Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Happy Tuesday/ Tuesday Show and Tail and Maxine Cracks Me Up

Loki is the sleepy boy today for my Tuesday Show and Tail. He was nestled so cozy on the back of the recliner. He is such a sweet boy.
Thor was looking for a treat. He also likes to hear the front open and see his harness. He is truly a lover of walking He said Happy Tuesday
Oh Maxine! That poor pup! He's scared !
How your pets feel after you walk them too much!
Many prayers around our world for many with the virus and many suffering from job loss and hunger and all the other sadness from this pandemic.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Aw....Mondays and More

Mister Kitty says Aw....Mondays. He's too comfy sound asleep behind the recliner so I do not dare disturb his rest! He ran out the back door with the puppies at 5 o'clock this morning. He is a scaredy cat. He does not like a noise outdoors so he runs back into the house.  Do you know that a "scaredy cat" is defined as a timid person?
A colorful Love is.... it is just beautiful. My husband is kind and faithful and patient. It was easy to figure him out!
This was just too cute not to share.
Our faith is the greatest gift getting through all these days waiting and praying for better ones to return.
I believe in faith over fear and said this the very first day I heard people freaking out. None of us want to be taken away by this virus. No one wants to lose a loved you. I choose to trust the Lord. I do not have much faith in people. Especially those filled with meanness and hatred. I think we need to come together and stop pointing fingers. The express "it is what it is" has never been more true. You can not change what you do not know so be gentle and kind and spread kindness and love.
This is a photo of the infamous 1921 flood that hit my hometown when my parents were just small children. Their faith and perseverance brought them through those difficult times.
My folks lived through the Greet Depression as well. Again they relied on their faith and they persevered.
Stay home and stay put. We should find creative ways to enjoy this time. We've been watching old TV programs like Gunsmoke, Green Acres, MASH,The Brady Bunch. These were made when times were simple. People did not worry about offending someone with their talk and no one took offense to what the subject on programs were.

We had to take some cash to our credit union today.  There were ten cars ahead of us as opposed to the dozens on Saturday. My hubby is a very patient person unless he sees people unprepared for this transaction. So I entertained him with Roger Miller songs including hand gestures. It made the 24 minute trip worthwhile. We left with smiles.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday Moments and My BoJon Heritage

I Keep finding the wisest words in the bible.
There are two sides to BoJon Town. This photo of  Eilers Bar is on one side and I lived across Santa Fe Avenue on the other side. Oh how I dream of restoring my once beautiful neighborhood. The city of Pueblo has no desire to see these magnificent old neighborhoods revived. The same old tired people run the city. Instead of cleaning up the drug problem they supposedly have, they do nothing. But they allow drug addicts to rent properties in my once beautiful neighborhood probably owned by slum lords. Trust me, as a young woman my eyes were opened wide to politics as I worked in the Pueblo County Courthouse. There was a man who purchased properties at the government sales when people could not pay their property taxes. He was a slum lord. I worked and saw how people such as this nameless man worked.  Then the EPA came into my neighborhood. They claimed the ground was poisoned. Interesting because my parents grew up in BoJon Town (dad) and mom in the Grove down Santa Fe hill across the road from the Runyon Field baseball complex.  When we lost my dad many years ago his illnesses were contributed to the type of work he did, a steelworker. Mom passed away in her 80's from simply old age. No cancers. No weird diseases. My paternal grandmother was a sickly child and although she married my grandfather and  raised 7 children with him, two of the boys passed away when they were small. They had a total of 9 children. A fun fact my paternal grandmother survived breast cancer along with two of her daughters. How could that be with poisoned ground?
Gus' Place was in Bessemer but every Tuesday afternoon my mom and her friends went there for a dutch lunch and cold beer before they bowled. My sister bowled with my mom and her two friends. They were called the Four Roses and they were good. I bowled in a Friday night league for many years and another good BoJon Barbara Smith was our bowling anchor. Her dad "Smitty" owned and operated the BoJon barber shop located on Northern Avenue .  Many good memories of bowling. I started bowling as a child. In the fourth grade a boy I attended school with had a mom who was widowed. She worked for the sunset Lanes bowling alley and how the school got a bus to take us there every Saturday morning is still a mystery to me. We were called the "Bowl-Jons. I learned some basic skills back then but my mom was an excellent bowler and she was very instrumental in helping me become a decent bowler through the years.
As a young adult I had my own bowling ball and shoes and bag. I really loved that sport.  My great cousin Mike Barnett is a terrific bowler. He was inducted into the Greater Pueblo Bowling Association. He is a character and inspired and encouraged me to blog about our childhood neighborhood.
Since I don't have a photo of Mike bowling a perfect game I will share this. HaHaHa. My dad was a baseball player. Mom was the bowler but she loved the game of baseball too. I will come back with more stories from the wonderful world of BoJon people.
Oh by the way our US First Lady Melania Trump is a sLOVEnian, Many of us are very proud to have her in the white house. I know my parents would have been proud. You either LOVE your sLOVEnian/BoJon heritage or you don't, it is just that simple. I shared this photo because Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a terrific mother especially her late son John would have been a wonderful and kind politician. Had he not lost his life so tragically I believe he would have made it to the white house too. Just my personal thoughts.  John and his mother had a wonderful relationship. Mrs. Trump does too with her own son and her husband's children. I am proud of my heritage and anyone has the right to love where they came from. I am working at ancestry and on my paternal grandmother's side I believe I have uncovered my 3rd or 4th times great grandfather.

