Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mom and Dad anniversary Memories/ Sharon's Birthday Party/Aw Monday/Blue Monday/Love is...

This is my life. I can rarely fall asleep without a scratch from my honey. we stayed up way too to late last night and had so much to do today that we are both exhausted and falling asleep as soon as soon as I put up this post and he finishes watching his Bronco game. I am always happy when I share a Love is...with you.
Mom and dad were married August 29, 1936. They were incredibly wonderful people and I am very blessed that I was their child.
My parents were so beautiful together. Dad was always loving and kind. He was a humble and very modest man. Mom was kind and faithful and she was a prayer warrior. dad worked 47 years in the CF&I Steel Corporation. He started working there when he was 13.He told a tale to his boss that he was 16 so he would be hired. Three years later the boss told him he knew dad had told him a tale to get the job but could not let him go because he was such a hard working kid. Dad retired as a head roller in the Rail Mill. He was a good father, He was an excellent husband. He took care of his phamily and never wavered in his belief. I am always so sad when I talk with friends that had difficult childhood and abusive or  hateful parents. I recently told my friend Anne in Texas, I am grateful to pray for you and I am sorry you experienced such trauma but I would be a liar if I said I understood it. I feel so blessed to have been raised the way I was and by these two wonderful people.
This was taken at the top of the Mother Cabrini Shrine near Golden, Colorado in 1979. Dad was always so kind with mom and he always held her hand. I love this photo I took of them back then.
Here is cousin Juliane Cosimano Barden on her wedding day August 30, 2003 to Mickey Barden. Such sweetness. Juliane's mom was my dad's baby sister and Juliane is her phamilies "baby". Happy anniversary to these two sweethearts.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.  The order varies for any given year.  ~Paul Sweeney 

The gang was all here, nearly- practically! We took this photo today at Tori's house. She is Sharon's younger sister who held a surprise birthday party for Sharon's 60th birthday . Sharon was born on the 20th of August ( like Nick!) but her mom and Tori planned this birthday bash and it was fun to see these old friends. From left to right, Helen, Myself, Lorna, Sharon (seated) Tash and Veronica. We laughed and talked and ate wonderful food and birthday cake for 5 hours, What a great day.

Look at this book shaped cake. Sharon is very much like Rebekah , always carrying a book in her hand and reading and reading and reading. Please visit Sally and tell her you saw some blues here today.
Then please visit Sandee and tell her to check out Stella spooning with Mr. Kitty., the two of them were having a late afternoon nap. I love visiitng Aw....Monday and sharing some pet projects here!
So I heard from cousin Kay yesterday. She was heading to Venice but learned from a cousin Maria Kocman that Grandpa Kocman had an older brother named Anton and he is buried in Slovene. He was married to a Maria and Kay saw a barn he built that he wrote his name and the date 1913 on. I am excited to hear more stories of our homeland. Now I will need to research more Kocman phamily heritage. Our last name is quite a popular name there.

So until I see you next time, don;t stop seeking your BoJon heritage.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Noelle's Story/ Our Marriage/Roger and Noelle Together Always

Although I shared Nick as part of our Alphabe Thursday message last week I added Noelle's story here because she and Roger are celebrating fifteen years of marriage today. Noelle, being the good BoJon/Irish girl that she is, held her wedding in our hometown of Pueblo so my mother, who was elderly and had difficulty traveling could sit front and center and see one more of her grand daughters marry. I tell you this story because when my mother met Roger she told Noelle to be nice to him because he was a good man. Let me tell you, BoJon women had a knack about these things. My folks would have celebrated 50 years of marriage August 29, 1985 but dad passed away April 5, 1985. It is  a bittersweet memory.

