Sunday, October 28, 2012

Words Part II:Love is/Spiritual Sunday/Blue Monday

Oh My Goodness! There is a story here! Words can not express my feeling for two favorite bloggy friends who shared this amazing piece of artwork with me! They know of my love for all things tea!
Someday I am going to take a photography class so I can learn how to make my photos pop! Do you love these teacups and the sweet tea pot in the middle? Thank Suzanne and Sue for this quilt magic! I had the worst day on Wednesday! We had planned to refinance the house! That fell through temporairly! Sad that we can not fly Nick home! But happy to make the trip to Kansas and retrieve him for the Thanksgiving holiday ! Staying at our favorite hotel in Salina and getting a free night on the return !  Sitting at work, going nuts, stress, stress and more stress! My sis texted me! I always have my phone handy on vibrate in case of an emergency! She said they had made an arrest in Jessica's murder! Happy for that but sad that families lives are so torn and shattered! Jessica's family, on her mom's side, are very marvelous Christians! The killer, on the other hand, I know very little about, but his mom was stunned when he confessed the murder to her! What a tragedy to have to send your child away.! I just had to pray!
A little fun to diminish the sadness! This is a "lazy girls" idea of pumpkin decorating! These cool lil witch pieces fit into your pumpkin and makes a nice decorating display!  

Love is...chilling out together! I dream about this a lot! Visit Marydon and keep her in your prayers as she had to have more surgery! She is a delight to know and shares a love for these Love is... I was super stressed at work! Too much work, not enough help! I ended up going to lunch at 2 P.M. on Thursday and not returning for the day! I had a killer migraine and my allergies and sinus were causing me to be dizzy! So I retired to my bed for a few hours of restfulness! Sigh!
 Ah.....nothing like good friends! This is Sue and Suzanne! They are forever friends! Their generous hearts and amazing talent is something I will treasures always and forever! Their kind hearts presented me with a gift of love. My quilt will forever be tied to their hearts along with mine!
I hope you visit Charlotte because she is one of those gracious ladies who never seems to tire of pulling the Spiritual Sunday group to share encouragement, joy, stories, videos and songs with us each week. I am joining them today. I was thinking about this verse! How often we rely on the ways of this wicked ole wicked! When things go wrong we scurry back to the Lord like sheep who were lost from their flock! I will be happy when our presidential election is over! I have prayed and voted and hope the lesser of the two evils will come into office! It is such a sad world where mud slinging is a daily routine and these candidates do not seem to care about the common people of which I am proudly part of!  There will be peace on earth only when Christ returns. I have had an incredibly stressful week and the true test for me was giving it all up to God! I can not do it alone and He has proved this to me many times in my life!

Thank you for letting me share many words with you! I just had to let this all go and I hope you will allow me this display of words because I like to be honest and I don't like to lose friends! I just feel sometime if I don't speak up I might miss out on someone who could use a good dose of the Lord! We never know what is going on with others unless we reach out to them.
Remember to enter the blogaversary giveaway for this sweet little coffee press! Mine is a gift I found at Avon! I am celebrating three years of blogging bliss with all of you! Thanks for the memories!
You can also win this cream and sugar set. It is a Vintage Garden delight. It is  collectible from their line  at Princess House and is a very whimsical and detailed pair! Just leave a comment here or at my Pink Saturday previous post and follow me! No other tricks or treats required!

Good to know all of you here! friendship is an amazing thing!

Now visit Sweet Sally and all the blue crew! I bet you can find the blue in my pretty new quilt! There is a little blue in the cream and sugar set I am giving away! I love the color blue and I was even blessed with blue eyes! I found two tea cups and saucers yesterday at the thrift store But they are pink and purple and I also found a sweet doll for $4! She is wearing a peach colored dress!

I hope you liked my quilt presentation! You may hop over to Colorado Lady and read the story behind the process of making this quilt! I am just honored to be part of a wonderful friendship with Sue and Suzanne!

