Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Fun Day

His for Happy! I wanted to share  a happy post today and that H in the Alphabet was fitting. Also handsome, handy, hilarious and heart felt. All wonderful H shares.

The groom looks perplexed! The bride look as though her Vera Wang gown did not fit! You know they say, you don't wear Vera Wang, Vera Wang wears you!
The dogs look like they are in love. He looks proud and she is thinking how did she get so lucky catching Mr. Right? I bet Sandee at Aw...Mondays will find the perfect pet wedding here today.

A little wedding poem. I bet the folks at  Blue Monday will enjoy it. Because Jeanne is taking a vacation, forgive me for not having the link to our current hostess.

I never tire of these Love is... now I have more reason to love them. Our middle daughter Rebekah got engaged this weekend. Although we all knew and she was totally clueless. Last Monday our future son-in-law asked for our blessing. It was so emotional and so wonderful. We love Zach already so he will fit right in with all of all of us.

The sparkly and beautiful engagement ring.
The happy couple.
We will happily start planning a wedding as soon as they decide on their perfect date.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"G" is for Good Friends, Thursday and Friday Things

This just in....Layla got to come home last Thursday! Yay! This poor lil lady had surgery at the vet's office and she was sad. They said she had kidney failure but actually ended up diagnosing her with Pyometra. She had not been spayed and when they removed her uterus it was over 7 bs. in weight very dangerous for a sweet girl! She looks quite fit and happy and we know Mr Trek is guarding their house waiting patiently for her to return.
Layla is a very good dog. A bit goofy in her mannerisms but a real sweetheart. Glad she is on her way home.

Good friends, Barb who I have known since we were young teens when we were pen pals. This was in 1977 before her wedding. Wow! Time flies quickly. She encouraged me to blog now I am encouraging her to start blogging again. I like to think of it as a journal and some days get away from me.
My friend Lynette and her beau Snooks. They were at Cripple Creek last week and they some awesome ice sculptures there. I have known her since we were kids riding tricycling. We went through many difficult personal crisis during the years of friendship and here we are, all these years later.Still knowing each other and keeping in close contact.
Monica and her late father at her wedding to Carlos. We were co workers and she was a really kind heart.
Linda doesn't blog much these days with their market coffeehouse in Sterling, Kansas but I was blessed to meet her in November 2014 before Nick ran a Cross Country race there. She is a sweetheart. A true person and kind heart. She has a delightful hubby too and their oldest daughter Tressa is a sweet young woman.

Some pretty pink clouds for Pink Saturday. I love how the sky changes in just a matter of moments. I don't think most people care much about such simplicity. They are involved in a no win battle against each other. Our country is so filled with hate, I choose to depend on God and His artistic beauty that He surrounds us with. It is beautiful and calming. I stop and am always grateful for all that He gives to me.

Just sweetness from Love
Oh Maxine!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"F" is for F A M I L Y and F R I E N D S

I am trying to keep posting these alphabet words and make a post with them. Today I share the letter "F". I will write about "Family" although if you know me very well you know I am a "PHAMILY" girl. It stems from my days with Princess House and the PH stands for simply princess and house. Anyway you look at "family" they are such an important part of our heritage and needed simply to keep society intact.

I have always treasured this Lois Wyse quote.

Three of my grandchildren with their father. Left to right, Colton, Andrew and Christal with their dad Roger. Colton is the father of Harrison James (1), Andrew is the father of Jayden and Michael. Christal has three children, Jaslin (13), Alexis (11) and Devin (9). so that much make me the "Great: Grandmother!. Hmmm.....
This is the little grand girl Addy (9) with her mom Brittany and our son Jeremy. These kids were at Disneyland last month and they took this photo with Donald so they could share it with me. She shares a love of Barbie with me.
Harrison with his daddy Colton. When he sees his daddy he starts to chant "Da Da Da"! He turned one on February 10th.

Jayden (5) and Michael (1 1/2) with their Grandpa Roger. Jayden is the talked, Mr. Chatty and his little brother is the quiet one. He is also so calm and he has come a long way from his days as a tiny baby who only wanted the attentions of his mom and dad.

