Wednesday, June 14, 2017


My daughter Noelle and her husband Roger had to make the difficult decision to put this girl to rest today. Cancer SUCKS! It stinks, it is mean and hateful. Stealing the life of this precious girl. She had surgery in February and for a brief while she was fine. She became ill this week so quickly. Lymphoma, a horrible, awful, disease. Layla was 9.
The goofiest and silliest girly dog ever. Our son Jeremy called her "Rufus". She was so silly, she knew he meant her and she would acknowledge him. We all cried so many tears.
Layla was Roger's girl. A woman I worked with, had a sister, who said she had to get a new home for Layla because her apartment had height restrictions. It broke Noelle's heart to see her go into a shelter so she convinced Roger they needed Layla to be friends with Trek, their other furry phamily friend. The sad story about all this is that woman bought a white boxer after she dumped Layla. Sometime when you don't want pets, I wonder why there isn't something to notify breeders and pet stores that you do not really care about the animal.
After her February surgery she came home, much to the delight of Trek. Now anyone who knows Trek knows he is very unfriendly to other pets but Layla was special. He loved her. I would stop by the house a few days a week to check on them, fill their food or water and let them run in the yard. The last few days I noticed Trek did not go too far away from her. Say a prayer for Trek. He is going to be so sad without his number one girl.
Layla once walked right up to Rose, Nick's cat and stuck her face in Rose's space. The claws came out and Rose swiped her nose. Didn't stop Layla, she looked as if the cat truly wanted to be her friend and Rose swiped her a second time, drawing blood. She also won Trek's heart, even Harrison and Trek have this volatile relationship. Trek barks wildly and Harrison scolds the dog! You have to step between them! But Layla was different. The only naughty thing Trek would do was steal her treats. I learned to bring a few extra ones when I went over to their house. I would tell him, ladies first, and he started to understand. I will miss those moments.
Roger and Noelle gave Layla a good life. They loved her unconditionally, something we do not always see when it comes to pets. But she wasn't their pet, she was their phamily.
Rest In Peace Layla, we will miss your silliness

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Birthday Wishes and Butterfly Kisses

We have a bit of cooler weather today. Sun is shining but not suppose to hit 90 something like we have all weekend long.
Today is our middle daughter Rebekah's birthday. She and her fiancee are checking out a wedding venue in the mountains today.
I found this at pinterest . This girl, Rebekah Michelle was a very indecisive baby!

This girl always loves to have her car keys and head out on an adventure.
Sisters, at least two of them!

Adventure girl!

Robinson clan!
These girls love each other so much.
A girl and her guy.
Rebekah and her favorite furry friend, Tinkerbell. The reason why I started this blog in 2009. We lost her in 2010. She was a sweet pet.
Daddy's girl.
My hiking buddy.
This girl loves penguins.  We will see the surprise cake the gals at our favorite bakery came up with later today.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mondays and Memes

This handsome feline reminded me of my Boots. He has a different mouth but such a distinguished cat. Many people don't like black cats but I am a real fan. Our orange tabby is a super crybaby. Rose is very vain and always watching her reflection in the water bowl and likes to be left alone. Boots was like a real person. I miss him bunches and wanted to share this image and my own Boots photo here for Aw...Mondays with Sandee and the friends who follow and share this fun Monday share.
This photo of my boy Boots sits on this pretty crocheted doily from my grandmother Kocman. She was such a talented lady too. she had very serious health issues and my grandfather cared for her so lovingly all throughout their marriage. She had a creative heart for crocheting. I still have a tiny kewpie doll with a handmade crocheted dress. My grandmother was the love of my grandfathers life. I thought I would share her handiwork with Blue Monday since the doily is white and blue.
I was thinking, I felt so rotten the last few weeks, I forgot to post my Alphabet Day share. I was thinking how I spend many days zipping around, getting errands done. I found an image of a blue zipper. Putting a zipper in a dress or jacket is difficult. It is a real art. One I never mastered. I knew a woman once who told me she was a whiz of a seamstress. She put a zipper in a nightshirt for me once, that had pearl buttons and they kept popping opening so I thought a simple zipper would be great. She was worse than I was! The zipper is lopsided and it made me laugh because she claimed to be an expert and I think the poor gal couldn't see well. Why that story popped into my head, well, it made me feel less bad about sewing. My mom was a great sock darner and both of my sisters could sew. I was passed over for that talent. Wanted to share "Z" for this final Alphabet share. Final letter int he alphabet that is.
I am blessed. This is what I get to do before I head off to dreamland. A sweetheart of a hubby for sure.
HaHaHa! Maxine hit this one out of the ballpark. She is quite the character.
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2 1

Here is my grandson Colton Edward who turned 2 1 today! That is my sister Pat in the photo. We lost her in 2001. This is a sweet photo.
Where did these years go? They have flown away like wings on a dove. This handsome young man is a daddy today. He is the proud Dad of Harrison James. What a blessing he has been in my life. We have had a very close bond. He was in Wisconsin on vacation with his cute little phamily. They return this evening. starting next week I get to have two whole days with Harrison. He will come play with me on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sweet momma Jacey has a brand new job and we are so happy. I  love spending time with Harrison. He is a joy.
This was in 2016 before Mr. Harrison made his appearance in this world. Aren't they a cute couple?
What a sweet young fellow God blessed me with. My mother always told me God gave me a wonderful husband and healthy children, I was very blessed. She was right but she also knew how special these grands are too.
Nick and Colton at Roger and Noelle's wedding, August 27,2000. These handsome guys make me proud. Nick was 6 and Colton 3. It is a good thing having your uncle as a good friend.
I think this was just a moment ago too. Where does take us so quickly? Into new adventures I am thinking.
Toasting Colton's White Buffalo and my Mimosa at the Buff in Boulder, Colorado.
What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience,  humor, comfort,  lessons in life . And, most importantly, cookies! Rudy Guiliani
I would love to go back and take the road not taken,  if I knew at the end of it, I would find the same set of grandchildren. Robert Brault.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mix It Up

My Sweets and I have been sick with head colds. we seems to have a pattern when we get sick. Yesterday, he took the day off and we rested and saw the new movie, Wonder Woman. We sure could use a few more role models like her. What a well done movie it was. The actress was stunning and she fit the role perfectly.
I missed my favorite Monday meme's: Aw....Mondays and Blue Monday. This crude has knocked my socks off! Zero energy. I like to stay close to my comfy bed and pillow.  I keep praying I will shake this. The hubby has two weeks worth of overtime starting next Monday. He has to work a M-W-F from 8 to 9 - and then work a T-Th the following week. A co worker is out of the office so he and Tony share the long hours. It makes for a long work week but a nice fat paycheck! He feels 75 percent better so he tells me. He sure takes good care of my aches and pains. He is a keeper. A true gem! I hope we keep keeping on for a long long time!

If you know the musical group Little Big Town you might know this song, Pain Killer. This is my theme song for my hubby. He is my strength when I feel weak. Sometime I hear songs and I think, that  was so nice of the songwriter to write that song about me and the hubby! Marnie Reid Crowell is a conservationist, natural history writer and poet. She penned these words " To keep the fire burning brightly there's one easy rule:  Keep the two logs together, near enough to keep each other warm and far enough apart - about a fingers breadth-for breathing room.  Good fire, good marriage, same rule." Although the hot weather is moving in and the cooler days are going away, this is excellent advice.
Poetry and Love is... can always make me smile.