Sunday, February 23, 2020

Aw....Mondays My Girl Lulu and Love is....

My girl Lulu, Rebekah and Zach bought her a special steak for her second birthday today, SONday 23 February 2020. She is a doll. She is my featured girl for Aw....Mondays.
Here is our girl with Loki and Thor, when they were brand new puppies in April, 2018. We brought them home and they have been best friends since that time. Lulu is momma to Mollie and Finn. They love to destroy pet beds but I have a brown suede bed I purchased for Rose (RIP Feline Princess ) and she hated it. So they pups took it over. Lulu will be getting a new bed this week as it was delayed in being delivered. Mister Kitty bullies these pups out of the brown bed so I bought a blue one and a gray one. Lulu has first choice. I plan to buy three more so Mister Kitty and the pups all have a bed to snuggle in while they are with me. Don't feel bad for Leo. He has a comfy bed too and it is fit for a king.
I love baseball so it is finally here. Love is...shares my love of baseball today.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Thankful Thursday Feline Friday Friendly Fill- Ins and Pink Saturday

If you visit Thankful Thursday you can share something your thankful for. I spend my days with this wild bunch plus Leo. So I wanted to share them having a quiet moment minus Leo. I know he is close by as this bunch loves to hang out together. Thankful for their cuteness.
This beautiful getty images reveals the most dazzling green eyes. If you stop by Feline Friday you will see lots of feline friends and family .  Cats are interesting but very mysterious creatures. I have only known one feline, my Boots, who was a perfect gentleman and kind heart. All the other cats I know are terribly ornery.
If you visit Four-legged Furballs and 15andmeowing you will enjoy the company of Lorianne and Ellen. The each contributed to two of the questions for the Friendly Friday Fill-Ins.

Here are this weeks questions:

1.  I am trying to __________________.
2. I always _______________when ____________.
3. ____________has my seal of approval.
4. I would not recommend ___________.

Here are my answers:
1. I am trying to eat healthier and be more physically active.
2. I always use humor when I see someone hurting,sad or needing to share a smile.
3. Conservative thinking has my seal of approval.
4. I would not recommend supporting socialism in our great country.

Visit Pink Saturday and share your favorite things. I love tea and I found this google image to make me smile. It is pretty in pink.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Aw...Mondays/Tuesday Show and Tail and More

I meant to show this to you yesterday for Aw....Mondays. I told my youngest daughter, when we were young, Three Dog Night was a rock n roll band.
I love this! I thought Angela might get a smile out of this since we all have been dealing with the crazy weather this season. So today as I remember all the fun we had with Tuesday Show and Tails this one stole my heart. This canine is serious about his duty as a protector.
HaHaHa that's Colorado living!
Someone turned two today. He is a light in all of our lives. Master Brody Edward Robinson! He was contemplating life in the first photo back in 2018. Last year he was enjoying a first birthday bash. Saturday he was telling the Papa what movie he would like to watch. He loves his little brother. This boy is a joyful child. He loves his big sister. He wanted me to lay on her bed this weekend with him. I said no, she has a sign, please keep out on her door. He said, Oh, ok.
The joy of turning two goes hand in hand with this message. It is sweet for us, because we feel like we are watching a new version of his daddy grow up right before our eyes and boy do those memories flood us. Happy Birthday Brody.
We watched the two little ones so their big sister and mom and dad could go to a puzzle escape room. I love this capture These two are so sweet together. Plus their mommy Brittany had a birthday Saturday. So I am wishing a birthday wish and hug and kiss for mommy here too.

Brittany's mom and two of her brothers joined her, Addy and Jeremy for the fun. Happy Birthday Brittany!
Aw....Love is...has my heart with this message. Lemon in her tea. The hubby and I drink tea a lot in this crazy cold weather. His cough is back so prayers to get better would be appreciated please.
I do not advocate tearing out flower beds but I am not a great rider unless my son-in-law Roger is at the  controls. He drives a big ol bike and I trust him to take me for an occasional spin. We are law abiders not breakers like Maxine here. HaHaHa I figured since Sandee admires Maxine this one would be a great share for Happy Tuesday. My medicine is humor and laughter. I hope you enjoy these.

One more humor for the Tuesday morning folks. You need to laugh, it is good for the soul.
My grandson Colton lost his job yesterday. They lost Alastor Avery last summer and they have a new baby arriving this summer. Please pray he finds new work quickly. A new company bought out the old one and it appears that they wish to remove all the old employees. This is a difficult thing, I know because I was blind-sighted when I lost my job. I know we are not alone. I feel that everything happens for a reason and it seems hard because you still have your phamily to protect and feed and clothe. But I am praying better things head his way. He is a good kid and a hard worker. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Thankful Thursday…

I don't usually post go fund on my blog but this is phamily and this is tiny Logan.  I am thankful they were able to move him to the Pulmonary ward. He has had such a struggle. In and out of the hospital this round since before Christmas. Going home on Christmas Day only to be sent back a few days later. The medical bills for him are insane. So if you can help, even a few dollars, whatever you can do, please donate. Otherwise please pray. He seems to be getting stronger . He is a true warrior. He fights for every breath but he seems to be getting much better. Without specialists who know what is going on and especially because they specialize in Pediatrics his care has been excellent. Thank you for listening.
Grammie Noelle took this photo today when she visited him. He sure loves that mommy. He is such a sweet baby.  The three brothers would like to see him come home and stay home. Thank you for thinking of this little guy and praying too. thankful all the kind hearts here and thankful for Logan and his brother.
Praying for little ones will always come back full circle. No matter what life throws at them they will come back to what they know is good, decent and right. Please visit Thankful Thursday


These boys  are two years old today! Loki and Thor, brothers. You know I am never wordless. So let me direct you to Wordless Wednesday to stop and say hello.
Noelle asked for prayer for her friend Valerie's husband. Jason had a heart attack yesterday. Please pray.

