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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Aw....Mondays and Other Assorted Fun

Leo said he would sit still for a moment if I promised him two treats!  He sure drives a hard bargain! But his waistline is slim and trim so he can eat an extra treat. I think about his life before us. He spent most of his days in a crate while his owner worked, The day we let him out of that kennel and hauled it to the shed he trotted alongside as if to say, I am free at last! Stop by Aw...Mondays and tell Sandee and everyone hello.
Harrison loves M I C K E Y ! I have lots of LuLaRoe leggings and long tunic tops that feature Disney. He loves when I wear anything Mickey. It makes his day!
A blue snow day complete with glassy mirrored pond. I thought I would share with Blue Monday. I've missed a few weeks. But here are my own photo captures;
Our backyard is covered in deep snow plus the temps are low and the sun is having a hard time coming up. Everything is white around us. Leo said, no thank you, and made a fast clip through thr yard and back into the back door.
A view out the front door and up the street where Noelle is cooking up a storm for the new week. My next door neighbors are Seattle transplanets. They stay inside on days like this. My other neighbor, a Pennsylvania native, is like, eh, whatever! He and his sister are use to the snow.
In our youth this was fun stuff, snow skiing was anyway!
The snow today is wet and heavy like concrete. We didn't get our newspaper and I wanted to dig around the driveway to see but Nope! No paper! So now I feel like Maxine. Look at those teeth chatter.
I love a world globe and I wouldn't mind having this teapot. So sweet. We are enjoying some hot tea while taking a break.

Something you can always do for free, be kind. Somedays it is hard to do when people rush about and cut you off in traffic and pretend they don't see you there. But kindness is a better solution to any trouble.
Days like this make me want to watch baseball. Spring will be here, one day, after a long cold winter.
Have a wonderful week.!


Let me share this beautiful sky dipping into the waters below showing off a glorious array of colors, pinks and lavenders, grays and speckled with blues. Art is a magnificent showing of one's talent. God has immeasurable talent noted by the scenes in this image. Come share some pink goodness with BEVERLY at Pink Saturday.
I have been missing for ten days. I can't really even put my finger on why I couldn't muster up the time and effort to blog. I L O V E it! I don't like missing it but here I am probably daydreaming while I should be organizing closets and cupboards. I am going to try harder to blog more often. It makes me feel better and I love the people who stop by and visit. It is such fun to catch up here.
Yesterday we had stew for lunch. Did I tell you we got an Insta Pot for CHRISTmas and the hubby is in love with it? He is also a better cook, or perhaps more adventuress so my lil and I enjoyed the yummy goodness of the homemade dish. My grand here told me I did not need the french bread and he should gladly eat it all. Five slices later....he needed a nap. He is a man with a mind of his own.
But even after a warm bath some guys need help with their hair. He likes using ""Grandfather's" special comb.

Love is the greatest gift anyone can offer. I love gratefulness and kindness too but the greatest of all of them is still L O V E.

Watching the ways of the world, I will keep my trust in the one who gave His life for me. My goodness, I miss the writings of Elisabeth Elliot. She was a champion for the Lord. She wrote from her heart and from the teachings of the bible. I remember being a young, single mother years ago, she was never judgmental, always trying to help younger people turn their lives around.
A favorite verse I like to keep close to me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I keep looking at this photo of my friend Vivian. I wonder why God took her home? As a child, my grandmother often said, when people passed away too young, it was because He always needed the "good ones". Well Lord, you have the very best in sweet Vivian. The girl was sassy, silly, sweet. I use to tell her, "Hey Vivian, want a little coffee to go with your cup of sugar?" She sipped that coffee filled with a lot of sugar! She got sick in her 40's and kicked ovarian cancers butt! Then she dropped kicked breast cancer out of her life!
Vivian loved the Lord. She also loved the current pope, Someone I'm not fond of at all. But we spent hours on the phone telling each other what we thought of lots of different things and why! In my lifetime I doubt I will ever have a friend like Vivian again. She was kind, always caring for a new feline friend and she could be trusted with classified information. I know, I told her a lot of that stuff, about my own life. But she had amazing parents, Joe and Jessie. They were Mr. & Mrs. Maestas to me when we were young.
Vivian loved her feline friends. She always had a kitten and she loved them and doted on them. She never married or had children so she loved those cats.

When we were young, Vivian had the most beautiful jet black hair, it was long and luxurious and she could have been a hair shampoo model! She could rock that big beautiful hair! She also took forever getting ready and many nights, I sat and visited with her folks while she finished "getting more beautiful". The funny thing about it was, I learned so much from her parents, they were simply wonderful and hard working people.  They were people you loved, when when we were young and reckless and silly. We were young and very silly long ago and sometimes reckless, egging a car that belonged to an old flame, crazy stuff like that, we should not have been doing.Vivian was very beautiful but she never was prissy about it. She was just solid and kind and honest. You don't find many people like her in your lifetime. She was a rare gem.
Vivian worked for many years in the laundry with her precious mom, at the Pueblo Holiday Inn. She retired, got sick and then went back to work as a teachers aide for the local HeadStart program in our hometown. My hometown Pueblo. Vivian was a "watermelon" girl, born in Rocky Ford, Colorado. It is the watermelon capital of the world producing the biggest and sweetest melons anywhere. HeadStart kids called her "GrandmaVivian" and she ate that stuff up with a spoon! She loved the little ones.
I have known my beautiful friend since we were young women. She proved to me she was the very best of the best and Vivian, girl I am going to miss you.

Rest in Peace my friend. I am going to miss our four hour long phone calls.

