Monday, June 26, 2023

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Summer Solstice


Welcome, it's Tuesday 4 time.  Annie keeps it up in memory of her friend Toni Taddeo who really enjoyed her blogs. 

The Summer solstice arrived and some got hot weather and some got chill and rain.  But summer is the time for holidays or vacations, summertime activities and being outdoors more.  It's also a time, like winter, for complaints and we realize that people in Texas, Arizona and Florida stay inside in summer.

1. How is summer treating you so far this year?   Could things improve? How do you make summer fun in your neck of the woods? 

We had a wonderful wet Springtime and everything was green and flowers and trees were in full bloom. Now the hot weather is returning. We do have cherry tomatoes popping up. But it is indoor weather for me. I only do outdoor chores early in the morning.  We could use more rain, that would help stop the spread of fires when they are started. We barbeque a lot. We have company this week and our son0in-law Zach already smoked a pork butt and made several batches of fresh cookie. We play lots of games. Our daughter Hannah and her husbands Jake brought Kluster with them. You have to place these magnets inside a circle. It seems easy until....Hannah beat her dad, as it is a game for two to play. Then he turned around and beat me badly. Sigh.... Candyland is something we play with our grandsons. hahaha We do love games. If the weather is not too hot we play corn hole and have other outdoor lawn games.

2.We give you magic powers! You can change the climate, the surroundings, even  your house and anything you like. Tell us what you are doing to make your summer or your entire year better..... GO!

I would have great weather 24.7. Lots of good moisture but sunny skies in the daylight with perfect temps from 60 to 77/ I would make my house bigger so I could accommodate our growing phamily. I would have a screened in porch, I would drive a sensible car that would magically never have any mechanical problems. Life would be so grand. I would make sure kids with lower income phamilies would have  3square meals a day and lots of healthy snacks too. I would buy back my childhood home and entire neighborhood and make is the way it use to be without crime, beautiful yards with green lawns and flowers and now that I am older, I would add a huge living room window so I could look at Pikes Peak anytime I felt like it. I would help anyone who needed it.  We make sun tea and enjoy the good weather by going to baseball games . We love to sit on the patio and need a new cover for gazebo with the screen netting to keep the mosquitoes away from us.  We just like to surround ourselves with phamily. Good friends and I would blow more bubbles in memory of my friend Jessica who passed away unexpectedly two years ago in June. I would make more strawberry trifle in memory of my best friend Sharon who also passed away two years ago in May . It is her recipe and Rebekah has perfected it. In fact, she is making it for Hannah's birthday we are celebrating this week. 

3. The puppy on the boat at the right is your new friend.  He wants a name.  What name will you give him and  would you like to be in that picture (if you can't sail we will provide someone for you!) I would name him Skipper. My parents had a Skipper dog who disappeared before I was born. But my sister told me many stories about him so I would name him Skipper in memory of that phamily pet. I am not a huge fan of deep waters but I learned to water ski when I was young. I would have a captain sail me around with Skipper and we would all wear life jackets and be sensible so no one would be hurt. 

4.   It's friendship pot luck day at your house this month.  Everyone is  coming. Please assign us what dishes each of us are to bring to make for a great day.(by the way, you needn't use names. Just name some dishes  you would like people to bring along) Rebekah's Pasta Salad, Sharon's Trifle, my mom's ice box cheesecake,  burgers and brats and hotdogs/ Icy cold Lemonade or Ice Tea. Grilled veggies and Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad and Garden Salad too.

Happy Tuesday

A vintage kitten print from etsy UK that is baking. I truly love this. It made me happy when I saw it.

Oh Maxine we agree on everything today!

Friday, June 23, 2023

Feline Friday and Pink Saturday

  Pink Saturday

2.5-quart pitcher 8-10 large strawberries 1/4 cup mint leaves 2 cups ice 6 cups filtered water 1. Clean and hull the strawberries, cut into halves or quarters, depending on your preference and the size

That water looks very refreshing and the Pinterest person shared the recipe, easy peasey.

Feline Friday shared these adorable Vintage looking kittens in a pink and white striped hatbox.

"Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeon's."

Thursday, June 22, 2023

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 Happy Tuesday

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”

Excellent advice to heed.

Kindness and compassion are two things animals understand. So many people need to follow their lead. 

Today it was confirmed five people died tragically in a capsule trying to get to the remains of the Titanic 3 miles under the sea. No matter how you feel about them remember someone lost a loved one times five. 

“The unhappy derive comfort from the misfortunes of others.”

Choose happiness. Use it everyday . It costs nothing and it makes a heart feel light. 

Seriously Maxine, I think most people have had this fantasy. The key is not to act on it. You wouldn't like it behind bars. Drink your coffee and be happy.

Wordless Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

“I am thankful to God every day for the Gift of Life because even if I were the richest in the world, I still wouldn't afford to buy Life.”
– Gift Gugu Mona

Thankful for pizza boys

Thankful to be one of todays grannies. Hey, it's a job and somebody has to do it!

Thankful for the hard stuff

Thankful for:

Thanks to Joyce M. for these final two thankful's.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get around to comment before the weather goes sideways. 

Monday, June 19, 2023

I Appreciate All Who Visit Here


This is titled Cheer Up! When some of the kids were small, they would say to me, Why can't dad just beat us? We don't want to stand in the corner. It's awful! hahaha....they still stood in that corner. 

All About You:

Answer these questions if you please:

1. What was your first car?

Minus that black stripe, my first car was a 1972 Dodge Swinger. I loved that little car.

2. Do you have a favorite Super Hero?


Oh I love this woman! I would like to have her Super Power.

3. Do you have a favorite quote? I love this one and it is perfect to share with Sparks today too. 

4. What is the most money you would pay to see someone in concert?

 I attended dozens of concerts when I was young and tickets were $20. Those were primarily at Red Rocks or the old McNichols Stadium in Denver. I think it is absolutely sinful what a concert ticket costs today.  I would not waste my money on it today. Hard times are coming and so many are so clueless. Sad world, sad country.

5. What is the hardest thing you have experienced?

I had neurosurgery three times when I was a young mom. It was incredibly hard to deal with. Other than loss  I can not think of anything else.

6. What is your favorite place to visit?

I love the states so I would like to be able to see them all although I am not sure that is possible. 

7. Do you like to read?

I love reading. Sometime I can live vicariously through others who travel in books. I follow an author who told us about a wonderful candy that is made in Italy. It is available on amazon so it feeds my guilty pleasure.

8. Do you garden? 

Rebekah and Zach planted potatoes. Four containers and they are growing nicely. I have three cherry tomato plants and a regular Big Boy plant. We had lots of rain so no fruit yet but patiently waiting. We also have a lilac bush and a rose bush that seem to have enjoyed the rain. I have lots of veggie seeds and flower seeds. I like to live on the wild side and plant random things. It is fun to see what grows where it was planted. 

9. Are you talkative or quiet?

My daughter Rebekah says, this is me:


So I am guessing you know what I am ????

10. Do you love murals?

My daughter Noelle took this photo in Miami, Florida. She knows I love baseball, Robert Clemente and this really touched my heart. I want to find the Denver Nugget mural downtown in Denver. I think these artists are so incredibly talented.

This quote by Roberto Clemente is a beautiful Sparks share also. 

Kim Casali always drew in pencil I believe. But this colorful love is..... is sweet none the less. 

I hope I did not bore you today. Have a wonderful evening.