Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ouch! On Warm Heart Wednesday and Some Fun Shares

I love sharing sunrises and sunsets too. I took this photo yesterday morning while getting the hubby to his bus station.
I was rushing about yesterday getting dinner ready and slicing some cucumbers for my water. I borrowed my daughter's mandolin! I had a whole cucumber on the thing and it slipped and caught my left pinkie finger. I have a miserable gash! I could not stop the bleeding and started to feel lightheaded so I raced over to the urgent care where we receive our medical care. I was seen and back home being treated within one hour and twenty minutes. I saw one of the P.A.'s Michelle and she took really great care of me. We ended up putting the steri strips on the wound because the finger is cut right on the bend so stitches would not hold up on that flimsy skin flap.I have to wear this splint for ten days and hopefully I will heal nicely. I am not a fan of pain medication and allergic to most of it so am using tylenol and then I can go back to my Ibuprofen tomorrow, I was warm hearted that I received good medical care. It is just hard to do anything with out my fingers all fully mobile, Please visit Jenny and all who participate in this Wednesday warm heart posting.
I wanted to share a few of these with you too. My lil grand boy Jayden broke his collarbone on Sunday celebrating the Bronco game and win. He is a real trooper helping his momma with his baby brother. Not much medically they can do for a four year old with a broken collarbone. So here he is:
He has to be just miserable yet he plays with  his baby brother Michael. Another warm heart moment.
Von Miller is making Chuck Norris sleepless. A little Bronco humor to make you smile.
A little cop humor too.
Don't forget to visit Jenny and other folks who share their thoughts.
Since I won't be hundred percent for a few more days I better get my tired to bed. Goodnight all.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/ Everyday Living/My BoJon Heritage/

Three of my favorite Denver Bronco fans, Jeremy, Brittany and Addy. It was a close game but we are grateful our Broncos have advanced to the Super Bowl. Come over and play with Blue Monday. Sally is our gracious hostess.
I had to share this silly cartoon dog asking this silly man if he was staying for one night or an extended stay?  I love laughter so I had to share this one. I hope Sandee will enjoy it too and all those fun folks at Aw...Monday!
Mr. Bandito loved this big comfy bed. Then Leo got upset one night when we all had to leave for a while and shredded this bed. He has a thing for soft cuddly stuffed animals and I think he thought he should use this as a giant chew toy! We still love Leo, he is a people person and does not like to be left alone.
Yes Leo, I am talking about you! Leo loves the bed and when my hubby leave every morning he hops up on the bed and settles in for a comfy cozy nap. Come visit Sandee and all the folks who share their furry friends.
Love is...warms my heart and this one was my hubby and I yesterday and today shopping, shopping, shopping for some healthy alternatives.  I am joining my friend Annie at Beachbody to try and shed a few pounds for Jeremy's wedding and get a good workout too! I will share my progress here.
Not making light of the big storms hitting parts of our country  but I had to share this! It really gave me a good laugh.
These make the rounds at social media and I sure get a kick out of them. These two golden rules are certainly true!

