Thursday, March 31, 2016

My BoJon Heritage/Warm Heart Wednesday/

My Tata Rose Steblay at her wedding to Mr. John Levstik. My grandmother Cecilia and her husband Joseph are in the back row and  grandpa Steblay is holding their first born child and son Louis. Uncle Louie was born in May, 1908. I assume this photo was approximately the same year.

My Tata Rose raised her phamily in this little cottage. It still stands today and someone who purchased it was updating the windows and adding more modern conveniences to this little place. They had 7 children, two sons,  John and Henry . Their daughters were Rose, Annie, Edith, Virginia "Bebee", and Evelyn. Mr. Levstik served in World War I between 1914-1918. My Tata lived in that little house until her death and her daughter Annie continued to live there until she too passed away.

This memory warms my heart and Wednesday was a bitter cold day so the thought of having a warm heart yesterday made me smile. Please visit Jenny and those Warm Heart Wednesday participates.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Aw....Monday/Blue Monday/Belated Easter Wishes/My BoJon Heritage/Love is.../

I know I am a day late but the days seem to get away from me. This one would have been perfect for Beverly and Pink Saturday. We have wild bunnies living under our front porch and they drive the dogs mad, except for Bandit. Poor fellow is getting ancient and he loves those bunnies. We once found him under the backyard shed sitting and contemplating life with a bunny! Leo and Stella dream one day they will have a bunny for a hardy meal! Smokey could care less, he just wants to hurry inside and enjoy a nap.
We have to keep those toilet seats closed. One day I was rushing around and our Mr. Kitty was attempting to pull his chubby self to the bathroom sink where he enjoys a long, cool drink. He tried to hop up on one side of the toilet and poof he was getting a bath! His face was priceless. He looked very much like this fellow! Now share a smile with Sandee and everyone who shares their Aw.....'s for Monday.

I found this image at Tumbler and the sky and sun appear to be cotton candy colors. I thought Jeanne and everyone at Blue Monday might like this. Please stop by for a visit as Jeanne is   wonderful as  hostess  our Blue Monday.

Hoping each and everyone of you had a beautiful and very blessed Easter SONday. We had a quiet dinner with Rebekah, Zach, Hannah, Jeremy, Brittany and Addy. Nick is still at college in Kansas and Noelle and Roger opted for their own quiet Easter time.
I miss my mother making these traditional sLOVEnian Krofi a deep fried dough that has a slight sweet flavor. A piece of ham or kolbasi makes for a nice snack. I am fearful of making so many of these dishes due to the mile high altitude I live at. I am tempted to take a bread baking class at the rec center. My friend Dr. T. did and she whips up light tasty bread and elegant French pastries too. I am going to try to recruit my girls to go with me.
Perhaps I will make some tasty Madeleines like these too.
I would truly love to visit this place where my grandparents were all born. My cousin Kay was there this summer and she found out some interesting history about our loved ones.
I love snail mail. Today a sweet card arrived from Jenny Matlock. I belong to the encouragement group with   Pamela and enjoy sending encouragement to folks via the mail. I hope you will encourage someone today and visit some of these wonderful shares here. Thank you and enjoy your week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kindness and the Blizzard

Welcome to my Warm Heart Wednesday and please visit Jenny and all those participating. I am way behind on commenting so forgive me. Can't get well, lose a cold, get a new one,can't feel right, 30 today and 60 yesterday! It is an upside down world lately.
The blizzard of 2016 is here! Of course, they said it was a mild storm, sure is funny, all the local, state and federal government offices are closed up tight as a drum while the rest of the working stiffs tried and some failed to get to where they were trying to go! My hubby says downtown, where many of the people he works with live, is not getting hit as hard as we are. Our back door is barricaded with four feet of blowing snow at least! Here is some proof:

Leo has not seen a blizzard with us! Well this is his first! He is quite a large dog, standing on all fours, as you can see, he barely can run through the snow.
Jeremy was able to barrel through a four foot snow drift and charge out of his driveway ! He made it to the RTD bus station and picked up his dad. In the meantime, Markus, who lives a few doors away with Roger and Noelle, was off work early and barreled through the snow in his four runner to clear a long path for the guys to drive through. That is true warm heart kindness. My poor hubby was wading in deep deep snow and had to change his clothes ASAP when he came inside. Now we are enjoying fresh hot buttery popcorn and I am drinking mint and lemon verbena tea with lemon and honey.