Noelle and Roger enjoyed a traditional sLOVEnian wedding, a typical BoJon tradition. They were married at St. Joe's Hall in the Grove and we celebrated with wonderful food and dancing. Noelle took a turn way from the traditional BoJon wedding food, fried chicken and spaghetti, instead sharing Mexican (her dad's favorite) and lovely roast beef and ham. They had a beautiful champagne fountain and a cool DJ so we were all able to dance the night away.
Three of dad's sisters, Anna, Mima and Gela. Auntie Mima in the middle was a cook! Wow! IN her heyday she catered more weddings and political events in our hometown than anyone else! She was a dream cook. Dad always said he no longer could eat Italian dishes because when his big sister was betrothed to Uncle Sam Salvo, she practiced on the phamily, and he got tired of eating all those dishes! She perfected them and as a kid I was able to work many of the wedding and dinner events that she catered along with her sister-in-law Frances. I learned at a very young age, 9 or 10 how to set the silverware properly and set a beautiful dinner table. We all pitched and worked hard and auntie would reward us with some cash and of course, all her tasty dishes, especially those darn Italian cookies! No one has ever duplicated her style that I know of. She would share her recipes, it was just that she did not know how to cook for 10 people! She cooked for hundreds. I wish I had photos of those ladies cooking up a storm. My mom and several other aunties always helped her with these events and all of the kids were put to work. I  learned so much during my younger years, especially how to be a hard worker!
Noelle and Roger are a great couple. They have an awesome phamily and that is what it is all about:
Andrew, the photo bomber in the middle of Christal and Alex and their three kids, Jaslin, Alexis and Devin. Roger and Noelle are very blessed.
Andrew, Christal and Colton with baby Jaslin 2003.
Andrew, Tarrah, Roger and Colton. -2014-
The gender reveal party 2015.
Tarrah's dad, Grandpa Scott thought Michael fit perfectly in this pot. This baby is amazing, he is so sweet and quiet. Love this little phamily.

I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring. ~Liz Armbruster

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

So please stop by Ms. Jenny and visit the wonderful world of the Letter "O" which I have share din Noelle and roger's story and the letter "N" for Noelle.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memories are made of this/ Happy Birthday Nick

August 19th,  my favorite Auntie Ang Jacklovich Steblay would have had a birthday. Born in 1914 she would be 101!  That is unbelievable! It seems like yesterday that she was riding in my car and we were laughing and talking and she was teaching me many life lessons. This was on her wedding day. She wore the loveliest suit and was was a woman ahead of her times. She was very unconventional. This was one of her siblings, her sister Anna Jacklovich Predolich, the grandmother of my dear friend Rob.He grew up in Bojon town right with me and not too long ago he shared this photo on Facebook for Throw Back Thursday:
Oh my goodness, Rob was a little fellow and I was not that much older. I treasure this photo and am so grateful for him for sharing it with me from so long ago. I noticed the Christmas decorations in the background, including that cool cardboard fireplace. Rob's mom Anna and her mom decorated so wonderfully. Many nice memories with the Predolich phamily on Santa Fe . Their neighbor Rose Blatnik and her son Buddy were the nicest folks. Rose made the most beautiful dolls from dish detergent bottles and dressed the in the most magnificent clothes. I have one somewhere around here. On the other side of them was John Mihelich's grandmother and aunt Jane  Dolgan. Beside their house was Uncle Bear's filling station and then his home with Auntie Gela. I know cousin Jeannie told me Uncle Bear built their first home on Hill Place and later the Glavich family lived there but my sister and I were reminiscing and she was very young but remembers either a two story house or an apartment building on the corner of Mesa and Santa Fe and Chico who worked for cousin Danny at the filling station lived there at one time with his phamily. Maybe cousin Jeannie or Mike can fill in a few blanks on that 1144 S Santa Fe property.

22 years ago today these are words I heard from my doctor at four o'clock P.M. Nicholas Carl Robinson made his entance into this big ole world. He has given us many years of countless joys, we have suffered trials and happy moments and are very proud of him and the young man he has become.
Nick loved watching this program when he was small. I have kept all the books and memories from the days of Arthur the Aardvark!
Running became Nick's passion (orange) and he ran two years with the Cowley College Tigers and ran in NYC at the Armory in the Track and Field Nationals 2014. He has a two year degree from this little school which was a huge blessing for us when Nick first headed to college.

