Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday This popped up at my Pink Saturday  I am linking in as my two blogs seem to cross wires. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Happy Tuesday and Maxine Cracks Me Up

 The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.  Mark Twain

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance:

The wise man grows it under his feet.

James Oppenheim, "The Wise" War and Laughter", 1916

Happiness and Sadness run paralell to each other.

When one takes a rest, the other one picks up the slack. Hazelmarie "Mattie" Elliott

Can anything be so elegant as to have a few wants and serve them one's self, so as to have somewhat left  to give, insetad of being always prompt to grab? ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happiness is a form of courage. American Proverb

Visit Happy Tuesday

Oh Maxine.....

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Aw...Mondays and Other Monday Highlights


This is an oldie but such a goodie. I love how similar these two look. Aw...Mondays

Love is...perfect in everyway.

A verse I have to remember everyday I live. 

Sparks Some wise words to keep Sparks in our hearts. Today and always.

Don't lose your grip upon your conscience. God put it in your breast to act as sentinel over your weaknesses. ~Minna Thomas Antrim (1861–1950), Don'ts for Girls, 1902

Never rob your character to enrich your pocket. ~James Lendall Basford (1845–1915), Seven Seventy Seven Sensations, 1897

It is not to know what to do, but strength to do it, knowing. ~Muriel Strode (1875–1964), "A Soul's Faring: LXXVIII," A Soul's Faring, 1921

The two biggest little words in the English language are the two little words "do right." ~Bob Jones, Sr. (1883–1968)

The world is becoming more complicated every day, my fellow citizens. No man ought to be foolish enough to think that he understands it all. And, therefore, I am glad that there are some simple things in the world. One of the simple things is principle. Honesty is a perfectly simple thing. ~Woodrow Wilson, Presidential Address at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1914 July 4th

Never mind the value of Granddad's dollar in today's money. What about the value of Granddad's word in today's morals?" ~Robert Brault,, 2019

How others treat me is their path; how I react is mine. ~Wayne Dyer (1940–2015)

Have a good night's rest and prayerfully thinking of all of you and hoping we are here again tomorrow. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

March 27, 2021


Always a difficult day for me. On this date, my big sister Pat was born. She was the first born of our parents and she was the apple of my daddy's eye. She passed away way too young in 2001 , from the dreaded "c" word. I hate cancer so much for stealing my sister. She was the kindest person.   She had a big heart and she loved and laughed and enjoyed life so very much. The first photo is her as a small girl with our brother Bill and dad and mom. They were so sweet. My sister was so perfect and my brother, well, he was rough and tumble boy. Looks like mom was holding him back from running out of the photo.

My pretty sister was married when I was a toddler, not quite Brody's age. She and Gary my Michigan brother-in-law were so cute together. They had a goodmarriage until her untimely passing. He did not last much longer after she was gone. He passed away too soon as well. She was a solid rock, she took such care of him and their five sons. She always said God would give her granddaughters. He did. She has five of them, Shelby, Racheille, McKenzie, and great grandgirls  Hannah and Paisley Joe. If my sister saw the youngest one today, she would think she was looking into a mirror as well as looking at her twin with Racheille.  She had one grandson, Joseph-  daddy to Hannah and Paisley Joe.

I am guessing this is my other older brother Ed and Pat looking on with our mom.  I wish this photo had been dated.

My sister was so tall. I took after our short mom. Pat was nearly 6 feet tall.

My other older sister Mary with Pat (middle) and Mom. If there was something silly you could hear my sister Pat laught out loud. She was a sweetheart. As I sort through old photos and try to recall each one I know I will find more of us. It is a project I have put off too long.

I found a poem for a heavenly birthday wish at google. I would not wish my sister back to this messy life we life today, but if I could see her for a moment to tell her once more I love you, I would be so happy.