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tails shares Happy Tuesday with us and I always remember the fun days of posting with Angela V. at Tuesday Show and Tails.
Oh Maxine......
This was a Cheech Marin post! Even an old stoner knows common sense isn't a free handout or even something you can buy. We need the patience of Job times ten million to muddle through social media nonsense. This humor was spot on.
 At social media someone attacked my granddaughter-in-law about why they have a go fund me account. Well she did not set it up. A very sweet lady who has a son who attends school with Jayden, their oldest boy did! The hatred is out of control. Instead of judging others get your soul in order. Stuff is happening quickly here in the USA. I am grateful to all who have donated to their fund. If you know anything about insurance, you will realize it is not free, it will leave you with a balance and having a child with medical in house bills since July 2019....need I say more? I prefer people to P R A Y for this sweet phamily. Thanks.
 This boy is a warrior! He fights like heck for his right to breathe.
 Greed and medicine do not mix. Yet is it everywhere. Enough said. I am late posting this. I had to rethink my thoughts. People are mean, please be kind.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Aw....Mondays and More

The gang is all here for Valentine's Day fun! Rebekah was able to capture this cute shot of the crew. They wish you a beautiful week filled with love and some mischief. Stop by Aw.....Mondays and say hello.
This cool kid turned four today. It feels like yesterday that I saw him for the very first time when he was born. Oh how time flies. He is the original cheeseburger kid and if you have extra treats he will always be your friend. Happy Birthday my little love.
I am in the mood to spread love! We need to every single day but this week ends on a sweet note. Do you have Valentine's Day plans? The hubby and I always share a nice meal but we go before or after the crazy crowds. Love is...makes love sweet.
We love having fun and we think love is super sweet!
This kids have a fun mini vacation in West Virginia and visited a couple state parks. They make love look fun and of course, sweet.
They took lots of photos with their camera and their phones. This was a favorite for us. Babcock State Park. Those two kids have the sweetest relationship.

I am always searching my bible and I love this verse.
Humor always helps in case I was getting to mushy here! One of the sweetest mom's I Know is Samone. I met her through a mutual friend Lyndsee when they both did LuLaRoe. Samone and her hubby have triplets, two boys and one girl. They recently had a single baby girl. They have a cute little phamily although three times three can often lead to much laughter because three year olds do the craziest stuff! This made me laugh out loud and cry happy tears! I pray for this sweet phamily always and love to hear stories. If you think the sister in the middle of two brothers can't hold her own, hahaha! She sure can!
Enjoy your week!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Feline Friday and Fill-Ins Plus More

When I wrote about National Cherry Month, Myra said when she was a kid she gorged herself on cherries and to this day she can't eat them!My auntie Ang told me when she was a young girl, about 8 or 9 years old, the produce truck couldn't make it up this steep hill and bunches of bananas rolled off that truck. She said there were a bunch of kids and they were grabbing all those bananas. She told me she got so sick from eating all those bananas that until the day she passed away she never touched another banana! She came from a huge phamily so knowing that, I think they were so excited to have all that beautiful golden fruit!
When I was working the Mountain Man lady use to come around twice a month. She had Jordan almonds on sale and I bought a bag. Problem was, I could not stop eating them! I ate them until I was literally sick to my stomach and they gave me chest pains! I Know, what a weirdo I was! I had candy for Rebekah and Zach's wedding. I purchased some Jordan almonds. But I seriously could not enjoy them like I once did.
In the 1960's when I was a youngster, if you went to an Italian wedding, they threw Jordan almonds at the bride and groom. As a kid, I thought what a waste not to mention you could put someone's eye out tossing a handful at a bride and groom! Rice was the normal thing to toss at weddings until someone realized the danger of raw rice to birds! I see some throw birdseed today, but do you really want to revisit the Alfred Hitchcock thrilled "The Birds" starring Tippi Hedren on your wedding day? I don't think so!  N O P E !
These are too funny so I Had to share them with Feline Friday
This one cracks me up!
This is a typical girl thing!
I love the black and white cats. My boy Boots was mostly black but he was so perfect with his white markings.
Oh my goodness I can hardly remember that he was so small. Rebekah use to pose him with Hannah and I need to find those photos. He loved to pose and would do anything you asked him to. He was a one in a million. In fact, I still think perhaps he was just an angel disguised as a feline.
I will miss him forever. His eyes were beautiful.

Friendly Fill-Ins

Each  week Ellen and Four-Legged Furballs Lorianne provide these questions. If you need any help please contact them. Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne the second two.

1) I wish I could tell my teenage self ____________.

2)  I think the most romantic movie is____________.

3) __________was the last time I ____________.

4) ____________happens too often.

Here are my answers:

1) I wish I could tell my teenage self to listen more closely to my folks.

2) I think the most romantic movie is The Notebook, Pretty woman and Love actually.

3) This morning was the last time I cooked.

4) Snow happens too often.

Valentine's Day is near. Here is a quick and easy parfait. If you want the recipe you can just slice strawberries and layer them with real whipped cream that you whip with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla I love real whip cream. I have seen a similar parfait with crumbled oreo cookies added too. I crack up reading social media posts at times. Women who swear they fed their phamily healthy food use Cool Whip. Made from petroleum by-products. Y U C K !

Stop by Pink Saturday and enjoy the weekend.