Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Spring is in the air for MLB players who are joining their Spring training camps primarily in Arizona and Florida.  It is the one sport that has always ran through my blood. My dad raised us up on baseball. I wish he could have seen a game with me and enjoy the new baby Brody in our phamily.
I want to teach Brody to love the Lord. I will share God's word with him when I whisper into his sweet ears. When he is older, he can sit next to me and learn more. My heart is light today having a new grandson after a 21 year wait. It bring joy that is unexplainable
I need my rest! Would everyone please be quiet.
A favorite share from the bible. Jesus loves the little children. He does not judge . He just gives unconditional love.
Mom! Mom! I need some dinner. My hand just isn't very filling!

Words to contemplate. Good words to live by.
I think I Need some sunglasses! The paparazzi is daunting!
The three photos here are courtesy of Uncle Nick.  The sentiment is 100 percent Brody!
Wise words for Master Brody Edward , baseball will teach you much, learn it and listen.
Brody, this grammie loves you to the centerfield and back. She also loves you to infinity and beyond!
Come grow in great love Brody. We will all teach you about  Jesus, baseball, kindness and how love is the greatest of all.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aw......Mondays and Blue Monday and More

Sandee is the best host of Aw....Mondays. Now that our life events have all fallen into place, I am hopeful I will be able to catch up with everyone who kindly leaves comments. This cute baby and this sweet black lab look cozy together. Please share your own Aw...Monday favorites too.

Today Brody Edward made his entrance into our world. Both phamilies are beyond happy to welcome this tiny new member of our world. PaPa Avery and tiny grandson Brody. He is our first grandson since 1996. We are so tickled. He was 6 lbs. and 2 oz. and was 19 and 1/4 inches long.
He is a handsome and sweet boy. We are going to love him always and forever. Grateful he is perfect and healthy in every way.
Look at his cute baseball hat. Both grandparents and his sister and parents L O V E baseball. We thought we would share with Blue Monday Boy is for baby blue and I wore my blue and yellow Carly dress to meet this precious bundle of love.
He was enjoying a little nap time and we did not want to fiddle with his new baseball beanie. He looks like a tiny baby pope.
A definition of B O Y. Joyful to have a new life in our lives. He will be so loved.
Love always right on target.
Oh Maxine, I figured you would change the subject! We have a cold front roaring through, 60 today and 28 tomorrow. Not exactly global warming here in Colorado.
Brody has the most precious feet and hands. He is long for a small bundle of pure love. Thank you for stopping by and know I care and will visit soon.
Stop in and tell Annie hello and share something beautiful and positive today.
I love sharing positive things and beautiful shares. I don't like the hatefulness I see around our world, I like to set my heart on the heroes, the goodness in people. I think everyone could do a better job just being kinder especially to or about people we are not fond of.
Come share your thoughts at Annie's too.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Aw...Mondays and More

Sandee hosts Aw.....Mondays each week. I hope you stop by and say hello. Stop in with Blue Monday too and show them your blues.

Leo takes important duties very seriously. Although Rebekah graced his neck with a beautiful blue kerchief from Harrison's second birthday party, Leo knew I was serious, when asking him to stand guard over the venerable phamily icon, Bandit.
Leo wasn't going to let anyone into Nick's room, where the grand Mister Bandito was resting comfortable. Last night, Bandit gave everyone a terrible scare. He is quite elderly, as you know, and blind in one eye, but his little Vulcan sharp ears and his strong bark can scare off anyone who does not know him well. His back legs were not working at 100 percent. He gave Jeremy and his little phamily quite a scare. They are waiting for baby Brody to make his appearance, Brittany is feeling a bit under the weather and Jeremy is busy with his work at his at home office. We all rushed over to help out and hearing our voices and feeling our touch helped Mister Bandit to get a bit better. He will get a good check over by his vet tomorrow.
Animals have a way of loving us that often humans do not even understand.
Leo and Stella often double as guardians for Harrison when he visits me. They know how precious he is. Stella is currently preparing for the arrival of the new baby and she is always posted outside his nursery making sure no one gets in or out under her watchful eyes.
A Happy Valentine's Day wish to everyone. As you can see, I am still writing my draft from Monday. I do not know where the days go!

I thought this was a sweet share. We don't try to fight the crowds on Valentine's Day. We will enjoy a quiet dinner on a different night.

Annie shares all the good things we should all be sharing. I like it at Annie's place.

We should have a new grandbaby by this weekend. Waiting patiently to meet Brody Edward. Hurry, hurry little one, many are waiting with open arms to love and cherish you.

This fellow is patiently waiting for the little one too. The vet confirmed he had a stroke but could not believe that he was up and walking around. we know he is quite old and he may not be here forever, although we all would love to have our favorite furry friends with us during our lifetime. But he loves Jeremy and we remind him that baby will be here shortly. I think he wants to meet mini Jeremy.

Love is...will always brighten my day.
I think Maxine needs a little love, how about you?
John 14:2 I was thinking of this verse today and had to share it here.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Enough is enough! I will always support our law enforcement but I am tired of having to see families torn apart from this violence. I wonder if people who have such a terrible view of the police are just itching for martial law!  Do some people really understand what martial law is?
mar·tial law
ˈˌmärSHəl ˈlô/
  1. military government involving the suspension of ordinary law.

I am saddened again by the death of an officer in our state. This time in El Paso County,which is just an hour's  drive from my home.
Senseless act of violence taking the life of a fine man. Rest well Deputy Flick.
My cousin, a sheriff's deputy herself, in my hometown of Pueblo posted this share. Pray for our police. Please. Pray for the families who have lost their loved ones in all senseless violence and our police and other law enforcement and other first responders everywhere.
I have often heard this quote and similar ones attributed to Audrey Hepburn. She did something about changing our world.
Words for thought.

I Hope your Thursday is glorious and filled with much goodness, kindness and love.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018

Aw....Mondays and Other Monday Smiles

We all know that the Eagles won Super Bowl 52. But I had to share a couple of loyal fans for both teams. This little pup looks proud to support his Philadelphia Eagles.
A very determined New England Patriots fan. This one looks like he is serious for his favorite team. I hope you are sharing your favorites at Sandee's Aw....Mondays! We seriously had no plans to watch the Super Bowl but you always know they show amazing commercials so we did tune in! One of the LuLaRoe gals I know set up a Super Bowl board and we all got a pair of leggings for participating plus we won other great prizes. For me, extra Lula cash to spend!
Annie over at Sparks McGuffy like to share kindness, anything positive and wonderful. So here is share from me to everyone there and here too.
If you stop by Blue Monday share some sweetness. I purchased a lot of these colorful rock candy suckers for the December wedding and I believe they were raspberry flavored. For Brody Edward's baby shower, they were cotton candy flavored. You are never too old to have one of these sweet treats.
Brody had a baby shower and he isn't here yet. I love this banner highlighting his name.
Two of my girls (Rebekah and Hannah) wore blue with me and the soon-to-be momma Brittany. My girl Noelle has always done her own thing. she wore black and white and red. We are praying this fellow makes his debut by the end of the month and he is healthy and happy. We already know how loved he will be.
Brittany and Jeremy are currently dreaming of those tiny pitter pattering of little feet. Love know my heart.
Oh Maxine, you are something!
A lot of times our world can be a scary place. I will trust the One who gave His all for me, that I might live.