Friday, March 27, 2020


Happy birthday to my incredibly beautiful sister Pat. She left this life in 2001 too soon. But there is not a day that I do not think about her. Knowing she is enjoying her heavenly home with many loved ones who also went there.
Life on earth is difficult but I know sis you are enjoying the beauty of God and all his heavenly joys.
Although on this day 33 years ago our unborn daughter Rachel Lee slipped into paradise it left us broken and hurting. You will never find me on the pro abortion side. You have to had experienced this gut wrenching, wailing, madness yourself to understand the preciousness of a newborn life. Faith in God and a husband who never wavered pushed me back into the world of the living. Please always think before you speak especially when you agree with the left.

33 years later and all I think is one day I am planning to see you again on the other side of heaven, Many years ago I met a blogger from Australia and although we lost touch she walked to the shore near her home and wrote Rachel's name in the sand. It was comforting simply because of the bond we shared. Mother's without the baby we longed for in our arms. Wherever you may be today I hope you have experienced peace and love and a calm heart. my friend.
Rose would have made a wonderful mother. But considering the millions of beautiful felines who go out into the world without love we choose to spayed her. She lived a good life, but she would have been a good mother too. Missing you sweet Rose even with your catitude! You were simply you. Thank you for being here with us as long as you here. Please visit Feline Friday and share your favorite feline too.
Come visit Friendly Fill-Ins with  Ellen and Lorianne, Ellen choose the first two questions and Lorianne the second two.  Please join us here:

Here are this weeks questions:

1 My favorite outdoor activity is________________
2. One positive aspect of social isolation is ________________
3. It's fortunate that _______________
4. I Have _______________Memorized.

Here are my answers:

1. My favorite outdoor activity is walking at the open spaces and seeing all the wildlife on the water.
2. One positive aspect of social isolation is peacefulness and calm.
3. It's fortunate that we all love each other and enjoy being together.
4. I have  studied Ephesians 6:10-18 for 37 years well enough to have it memorized.

The Full Armor of God, it is a good thing to know in these troubling days head of us. is a quaint on line store where I have purchased many tea related items.  If you stop by Pink Saturday you can share most anything, even if it is not pink! Beverly has hosted for years and it is still a favorite topping place in blog world. This tea cup is cheerful, which is a good thing in our times of social distancing . Stay safe and healthy today and always. Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thankful Thursday

My sweet cousin Mary shared this with me today. I am always thankful for humor especially in dire situations like the one we are stuck in right now. So please stop by Thankful Thursday. I am grateful and thankful for so much. I want us all to remain safe and healthy. I Know the world seems in chaos . I am staying close to home and praying and reading the bible and also catching up on many projects I have to finish.
I was thinking of Annie who shared positive and encouraging things with us. She is on a blog break so I am thinking of her today with this C.S. Lewis quote.
Difficulties call for powerful help. I spend my days in prayer and reading my bible. I Pray this virus runs it's course and leaves healing in it's place. I pray for a cure too. Pray for our medical personnel and all those essential workers who have to be on the job. I pray they remain safe including my husband and my grandson Colton. I pray our country comes together and we stop the hate. This is the time to join forces and be strong. Join me please.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tail

I have spent the day cleaning up my i phone and my e mails so I found this and had to share it for Happy Tuesday It is so cute and I thought of not only myself (hahaha) but also Myra! I thought you'd enjoy this silliness.
I never forget our little buddy Dapper Gentleman Bandit. He was so young here. We lost him last November 2018 but never a day goes by that we don't think of his handsome face and his quirky way about him. He is a star today for the Tuesday and Tails. I am hoping Angela swings by her blog and comes back to this fun blog hop.
Oh Maxine, your suppose to watch the stars in the sky!
Aw....this sweet species had a rough go of things when the devastating man made fires tore across Australian harming so much wildlife and taking lives. This fellow is cute as can be and I am hopeful their homeland will be restored, slowly but surely.
We have been experiencing some difficult times all around the world. But if you just listen to the Lord, He will guide us all through these rough times.
We have been trying to remind ourselves to take some photos. We took this selfie outside this morning in our front yard. Our neighbor across the street yelled, "you're not six feet apart, you're too close together! Social distancing." We love our neighbors. They are so thoughtful and care for us. I am serious too when I say this. We live in an older neighborhood, homes built from brick built in the 1960's. There are no HOA fees only neighborhood watches and the city likes to see neat and tidy front yards without tall weeds. We love our home and would never leave here. We sit on about an 8200 square foot lot. New homes near us sell for $600-750,000 and have back yards as large as a powder room! So we will stay and enjoy our big yard and our big hearted neighbors too.
The hubby is going to continue to work. He is considered an essential employee and since his work entails using scanners and other  high end equipment he can not bring it home with him. But the firm is taking every precaution and the staff is so small they barely cover one area of their floor instead of the 8 floors they usually encompass. They are doing this for two weeks and will work one team one week and the second team another week. Everyone will be paid for working and for the week they will not be working. Today he had the day off because everyone has worked so hard keeping the office running smoothly in one small sector of their office while other staff and support staff could work from their homes remotely. In the legal world, the wheels must continue to move. I am very proud of my husband and his co workers . I am very proud of the employer he has. They take care of their own. I feel grateful and blessed he has worked for such a great office all these years.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Aw....Mondays and Love is....