On this day 34 years ago I was told our unborn daughter Rachel Lee no longer was living. It is a blow that hurts my heart today and everyday for the rest of my life. I once worked with a very outspoken woman who also lost a child inutero, Instead of being kind she bluntly said, Are you  still mourning an unborn baby you lost years ago? You are damn right I am still grieving my daughter. I suppose as a believer I know I will see Rachel again. I am so very sorry that lady will never see her child. Someone who lost their unborn child said it is like a life long panic attack, it never leaves you. When we lost our daughter we received dozens of cards and letters that I Keep in a special box. Most of them understood the pain first hand. It was a greater comfort than anything else at that time in our lives. Like Alastor Avery and all other little ones who went before us, I close my eyes and wonder how they would look today. God gave us a gift and he needed that gift returned to him. We will not understand in this world but we will in the next. It is a great hope for me.

"For this child I prayed,  and the Lord has granted me my petition which I made to Him. Therefore I have lent him to the Lord ; as long as he lives. he is lent to the Lord. 1 Samuel 1 : 27-28

Missing these loved ones today and everyday. Thank you for letting me share my heart. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

RANDOM THINGS with Feline Friday, Friendly Friday Fill In's and Pink Saturday


I will always love baseball. 

I did share a Wordless Wednesday photo of the Atlanta Braves stadium I found at Pinterest. It was in the glory days of baseball before all these restrictions. 

It is hard to be true to our Colorado Rockies when their greedy owners and management sell off players. We will be following the St. Louis Cardinals as well since they gave Noland Arenado our third baseball to them, We still love Charlie Blackmon and  Trevor Story but we know Trevor's days are numbers. It is a sad business buying and selling people like chattel.

Ellen and Lorianne  co host the Friendly Fill In;s. They each select two questions. Here they are:

1. I never have time to finish ___________.

2. My _________can __________.

3. __________is a cause that is dear to my heart.

4. At this very moment, I ____________.

Here are my answers:

1. I never have time to finish reading all the books I have stacked up.

2. My grandkids can never be naughty or ornery, they are too adorable.

3. Ronald McDonald House is a cause that is dear to my heart.

4. At this very moment, I was watching Leave it to Beaver reruns with my honey on T.V.

Have you ever had a Black and White soda? I miss the days of drugstore counters that served up different sodas. Here is the recipe for this one:

5 ingredients

  • 3/4 cup Chocolate syrup
Baking & Spices
  • 1 can Whipped cream in
  • 4 cups Carbonated water
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 2 2/3 cups 8 scoops chocolate ice cream

When I get to have this fun drink I like to use Pepsi products and Club Soda. There are a variety of ways to make this yummy treat. The ingredients in the recipe here will serve 4 people. I would love to find some vintage soda glasses. I probably have some in my Princess House collection. They use to make the best hand blown glassware. I sure miss those days.

This is an older photo of my ornery boy Mister Kitty. But he was so sweet and content here. He is very photogenic, he is just hard to catch and capture. Please visit Feline Friday

Here is a Pink Drink to celebrate Pink Saturday Coconut milk and White CranStrawberry with fresh berries to share with a pink drink loving friend or phamily.


7 ingredients

  • 3 cup Ocean spray white cranberry strawberry, Juice
  • 3 Strawberries, large
Canned Goods
  • 1 cups Silk original coconut milk or silk unsweetened almond/coconut milk
  • 1/3 cup Simple syrup

I think one cup of sugar is way too much to add to this drink. I would add it only to taste.  The recipe may be off as I know simple sryup is one cup of water and one cup of sugar. The
berries will give it the flavor with the Coconut milk.  You can always add Whipped Cream.

Sweet Dreams to all and enjoy a wonderful weekend. 
Baking & Spices
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 Ice cubes
  • 1 cup Water

Thankful Thursday

 Thankfulness happens in many ways. The world is filled with chaos. People tend to focus on all the bad. How about finding one good thing each day and share it with someone?

