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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mondays Are Fun

I was reading an article about the latest Royal Wedding. Than I found this kitty dressed for tea time with the Queen. I had to share it with Sandee and everyone at Aw....Mondays. If Monday's are tough, these sweet shares should make you smile. I am hoping my Kentucky Derby hat arrives before the big Derby Day. I nearly forgot to order one. I will share it next weekend. This pillbox style hat is quite chic in lavender.
These dress up cats had me cracking me. This Captain America is a real live hero. Saving natnip across the USA. Maybe Blue Monday will apreciate the feline humor too. Stop in for all your blues.
This small boy has had a rough couple of days. Cleared of any life changing and difficult one in a million aliments, he isn't quite sure someone isn't going to poke or prod him once more. He is a precious boy and we are so grateful for all the prayer he received during these past two months. If I could eradicate all the horrible childhood illnesses with a magic wand I would do it! I do not like to see children suffer. It truly break my heart. I don't mean to sound selfish, but I am very grateful this grandboy is healthy and growing so quickly. I pray each day for his life, I want him to be a happy child. I will always reach for God.

Blaise Pascal was a child prodigy. As a child myself I always found stories of him to be delightful and even as a child I found his faith to be extraordinaire. I admired his intellect in Mathematics and during the difficult days while waiting for a diagnosis for our little grandbaby I kept remembering these words, attributed to Blaise Pascal:
My faith has helped me more than anything else in this world filled with uncertainties. I am grateful each day that I know God and share such a personal relationship with Jesus.
McGuffy's Reader asks us to share some kindness each Monday or something postive. I thought another quote attributed to Blaise Pascal was on point,
Years ago Roseann Barr did a comedy routine where she called herself a "Domestic Goddess". My kids were small back then and I liked the sound of that. It sounded so glamours instead of being a housewife or someone's mother or wife. God bless Roseann ,she got me through some difficult days with that goddess routine. Thanks Love is...for the memory and reminder of being a domestic goddess
Telling my age, (chuckling) but I remember singing this catchy little song when I was a kid. As a young mother with mountains of laundry, I learned to balance my prayerful time with God while I sorted laundry and washed and dried our clothes. Something I took from Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham. She said when her own children were small, she found the best personal moments she could share with God were during her laundry chores. I love doing laundry to this very day.
Oh Maxine, a long time ago savings and loan businesses would give you small household appliances for opening an account with them. When I was married my mother gave me an iron. I told my mother it was written in my marriage vows that I did not have to participate in such an activity. She gave me the iron anyway.
Another week is upon us. I hope your's is simply amazing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My 30 Day Dress Up Challenge: In Progress

I have been feeling truly under the weather or better yet, under the bus!  I have been away but I have been trying to keep up with the 30 day Dress Up Challenge. Allora and Nancy at LuLaRoe Allora and Nancy are challenging all of us to dress up for 30 days. I have a lot of LuLaRoe pieces particularly dresses and skirts so I am trying to do this challenge. It started on April 12 and run until May 12, 2018. I'm posting my dress up days so far here:
When I watch Harrison he loves when I wear my LuLa dresses and tops and leggings with Disney characters, especially Mickey and his BFF Donald. THis Carly is dedicated to Donald Duck and he looks good here. This was Day 1 April 12, 2018.
A LBD is always fashionable and I love the cute animal print Shirley as a cover up. This is Day 2, April 13, 2018.
A bright Nicole did cheer me up for a few minutes. I was sad knowing my cute Premier Design Jewelry necklace "Blanca" is going to be retired in 2018 but it looked cute with this dress, This was April 14, 2018.
Anne Klein sandals doll up my black lace bell sleeved  Maurine and I added my PDJ Daisy Chain necklace. This is April 15, 2018.
Elizabeth Hegge put this cute outfit together for me. The mustard colored Maxi dress/skirt pulls the pretty mustard color from the Irma top while the Blue Sweater Joy does the same with the flecks of blue in the top too. This was April 16, 2018.
Yesterday we had 90 MPH high winds. The giant dead tree next door tore branches across our front yard and ruined our once cleam landscape with wood chips and weed barriers. We were lucky, people lost the roof on their home and 100 year old trees were tossed aside like toys. A lady heading into work was a few blocks from her place of business when a construction sign ripped across her car causing serious damages. She was very fortunate to be frightened but unjuried. My dark gray Carly with black pattern did not photgraph as well with the wind outside and not enought indoor lighting. This was April 17, 2018. The photo looks like I felt, B L A H !
My dark gray Julia with black sleeves and a sweater lighter gray Joy  makes me smile. Tonight the air was calm and we are grateful. Many fires are raging. Prayers are always welcome.