We ended our evening with a wonderful potato cheese soup and some nice bread the hubby found.

A blizzard, some good friends and strangers too. A cup of tea and a steaming bowl of soup. Ah....the perfect ending to a Wednesday that warmed my heart.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Blue Monday/Aw....Monday/Love is..../ Happy Easter

A boy napping in his new shark shirt! See those sharks on Harrison's shirt? We were watching him yesterday while mom and dad went to a movie and Grammie and Grandpa E. were finishing their shopping. This guy was tuckered out and after I sang "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" he crashed on our bed. He makes for a nice start to Blue Monday. Thanks Jeanne, you are a terrific hostess.
These two are growing up together. Mr. Jordy Nelson loves stealing nipples from baby bottles and eating Harrison's favorite pacifer. Harrison still loves him and decided to chill with Jordy for a minute here. These two make a happy smile for Aw....Monday. Thank you Sandee for always sharing this fun with us.
This sweet Love is...reminds me of Easter SONday church. Although being raised a Catholic required one to attend church services the entire week before and after Easter I got use to it and really loved all the memories they gave me.
This Happy Easter image found at google says it best in blue. A very blue week for me. Nick returned to school after his week of Spring break. No worries, he returns April 29th  for the wedding festivities. He also gets to spend a few days in Vegas with the groom and his other best buddies. Ah the joys of youth!
Just recovered from a crummy cold and sinus and here we go again! Our weather is a wild ride. 60's today and tomorrow and snow Wednesday and Thursday. Oh Spring, I wish you would blossom forth! This google image bear made me smile and she is also wearing blue, just like me in my bathrobe!

Enjoy Easter blessings all week long and please visit both Jeanne and Sandee. These ladies are great hostesses and bring smiles to us each week. Happy Easter everyone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Sandee to link here.

My Bittersweet Warm Heart Wednesday

Today is one of those days where I am happy one moment and sad in the next! Four years ago today I lost the sweetest and kindest feline friend a girl could ever imagine having! My feline friend Boots passed away after a short but difficult illness. He was the classiest kitty who ever lived. Smart and very gentleman like, he never left my side when I was sick or sad. I miss him so much. He was truly one of a kind! He would have turned 14 on our wedding anniversary May 3rd in 2012. But the sweetest cat I ever knew was taken from me too soon. I pictured him growing really old with me but it was not to be.  This pinterest find is on his board that I made for him there.
When Boots was a kitten he never really acted like one. He was a mature feline in a kittens body. I loved him so much and when I think back to the day we got him, he costs us a whooping $35! The lady who sold him to us said he was quite a quiet fellow and not a squawker like his sister. She thought perhaps their father was a Siamese because the others in the litter were quite vocal. My Boots was just perfect. He had a "milk moustache"  and beautiful markings like a tuxedo! His paws were white and that is how he came to be "Boots". As a kitten the girls would dress him up, prim and proper him and he would sit still like a regal statue. They put hats on him and scarves and sunglasses. He was always the guest of honor at their tea parties.

