Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love is Right on cue and Blue Trees for Blue Monday

I loved playing pool when I was younger! So I really like this little Love is....Do you feel that love is right on cue? Stop by and visit Marydon. It would be fun to see your favorite Love is....

Would you like to have a blue Christmas tree?  This one is in need of some decorations!

Maybe a patriotic tree is your style! I think some little American flags tucked around this tree would be fitting.

A lovely white tree with blue ornaments. That silver star on top of the tree is a sweet touch!

Have you decorated your tree? Do you put up a Christmas tree? I like some of these blue ornaments to add to the festivities. I used google images to show you these blues. Now I hope 
you join  Sally and all the blue crew! This girl is blue. My son Nick left for college today. It seems like he just got here and had to leave again. He is a good kid and he has changed in a short time,for the better. He is a really responsible young man. It was good to see him and even better to have him come and go safely.

This is a photo of Nick and his team mate Sean from the Nike Southwest XC Invitational 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. Do you like Nick's shirt? Have a wonderful week.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks/ Blog Shop/Abundance for the Letter A

I am sharing a few random photos from our celebration at Thanksgiving Day 2012. I hope you will stop by and visit Beverly and lots of pinkies today. I am very grateful we spent a wonderful phamily day with good food and knowing each of you here. Having an abundance of good people in your life is a true blessing. I decided to incorporate my Alphabe Thursday. Ms. Jenny does an excellent job of making sure we are all A plus each week! My favorite sleeping boy! I sang him to sleep on Wednesday and he clutched my old Valentine Bear! There is nothing more priceless in this life! Abundantly happy with the phamily I have!

Abundance of the heart. Our hearts are full of good friends here. It is a wonderful feeling and a very good thing.
Our three daughters! I adore being mom to them!

We shared a great dinner today. Our middle daughter Rebekah has a beau Zach and he shares a phamily favorite with us each year. He makes a simple dessert called "Snicker Apple Dessert. He cuts up mini snickers with diced apples and mixes it with Cool Whip! Yum! He also shares his phamily Crab Dip with us. It is so tasty and has a nice bite to it!

Andrew, Tarrah and Jayden had dinner with us. They brought three pies, Apple, Cherry and Pumpkin. They were wonderful. This boy is always on a mission. He had the cutest shoes on! Baby Vans! Unsure where they went!

I shared two phamily favorites. My sister-in-law Joyce makes a jell-o dessert with raspberry and strawberry jell-o. The strawberry jell-o is the base. After it is set you frost that layer with sour cream. The raspberry jell-o has frozen strawberries in it. It looks pretty in a clear bundt pan or other jell-o mold.

My dad loved orange jell-o with shredded carrots and pineapple so I made a small dessert in honor of him today. Nick loves plain orange jell-o so I also made several individual cups for him. Hannah and Nick are our two babies!

Noelle's kitchen looked like a page out of Martha Stewart's organized kitchen! She made several dishes including green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, scalloped potatoes and the stuffing my mom use to make for us. She baked a ham and the turkey and we pitched in with two turkey breasts. We also mashed a bunch of potatoes and made home made cranberries, corn, green beans, french style and a phamily favorite. Sour cream, canned whole cranberries and crushed pineapple. They are frozen in cupcake liners and they make a nice addition to to the whole meal.

I am excited about Blog Shop. I have lots more of Princess House Products to sell. So I will show you a few here. My son has a PayPal account we use so if there is anything you would like let me know. The worse part of selling on line is the fact that the shipping has gotten very expensive. So I am trying to make the pricing very reasonable. Let me know if you want anything. I will get it to you as quickly as I can. U.S. shoppers only, sorry.

A set of four collectible Orchard Medley  dessert plates. The lattice and fruit print is very pretty and I own these plates too! The price is $15 with $15 shipping. 

A set of four Princess House retired Veranda "French Horn" dessert plates. They have an 18k gold rim so they are hand washed only. I also have these plates and enjoy them with my phamily during the Christmas season. $15 with $15 shipping.
This is an Orchard Medley Pie Plate. It s a beautiful retired piece and is a deep dish plate. It has the fruit pattern that is very cheerful all around. It is ceramic. It is $16 plus $15 shipping.
This is a Pavillion Cappuccino mug. This mug is HUGE and can be used as a bowl for soup as well as your favorite coffee drinks. $8 and $12 shipping.
A collectible Princess Heritage Cappuccino mug. $9 and $12 shipping
A pair of Fantasia Cappuccino mugs $17, $14 shipping

This decorator bowl is an Optic Wave piece and it is retired. I have several of these in different styles and they are so much fun to decorator with.  $17 with $14 shipping.
A Princess Heritage Candlelamp. A collectible piece and so sweet! $12 with $12 shipping

I wanted to share a few pieces with you and if you are interested let me know. These one of a kind items disappear. I have sold several items from my garage that is brimming with Princess House. I will have several more items next week. An over abundance of things I suppose is another way to say it!

