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Friday, October 23, 2020

Feline Friday and More


Seven and 1/2 years coming up for this tiny terror. Except now he is big and brawny and a true scardey cat!

Ellen and Lorianne co host this fun blog hop and here are the questions this week, each of of these great ladies thinks up these questions.

1. I might _______________.

2. I want to __________before Fall is over.

3. If my house were haunted,____________.

4. __________is the scariest thing that ever happened to me. 

My answers:

1. I might have our garage cleaned by 2021!

2. I want to throw leaves up in the air before Fall is over and hopefully see more colorful trees.

3. If my house were haunted, I hope it is Casper the Friendly Ghost!

4. Seeing loved ones suffer in anyway is the scariest thing that ever happened to me. I have had not one, or two but three neurosurgeries and that wasn't the scariest thing to ever happen to me. I have a memory of seeing little Brody black out from hitting his head on the coffee table and seeing the pain in our son Jeremy's eyes. I saw the pain of loss in the yes of my loved  ones when we lost Alastor Avery last summer. I saw my husband's pain when he lost his dad and then mom and I remember my own losses. Grateful to know Jesus to help me deal with all that pain.

Hannah and Jake spent an anniversary vacation traveling through several National Parks in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. They were able to spend some time with Jake's sister and also took two of the nieces on a trip. What a fun adventure they all had.

Tomorrow, October 24th marks the first anniversary of these two and their marriage. What a blessing Jake has been to our phamily. We love our girl and have never seen her so incredibly happy. They make a sweet couple and get along so well. Wishing them a wonderful anniversary.

Hannah and Jake love Jack and Sally. In fact, Hannah, who is quite artistic painted their guest bedroom with them.

If you keep CHRIST in the center of your marriage you will overcome any obstacle. He will always love and guide you no matter the circumstances. 

Happy First Anniversary Hannah and Jake. May you be richly blessed in the coming years and celebrate many more years of love. Cherish each other always. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020


 Princess Sassy Pants can make you smile. Me too!

A perfect Thankful Thursday breakfast. I like the plate and tea cup and saucer and the egg in the cup reminds me of my mom. She could make any type of egg to perfection. I sure miss her, even after all these years have gone by since she left this earth.

I am not sure Mister Kitty or Daphne would be up for a tea party but this fine fellow seems to be enjoying it.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Happy Tuesday and More


Finn, Loki and Thor made themselves at home in Rebekah and Zach's bed. I thought Mister Kitty was pushy! HaHaHa! That's why they call it a "dog's life" I guess. Please visit Happy Tuesday and as always, I like to remember spending time with Angela and Tuesday Show and Tails.

Oh Maxine, I think you are 100% right on today! Peace and quiet are so important and yet none of us seem to get enough of those two things. The cooler weather is slowing our garage progress.  So much happening and you would not believe it if I told you.  So I am trying to keep my blogs up and not doing it very well. The days seem shorter and the nights longer.  I am not a darkness fan so when the dark skies fill up my space I lose energy and get tired. I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

I am very appreciative of all of you. I don't like to miss out on visiting and seeing everyone everyday, but somedays just simply get away from me. I am working on a new organization plan and feel it will help me. As I get older, I guess I move slower. When I was young, my co worker, Twana would say to me, you are so organized you have your paperclips facing the same direction in your desk! I would love to have those days back just for the organization.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Feline Friday with Aw...Mondays and More


I always love some police humor and feline police humor too. I know you all visited Feline Friday while I was cleaning out the garage. It is going to be a few more weeks because we had a rain delay. The cold weather hit hard and fast. Praying the fires are contained very soon. Our state is burning. 

Friendly Fill In's with Ellen and Lorianne I am leaving my answers here:

1. I have zero interest in ___________.

2. Note to self: _______________.

3. __________is my favorite treat,

4. If I were living in a horror film, I would __________.

My answers:

1. I have zero interest in political banter. I know how to vote. I Know who I am voting for and I can not understand the hatred, But I see what is happening and many are not prepared for what is coming.

2. Not to self: remember these two things:

     1. Turn off the T.V.

      2. Stay away from the bathroom scale!

3.  Tea and Scones are my favorite treat. The colder weather is making me think about baking.

4. If I were living in a horror film, I would be trapped in 24/7 365 days filled with political hatred in action.

I need hot tea and a scone, preferably blueberry N O W !

Aw...Mondays : Here are some Llamas from Peru to hopefully give you a smile or two. I imagine they stay nice and warm with their fluffy furry coats.

I love how no one looks like anyone else. Uniqueness at it's finest.

Three favorite Love is.... although the third one would be reversed. Like my father before, I tend to worry. My hubby is like his father and my mother, knowing what is coming yet trusting a much higher power then will ever live on this earth again!

A few prayer requests please: Joan who is struggling with the effects of chemo and her umpteenth round of breast cancer. She is a strong lady but even the strong find it hard to deal with with. She is one of the kindest ladies and has a heart of pure gold. 

Charlene is a longtime friend, has been dealing with neuropathy for a long long while. She has decided to allow them to amputate part of her leg. She is strong and resilient. Beautiful like her late mom too. It is funny I just found a letter from a friend from 2004 that had the article about Char losing her mom. Then she gave us this news. 

Prayers for these two special ladies would be so appreciated. 

Tea is my go to beverage for all of life's good and bad days. 

                              May it be blessed and beautiful and filled with all the colors of the rainbow. I will get  caught up commenting very soon. I am expecting to have a day or two to kick back and relax so I can visit everyone. Thank you for thinking of me and stopping by. 


Thursday, October 15, 2020



 Don't be a follower. At least not for anything of this world. This goat made me laugh out loud. Lots going on and not much else to say right now. Hope you got a kick out of this goat. I am thankful I found this to share!

Thankful this pro traveler had a good trip and a great visit with Hannah and Jake. He has more flight time then I do! He's four! He carries on his own bag and everything.  Thankful they are home and safe and sound. 

Mom and tiny girl were all getting ready to hop on a plane and come home.  Hannah did not snap a photo of Colton in the airport but she did in the truck:Thankful

Editing took away some of the photo. I am not a pro at any of this, I just love blogging. Thankful

Thankful this guy, Leo watches over the smaller pups. He is not as quick as he once was but he sure loves the little pups. Very thankful he came to us and we are giving him a good life and lots of room to roam. Our backyard is huge. He has had lots of room to roam.  Please visit Thankful Thursday

My thoughts are always with Annie from McGuffy's Reader when I find the best quotes to share. John Wooden was an amazing man. Read up about him, he was a great guy and you will learn lots if you don;t already know who he was.
Finally, thankful for my heritage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020