My girl Lulu has the prettiest feathered ears. She is such a cutie and she stopped to pose for me. Love my tiny girl. Say hello to and join the fun.
This Love is...seems appropriate for today. Stay strong and healthy.
Please pray for all the places hit by earthquakes including sLOVEnia.  Those are my people. 

Friday, March 20, 2020


Where Have All the Average People Gone
The people in this city call me country
Because of how I walk and talk and smile
Well, I don't mind them laughing in the city
But the country folks all say I'm citified
The fighting men they say that I'm a coward
Because I never push no one around
Gentle people call me trouble maker
'Cause I'll always fight and stand my ground
Funny I don't fit
Where have all the average people gone?
Some pious people point and call me sinner
Because to them I've never seen the lights
Other folks think of me as a preacher
I'm just doing what I think is right
The wealthy people think that I am a hobo
Lean and hungry, writing mournful songs
And the poor, poor people think I am a rich man
But really, I'm just trying to get along
Yes, it's funny I don't fit
Tell me where have all…the average people gone?

I am listening to Roger Miller. If he can not cheer you up - my guess is you are no longer breathing! My throat hurts from singing along and blasting my music because he can make you smile and laugh out loud too!

Walkin' in the Sunshine
Walkin' in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song
Put a smile upon your face as if there's nothing wrong
Think about a good time had a long time ago
Think about forgetting about your worries and your woes
Walkin' in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song
La la la la la de ho
Whether the weather be rain or snow
Pretending can make it real
A snowy pasture, a green and grassy field
Walkin' in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song
Put a smile upon your face as if there's nothing wrong
Think about a good time had a long time ago
Think about forgetting about your worries and your woes
Walkin' in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song
La la la la la de ho
Whether the weather be rain or snow
Pretending can make it real
A snowy pasture, a green and
Roger Miller was born January 2, 1936 in Oklahoma. He passed away way too soon from lung and throat cancer October 25, 1992. He was a remarkable talent.  I won't share anymore lyrics today but he wrote and recorded a song called "Chug-A-Lug". It reminded me of my Catholic school days. Two boys who attended my school, one in my class an one boy a grade ahead of us had parents who owned bars. The swiped whiskey and brought it to school. Several of the boys from the orphanage went out at lunch with them, down by the railroad tracks, where the lot of them proceeded to get drunk! It was awful! I remember how cruel that nun was  when she saw their condition. I suppose back then no one really understood the full effects of alcohol. But the memory of them staggering about trying to act "Catholic" was funny until the sister of Satan caught them and proceeded to swing her yard stick like she was breaking a pinata. It is funny the memories I have, but as for the kids, we were all good kids and no one would rat on each other. We all stuck together, kinda like super glue.
Mister Kitty wants God on his side too. He was looking over my Our Daily Bread . This kitty is very naughty most days, he does need prayer. Then visit Feline Friday
Remember to join Friendly FIll-Ins. Ellen and Lorianne host this fun fill-in. Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne the second two.

1) Lately, I have done a lot of ________________.
2) My __________are___________.
3) I can't help but _______________.
4) When I Meet a stranger, I _______________.
Here are my answers:

1) Lately, I have done a lot of dreaming for better days to come soon.
2) My thoughts and prayers are filled with kindness for others. I pray this will spread rather then viruses and hatefulness.
3) I can't help but pray for all affected by the domino effect of this virus. We never realize how important others to our daily lives until we see they are not there.

4) When I meet a stranger, I can not help but smile at them.
Please visit these two charming ladies today and join the fun.

Stop over at Pink Saturday and share a favorite even if it isn't pink! These pink macrons look lovely!There is a cheese importer that carries these and they are so good.
Fill your cup and enjoy.
These are some favorite words. Please pray and think of others suffering during these difficult times. I wish everyone would put hatefulness aside and spread kindness.