Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Time

I miss Angela at She use to host Tuesday Show and Tails. She is an awesome breast cancer survivor and her life became so busy that she gave up this precious Tuesday smile. I am going to try to post my favorites here on Tuesday and change my blogging posts a bit. I tend to post A L O T ! So I am going to move some of the things I share around. This photo of Leo is a favorite, For a huge pet he is quite kind and as long as he can scout out the rabbits running wild and chase them through the yard he is a happy camper. My niece Mary in California, raises "rabbit pets" and even she is not a fan of the wild ones running everywhere. I read that a female can produce as many as 29.4 babies in one breeding season! These naughty rabbits are still running wild in my neighborhood. They love to taunt Leo and we have locked them out from under our front porch. Now to remove their colony from under our backyard shed. We do this humanely so no one is harmed, But we still see them scurrying about searching for food and shelter and the city is no help at all controlling their population.

Love is.. always makes me smile.
Maxine is right on this one! One more week of snowy cold weather and I would be delirious too!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Have A Blessed and Beautiful Week

Anytime I read Scripture in the Book of James I remember my father and how he truly lived all the things he read here.
I was raised to be kind. My folks were shining examples of  kindness . I went to school with other kids, primarily BoJons, like myself and Mexican kids. We all had fathers who worked, for the most part, in the C F and I Steel Corp. My friend Karen's father, born in SLOVEnia known as Yugoslavia, long ago, he worked in the meat packing plant.  It was another place of employment that lots of dad's enjoyed benefits for their phamilies and good wages. We formed bonds with the kids we attended school with. Life was simple, we were happy. We did not go home and listen to hateful talk. We lived simple lives, filled with much love and kindness. We knew nothing about prejudice. I am grateful I try to hang on to those values. It is not easy, there is a lot of dissension everywhere and sometime even those we love best  follow the popular choices even if they are the wrong ones.

 Your actions always reflect who you really are. It is often difficult to be kind.Much of the media shows the world filled with meanness, division, hatefulness.  I trust God. I pray. I don't want to see people hurting each other. I want to see us all come together and work for the good of our nation.
Knowledge is great! But we often speak before we think.  We should all learn to be a little kinder.
Garfield is not  fan of the icy cold winters. He likes to sleep in the sunshine. We just finished round two of a big cold front . Now some sunshine. Always grateful for the sun shining.
Now that football is winding down and my team isn't going to the Super Bowl so I am thinking about Springtime and baseball.
My grandmother had these photos and most of them were not dated or noted who was in the photo. This is an unknown phamily around 1932.

Scripture makes me happy.
Aw...Mondays - these cats are so funny! I hope you stop by with Sandee and say hello.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pretty Pink Saturday

I have collected the sweet figurine Precious Moments since 1983. I often kid my sister that the hospital where our dad spent 38 days on ICU should have renamed their gift shop for my sister and I.
This is one we received for our wedding.
Here is a phamily of puppies. I have a similar figurine with mom, dad and five babies! That would be our phamily.
This little boys face is priceless and very sad. I love this figurine and all the ones that feature little boys. There are so many that I have, probably 125, and I could tell you a story behind each and every one. The artist behind these precious moments is a wonderful man, Sam Butcher, with his own story to tell.

I recently started to collect the ornaments. I try to find them in duplicate so I can give my sister one and I keep the other. She gave me so many Precious Moments figurines in the past. Do you collect anything? Do you love the Precious Moments? I hope you will stop by Pink Saturday and visit Beverly and thank her for always hosting. Have a blessed and beautiful week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Greatest of These is Love

 This kitty looks like my Mr. Kitty. But I don't know the cute puppy. I thought Sandee would love this and maybe some folks who share with us each Monday for Aw....Mondays.
I am not seeing a lot of love lately.. I have been preoccupied and may be more sensitive to it . My friend Barb lost her dad last week and is reconnecting with her siblings. I have been busy in prayer. Lorna has been crazy busy, her dad fell and broke his hip but waited for a day to go to the doctor. Then he had a couple mini strokes. They sent him home today and she asked for more prayer. She doesn't think he is ready to be home already. Love. It is what makes this world go round so I like seeing it. I don't like seeing battle lines being drawn. People attacking others or saying hateful or hurtful things. I am going to talk and share love as much as I can!
I have been trying to find this little Precious Moments figurine. She is called Friends Write from the Start! She reminds me of Barb who was my first pen pal and we were 13 back then! So I am going to think of her each time I smile at this little figure.
Do you know that I wouldn't  know Sandee if I hadn't first known her good friend Mike? I knew him from blogging and social media and now I love seeing them both here each week for Aw....Mondays. Deena (Parsley) introduced me to Karl (Iggy) here. Barb started me on the path of blogging. I have all these awesome friends because of someone else or something. I love it!