I love Batman, not too crazy about this movie coming out pitting Batman against Superman! Why turn good against good? Isn't the world sad enough some days? But this is one of those Batman pins that just makes me crack up laughing! It ranks right up there with this one:
I'm sorry, this one was just too silly not to share! Now where did I put my tiara?
My precious buddy Jayden with his sweet bow tie and his pretty momma Tarrah. They were at a Great Gatsby dinner dance event for Downs Syndrome last night. Today my lil great grandboy was rough housing with his grandpa Scott and fell and broke his collarbone. Say some prayers for him. The emergency room doctors confirmed the break but could only give him a sling for his arm. They said it would heal so think about this kiddo as he is in lots of pain.
I will be doing a couple My BoJon Heritage posts this week. Time gets away from me. I have a really busy schedule everyday so sometime I get sidetracked. I love kindess. I love people who are kind even if they are having a really bad day. I like to be kind. It comes from being raised in a BoJon household by two really kind parents. We were never bullied at school nor did we bully anyone. We went to Catholic school. You had to make a pact with your friends, so we never ratted each other out, we never were mean spirited. We watched each others backs. You never wanted that nun to give you a beating. It meant she would call your mom, then your mom would give it to you when you got home and once your dad came in from work, look out, it started all over again. I never was beaten by my parents. I towed that straight line. Of course, at school, those nuns tried to keep you in the box. I was the youngest child in my phamily. The girl who liked to have fun so they could never fully contain me and keep me in their container. I have always been an outta the box kinda girl. So I hung around so many wonderful kids like myself, BoJons and Mexican kids. Most of our dads worked at the steel mill. Most of us had moms that stayed home and raised the kids. We did not know what prejudice was. We figured God created all the BoJon kids just like the Mexican kids and we got along.
I have been very blessed throughout my life.  I have always had good friends to watch out for me. Some of them I have known nearly my entire life. Others I met in high school and later college, and the workplace.  In December, I lost a wonderful friend, his name was Mike J. Barnett. Lots of folks called him Barns and Barney. He had an assortment of nicknames but one thing he had was a kind heart. I don't think there are too many people like him. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. He was a lot of fun to hang out with and he could make you smile and laugh and simply have fun. He had a mom who bowled with my mom, those BoJons are like that, and we were raised in similar households. When Mike passed away, way too young, way too unexpectedly, it broke the hearts of so many people. He has a gorgeous daughter, Ashlee, she misses her dad. His brother Patrick is one of those guys you would love too. He has a boxer and he is always sharing boxers on his social media with regarding to rescue dogs. Those men were raised right. Patrick is hurting now too, missing an older brother he spoke with everyday. I never spoke with Mike that he did not mention phamily and how much he cared about those he was related to. I learned a lot of good things about my friend when he passed away. I already knew he was a super guy but you know, I never heard him talk about anyone disrespectfully. People started to tell stories about him and they all had that one common theme, kindness. I sat here and cried when Charles McCandless who is a train operator for RTD told a story about Mike. He said Mike was a local kid who worked his way into being a senor conductor at the Union Pacific Railroad. He told stories that he and Mike shared about riding on the train and all the things the rest of us take for granted. Like jumping off the train in the middle of the night in the freezing cold weather to switch the tracks. You know, I knew Mike since I was a junior in high school, and he never bragged about his accomplishments. But I knew he was a good decent man and he loved his phamily. He use to get very serious and ask me how I could have left our hometown. He would smile and say "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home." He had faith in God and he trusts the man upstairs to take care of all of us. He never excluded anyone and always made you feel like you could pick up where you left off. He was that kind of friend. I try to share my thoughts about him with his daughter and brother and always want them to know how much he was loved by others and how much they meant to him. I hope I can share more stories about this great friend here as I write my BoJon journal. It is hard for me to believe he won't talk with me in the middle of the night when I can't sleep and roam my house while my hubby and part of the phamily who still lives here sleeps. He had a knack for knowing the right things to say to each person he knew. My life was better just because I knew him.  He loved those Denver Broncos and during the last two minutes of the game today, I came into my bedroom where a beautiful canvas photo of my mom hangs. I looked at that picture and I said, "Listen ma, I know you are watching these silly Broncos so tell God to please let them win and make sure you tell dad and Mike Barnett thanks for rooting for our team up there." So Michael J. Barnett, I know you are sharing your new life with our Lord and enjoying the heavens. Here are a couple shares that remind me of you.
Here is a Snoopy for Mike too:
Finally a little railroad humor.
 Everyone thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

lahko noč

Friday, January 22, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday/ Pink Saturday/ Aw... Monday/

The 98 foot tall Christ the Redeemer stands in the heart of Rio de Janiero. It was sculpted by a French sculptor and is made out of soapstone. My daughter Noelle's friend Ben spent New Years in Rio de Janiero. I asked Noelle to see if he could get get a picture for me. I was amazed, he spent the day there and the scenery was beautiful. I am so happy I have this picture and it truly warmed my heart. He had other beautiful photos from their walk to the top. Amazing and breathtaking. Have you been to Rio de Janiero? Stop by Jenny's

My son-in-law Roger is always a fun guy to snap a photo with! We were visiting my niece Kate and nephew Troy as they celebrated their graduations from nursing school and high school this past June 2015. Always a great day with phamily. I even wore pink to celebrate Beverly and all the Pinkies!
Here is a google image from Fashion in pink! A lovely mother of the bride and/or groom dress. Brittany's mom Bobbie and I will be sporting navy dresses so we color coordinate with out handsome hubby's! The wedding for Jeremy and his blushing bride will be April 30th. We are all getting so excited. If they have this dress in navy it might just be a winner.
X Dresses has this pretty tea length pink mother's dress for the wedding day. I am going to be shopping with the girls soon so I will keep you posted.
Here is a cutie to share with you. This is Miss Daphne or "Tiny" as Zach and Rebekah call her. She is a precious Calico cat that Zach's twin sister found behind a dumpster in a cardboard box. She is about one and she is very wary of people. You can not blame this pretty lil lady, her tail was broken in four places. Who could harm this sweet girl? Miss Daphne and Mr. Kitty have not enjoyed the company of each other so we are working hard on that and that is why you aren't seeing me here so much this past week. I know I missed Sandee and all the fun at Aw...Monday but I still had to share this sweet feline. Sandee's friend  Steve shares Feline Friday so I will add  that meme next week too.