Here goes  dad Alex, Devin, Jaslin and Alexis. Gosh I love my family/phamily. Tomorrow I will continue with friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

'E" is for Emergency and Other Fun FIlled Valentine's Day Treats

Ah....Valentine's Day! some love it, others think it is too commercial. I enjoy it because I have a special someone to share it with and it is a heartful month with the reminder to check your heart, especially ladies!  I chose "E" for Emergency because of last night. Heart attacks for men are quite classic episodes. Griping chest pain, sweating, nausea and vomiting. Women the attack is more subtle jaw and arm pain. This is something I experienced after dinner last night. Grateful for the new emergency hospital five minutes from my home. I was there from 9 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. I feel very badly for my honey. He is working alone today until 3 P.M. when his other co worker comes in. Oh there are people who can pitch in and help but when it comes to their primary job he and Tony and Geraldine are masters at it!
I sent my sweet hubby home at midnight where he had 90 minutes of rest until he had to come back for me. I had a new blood test that can show heart muscle damage. Problem is they have to run it twice within two hours of each other and I was very grateful. It came back normal both times. I was told if it occurred again to go right back to the ER. Otherwise I will my doctor Friday and go from there. I also had a low potassium level . It is what it is. I just need to take it easy and slow down a bit.
This Love is...says it all.
Some days Maxine just tells it like it really is!
Say a prayer for this girl Layla. She is a boxer who belongs to Roger and Noelle. She got really ill really quickly and last night went to the Vet. She has kidney failure. She is resting comfortably there today as she needed surgery. Her cohort Trek is miserable at home without her. He is not a male dog person and does not play well with them but Layla, he loves this girl, even when he steals her treats. she is my share for my late Tuesday Show and Tail because I was hooked up to an assortment of machines at the ER so could not finish this post timely.

A gentle Valentine's Day reminder. May your day be beautifully blessed.

Monday, February 13, 2017

"D" is For Dogs Blue Monday Aw...Mondays

How about a few "dogs" to enjoy for my Alphabet share and also for Sandee and everyone who celebrates Aw...Mondays every week. These two are just about as cute as you can get.
A little humor for our men and women in "blue" for Blue Monday.
Please go here: Blue Monday and check out some of the Blues because Jeanne our former Blue Monday hostess had to give it up due to internet woes. Jeanne is one of the remarkable bloggers I met here. She has a caring heart and when our dear friend Sally passed away Jeanne took over Blue Monday.  I hate to see here go. Lots of folks are leaving blogging for various reasons and I just want to blog. I hope many of you will still stop by here. I sure appreciate each one of you and love your comments. I am slow getting around to all the blogs but am organizing them so I can get to you more quickly. There was a time I followed hundreds of blogs and so many just left without a word, many passed away and others had no desire for it. I feel it is a journal in a way for me. I look back and think , I wonder how I managed to get through that. With all of you. Thank you. May blessings cone to you today.

Friday, February 10, 2017

"C" is for Child and Other Friday Fun

Nick holding tiny Harrison James last year when he was a tiny child! Today he turned one.
Grandmama I really don't see the need to wear shoes! This photo was taken 5 days ago.
Harrison's most unfavorite word " N O "! He is quite dramatic too. Perhaps he will do some acting later in life.
We were sharing an Opal apple. He is saying "Grandmama, my apple, please". He loves crunching apple bites with his sharp little teeth. It is hard to believe he is already one. It was just yesterday we were waiting for him to make his appearance into the world.
The letter C is for child.

Little boys are treasures
Who are worth their weight in gold
And charm everyone around them
From the time they're hours old

They're mommy's little darling,
A special pal to dad,
And they bring the very happiest days
A family's ever had!

Author Unknown

Although Harrison James is one year old today and he is a bouncing boy with big blue eyes here is a poem about Pink just for Beverly and the Pinkies!

What is Pink?
~Christina Rossetti

What is pink? A rose is pink
By the fountain's brink.
What is red? A poppy's red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? The sky is blue
Where the clouds float through.
What is white? A swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? Pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? The grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? Clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!