We were able to watch our cute little grand boy Brody this weekend. He was delightful. He loved his PaPa walking with him. He is not a lay down kinda boy.
He's so darn handsome and a good baby. He had his two month appointment today. He weighs 11 lbs. and is 22 inches long. He is a perfect boy in our eyes. His Papa was so calm and kind toting him around and enjoying his company. Grandchildren are true gifts from God.
I need a little humor to close my post tonight. It has been a long while and I miss you all. Prayers for the grandbabies are always welcome too. Thank you.
Oh Mother Nature, this was too cute to pass up. Everywhere, everyone seems to have a wild ride left with Winter. One friend said, I took a nap only to wake up to see snow blowing around my yard. Welcome to Spring.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


A rousing game of chess for these felines and their canine friend. I wonder who won? Stop by Sandee's and visit all the fun shares.
I hope you will visit Annie and share some kindness today. A true statement here. Faithful furry friends/
Maybe you will enjoy the blues with Blue Monday. I think Spring may truly be in the air. We saw our Colorado Rockies get beat by the Atlanta Braves at home today. we were happy the air was nice, except for some wind. When baseball season is here I hardly think about much else.
Most everyone here knows why I love baseball. Having endured another year withiut my dad, this past week, I feel happy and sad when I visit the ballpark. He would have loved knowing Colorado had a major league team. I love baseball, because everything I know about it, I learned from him. Watching those Brave's hit today, I noticed they have that "old school" approach to hitting. Keeping your eye on the ball is what it is all about. A handful of our Rockie players have that same approach. Often fans see a player having a great season and they automatically assume they will go to bat and hit homer after homer, I think it gets into the head of some of these guys and they lose their real focus. "Keep your eye on the ball". Here is some good advice from an old school classic and first rate gentleman:
Ah....Joltin Joe, the Yankee slugger. Not a lot of classy guys like him in the major league today. It's all about the money. Joe played with heart and grace and dignity. He felt he owed his very best to the fans, everytime he played the game/
Even athletes can be encouraged by the word of God/
Love is...always has the perfect reminder for me. The middle one, sweet, because marriage is all about giving and taking. It's called balance. Three is better than one.
Maxine has an opinion on everything, even ball players and recliners. You were blessed with two for one today with Maxine.
I almost forgot about Grumpy Cat. Aw...c'mon feline in a funk, Monday's aren't always so bad. Enjoy your week everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Always a difficult time of year for me. As much as I love the Springtime, I have experienced so much loss during these months of February, March, April and May. Just a perfect share for me.

 Snoopy can always make me smile. Thanks for the Right words when life can be difficult.
Do you know people who will talk over you? Not only is it incredibly rude it is also extremely disrespectful. I am so glad I was raised better than that. This little chart has some very wise advice. Good words of wisdom.
I don't mean to sound grumpy. Life is hard sometime. That is why I surround myself with the Saviour.
Wise words and words I am sure my mom would share if she were still here.
I wish you all a glorious Easter. We are going to attend a service tomorrow and have a simple SONday dinner. Nothing too fancy, ham and scalloped potatoes, a tossed salad and veggies.
Say hello to Sandee who graciously hosts Aw...Mondays, wordless Wednesday and Friday Felines. A fine looking feline fellow this one is. He is counting his money from the Easter Egg Hunt. Stop by and say hello to Sandee today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday's Show and Tail

This is Seamus. He resides at the hot springs resort we visited a few  weekends ago. What a great fellow he is. Very personable. The lady who feds him and other animals who live there, slept in and boy oh boy did they make a lots of noise. They wanted their morning grub. It was a sight to see. Seamus runs with the sheep.Remembering Tuesday's Show and Tail with Angela. Those were some fun days!

I am always and forever trying to find things to be grateful for. If you start a list, you will be surprised at what you are truly grateful for!
I often feel just like Snoopy. Somedays are more taxing than others and many of them are just plain fun!
Loving my grands and enjoying time with some of them. Not so much with others. But I would be with all of them always and forever if I were allowed.
Ideas for Easter Baskets this year. The grands in Longmont don't eat candy so a gift card may be in order. I am thinking books....I love books!

I am late posting this but have a terrific night and see you tomorrow for another share with Wordless Wednesday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


I start something and sometimes it never gets finished. Lately, I have been thinking about AlphabeThursday and the fact that May 16, 2016 was the last time we heard from Jenny on her blog. She was magnificent at what she did for all of us.  I may just post my own version of Alphabe Thursday and try to keep it up from A to Z.  I have kept up with Jenny and sent letters and cards but I don't know anyone who has heard anything from her. I do know she moved but other than that, nothing else. so I will try to get the alphabet done in 28 weeks of A to Z.
Now I hope you will visit Sandee and share your favorite Aw....Monday animal post.
This friendship is really something and the person who took the photo really had a gem of a photo op! So sweet.
Blue skies and bright Spring like pink flowers.  The perfect combo for Blue Monday. We have snow tonight and dark skies but I love seeing a bright blue sky. Makes me smile. So visit Blue Monday and share your favorite blue today.
RIP Stephen Hawking. I have always loved this quote attributed to him. The most intelligent man in the world and lived a long life with a horribly devastating illness. I was saddened by his death but smiled at the remarks of his children who all said he was the kindest person they ever knew. I do believe life is what you make it. Thanks for all the memories Stephen Hawking. You were an amazing human being. Please visit Annie and share something positive and enlightening today.
This is a tiny faker. Somehow I believe newborn babies contemplate how they can control their parents from the moment they lay eyes on that baby. This little guy likes late night wide awake times and daytime sound sleeping. Laughing out loud, because our son Jeremy was a night owl too. Like father, like son. Babies make me smile and my life is good because of it.
Maxine seems fitting today. She and Brody would great along famously. When I saw the caption about Mr. Coffee, I thought about Joe DiMaggio. Do you remember him hawking Mr. Coffee on T.V. commercials? If you love baseball like I do you will know "Joltin' Joe", the "Yankee Clipper".
Did I mention baseball is in the air? Coming to a city near you in a few short weeks.
A terrific application to life.