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Thursday, March 31, 2016

My BoJon Heritage/Warm Heart Wednesday/

My Tata Rose Steblay at her wedding to Mr. John Levstik. My grandmother Cecilia and her husband Joseph are in the back row and  grandpa Steblay is holding their first born child and son Louis. Uncle Louie was born in May, 1908. I assume this photo was approximately the same year.

My Tata Rose raised her phamily in this little cottage. It still stands today and someone who purchased it was updating the windows and adding more modern conveniences to this little place. They had 7 children, two sons,  John and Henry . Their daughters were Rose, Annie, Edith, Virginia "Bebee", and Evelyn. Mr. Levstik served in World War I between 1914-1918. My Tata lived in that little house until her death and her daughter Annie continued to live there until she too passed away.

This memory warms my heart and Wednesday was a bitter cold day so the thought of having a warm heart yesterday made me smile. Please visit Jenny and those Warm Heart Wednesday participates.


Jim said...

I hope they leave a rocker or two on the front porch. My parents had a screened in front porch that kept bugs out. We had many a nice evening there, Dad read the paper there and worked the crossword every morning. I have the three lawn chairs and the wicker rocker that was there but have let the steel lawn chars get rusty. A summer project for me I guess.
That was in their home in town when they left the farm. One the farm we had a four room house, two bedrooms up and a living room and large kitchen down. When my sister was old enough to get my bedroom they, Dad and Grandpa, screened and put storm windows on the porch so I would have a place to sleep. In the cold winter days frost would be on my blanket in the mornings. No heat or A/C out there.

Gert said...

What a wonderful memory. Love revisiting, even from the street, my grandmas old home. Great memories for me too .

Hope it warms for you too. And the sun shines today.


Sandee said...

What a lovely family memory. I love posts like this. It takes you back to your roots.

Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Edna B said...

What lovely memories. It's wonderful to see an older house still standing and being used today. It just takes a little love and care to keep it standing. Imagine, the same goes for us humans. You have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Lovely family post. I love old family photos (even if they aren't my family).

Betty said...

Where is that little house? Is it nearby where you can drive past it once in a while? I enjoy looking for old houses with special memories on google. I can't drive past my grandparents' homes, but I can visit via google.