This cute teapot with "Cats with Attitude: was a google image provided by and I had one last pink to share with the Pinkies today. Have a great weekend and visit some other bloggers today.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Missing Fun Meme's

Do you remember doing Alphabe Thursday with Ms. Jenny? My goodness, it was just yesterday, if I recall. She had stuck by the AT bunch for a long while and needed a break. I was sad but I thought I know somehow she will be back! Thank goodness Mr. Jenny told her to try something new.  She now hosts Warm Heart Wednesday. Jenny has always been good at organizing and then participating in these fun meme's, But her health took a detour and it was hard to keep up. She did a great job and I miss it so I may do a little potpourri of old meme's for your reading enjoyment. Next there was Thankful Thursday, and although I am not certain who hosted this one, Sandee stills does this because she likes be thankful! I will share here too. Finally Angela, who no longer blogs for lots of busy things going on in her life, including celebrating four years since she discovered she had breast cancer!  She is currently cancer free! She hosted Tuesday Show and Tails and everyone shared their pets and other precious animals each Tuesday. I hope you will join me and perhaps share some of your favorite meme's too.

Before I share my favorite things here, I wanted to mention, occasionally someone posts here at the blog or at social media that we should not use google images because people are suing and people who use those private images are paying lots of money. I say ridiculous. I never use anyone else's work without telling everyone who it belongs to. But if it is on google why not sue them? They probably have more money than the rest of us? ! I think it is foolish and simply another waste of the judicial systems time. I once found a cute google image of a crocheted tea cozy cover. A lady came over and told me her neighbor who was quite elderly use to make those and that cozy was one her friend made. We exchanged pleasant conversation but no lawsuits were filed. Thanks goodness! I guess I need to call my friend  Cat and have her make that watermark we talked about so I can at least see my photos with my blog name on them. She designed my blog header for me with photos that are my mom and her older cousin Hedwig.  We incorporated a few of my favorite things. Thanks Cat, you are such a superb talent.

Mary D use to have a wonderful blog and do a weekly Love is....I have a book filled with these cartoon treats as well as a pinterest page filled with lots of them. The late Kim Casali created these fun cartoon characters and Love is...By the way, at pinterest, if someone does not want you to have their image/photo etc. pinterest tells you that they had to take it down. Easy peasy. No hassles and certainly no lawsuits! Whewwwwww......I use to cut these from the newspaper each day and glue them on to scraps of construction paper. Somewhere in storage here, my hubby has all those! Remember the Rubik's Cube?  Do you think sometimes love is like one?

I miss Mary in Queens, NY. She use to host Maxine on Saturday's! Oh goodness, Maxine is a real pistol! She is very outspoken and I love her and you know, the creator of Maxine is actually a gentleman! Life got in Mary's way too. She was a college professor and I really had fun visiting these each week. I dedicated a board on pinterest to Maxine too. If you follow me there, you will see many Maxine quips! John Wagner is the brains behind Maxine and her creativity.

I suppose you noted my apples at the top of this post. I took that photo when my lil great grandson Jayden was here. He asked me if he could please have an apple. As I was washing the apple he said, "Grammie, please don't take the peel off. Then I won't know if it is a red or green apple, and Grammie, I only like the green apples!" Some of the best conversations I have are with that small boy. This photo is Jayden's "Say Cheese" face. He was entertaining my tiny Cabbage Patch baby named Sierra Miranda. So I think you know that "A" is for that bowl of Apples. I miss Alphabe Thursday too. I did add some pink so stop by the Pink Saturday Pinkies too! I bet you will see other pinks here today!

This tiny sad face is Michael, Jayden's little brother. He loves Grandpa Roger but his teeth were giving him a bit of trouble, so he was a little sad. I am thankful for these boys and their sweet faces. Grateful that they are related to me. Thank you Sandee for reminding me again of doing this Thankful Thursday. Whoever initiated this meme, thank you too.

I thought these two furry friends were perfect to remember a Tuesday Show and Tail! I agree with the words here too, 100 percent!