Princess house has changed through the years. The cost to produce hand blown pieces has gotten more expensive and they have stopped producing so much of this product. They seem to have good success with their stainless steel line. While I own many pieces and love using their cookware I am sad to see so many beautiful decorating pieces go . I have lots of candlestick holders and different decorating ideas using different candle holders.

Times change and I appreciate you stopping by. Let me know if you would like any other information on any of these pieces.

I hope you visit Pink Saturday with Beverly and again thank her for all her sharing! She is a generous lady! Then let Jenny know you want to join Alphabe Thursday. I like it because is gives you a good reason to challenge your mind and set your creative genius into motion!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgivings

Happy blue Monday! Here is a blue slate turkey! Such a pretty creature!
When you work in the daily grind like me you have to have a sense of humor! There is a saying "How will I ever fly with eagles when I am stuck working with turkeys!".
Pretty blue ribbons to tie up a terrific Fall!
My final humor for Monday before you head over to Sally's and see the other blues! Have a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving Day!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We Gather Together

I am excited for Thanksgiving Day! We will all gather together. Our youngest Nick will fly home from college. Hannah will be here with Rebekah and Jeremy. Noelle, Roger and Colton live two doors away! My Sweets and I will be taking a bit of a Thanksgiving break. The kids are going to pitch in and cook, cook cook!
This was June 13, 2011. It was a sunny Sunday and we celebrated Rebekah turning 23! We may be a little older but we are all still together. Noelle started a new job in August 2011. All the other kids are still in college except for Jeremy. He works at the same company Noelle does!

 Christmas 2010. We are all here and Nick is holding Bandit., Jeremy's little rat terrier, in his favorite Barney blanket!  Jeremy is being silly! Bunny ears for Hannah, she looks preoccupied!
June 17, 2009. Celebrating Colton's birthday! Where is that boy?!
Wishing each and everyone of you a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving Day! Count your blessings and enjoy the company of good friends, phamily and all the wonderful food you enjoy sharing. Let's thank Beverly for all her hard work each week putting Pink Saturday together.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Z Man!

Oh this was the easiest "Z" for me! This is Zander. He is my relative. He is a cute fellow! He has a sweet big sister and a wonderful phamily.
Ah.....the sweet baby Zander loving those Chicago Bears! Maybe one day I will share the '85 Bears with him and their "Super Bowl Shuffle". Those were the good ole days! Sigh!
The day "Z" was born his big sister had more pressing things on her mind! Laugh Out Loud!

This "Z' has the greatest smile! He is a Zippity Do Dah kinda baby! So pleasant!
"Z" Bat Man! Happy Halloween! Is he the cutest Batman Baby ever? So serious. Thinking about the state of Gotham City!

I am zapped of energy! Long hard day at work! Have you been to the zoo? I work there! Laugh Out Loud!

Some days I can zip through all the chaos! Today I am  needing a glass of Zinfandel!

Before you head over to visit Ms. Jenny answer this question. Do you remember "Ziggy"?  I loved him and he was always making me smile in the cartoons! His little dog is "Fuzz"!
Now zoom over there and visit lots of participates too! Have a great Friday! I will be visiting the Z people tomorrow! Catch some z's and sweet dreams!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Veteran's Day

Good morning and welcome to Smiling Sally and all the Blue Monday crew! Today it is easy for all of us to share "blue" with you! It is Veteran's Day!
Maxine can say it with a little humor! But during the recent election we saw how everyone was entitled to their opinion whether the rest of us thought is was right or wrong! We live in a country where we can still speak out on issues and people important to us. So please thank a Vet today!

We are so blessed to live in a free nation! The amount of suffering and loss is responsible for this. There are no words really to come close to thanking Veteran's for all their hard work and sacrifice. I thought this Scripture came close:

Philippians 2:29-30

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
29 Receive him then in the Lord with all joy, and hold men like him in high regard; 30 because he came close to death [a]for the work of Christ, risking his life to complete [b]what was deficient in your service to me.