Friday, October 26, 2012

"W" is for Words

Welcome to my world! My week was filled with emotional moments, happy thoughts, too many phone calls and too much stress at my workplace! I need a break so I combined all the things I love and put them into words! I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Have a wonderful weekend!
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month during October  here is a poster from my local grocery store. It features hunky Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets! He  is a sweet guy and always promotes women's health! Thanks for the nice eye candy Mark! I hope you visit Beverly and all the pinkies for a weekend of pink wonder-filled moments!
My youngest daughter and I sharing some pink moments at the Olive Garden along with pink wine!
Pretty pink pastry at the local grocery store!
Shortbread cookies with pink icing! Everyone helped promote breast cancer awareness,
A Vintage Garden cream and sugar set by Princess House. You can win this lovely set by leaving me a comment here and being a follower! It is to celebrate my third year blogaversary November 1st!
A little pink coffee press to end Breast Cancer Awareness and show my pink spirit! My giveaway gift is a little package from Avon. You may be the winner of this Pink Saturday giveaway celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness. Just leave me a comment and follow me! No other rules apply!  I will have my Sweets draw the two winners on November 10th!

Where would I be without my Alphabe Thursday friends? Well, I would not be so informed about so many things we all share, I will tell you that! Come join Ms. Jenny and everyone who shares this weekly lesson in learning! My "W" post is for words! I may have tossed out a few throughout this post!

Please visit our gracious hostesses for these weekly wonders!  They do a terrific job of pulling us together each week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome to Blue Monday

For the past two days my hubby and I cataloged over 179 Princess House items and photographed them too! We spent  a lot of time and I thought I would share some blues I found. My table cloth is blue and holds a cute chubby Santa who is holding a little plate to fill with goodies!
Princess House carried a collection called the Sapphire Collection several years ago. I am selling several pieces including this sweet large pillar candle holder. I love the deep cobalt blue gracing the base!

A fluted vase with some red,white and blue orns decorating the holidays coming up!
Aw...this silly snowman is skiing and wearing his favorite blue sweater! He is very detailed and cute.

Now stop by Sally's and see more blue!

Pink Saturday Fun With Love is...

This is what happens when you bet on the Houston Texans and your friend takes the Green Bay Packers! LOL! Two weeks ago, in the high school cafeteria,  my grandson Colton (16) drank  an entire bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce when his friend said he would pay him fifteen dollars to do it! The school security guard caught them and took Colton to the nurse who exclaimed "What do you want me to, give him crackers?!" This second bet proved too costly, as he had to dye his hair bright pink! But he blends in with our pink theme doesn't he?

The sleepy sun trying to make an appearance this morning on the side of my house!
These rose bush leaves are turning a beautiful shade of red! This is also on the side of my house. Pretty huh?
These hand crafts leaves in three different shades and sizes are part of the huge Princess House sale I am doing! The process to make these leaves is so interesting and I think they look wonderful with the fall foliage today!
My neighbors regal tree! When the sun hits this tree it looks like it is sparkling!

I wanted to share a few fall foliage with you today and add my Love is... to the mix:

 Love is amazing. We share so many types of love that little cartoon states my favorite! Join Beverly and Marydon and visit all the Pink Saturday and Love is....

Enjoy the week and have a fun filled fall!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"V" is for Validation!