I would love to see your favorites posted at your blog so please share some soon. In the process of preparing for these meme's I found a couple great pinks to share with Beverly and the Pinkies too. I will get those posted for Pink Saturday! Everyone, have a terrific weekend.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I take my honey to the RTD bus station a few miles from our home every day Monday through Friday. I try to capture some sky shots at red lights or when he is driving. These pink skies last night were gorgeous but look how quickly they change:
From pink and blue to gold and blue. In just a matter of minutes.
Turn the corner and golden skies are evident with the fading blue sky. I am very grateful and so thankful for my eyesight so I may still see God's goodness all around me.  The very first thing I learned as a small child in the kindergarten was, "Everything good comes from God". I attended Catholic school from k to 11. I never forgot that simple statement and instilled it in my kids when they were small. Always pointing out the handiwork of God everywhere we go.
This was a shot from Tuesday January 13, 2016. My yard is still covered with lots of leftover snow. I hope you visit Sandee and everyone who enjoys this fun share. It makes me more grateful for all the simple things I see and know and love. Sandee shared some short videos of the ocean on a recent getaway she and her hubby took. Hearing the ocean made me smile and relax too.
Finally this Princess Sassy  Pants and Co. share is sweet. We are often kind to others and ignore our own selves. I am getting better as I get older, taking care of me too! Had to share this sweet thought! Enjoy a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday and Excellent CS

Last week I was setting up a new credit card I received. I hit a snag on the paperless set up and called the credit card company. I had to talk to IT and the lady who took my call, Mary was so kind, she warmed my heart.
I started inputting my info but Leo, Hannah's "puppy" was sitting on my right arm. I am left handed and was typing my info with my left hand and it was going sloooooow. Mary was so nice and we talked about our love of rescue animals.
Today I received this note from Mary and a gift card for Leo! Wow! Warming ones heart is an understatement. Terrific customer service and a gift from a new friend. A small kindness that touched my heart is a huge way. Anne Frank was right, there is a lot of good in people. Join Jenny and all the fine folks at Warm Heart Wednesday!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blue Monday/Love is.../Aw...Monday

Some Blue Monday blue skies for Sally and all those blue loving folks! Took this photo a few days ago although the snow and cold are sticking around and making some of us real blue too!
I love this blue door/book shelf. It is a secret doorway into another hidden room. Oh my goodness, I would love to have this in my own home. Sigh...
Even Superman use to love changing into his clothes in a blue trimmed phone booth! Love this share, it sure can brighten up your day.
I was visiting another bloggers page when she said she could not find any cool "hippie" shirts to buy. It reminded me of my grandson Colton's graduation from high school this May, 2015. I found this outfit at the Rue21 store with my girls. I love those cool pants with the huge legs and the cotton shirt and top over it reminding me of my younger days. It is aqua blue in color! Join the Blue Crew and share some blue today.

I think the simpler the life the better. Sometime we just have too much on our plates. I like simple. I took this photo today returning from Colby, Kansas, where we dropped off Nick so he could return to classes at Kansas Wesleyan U in Salina. It is a seven hour one way trip to Salina and Nick's room mate had to return earlier this week so he was gracious enough to drive 3 1/2 hours to Colby to pick up Nick. We drove 3 1/2 hours from our house to drop him off. The weather was cold but sunny and I took this wind mill photo on the Colorado side of the trip:
Love windmills. Sometimes I just can not capture a good photo. I love the blue skies even when the temps are in the low digits.
You should visit Sandee and all the cool folks at Aw...Monday! These two make quite the pair don't they? My brother from another mother! Hee Hee! A Calico cat and his brother the Calico dog. What a smile this gave me.
Mr. Bandito or  "Bandit" as we know him is pushing fifteen this April 29th. One day before Jeremy and Brittany say "I Do"! Jeremy travels to Dallas tomorrow for a few days of training and we babysit the three pups. Mr. Bandit gets top service, cause he can hog the bed with our big kitty, Mr. Kitty! Leo usually sleeps with Hannah and Smokey is quite sad because Nick went back to school today and his bedroom is off limits. Stella just is happy to snuggle in where she is warm and comfy. I will get updated photos of the others soon. Enjoy your week, visit some blogs and Happy Monday all the way around.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday and Pink Saturday

When I was a small child, I loved dolls and I grew up to love them even more! These two Revlon dolls were gifts from my older brother. One was a redhead the other a blonde and I had to share them with my big sister Mary. Check out those snappy white socks! My mom had a cousin, Rose Levstik Ballas, and she worked for the Girls Department at the Crews Beggs department store. We were always dressed in style.
My friend Lorna won this Christmas doll at a tea a few years ago and she had no where to put her and she knew how much I loved dolls so she gave her to  me! That was a kind gesture. It warmed my heart than and still does today.
Lorna also gave me this cute Autumn Fairie doll. She is so cute and I am happy to have her. Lorna warmed my heart giving these dolls to me. Stop by Jenny's and visit more warm heart Wednesday folks.
I thought I would add some pink today.

My pink and black flip flops are often too cold to wear this time of year with the deep freeze we are sitting in so Rebekah was my Secret Santa and she gave me a couple pairs of warm socks for around the house. Do you like the pink and white with my blue jammies?

My artic backyard. It is so cold here. Brrrr........Please visit Beverly and all the pinkies soon.