. Taylor and Kaden were released from the hospital but everyone else is still scattered throughtut the metro area at various hospitals. My SIL had a surgery but other complications arose so she had a second one yesterday to repair the original damage. She is really fighting. Prayers for Amber, with breast cancer and so many others. Lots of lonliness, mental health issues, health problems and more.  Pray for the O'Gane family, especially Marlene, struggling with the loss of big sister Kathy.This verse from Psalms 116 reminds me to pray until I no longer have breath.
Some police humor to end my post. Keep our law enfocement and all emergency agencies in your thoguhts and prayers as well. Visit Sandee for some Tuesday Fun too.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Very Blue Monday

Usually I can swing through Monday. But not this one. Although I enjoyed a nice weekend with loved ones here at home my sister sent me a link on SONday.
My friend Kathleen P. "Kathy" O' Gane passed away, I am assuming peacefully, in her sleep June 28, 2018. She was 63 years too young. Kathy and I had known each other since 1972. Her father Buck worked at the Pueblo  County Courthouse .  I was working there after graduating early in March 1972 from high school. Buck asked my boss Mrs. Mary Shomer if she could offer his daughter Kathy a job. That is how I met my friend Kathy through her funny and amazing dad Mr. Buckley P. "Buck" O'Gane.We became fast friends and she introduced me to Vivian, our sweet friend who passed away in January this year. I Am sad by my friends sudden passing but grateful to have known her and hoping she is resting in peace.

Visiting Sandee at Aw...Mondays and showing you a google image of a prayerful pup. I am going to donate to a local animal rescue in memory of my friend Kathy. She had three fur babies when she passed away Wednesday.
A message of smiles and courage and comfort and love with everything good in between. Praying for Annie and sharing this with Sparks.
A single blue rose in memory of Kathy. Stop by Blue Monday and share some blue today.
Love is...always has the right words I need. My sister would disagree but once a long time ago, Kathy had a few too many drinks and threw my sister in a mud muddle, that was huge, outside of a country/western nightclub we frequented. Kathy wasn't a huge drinker because she was too far gone way too early. She use to get a little crazy and my poor big sister was in her path. We can giggle now, but when it happened my sister was not a happy camper.

Kathy served in the United States Navy. So was her brother Michael and sister Marlene. Her dad Buck and brother Patrick were in the U.S,, Army.
Maxine, we agree! I am grateful for all who served and are serving. Thank you to all the O'Gane's who stepped up and served.
Kathy lost her mom this past Autumn. Her sister Marlene will now be the only one left at the phamily home. Please pray for Marlene. I am certain she is emotionally fragile  as she and Kathy lived together in the phamily home. seems to come to us in this life when we least expect it. Stay close to those you love, renew your relationships that are broken.
God's promise in life because we will taste death.
Pray for Anne's niece Amber in Texas. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for Vickie and Don as they struggle with health issues of their own while dealing with their daughter Kristi and her husband Jeremy who recently had a kidney transplant and has been dealing with one infection after another. Kristi needs prayer too as she is on the brink of breaking, it has been a difficult road for all of them. Pray for my husband's sister Lucy who is at a Level I trauma center here in Denver. She was hit by a drunk driver travelling over 100 miles an hour late last night. Her daughter Staci sustained a broken neck among other injuries. Her daughter has a broken elbow and three of Lucy's grandson's. Kameron, Kaden and Mason were also injuried. The drunk driver walked away with nary a scratch,
This is Lucy's truck. The photo is from the Brighton Fire Rescue post. She  is at a level I trauma hospital. Her daughter is at another Denver area hospital and the 3 grandkids are at The Childrens Hospital.  We were told Taylor, Staci's daughter had the least serious injury. My husband's sister was air lifted by Flight for Life and her youngest daughter told my husband she would let him know how her surgery went. For five minutes I wish people would get off the gun control issue , look at the death and critical injury rate of drunk drivers hitting innocent people  and take all the ads off TV and magazines glamourizing alcohol. Smoking is still attacked and it is no worse than being in an accident with a drunk driver who seriously injures you. Check the stats. I'm sorry but the drunk driving rate is out of control. I wish my husband's phamily peace, healing and many prayers.