Susan and Yvonne were high school classmates. They are two of the many reasons I use social media.Tom and Jerry is our favorite cartoon. Susan posted something at social media, she makes me laugh at least ten times a day! It was a Tom and Jerry meme.So I shared another here for her and Yvonne. I just did one of those questionaires where you answer each question about your likes or dislikes. Yvonne was tired of the politics too. She made me smile. Even if Jeanne is away from Blue Monday for a while longer I can still share my blues.
Wind turbines near Salina, Kansas. We will be heading there in May for Nick's college graduation. We just made our hotel reservations and have shared all our information with our other kids. It is something we look forward to.
Love is...can make me smile but I know so many who could use this simple advice.
Oh Maxine, you better behave because the IRS will be watching you! But I believe my W-2 will say "R u kidding????"
 I always remember He is the light of the world.

Zach and Rebekah having a lunch break at the Denver zoo. we always pack our own lunch. What fun we had this past Saturday.
Jayden and Michael having lunch too. That Michael is the quietest and most chilled out lil fellow. Jayden is a walking question machine? Why? What is that? How come? They are so sweet and I sure love them to pieces.
Lambie Pie has a serious Zoo face. We watched him for an hour last night while the kids went to the gym. He sat on the sofa with his grandpa and ate a cookie. I need to get that photo off Grandpa's phone. It was priceless. This one keeps you moving quickly. No time to stop and rest. He is a tiny walking machine!
This squirrel appeared to be preparing for more wintry days with this hunk of bread he was toting! It looked like a hotdog bun until he got closer, I think he scored a loaf of bread!
Michael's expression, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze, someone pick me up. I am small, my legs are tired!"
Rebekah is like the "Child Whisperer'. These little ones all flock to her. She also has an amazing way with the Zoo animals. They all want to be her friend!
This Silverback Gorilla was being a bit camera shy. One of the Great Ape momma's had a new little girl last February 2016. The volunteer said she did not learn how to walk until November 2016 because momma was so protective. We could not get their photo. Momma was like, "Oh no you don't!"
Here is a 1959 photo of part of big beautiful BoJon Phamily frommy mom's side of the phamily. I love my Phamily! Each and every single one of them!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Words to Ponder

This made me smile and laugh all together! I hope you stopped by Sandee's  and join the Aw....Mondays fun! do you remember the silly popular song from a few years ago, "I Like Big Butts And I Can Not Lie?" It was silly and I see where this photo got that idea for this caption. Rose is very friendly to Leo. He is a big dog and she is a small cat. She is picky about who her close friends are. 

If we are lucky enough to see it, a blue moon will appear next on January 31,2018. I love these photos especially because after my mammogram today and lovely breakfast cooked up by the hubby, he took me to see the movie Hidden Figures. It is an excellent movie and I would see it if you haven't already. It is about the NASA Space Program and the African-American women who worked it in. Wow! All the math you need to send someone into space. It boggles my mind! I hope you will see this movie. I had hoped to stop by and say hello to Jeanne at Blue Monday but she is still without internet and it could be two months before they have it again! I will still share my blue moon and hope you mark your calendar for January 31, 2018.
Love is...sometime doing silly things together. Today we had frigid temps and a snowy morning. We almost did not make it out of our appointment parking lot. Everything in lots of older neighborhoods are up a hill and down a winding road. Not great for icy roads and cars slipping and sliding about! But we made it out alive and we are grateful!  So we came home and finished clearing our walks. The city wants them done by nine a.m. but while the snow was still falling, what is the point, seriously? We make the best of these cold and snowy days. I am very grateful all the kids got back and forth to their jobs without incident. At least the sun came up and melted lots of the street snow. Our driveway  start up that driveaway or slide back out on the street! Ah...the joys of snow and living your whole life in it!

Oh Maxine, you are crabby and yet you can make me laugh! Maxine, created by a gentleman, is something else!
Some favor words to share with you here.  Knowledge is power but if you have character you will earn respect.