He was giving me the look in this photo. He said "Why must you torment me? Why, oh why, must I live with a houseful of silly dogs? I am so reserved and they are sniffing my bum! really disgusting creatures." He came to love all those silly dogs. He played with them and he loved them. He was a first class friend. I miss you so much my friend.
This boy will always hold a special place in my heart for me.
My very favorite photo of Rose. She is 11 years old today. That is why my day is bittersweet. She is enjoying a gourmet wet chicken and gravy dinner while I write my post. Mr. Kitty has his fat bum soundly sleeping on the sofa in the living room. He is such a slug. Rose is a sort of good will ambassador. She welcomed Miss Daphne to our home while Mr. Kitty hissed and cried and carried on as if she came to take his place! She befriended Roxanne when she came to live with us. The two of them reminded me of the book "Are You My Mother?". Rose has the most beautiful green eyes like jade. She is a quirky gal. Does her own thing and can stare you down with the best of them!
rose is very cold blooded. She loves sitting on the cable receiver. She seems to be saying "Follow the bright blue light". She loves getting her photo snapped. This girl came to live with us when Nick was in middle school, the fifth grade to be exact. Nick claimed his friends parents were parting ways and the dad said he would drown these lousy kittens. Nick was quite dramatic and my hubby fell for it! While Nick attends college in Kansas, Rose rooms with us. She got very ill last year. The cost was astronomical and somehow we paid the price. She had a really awful urinary tract infection. Nick takes good care of her. Because she is a long haired cat she is hard to groom. Oh, did I mention, she is a biter too! She got sick once with a flu bug, I am sure, and Nick jumped in the bathtub with her. He has a method of holding her legs together she she can not bite or run away and he gave her a bath until she was smelling like a beautiful bouquet of roses! Yes, the pun was intended there!
Rose looks miffed but Mr. Kitty is photo bombing her with his legs so she might be mad! She is the house matriach of felines and she never lets him forget it!
Rose is quite serious. She loves the sunlight and seeks a warm place to rest her aging bones. We love rose and wish her a happy birthday, even if she is the chicken rangling thief stealing chicken for her own culinary delights!
A girl needs her rest. We hope she is with us for many more birthdays to come.
Some wise words for Rose today. Please visit Jenny and share your warm hearts too.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/Love is.../Seasons/

Today was Brittany's bridal shower. As the boys were packing up the gifts and getting them stowed away in the car, I caught them to snap this photo. It is not every day a girl can have both of her handsome sons at her side. Nick is wearing a beautiful blue shirt and Jeremy has some blue in his Bronco shirt too.

Nick likes blue and his turquoise shirt contrasts Harrison's orange and navy blue stripe sleeper. Since they both have blue eyes they are just perfect for my first Blue Monday with Jeanne. This amazing lady is taking over Blue Monday for our late hostess Sally.  I hope you will join us today and share your blues.
I feel just like this kitty, tangled in some pretty blue yarn. Today we set our clocks one hour ahead. Oh my, it takes a solid week to get into the new groove. I need a cat nap and hope you will stop by Sandee's and share some Aw...Monday with us. This kitty would make anybody smile with their blue yarn.
Love is...always gives me a smile. Here is another reminder to those of us who changed over to Daylight Savings time today. Always find time for each other.
I wanted to join Jeanette  and Seasons today so here is some green for the Saint Patrick's Day celebration Thursday March 17, 2016. This castle in Ireland looks intriguing, Please join us today. Happy st. Patrick's Day to you and yours!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Pink Saturday

Gastrotheca plumbea, Silver Marsupial frog (male) in habitat on Bomaria pardina, Imbabura Province, Ecuador This photo is by Brad Wilson, DVM on FLickr

I so love this sweet photo and the fact that the little frog is sitting on the leaves of the pretty pink.