Balloons for Harrison in blue and the Pink Saturday folks in Pink!
I am not sure what kind of birthday cake Harrison will have tomorrow at his party but I would choose this one for him. Nothing like Tigger and Pooh wishing you a Happy Birthday!
I sure love my BoJon Heritage and all the collection of characters in my phamily . We are all very blessed.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday Thoughts and More

I don't like social media,  I see so much negativity. I will get that out of the way right here and right now. I think our health care system stinks! I just had a very annoying experience at my providers office. It seems to me, doctors just don't care anymore.

I wanted to feel worse than I already do but then I saw one of our pastors in a brief clip sharing one of his sermons. He talked about being God's perfect creation. Of course, we are on a lifelong journey but these words I am going to carry everywhere I go.

I like these words from that Scripture best:

Hebrews 10:14New American Standard Bible (NASB)

14 For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are [a]sanctified. 

Anyone with a chronic illness can relate to this. I am blessed not to have any. 

Bicycle Fence. I have not had a chance to visit with Theresa at Good Fences so I found this unusual fence made with bicycles. I thought it was different and wanted to share it. Google has lots of fun things to share!
Here is another one. It is cute but not very practical. I thought the bicycle fences would make a good alphabet share too for the letter 

I hope you will stop by again very soon. I am trying to post here as often as I can. Sometime life just gets in the way. So I will do my very best. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


It is Wednesday and I can not really say how Monday and Tuesday got away from me! I had a nice post for Aw...Mondays, a Blue Monday share, and some other assorted things to share but life happens as they say!

I feel absent this week! So I am trying to make up for it here today. Yesterday the hubby took an entire day off work to work on the commodes in our two bathrooms. We received a letter from the city stating there is continuous  running water and they have been monitoring it since November 2016 They will charge us a much higher sewer charge if we do not take care of it. Politicians! U G H ! But my honey fixed them and so far we do not see any problems. I like the letter "A" as my first name begins with this awesome letter. I also thought being absent was a good choice to start my Alphabet Share today.

  I won this pretty art piece in a giveaway hosted by Jemma. it was sent to me by the artist Darren Gygi.

23 But refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce [a]quarrels. 24 The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged,
I thought this Scripture was a perfect fit. where has kindness gone in this world? We need more of it.
I read both of the books written by W. Bruce Cameron. The first one was given to me by a dear friend Myra. I loved the book more but the movie was sweet , the pets were delightful. I heard lots of bad rumors that someone saw animal abuse while filming. According to the books author and Dennis Quaid, the human star of the show, neither one saw this inappropriate behavior. I feel like this, if you saw it happening, why wait until the film's release until you shout it from the mountaintops? I think today people are so use to seeing others get their five minutes of fame, they think they deserve it too. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the movie and the various dogs who were in it. The books are very heartwarming. I recommend lots of Kleenex while reading them.

I have a Well Woman Check today with a new provider. When I called to schedule one, I told the gal helping me  I did not know who to see since my doctor does not do well woman checks. She suggested a brand new provider named Erin who is loved by many patients already. She got me in in three days! So I am going there shortly. I dread these appointments as well as dental appointments. I have a broken tooth, a possible cavity and need a cleaning. I already told the dentist I refuse to pay for his son's medical schooling! He is a very good dentist but his office is on the other side of town! It is worth the drive as he is honest and friendly and does a great job.
We are both Colorado natives. My dad was very proud to be one and we once gave him a T shirt bearing that. Colorado weather can change in a minute. Sunny skies yield to rain or snow or sleet or hail! We can have 60 degree temps today and a blizzard tomorrow. It is always a roll of the dice! Today we have temps in the 50's with wind, lots of wind!

We weren't fans of either team in Super Bowl 51 but we donned our Bronco tie dye shirts and watched the game. We have new tie dyed shirts coming for next season.
This Rogers Hornsby quote really gets me! Now I am dreaming about baseball, warmer weather and lots of gardening. Enjoy your day and may many blessings come to you. I will be catching up with comments left at my blog later today. Can't be late for my doctor appointment.