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Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Little Weekend Fever

I have a viral thing again!  Nothing a flu shot can protect and after my dental appointment on Monday, this bug kicked into high gear to kick me down! So I am stopping by the blog to give a few updates.
Here are some teacups that would make me feel better. I have been living on herbal tea and honey and soup.  Stop by Beverly's and visit some Pinks. It has been a challenge watching my little sidekick great  grand boy but somehow we have managed. He drinks soup out of a pretty cup just like me! He has been quite a helper too.
He said I better make a u turn and head the right direction to Grammie Noelle's so we can take care of Trek.
He loves his leaves. He likes to crunch them under his feet. He is quite the great outdoorsman!
A pretty pink image. Love this tea set. Wanted to check in, since my first winner and I are trying to get together so she can get her giveaway win. Sometime life is just so busy. I am going to draw the final two winners after Rebekah;s wedding. Most days I see myself coming or going or something. I may have worn myself out trying to keep up with everyone and everything. I will make good on my promise to send out beautiful packages I hope the winners will love their treasures.
If we are to properly represent God we need to be careful how we treat the beasts of the earth that He so lovingly created for us.
My daughter Noelle was with my sister Mary today. Because I am feeling so badly I could not go and was sad. My friend Kathy lost her precious mom Simi. Noelle is like the adopted child of Kathy since she stood by me all the years I was a single parent.  Noelle attended the memorial service for Kathy's mom. I am sad and ask for prayers, not only for Kathy and her phamily grieving this difficult loss, her mom was a tiny bundle of energy and a wonderful nurse. But please pray for my friend Vivian too. She fell and could not get up and was moved into a nursing home. I have to get home after the wedding and the holidays to visit with her. She is one of those friends that sticks by you no matter what.  While she was visiting, Noelle took a photo of this childhood photo where my sister Mary is front and center and my brother Eddie in on your left and cousin Kenny on your right while the twins, (cousins) Marla and Darla were in the middle. The four of them made their first communion and my sister was dressed like a lovely angel, which she really is. I sure love my life.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Something Blue for Monday's

If you check in with Sandee and say Aw...Mondays she would love to see your sweet share! These intellectuals are having a game of chess. Quite intense and it was never my cup of tea. The cats and dog think otherwise.
I usually post on Veteran's Day. Today and all weekend long I tried to thank as many service members as I could, active and retired. I'm not going to get political but if our flag and our military offend you, there is a whole wide world out there to see.
Denver has one of the largest Veteran's Day parades in our country. We celebrated Rebekah's bridal shower so we were unable to attend this year. The state capital is behind these various military  men and women.
Colorful hair highlights are quite the trend. I like this pretty shade of blue. Maybe the folks at Blue Monday will too. Stop by and say hello and share your blue today.
Fitting words in this troubled world.
I thought these words were fitting for our military. Active and retired, resting in peace, they all served us all so well.
Maxine on the time change. SHe is one sassy but smart gal!
We like the movies, how about you? Love is...looks overwhelmed! I'm not much into a lot of violence in movies although I do like the Justice League characters.
Love this pinterest find, a cherry teapot for one. Love the sentiment too. I will draw a second winner this week. Trying to cram everything into my tight schedule Wedding projects, Harrison time, the dentist, doctor appointments. Always something happening here. I will post some photos too as I prepare to send the giveaway gifts. Stop by Beverly's and visit some Pinks!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

11th Tea Cup/ Tea Mug Exchange

This is the gorgeous tea cup sent to me by Brenda J. from Marietta, Georgia. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful and delightful gift. Have you visited Beverly at Pink Saturday lately? You should. Lots of pink shares to see.
Here is the saucer. I love butterflies and I noticed this sweet little fluttering friend perched on the saucer. I will always remember Brenda by this beautiful gift. She also sent me the sweetest and most precious Tea Wallet. It was stitched by her hand and boy does it mean a lot to me! I find extreme value in treasures that someone hand crafts with their artistic hand.
This was so darling and made my heart smile. She stitched "2017" on the back and I carry this in my purse.
Brenda is a really bad influence. Do you see the Godiva chocolate? Cadbury chocolate? A tea spoon treasure. A journaling book. Oh Brenda, she was a first time participate with Stephanie and I have to say this Southern girl did a beautiful job making me happy! Don't forget the tea and tea biscuits too. She covered everything that makes tea a happy place! Thank you Brenda for each and every beautiful item.
Lovely Ms. Alena from Oregon gifted me the prettiest Currier and Ives Tea Mug. She said she fell in love with it when she found it. I was feeling a tad guilty because I love it as much as she did! I thin she might be one of those soul sisters we get to know in our lives. I will tell you, for a young lady  she chose some of the loveliest gifts for me. The book  The Excellent Wife, chocolate and tea and a beautiful book of verses. So perfect for me. I was over the moon with this package too. I really felt a connection with the four ladies I was involved with during the tea exchange. I was lucky enough to gift JoAnne in Texas a tea cup and Anna in Oregon a tea mug. I wish I had taken photos.
Here is my Currier and Ives Tea Mug from Alena. Isn't it just gorgeous? Thank you Alena.
This is the Tea Set I sent to Anna in Oregon. It included the mini teapot with a mug and lid and a cute teaspoon/teabag holder.
These are the other items I included. It was a fun experience. I think everyone involved in this exchange gave wonderful treasures. I am looking forward to the next week. Make sure you visit Stephanie's blog so you can see all the treasures. Have a great weekend.