Bruce Lee was a favorite of my hubby. He fought for Asians to have a voice in Hollywood and not be reduced to merely the hired help alongside the star of the T.V. series he starred in, The Green Hornet. He was so much more than just a martial arts expert. Many people do not know very much about him. It is sad he passed away so young. My hubby still has his Jeet Kun Do book about the martial arts he founded.  He was very talented. What a great loss .
Our country needs to stop the hatefulness and come together and make our nation great again. This says it best.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vintage Pink and God's Goodness

I love these vintage kitchen appliances. Do you prefer pink or the turquoise?
This kitchen is something! I think I would change the paint and back
splash and tile! I think some pretty cherry cabinets or bright white ones would look lovely. I like all these vintage looks.. Stop by Pink Saturday and wish Beverly and some Pinkies a Happy New Year bathed in pink goodness.
Beautiful skies bathed in pink and purple and shades of blue over Hawaii. Perfection.
All that pink goodness over the waters of Hawaii. God's artwork at it's finest.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Laughter is Good Medicine

Up with the chickens on this bitter cold and snowy day. The beauty of snow is deceiving. forget about that path I dug to the kids cars and for the mail carrier. Ha! It's gone, replaced by mounds of fresh, heavy glistening snow. I think God really does have an extremely strange sense of humor, He makes us enjoy this white stuff because he sprinkles glitter on it and makes us sit back and think, He is really in charge of us isn't He? I shot this from my front door at 6:33 A.M. The hubby was making a driveway path to barrel out of and I was cleaning the walk ways.
My honey had to trudge through the white stuff and drive himself to the bus. Those days of driving with all the crazies are over for me! It snows, I stay inside! I like it that way! Rebekah works at the Denver Tech Center so she had to drive to her bus and transfer to the light rail. Hannah's preschool is open for business, most other schools are shut down today. Once the snow clears enough to go out, I do believe I will go to DQ but I am a "Buster Bar" girl! I have fond memories of my old friend Sandy Fleming telling me that they had to make those by hand when she was a teen working at her local DQ! That's why I love them so much, reminiscing about the days when kids worked hard and grew up to be responsible adults. Life changes too quickly.

I hear the US is pretty much in a deep freeze. Elsa might be mad at all of us! She has too much cold power!
I could not resist this one!
Or this one either!
My crafty grand girl Christal made these awesome Bronco Snow People!  She made Noelle the Dallas Cowboy Snow People too. I love you and Alex and the kids Christal! Thank you!
They also gave us their beautiful phamily photo on the right side. I love my phamily!
Jeremy is very blessed, he is able to work from his home. Bandit decided this was a great makeshift bed to rest in! The old gent will turn 16 years old April 29, 2017 which happens to fall one day before the first anniversary of Jeremy and Brittany's wedding! Time travels so quickly.
Nick is suppose to be peeling my potatoes so we can make Potato Cheese Soup. we bought extra loaves of bread too so we can add some crusty goodness to our lunch and dinner today. The hubby made green chili and it is delightful too.
He also prepared a batch of homemade refried beans for tostadas and smothered burritos. Oh we have so much good food to eat in this cold weather!
There is nothing like the real deal, homemade!
Maxine is not a huge fan of snow either! But she isn't a fan of much of anything is she?

I am suppose to be getting my jewelry ready for my January clearance sale. I want to ring in the new year with a huge sale on all the pretty bling rings! I also have so much additional jewelry and need to make way for new pieces headed my way next week. I am offering a big sale. I plan to add a Face Book page and invite folks to come over and shop this sale! I am so happy because I won $150 in new jewelry for beating my best month! It was November and I worked extra hard to make this happen. Now to pick out what new pieces I want...hmmmm..... working extra hard with this awesome company is more fun than work! Playing with jewelry is the best!

Yesterday was the 16th birthday my momma spent in heaven. I love this poem, it says so much. But yesterday was a tough mentally challenged day for me. So I did not post anything. If she were here, momma would say:
My momma could comfort me anytime and anyplace. I think it is sad so many do not love their mothers the very best.
My momma had God on her mind everyday and every moment of her life. She would gently remind me, others time she would just tell me, if praying hard doesn't seem to be working, pray harder! Jenny Matlock, a dear friend, painted these words on a piece of wood for me. Life is hard, pray harder!
Until tomorrow, take care my friends and thank you faithful folks so come here just because you care.