I was unsure what I would choose to write about in my Alphabe Thursday post! Then I tried to focus on the presidential debate but decided I would watch the live stream video of Jessica Ridgeway's memorial service. Oh My Goodness, her family, on her mom's side, are incredible examples of true Christianity. The whole service validated Jessica's short life. But her family had a peace over them stating they knew she was with the Lord! I was stunned. I could not imagine the hurt, the pain , the anguish over her death! But her family has chosen to shine Jessica's light and keep it brightly shining. As you well know, I am not a fan of the political ring but when our governor John Hickenlooper spoke he brought tears to my eyes! He also has a child, a son, Teddy, who is 10 just like Jessica! He spoke from his heart as a father should. I was taken back by the gifts this child gave to so many and touched the lives of people all over the world in just a few shorts days during her disappearance and her untimely death. Jessica was just an ordinary child. A silly girl. But during the time of her disappearance and now because of her death she has become an extraordinary child  people will not forget.
Purple ribbons often stand for "stop domestic violence" but when Jessica disappeared people starting wearing them and tying them around trees in her neighborhood. They were a simple symbol of  everyone just wanting Jessica to come home quickly and safely.
Jessica's disappearance and horrific end were weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of everyone. It shook us to our very core. I remember watching our great grand Jayden sleeping and thinking, my goodness what horrible images raced through my mind. What inappropriate thoughts I was thinking, had that been my child, my grandson or anyone I cared for!  Would I have the kindness, the ultimate faith, courage and grace that Jessica's family is showing through this tremendous time of loss and grief?

 The bible is clear about revenge. God Himself says "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written, It is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord." Romans 12:19 God is a vengeful God and He will see justice served, in His time and on His terms.
The butterfly is a symbol of new life. It is one Jessica is sharing in the arms of Jesus. She is, as her cousin Nick says, "Giving my dad, her Uncle Freddy, a fit, in heaven!" Her family will honor this beautiful girl and her brief life. They have received many donations, money I am sure they could use, yet they are hard working folks, ordinary, simple souls who will have a foundation and help children that are underprivileged  attend sports and cheer camps. Those of us who have come to know Jessica, particularly in Colorado, know she wanted to go to high school and be a cheerleader! Her mother, a computer geek, was not happy about the choice! Her aunt told the crowd at her service last night, Jessica told her mom, "I will be a cheerleader that likes everyone and will always be kind to everybody."

When I participated in the quilt project with Suzanne and Sue we honored the family of Shannon the four year old from California that lost her battle with cancer. Her parents accepted the quilt as a memory gift and said they were overwhelmed by the kindness so many strangers showed them. They sent us a thank you card with a packet of Forget Me Not's and asked us to plant them in memory of Shannon. I was reminded of that when I heard that Jessica's remains were found. I decided, since purple was her favorite color, that I would plant purple flowers in the Spring of 2013 and honor Jessica and I would plant them next to the flowers for Shannon. It will be a simple garden to remember two lives lost too soon. It will remind me to validate those around me. To carefully respect those I care about and even those I rarely see or some I don't even know. I will make an extra effort to smile or make a kind comment. It is the value we place on those around us that will matter to them. Let's all join together and make an effort to spread kindness everywhere we go. Validate everyone around you with simple comments. You never know who's hearts you might touch.

I hope you stop by Ms. Jenny and visit all the variety of very wonderful, encouraging, silly, helpful and fun V posts very soon.
Rest in peace Jessica, you have touched the hearts  and minds of so many. You are never going to be forgotten. Your vivacious spirit will live forever.

A good character is the best tombstone.  Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered.  Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.  ~Charles H. Spurgeon

 You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jessica's photo courtesy of ABC and my collection of purple in memory of Jessica are courtesy of  google images. Thank you for sharing and stopping here today.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Day At The Park lil buddy Jayden! He was at the park with his grammie! She took these sweet photos! Don't you love his hoodie with the pretty blue and brown stripes?
This face says "Grammie, we can't leave, not yet!"

I hope you like my blue today because I am so late posting! Yesterday we spent the day cooking for the week! So I was too tired to put these up! We made four different dishes for the week, rigatoni with meatballs, red chili, beef stew and potato cheese soup.

Now stop by Sally's and see the rest of the blues!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pink Saturday for Autumn

A Pink Saturday celebration! This week I received my lovely giveaway package that I won at Jeanne's! It was an amazing gift and I am sharing it here today!
A little pink friend because we celebrate Pink Saturday each weekend! Cute huh?