Many troops are out there today, putting up with so much many of us can not even begin to comprehend. We take so much for granted. Please remember all Veteran's and pray for those serving us all over the world today!

I hope you stop by and visit Sally as well as the rest of our Blue Crew!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Things Are Meant to Be! Giveaway Winners!

Have you ever heard that expression, "Somethings are meant to be!" It is so funny because my Sweets drew the winners for my double giveaway! The winner of
was BJ! She has the neatest blog called Sweet Nothings and she left this comment:
"That's a cute photo of you and your pretty daughter...:)
Now, if you look really close at that adorable pink coffee press, you just MIGHT see MY name on it. :)
I would love to win and I thank you for this giveaway."
xo bj

Friday, November 9, 2012

Serving Up Autumn

Here is a quick and easy way to enjoy caramel apples without trying to work around a big apple! Hollow out an apple and fill it with caramel. When it hardens slice it up and enjoy!

Come over to Beverly's and enjoy all the Serving Up Autumn shares. Normally I would add some pink but my camera phone has locked my photos up and I have had not had time to sit down with my oldest son and figure it out!
Don't forget this giveaway! It ends tomorrow November 10th at 9:00 P.M. MST Just follow me and leave a comment on any of my posts that share this giveaway!
This is my second giveaway! It also ends tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. MST and again just leave a comment and follow me!

Now head over to share some pinks!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's" X-amine" Why "You" Always Make Me Smile!

What happened last week!? I lost track of time and heaven forbid, I missed my Alphabe Thursday "X" post! So  here it is one week later and I am looking over the possibilities for the letter "Y"! Now comes the easy part! I am making  up my learning lesson from last week with the letter "X" and adding the letter "Y" to this post!

I know "X-amine" is not the actual correct term for the word I am  using but please forgive me! It is six o'clock in the morning and I am having my coffee while I write! I can be a little creative in the morning so here goes my post:

I decided to "X-amine" why "You" always make me smile! Over here there can be sadness, time for tears but there is also such an incredibly strong bond we form as if someone glues us together for life! We start to meet other people and share our lives, our thoughts, our creative spirits! Someday's there is sadness. On that note please pray for Jarad, the son of Linda. Someone stole his truck, a vehicle he had recently paid off! They were at a park having cupcakes to celebrate Tressa's birthday! She is the youngest child of Linda and Mr. Phil. They were gone from the parking area about 30 minutes and someone stole his truck! They have been praying, and if you know Linda you will understand. If you don't know her go visit! She is one amazing farm mama! Jarad had his bible in the door side pocket. They feel if someone is so lost perhaps the Lord will save them by letting them read that bible! The sadness is that Jarad left his wallet in the truck and now the thief knows where they live! He has young children and they have been really scared. Although this is a sad situation you have to know Linda is one of those upbeat people always sharing the Lord with everyone and detailing His answer to prayers at her blog! That makes me smile a lot!

I feel I am "X-tra" blessed knowing all of you! No matter how large or small, there is something each time I visit with you individually that makes my face burst into a smile!

Take Smiling Sally for instance! Self explanatory! She hosts Blue Monday and through her and this weekly event I meet the most "Xtraordinairy" people! I know, my creative spelling will probably fail this week but you have touched my heart!

Ms. Jenny  is our favorite Alphabe Thursday teacher! Each week she shares her stories with us and her creative talents with her hand painted signs. She is most talented and I love knowing her. She is one of those wonderful bog friends that I had the pleasure to meet last November in Phoenix. She and her sweet hubby Mr. Jenny drove to the Toka Sticks Golf Course to meet us when Nick and his team mates ran in the 2011 Nike Southwest XC Meet! It was fun and exciting to meet her and she is a real gem!

Suzanne and her aunt LV are two more fun folks I had the pleasure of meeting while they were visiting Colorado. I also met Suzanne's mom Patsy. They are three of the nicest ladies you want to know! Their charming ways make me smile when I think about our lunch date! I hope we can get together again! LV always has the right thing to say and Suzanne is one crafty quilter! Patsy is just simply one of the kindest gals I know!

I could go on and on but you would probably have to spend a week or two or three reading about each and everyone  of you that I adore knowing! Enjoy my google images of many different yellow flowers and go viist some classmates at AT!