Monday, November 6, 2017


I took this photo a few years ago with a wide lens because the momma goose was not a happy camper as I scampered by her brood. They are sure silly looking. Stop by Sandee's and say Aw....Mondays.
Here is a pinterest find and a black and white kitten in black and white. Everyone at Face Book was passing around doing a b/w photo, no people, no words. Not my style, laugh out loud, but I will share this sweetheart here too. Show this to Sandee and stop by for more !
Stop by Blue Monday and shares your blue today. It is really a blue Monday, cold and dreary. But I am busy indoors so I don't mind. Plus I have some yummy coconut Thai Chai tea. I'm happy today.

I am loving this tea. I don''t do a lot of caffeine. This is perfect and I like to make it with skim milk.
My hubby works so hard! He will be at his office today until nine o'clock tonight. He has a co worker that never uses her time off so unless she does by Dec 31 she will lose a ton of hours. He and Tony split the hours and the overtime is so helpful. Everyone at his office was making red or green chili today so he will not go hungry. He made a batch last night and put it in the crock pot to keep warm all day long. Love the newer settings on crock pots with the added "warming" setting, Love is...always makes me smile.
Ha Ha Ha! Ooh Maxine, your a bad influence. I found a bag of Mint Hershey's kisses. Must hide those from myself.
Sadness in our world. I keep trusting in my Savior. My favorite Target cashier lost her son, that she was shopping with, at the Thornton, Co. shooting on Halloween. he was 26 years old and the father of two with one on the way. Many shoppers were trapped inside the store. Their fire doors have an automatic 30 second timer on them to stop shoplifters. Merchandise, not lives is more important to billionaireWal-mart. Very tragic. I believe in 100 percent #nonotoriety  for these shooters, which shows me main stream media loves a good story nothing more. If they cared one bit about victims they would never show the shooters face. Nick's BFF made our local and national news. He is a young cop in our town and seeing him on T.V. sent chills down my spine. He is like my own child. Prayers please for all.
I miss the simplicity of life. Today it is so complicated and the more demands I see, the more tragedy seems to follow.
Thinking of my mom and dad today. Rebekah and Zach will be married Dec 2. Time is going by quickly. My mom's 16 year anniversary will be Nov 16. A bittersweet day for me. She was my lifeline when I needed to talk.
My mom was a woman of wisdom, she always told me, when life gets hard, pray harder. Have a beautiful day.
A surprise will be on the way to Diane once she sends me her mailing address. I will draw the other two winners before the end of next week. Congrats Diane! she was the first winner in my blog giveaway with Tea/Coffe favorites.

Still having blog woes at the other newer blog. Google and Blogger do not communicate. I can not see comments. No matter what I do the comments at My Tata's Cottage are gone. If you visit there please leave comments here. If you left a comment there for the giveaway let me know. Just send me an e mail or  leave all the info here :
1) Favorite Tea or Coffee?
2) Chocolate, do you love it, what kind?
3) Your favorite color

Just follow me at both blogs and leave comments here. Confusing, Just e mail me. I apology for the silliness of nerdie non techies like myself.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I am delaying the giveaway for a few days simply because I have 16 comments from the original post at My Tata's Cottage and they are hanging in limbo and I cannot read them. I want to be fair to those who follow me there and so if anyone left a comment there and not here please let me know. Oh my goodness, this is not how I wanted November to start out.
This pinterest find, pretty scalloped edge tea cup is simply beautiful. I will make my giveaway worthwhile. I have three different gifts to award three people. I just want to be completely fair and appreciate all of you. I do not have great IT skills and a nice person at the blogger forum gave me some good info. I have to navigate through it all.
I have been blogging 8 years as of today. I started this blog to talk about Tinkerbell, our middle daughter's little rescue poodle. She had been diagnosed with liver disease and passed away in May 2010.
Say a prayer for me if you are a praying person. If anyone has any simple ideas to share regarding this google vs. blogger please let me know. I will return to have my hubby select the winners. If you left a comment at My Tata's Cottage please let me know so I can update the info here. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Are you celebrating? We hand out candy to the kids and we get bunches of them especially the really cute lil ones. Some area businesses have treats for the kids too. we are having cooler weather so I am not sure if we will have the kids we had last year when it was warmer weather. Tomorrow they say we may hit the 70's.
Charles Schultz had a way with kids and writing great children's stories. I still love watching the specials during the holidays.
Times have changed and so has the all American baseball. Are you a fan? Since neither one of the teams I love are in the world series I did not want to watch it. But it has been a great series. Will the Houston Astros take it tonight or will they go the distance, the best of 7 and see the LA Dodgers win it all?

Prayers for New York City and those who lost loved ones and those who were injured in today's terror attack.
This was Halloween three years ago. I was still employed and I remember it was windy outside. But I had my talking candy dish and it was a fun day.
I have always loved this quote.

My sister Mary and I on All Soul's Day. Today it is called All Saint's Day.  Our mom's oldest sister, Auntie Mary had a closet filled with hand sewn costumes for Catholic school kids. My sister was wearing one. There were many different orders of priests and nuns. I believe I wore that same hand made halo in a Christmas play where I was the angel holding the star over the baby Jesus in the manger. My uncle Sam Cosimano made that halo and also the star from the Christmas play. We always had great fun on Halloween and All Soul's Day.

Have a terrific night!