Nick was a little fellow sitting with Santa long ago. Where does time go?  In the memory file hidden inside our hearts and minds that is where II know it must go.

Nick was on top of the world at Chautauqua Park this summer hiking with his big sister Rebekah and nephew Colton.
Nick loved Easter and those chocolate bunnies. He was about two years old here.
Nick and I enjoying Colton Edward, our tiny grandbaby June 7, 1996. Nick was going to turn three.
Nick, in his Kentucky Wildcat Blues with Bret, Hannah, Brittany and Jeremy. Noelle fondly calls this photo the Larry's....if you knew Jeremy you would know who Larry is!
I hope you enjoyed this Bojon Heritage post today. I am going to try to keep writing as long as you come back and read. Have a wonderful day. This is for Ms. Jenny and those participating in the letters "M" for memories are made of this and the letter "N" for Nick. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Monday/Aw...Monday and Love is...

* * *
My friend Myra nominated me to participate in this fun exercise so I will answer her questions here and hope you will learn a new thing or two about me. I really do love these and want to thank my Arizona friend for sharing with me and saying some really great things about me and my blog at her post . 

I have really been off my game lately. I felt so excited and enjoyed doing my 31 days of heritage blogging, having been inspired by my cousin Mike who writes a blog so that he may share stories of our youth and our wonderful neighborhood where we grew up. It is a journey that the young generation will be able to pass on to their own phamilies. 

My phamily went on vacation, we were celebrating Jeremy turning the big 3-0 and Nick heading back to his college days. We knew Jeremy had bought a ring for Brittany and he planned to propose to her while they enjoyed a few days in San Diego and I think all the excitement and emotions started to churn! I knew the vacation would come to an end and I would have to accept Nick leaving for Kansas and his training for the Cross Country season. I still have not found a job and I knew I would have to really settle down and get busy finding suitable work. I was overwhelmed and found myself mopping around and not having one bit of energy to get anything done. 

My mind was running away from me and I had to stop this merry go round I was on and get back to business. When I saw Myra's post I was happy to oblige and honored that she would include me here. What I love about Myra is the fact that, like me, she is a rebel, the one to step outside the box. Shake things up. Do things in her own special way. Someone recently asked me what song I was, here it is:

John Mellencamp – Authority Song Lyrics

They like to get you in a compromising position
They like to get you there and smile in your face
They think, they're so cute when they got you in that condition
Well I think, it's a total disgrace

I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I been doing it, since I was a young kid
I've come out grinnin'
I fight authority, authority always wins

So I call up my preacher
I say: "Gimme strength for Round 5"
He said: "You don't need no strength, you need to grow up, son"
I said: "Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying,
And dying to me don't sound like all that much fun"

I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I been doing it, since I was a young kid
I've come out grinnin'
I fight authority, authority always wins

I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I been doing it, since I was a young kid
I've come out grinnin'
I fight authority, authority always wins
Oh no
Oh no
I fight authority, authority always wins

I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I been doing it, since I was a young kid
I've come out grinnin'
I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I fight authority, authority always wins
I been doing it, since I was a young kid
I've come out grinnin'
I fight authority, authority always wins
Songwriters: Mellencamp, John

If you go to you can listen to this song. It really does define me.

Now on to the questions from from my good buddy in Arizona.

Here are my 11 questions for y'all!   (Thanks, in part, to the publishers of "The Conversation Piece" series.)

1.  If you could have chosen your own first name, what would it be? I love those old school names, Vivian, Olivia, Ella. Anyone would be fine with me although my mom nearly named me Frances after her baby sister that passed away,

2.  Everyone's heard of "The Apprentice."  If you could apprentice under anyone in the world for one year, who would that be? Warren Buffett because he is one financial sound dude.

3.  What is one vacation destination that many people think is just fab, but which you have no desire to visit (or re-visit)? Mexico too much crime and Americans are so uninformed they think the five stars resorts are truly safe when they aren't really.

4.  Considering all the big-screen movies you've ever seen, which one do you believe has had the greatest emotional impact on you? To Kill A Mockingbird, both the movie and the book.

