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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ouch! On Warm Heart Wednesday and Some Fun Shares

I love sharing sunrises and sunsets too. I took this photo yesterday morning while getting the hubby to his bus station.
I was rushing about yesterday getting dinner ready and slicing some cucumbers for my water. I borrowed my daughter's mandolin! I had a whole cucumber on the thing and it slipped and caught my left pinkie finger. I have a miserable gash! I could not stop the bleeding and started to feel lightheaded so I raced over to the urgent care where we receive our medical care. I was seen and back home being treated within one hour and twenty minutes. I saw one of the P.A.'s Michelle and she took really great care of me. We ended up putting the steri strips on the wound because the finger is cut right on the bend so stitches would not hold up on that flimsy skin flap.I have to wear this splint for ten days and hopefully I will heal nicely. I am not a fan of pain medication and allergic to most of it so am using tylenol and then I can go back to my Ibuprofen tomorrow, I was warm hearted that I received good medical care. It is just hard to do anything with out my fingers all fully mobile, Please visit Jenny and all who participate in this Wednesday warm heart posting.
I wanted to share a few of these with you too. My lil grand boy Jayden broke his collarbone on Sunday celebrating the Bronco game and win. He is a real trooper helping his momma with his baby brother. Not much medically they can do for a four year old with a broken collarbone. So here he is:
He has to be just miserable yet he plays with  his baby brother Michael. Another warm heart moment.
Von Miller is making Chuck Norris sleepless. A little Bronco humor to make you smile.
A little cop humor too.
Don't forget to visit Jenny and other folks who share their thoughts.
Since I won't be hundred percent for a few more days I better get my tired to bed. Goodnight all.


Denise said...

beautiful sunset. sorry about your boo-boo. praying for dear Jayden.

Beth said...

Urgent Cares are a great medical help. They are so quick. Hope you heal quickly. Your grandson is a cutie!

Jim said...

Hi Anne ~~ I am sorry about your finger and Jayden's broken collarbone. But it 'warms' me a little that the two of you can commiserate with each other. I broke my foot once celebrating our Astros winning their conference. Blue Moon for them.
Too, I cut my finger real bad with Mrs. Jim's mandolin. I was helping her make a gourmet salad dish and was doing the French cut squash. The nail got cut badly into and was way down into the nail. Mostly I wore a Band-Aid to protect the nail until Mrs. Jim about a week later told me about clear nail polish. It did wonders. Finally now my nail is whole.
Another time I went to the Urgent care and the doctor glued my cut shut, it was between my thumb and the rest of the hand.
Get well fast!!! Both of you two wounded guys!!!

Jim said...

The people at the gourmet dinner, a neighborhood grouping of eight groups of eight using the same recipe, I was asked if a piece of the finger might be in their salads. I assured them that not even a drop of my blood was in it. :)

Sandee said...

Sorry about your pinky Anne. I hope it heals up nicely and soon. I hate it when I do things like this and it happens so quickly.

I hope Jayden heals up quickly too. I hate it when the little ones are hurt. You feel so helpless.

Have a blessed day my friend. ♥♥♥

Susan Anderson said...

What a great post. Sorry about your hand, and hope it heals well. But isn't it wonderful when you find the doctors and nurses are so caring? Wish it happened more often!

My eldest son broke his collarbone at about the same age. It was a drag, but it healed well. He looks like a brave little patient.


Jeannie Marie said...

So sorry to hear about the sliced finger and broken collarbone. It never rains but it pours! I loved the cop humor! Made me laugh out loud!

Betty said...

I hope you're right handed!

Did he really break his collarbone celebrating the Bronco's win? I was celebrating too. I really thought Gary Kubiak was a nice man and I'm glad he and all the other former Texans now in Colorado will be going to the Super Bowl. I think New England has gone enough times and their fans are so obnoxious. We've been going to the Texans games for years and the only obnoxious fans we've come across were the New England ones this year. I think it's because they've been winning for so long. They need a little dose of humility. Next time they come here to play we'll sell our tickets.

Lux G. said...

Ouch it is. I hope you're better now. I hurt my thumb last Christmas and it was no fun.

Anonymous said...

The sunset is lovely. So sorry to hear about the injuries though. Hope you both heal nicely.

Edna B said...

So sorry about your finger and Jayden's collarbone, but at least the two of you can commiserate together. I hope you both heal well and soon. I'd be lost if one of my hands was out of commission.

I love your "take time each day" cartoon. I try to do this every day. I know I complain, but then I stop and realize how lucky I really am. Human nature!

I'm off now to catch up on a bit of laundry. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

carol l mckenna said...

What a cutie you have for a grand son ~ so sorry he has broken collar bone ~ too young to have that happen ~ Delightful post and glad your finger is on the mend.

Wishing you a magical week ~ ^_^

Allison said...

A lot of injuries! I hope you and your grandson heal up soon.

The last graphic describes me perfectly right now. I've been up editing articles far too late. Time for bed!

Intense Guy said...

Oh! ouch! I hope your finger is on the mend!!

Jenny said...

A broken collarbone and a sliced finger!

I'm glad you can still find the good in all of this, Miss Anne.

But that is just like you.

Sharing a laugh and a wonderful thought right through your pain!

Thank you for such a heart warming link for week 11.