Vivian Maestas  March 7, 1955 to January 8, 2018

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I am late being here today but I had a date with my lil sidekick Harrison and he wasn't feeling too good so we watching movies and did absolutely nothing else all day long. He slept a lot so I did not get anything else accomplished. I did think about my mom all day long. Today is her birthday. It is another one she celebrates in heaven.
Always beautiful.
Always silly

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I love looking at old photos, and I love researching my phamily history but as far I go, personally, I do not like living in the past. I worked with many lonely hearts that could not get past their past! You have to let it go! I think you will become too bitter and miserable if you don't.
I like storing memories in my heart. I would never wish my folks or other loved ones back to this world filled with the unknown and hopelessness sometimes for many, but I treasure all the beautiful memories I have with them. I just hope I am doing them all justice being who I am.
I am going to sort through a box filled with black and white photos of those I love the best. I am researching my phamily at ancestry, a gift the kids gave me for my birthday. When I came across the maiden name of my paternal grandfathers mother, I sat down and cried many happy tears. There is not too much known about his parents but I do have their names and it fills me with hope.
Only our youngest daughter Hannah would buy me this card. When I opened it up, I knew, she was her father's daughter!
I am sorry I am so technically clueless! I am lucky I am able to save and share my photos.
While I hear others say they are downsizing because their kids don't want to deal with it, I am doing whatever I please.  I say tough luck when I am gone. I love what I love and at my age I enjoy loving and liking all the things that make me happy. That old saying here:
is so stinking true! It has been my phamily rule since we started having a phamily. Ha ha ha Ha ha ha! Which reminds me, hello William Sonoma, where in the heck is my new rolling pin?! Did you know you have choices when buying a rolling pin? Wow! My mom used the same old one and she was a fantastic woman of the kitchen! I saw a handmade in Germany rolling pin that sells for something like $150! I have too many LuLaRoe pieces to add to my bulging closet. I do not need a handmade rolling pin! I don'tcook as much as my sweet husband does!
Oh how we love Bruce Lee. One of the most fantastic people to ever walk this earth. I love this. It is quite true. You have to accept failure to believe you are one. I prefer this instead:
I hope you all have a terrific Wednesday and in the words of a Crazy Camel:
Same people prefer this message instead:

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Trek is a quirky canine. He doesn't like other male dogs. I think it is the whole alpha male, I am the boss, with him. But he is a funny guy. When I check on him, twice a day, at least 4 days a week, he waits patiently for me to hand him multiple treats.
A rare photo of Martin Sodja, my great great grandfather. His daughter Agnes was my great grandmother. I love these old photos. I Just had a conversation with my friend Sandy who lost her mom last year. She and her hubby are taking care of their home and her late mom's home too. She said there are hundreds of photos in boxes she must sort through. But her mom was very good at writing on the back with names and dates.
My sweet little Harrison loves this old tree stump in the front yard. I missed me. Other than seeing him on CHRISTmas Eve and Day he was sick. So he didn't visit me last week because his mom and dad had to take an extra day off work to care for him.
We had crazy CHRISTmas sweaters this year, Mine is an oldie but goody. The hubby had a brand new one with a llama on it.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


The clock is ticking down. Sounds of fireworks everywhere! Watching old reruns on TV. No exciting plans for us. Rest and relaxation. The temperatures are bitter cold again so we hunkered down inside. wishing you and yours a beautiful and blessing filled 2018. May adventures be plentiful and may your heart be light and cheerful.
A belly laugh for you from me and this cute google image find.
This is just a gentle reminder, be yourself. You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I see the word of God as my armor:
My posts are  not fancy and filled with fabulous photos most days  but I like to post about how I am feeling, what makes me happy, or sad. I miss my dear sweet friend Jenny Matlock who use to host Alphabe Thursday for several years. She became really ill and doctors were baffled as to why she was so ill and could not seem to pinpoint what was going on. Jenny was a favorite blogger of mine. She was kind and smart and talented and very funny too. My hubby and I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2012 when Nick was a high school senior running in the Nike SouthWest XC in Arizona. Jenny and her husband Steve took time out of their already busy schedules to meet us just to visit for a while and it meant so very much to me. She got really ill after that and in May of 2016 gave up hosting her fun memes at her blog I still send her cards and letters and I pray a lot for her and Steve. I am thinking of her today and decided I will go through the alphabet myself and start here with the letter "A".
I am anticipating a wonderful 2018 New Year. I pray for many fun adventures, amazing friends I blog with along the way and hope to post some awesome photos of friends and phamily along the way.l This pinterest find for Anticipation really fit the bill. This is for you Jenny, in case you stopped by for a quick peek.
Sandee is one of those beautiful friends I have met here. She hosts fun memes too: Like Aw....Mondays. These silly pups were being rewarded with a treat but one of them was to greedy so he pulled a naughty prank on the other one. Visit for some smiles and laughter and always, a good time.

Something new to learn each and everyday. This Magical Mystical hosts Blue Monday and what fun that is. Originally started by Sally in Florida and hosted later by Jeanne this fun meme just needs you to share your favorite blues. I don't remember all the choices on the color wheel but here is what I found for blue at google images.
Some of my phamily standing in the snow on CHRISTmas Eve 2017. It is the Eveland, Wiley, Gonzalez crew. How did my little phamily of 7 turn into  such a delight? The other 9 1/2 of us were at church and other phamily gatherings.
We had some pizza to celebrate the New Year's Eve. We lead such exciting lives. Grateful we are here and healthy and safe and warm. Thank you Love have made my day since the 1970's.

Here is a share for Annie at McGuffy's Reader 
 I am very certain Anne Frank was 100 percent correct stating this. Even today, when our world seems more out of control.

Maxine you never cease to make me laugh out loud.