5.  If you were to rank the four seasons - as you know them - in order of your favorite to your least favorite, how would the seasons be ranked? Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter.

6.  What song has the power to bring you to tears faster than any other? Amazing Grace

7.  If you could have any view in the world visible from your bed, what would it be? Pikes Peak, the same view that was visible from my folks living room when I was growing up.

8.  If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be? White Shoulders, my mom loved it and Bay Rum, a favorite of my dad's.

9.  If you had to pick the TV personality you were most in love with as a kid, who would it be? Lucille Ball, she was such a fantastic  comic and she was a very strong and independent woman.

10.  If were were to have 3 new baby daughters, what would you name them? Vivian, Olivia and Ella.

11.  In terms of the actual time (e.g., 5:00PM) what is generally your favorite time of the day? 7:00 A.M. I like to sip my coffee or tea and think about the sun that I watched rising up.

I am very honored to have been nominated by Myra to do this. I am going to list a few of my favorite blogs here too. If these folks want to participate, they can share their thoughts and we can all learn some new things about our wonderful blogging friends.

 Theresa. This lady is a lover of her wonderful phamily and there is nothing more fun than visiting her and seeing how she kids and grands and siblings all shine.  Theresa is a special lady because she will pray for you in a minute and say all the right things when you are having a difficult day. I started blogging because of folks like her. I know there are bloggers with expensive, fancy homes, and there are bloggers who socialize with specific groups of people, sort of like high school, but there are bloggers who are just down to earth wonderful people and they are the ones I enjoy the most.

Ann This is a Kansas proud lady, born and raised in the Sunflower State. Ann is also a terrific blogger showing off her beautiful phamily and sharing many of her talents there too, I always enjoy visiting Ann because I enjoy seeing her grandkids and her faith always shining. She is very proud to be a native of the Kansas and she often posts lots of terrific historical shares. Ann is a friendly gal who is always willing to share her love of her home teams the KC Chiefs, KC Royal and the Kansas Jayhawks. I love sports too so it is nice to have that common thread with so many great bloggers.

Terra is a terrific lady. She once sent me a beautiful copy of a story that was behind a teacup I had purchased at a second hand store. I have loved this lady ever since that! It is often those simple kindnesses of blogging friends that I treasure the best. She is a gardener who knows her flowers and plants and she is also like a walking library. Terra often shares a variety of her loves with us and I always enjoy it when I go to her blog and catch up. She is another treasure with a thoughtfulness I truly admire. 

Linda is one blogger I have had the privilege of  meeting face to face. She shares her faith and her phamily and Linda loves her farm life.  She will make you smile with her stories of various farm animals. She shares delicious dishes she can whip up right out of her garden. Linda has a kind heart and you will feel like you have known her all your life if you visit her.  Although she was raised in Alaska she loves her farm life in Kansas.

Barb is the reason I started blogging November 1 2009. She told me to write about our daughter Rebekah's little dog Tinkerbell that was diagnosed with liver cancer. I am grateful to her for this and want to encourage her to get back into blogging. I know lots of folks head over to Face Book and other social media sites but many come back here to the blog world. Another wonderful blogger I know says she does not participate in  social media sites as they are cutting and cruel. I have never had an unpleasant experience here at my blog. Barb has a great phamily and she should come back and write about those beautiful grandkids and her journey caring for her folks as they are aging. Barb has been a life long friend that I met through TigerBeat magazine when we were a mere 13 years old. Ah...where has time gone?

Sally is the leader of our Blue Monday's. I am trying to get over to her place so I can put up this post. I think Sally knows how well loved she is for doing this meme weekly but it can't hurt to remind her. She is a joy to know, always on the hunt for blues. She has a nifty hubby Johnny and has been married to him for a many years. They search for blues every week and I think they are as cute as can be! Sally shares lots of good things with us and I think she deserves to be in this category too. I want to put everyone I know and love in this group but for now I will start with these gals. 

Here are the questions I want to ask these six fabulous ladies:

1.) When did you start blogging and was there a specific reason for starting?