I hope you will visit Beverly and share some pink today.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday/Maxine Cracks Me Up/Blue Monday Comeback/

This is the very best warm heart Wednesday I can think of! The kids came to visit today. Jacey had been sick and was told by a doctor to give the baby formula while she took an antibiotic. Poor Harrison, he was miserable, not  able to handle that formula  well and hurt his tummy. Look how content he is with his mommy. There is nothing like a sweet baby to make your world happy.
Please visit Jenny and Warm Heart Wednesday so you can share your favorite moments too.
Maxine always says it best! I worked long and hard for 42 years. I do not regret having to take an early retirement. Life is too short and there is more to it than money.
This chippy old chair was a big seller at etsy a while back. The google image seemed perfect to remind everyone that one of our favorite blogging friends Jeanne will start hosting Blue Monday. Jeanne and Sally were very dear friends so is seems perfect that Jeanne will take over. Make sure you visit and share some blue and wish Jeanne well. Thank you Jeanne for carrying on Sally's blues.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Blue Monday Tribute/Aw....Monday/Love is.../My BoJon Heritage/

I wish this were my blue door. But when I open it today I will not see the smiling face of Sally DiStefano. SmilingSally hosted Blue Monday  for many years and those of us who got to know her admired her strength in illness. She had a very serious illness and yet she smiled through it and always put a positive note on everything. She loved the Lord with a passion that we don't see as often as we should in these troubling times we live in. But Sally had faith, she was never afraid to share it with you and she was an absolute delight to know. I don't know if any other meme has such a hostess, that visits each person who participates on a weekly basis. She was as true to her blogging friends as she was to her own family and friends. I am going to miss my sweet friend. She touched many lives  and I will be praying for Johnny, the wonderful hubby she left behind as well as her entire family.

Mr. Kitty was a small little fellow when he came to live with us. He befriended Roxanne, Hannah's little chihuahua. She had been with us for too short of a time and we lost her November 3, 2013 Mr. Kitty was terribly naughty we he first came to live with us. You know the usual, shredding toilet paper, pouncing on the other cat and dogs but never Roxanne. He knew she was very ill and he liked to lay next to her and gently set his paw on her. They were so cute together. In the five short months Mr. Kitty knew Roxanne he became her comforter, her friend and neither one of them knew that the other one was not a dog or cat like they were! I wanted to share my photo of them together for Sandee and everyone who participates in Aw...Monday. A funny feline and quirky dog. I will keep them in my heart forever.
Love is...knows what we did last night! We stayed in and ordered the MMA fight. My hubby boxed when he was younger and studied Bruce Lee's martial arts - Jeet Kune Do. So through all the years we have been together I have learned a lot about these sports. All three of the favored fighters lost last night but we were glad to be watching and enjoying each other's company. We stayed up way too late but still got a lot of work accomplished today. We worked in our shed and recycled nearly 40 boxes. We flatten them and drove to the rec center where they have the huge dumpster to recycle. Our regular recycle bin for the city of Northglenn is already overflowing and they do not come until next week. We just need one more day in the shed and we will be done. Downsizing, trashing old documents and shredding them. We sorted over 100 books! But I found my Saint Joesph's Cookbook which is like a bible to a cook. That particular church was filled with Italian folks and I knew many of those older ladies who cooked for crowds. I have a favorite Swiss Steak recipe, bana bread and Watergate Salad from the cookbook. Now I am just still searching for my BoJon heritage cookbook, The woman's glory in the Kitchen. It is filled with lots of sLOVEnian recipes and they are authentic. My mom used that same book and iy is a joy to me.
I have shared this before but here is a favorite dish, I call it, BoJon soul food. Kolabasi sauerkraut and potatoes. Noelle was in Pueblo a few weeks ago and brought some Kolabasi home. Our relatives still make this delicious sausage and we enjoy having it occasionally. It is served traditionally for major holidays such as CHRISTmas and Easter. My Irish hubby has embraced the sLOVEnian culture and he loves this dish.
Our grandson Colton and his son Harrison. Like father, like son, legs, long, long legs. This baby is a joy and a blessing. He is such a good boy. He only cries if he is cold or hungry otherwise he is so happy. My mother use to tell me that as long as God gave you a good husband and healthy children you didn't need much else in life. She was right.

I am going to miss seeing Sally at Blue Monday but I hope many of you who participate will still stop here for a visit. I know I will be checking in with you. I hope you have a wonderful week.