Tea towels for the holidays! These two sweet ones have a Thanksgiving theme! I love them!
A wall hanging. This is so awesome! The detail is so much fun! I am going to share another photo tomorrow of it hanging on a wall in my house! Jeanne's friend has a shop where she sells these. I am honored to have one because the uniqueness is terrific! It is a one of a kind delight! Thanks Jeanne!
Two autumn detailed tea towels that are as sweet as can be! I love it! Reminds me of my mother who had many of these tea towels. They are the best drying stemware. They don't leave those little fuzzy bits all over your pretty stems!
The American Girl Postcard Collections! Because I write sooo many cards and notes and letters these will be perfect to remind me it is time to send some special friends and phamily a personal note. I still love the art of hand written letter and card writing! The personal effect is irreplaceable!
Oh this little book of poetry is very powerful. I bet you remember sweet Mattie! He was the poster child for Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dsytrophy association before his untimely death from the disease. Jeanne you have a good heart and chose a wonderful gift with this book. Thank you.
A sweet scarecrow I am hanging up for the upcoming holidays! Last year I won the cutest little ghost stitched hanging and and I am going to hang them together so I will share that photo soon too.

Beverly is our gracious hostess each Pink Saturday and I am very happy to be part of this terrific group. She shared my post last week which featured my candy corn! Did you know that candy corn was invented in 1911? I keep a jar full for the holidays and eat a few pieces everyday! The candy corn makes a sweet fence for the graveyard pudding we make every year. Thanks Beverly for sharing my post !

Head over to Pink Saturday and share in some delightful adventures this weekend! Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"U" is for Unique

I have had a sad week! So I am going to share some "uniqueness" with you here for Alphabe Thursday! I don't want to write anything sad . So I tried to find some unique things to share:
Whether it is coming up or going down the sun is amazing and totally unique ! Without it we would be in total darkness. It keeps us warm, makes me smile and always makes a great photo op!
An orchid. A rare beauty and wonder of the flowing plant world. This is also a wonderful photo op! Orchids are very colorful and delicate and they set a pretty picture.
The definition: having no like or equal; incomparable, unusual. Simple words to express a very untypical word.
I saw this on Face Book. Isn't this table, made from recycled pallets unique and interesting? I love the storage it has for magazines and books!
A unique idea for vintage luggage! I already know how I could hide "stuff" around my house! LOL! This was on Face Book too.

A unique human being! Jayden is happy today. Although he is a "daddy's boy" he was missing his mama terribly. She was hospitalized for two weeks while doctors were sorting out her illness. They are saying rheumatoid arthritis. I always appreciate your prayer so remember Tarrah while she figures out with Andrew how to best handle this illness. Some suggested yoga. Because I suffer with hip pain (age and bad bones) I have thought about taking up yoga.
Please visit Ms. Jenny and "U' can see some understandably, utterly, unique posts todays!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Isn't this the sweetest Love is...? If you are older, you will understand it! My hubby is so very sweet! I am not sure where I would be without him. The cold weather has really bothered my right hip and my knees! He is always willing to rub my back and get the heating pad out for me! He put the first batch of my Princess House product on Excel and emailed it to me so I could send it out to anyone who wants to see it.
The sun rising or setting, it is a work of art! It is a masterpiece created by God! I shot this on August 31, 2012. we were suppose to get some snow last night. It was very cold but today it warmed up a bit and the day was sunny and cool.

This was so neat I had to share it! What is happening to our society? We are cruel, hateful, evil. I heard when the KC Chiefs QB was injured the fans cheered as they took him off the field! People are sick!

Some blue for the Blue Monday crew! This is Adam's wedding 7/24/2010. He is on the far left. Edgar in the middle and our son Jeremy. They looked so handsome in blue!

The wedding was lovely and although it was two years ago it was a nice sunny day!

The guys in the wedding party.
Look at that beautiful stained glass window in the church! Lots of blue!
A final blue for my Blue Monday post. Have a bluetiful week! Visit Smiling Sallyand Marydon for Love is...because you know love really is everywhere!

Prayer request for Rebekah today. She is doing her student teaching at a local high school and now she is on her own! She is bright and funny and serious about her work. Please pray that she will be calm and have a good experience.