2.) Do you ever get frustrated trying to organize your time to visit all the people you enjoy here? Any pointers on how to make this work more efficiently for others?

3.) Do you have a song that is your theme song? Does it relate to you personally or a relationship you are in?

4.) Where is the most favorite place you have ever traveled and why?

5.) Tell us one thing about yourself that we might not already know!

6.) Are you a native of the state or country you live in?

7.)  Do you have a favorite flower?

8.) If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone past or present who would you choose?

9.) What is your favorite season and why?

10.) Do you collect anything and if so, why did you start collecting that particular item?

Would you please cut and paste these questions onto your blog and share your answers with all of us. Thank you.

I thought Sandee and the folks at Aw....Monday would enjoy Mr. Bandito. He has been our son Jeremy's number one pet since 2001. Bandit was born in North Dakota and although he is older and moves slower he still makes us smile. I am currently looking for work and babysitting this fellow and his cohorts Smokey and Stella.

Smokey loves that old blue chair.

Stella is a rescue and she has only begun to enjoy getting her photo taken. Jeremy adopted her 8 years ago this October.
This is Jeremy and Brittany. He proposed last week while they were visiting San Diego. Brittany's mom Bobbie told her, "I told you Prince Charming was out there". We love Brittany and her daughter Addy. It is exciting to know they will be part of our phamily too.

Brittany and Jeremy saw Olaf while cruising the streets of the Las Vegas strip. I am surprised he did not melt! It was hot there! They also wore some blue just for you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Leaving on a Jet Plane for Fabulous Las Vegas is getting stressful! Time to leave on a jet plane! Too many added fees on these airlines and hotels! Oh My Goodness! A girl can not even have fun without paying ridiculous fees! But I have a list of free attractions including Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and Hershey's! A girl and chocolate....heavenly!
The Bellagio Fountains will dance for you for free and that is a great start!
Be careful wandering through these beautiful gardens at the Flamingo, although they are free, you might see some naughty Flamingos. They just don't care who is looking !
You can watch the Volcano erupt at the Mirage too after dark! It is another free attraction.

We were alone for about five minutes when we took this selfie. We aren't selfie people so it was not a terrific photo. We sure had fun visiting int he early morning hours before all the the crowds woke up from their slumber!
We wore our matching Avenger shirts and got lots of great compliments from people passing by. We were having breakfast at a cool locally owned establishment. I like supporting local businesses off the strip. This was Blueberry Hill, established in 1966 and serving great meals since 1987.

We had breakfast here twice and the first time I had blueberry crepes with fresh blueberries and fresh blueberry compote. The second time I tried the delicious Coconut Fried Chicken and Waffles with honey butter. Heavenly!
Noelle showed off the Blueberry Hill menu. It was a great experience.

Ready for take off, this was my honey on Wednesday August 5th getting ready to fly those friendly skies.
I was happy to take a break but there were many bumps during this trip. fortunately not on the flight there!
We stayed at Harrah's, not our favorite place but at least the beds were comfy and the room was always clean.
Noelle took this silly shot on the tram to Treasure Island. She calls it "The Larry's". There is Bret, Hannah, Nick, Brittany and Jeremy acting very silly.  "Larry" is a Jeremy thing. Everyone he likes he calls "Larry"! I am hoping Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday participates will enjoy this "L" post for Las Vegas. Although I missed out on Blue Monday I hope Sally and all the Blues will come over and check out the blues I shared throughout my post.
Mr. Kitty was not happy that I left him for so long. Poor baby. He would not look into the camera. I wanted to share this with Sandee and everyone who visits Aw...Monday but since I did not have internet on the plane and drove to Limon with my hubby to drop Nick off at his coach's phamily ranch for training I was too exhausted to put anything up so late last night.

I can not close without sharing a Love is....this one is especially important to me today because of a situation my hubby had with a relative. His attitude and kind heart makes me want to stick to him like glue always and forever. I will share more Las Vegas memories, the good, the bad and the ugly. See you soon.

Visit Ms. Jenny and the folks who shared the letter "L" for Las Vegas, Leaving Las Vegas and Loving Las Vegas!