1. Yesterday I stopped by the mexican drive thru for a quart of green chili. The regular guy was not there but a young lady was at the window. She was so nice conversing with me and treating me so kindly. She had a huge smile and was super nice. SHe made up for any unkindness I had to deal with. THANKFUL

2. Snow on the ground, we need moisture but I currently prefer rain. We had both but anyway it came to us I was very THANKFUL

3. I had my annual mammogram today. It is not my favorite thing but I do it diligently. My paternal grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. So were three of my dad's five sisters. THANKFUL

4.  THANKFUL the month of March was a good one It seems to have flown away. I refuse to be caught up in all the nasty hateful social media garbage. I repeat, please find one good thing in your life each day and share it with someone. 

5. Starting to fall asleep in my chair. THANKFUL I can get a few extra zzzz's when needed. I like to let the hubby sleep soundly while I putter around taking care of a few odds and ends before bedtime. 

6. THANKFUL the mister still has a job and grateful he likes the fast pace when they are busy. So many are out of work. I can P R A Y.

7. I love the quiet and stillness at night. But I also like to snuggle under the warmth of my heated blanket and fresh sheets and enjoy a nice rest. Today we saw a man rising from a tent he had pitched in  on a median off the highway as we were heading to my appointment which is closeby to downtown Denver.  Makes me sad to see this. 


Folks my father lived by this verse. When his brother passed away and later his brother-in-law, he took care of my auntie Elsie K and his sister Anna S. He made sure they had everything they needed. Not for any pat on the back, he truly believed this was what he needed to do. He would be sad to see the condition of our world and how everything is backward. We are not taking care of our own here in our own country first. Tragic but THANKFUL I learned from my father what God's truth is.. I am forever grateful for him.

9. THANKFUL for the kindnesses shown to me by those who know and care for me as the days approach for more anniversaries of loss , my sister Pat's birthday and the loss our our unborn child Rachel Lee on the same date. The 36th anniversary of my father's passing approaches soon.  My mother's younger sister Ann 8 days after my father's passing and the loss of my sweet Tata Rose a month later. I am very grateful for the parents I Had. Grateful for the education I was given at a young age and grateful my parents were proud of their heritage and not concerned with hatered and disrespect. I wish I were more like them and pray each day I can be a person person, the way they were.


THANKFUL for these sweet Baby Yoda shares. Thank you Cynthia in Illinois for making me laugh today.

Please visit Thankful Thursday  and always be THANKFUL.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021




 I’m on two diets. I wasn’t getting enough food on one.  
A cold seat in a public restroom is unpleasant.  A warm seat in a public
 restroom is worse.
Apparently RSVP’ing to a wedding invitation “Maybe next time,”
 isn’t the correct response.
Don’t irritate old people. The older we get, the less “Life in prison” 
is a deterrent.
Have you ever listened to someone for a minute and thought 
“Their cornbread isn't done in the middle.”
Aliens probably fly by earth and lock their doors.
“You will hit every cone on the highway before I let you merge
 in front of me because you saw that sign 2 miles ago like I did."
I really don’t mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly.
It turns out that being an adult now is mostly just googling how 
to do stuff.
I miss the 90’s when bread was still good for you and no one
 knew what kale was.
Do you ever get up in the morning, look in the mirror and 
think “That can’t be accurate.”
I want to be 14 again and ruin my life differently. I have new ideas.
As I watch this new generation try to rewrite our history, one thing I’m
 sure will be misspelled and have no punctuation.
I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an
 appointment for Tuesday. 
Confuse your doctor by putting on rubber gloves 
at the same time he does.
My wife asked me to take her to one of those restaurants 
where they make food right in front of you.  I took her to Subway.
I picked up a hitchhiker. He asked if I wasn’t afraid, he 
might be a serial killer?  I told him the odds of two serial killers
 being in the same car were extremely unlikely.
I went line dancing last night. OK, it was a roadside 
sobriety test... same thing.

Needed a break from my daily life. My friend Lyn sent
 this to me. Had to share it.

Sweet Dreams all, take care xo 

Sunday, March 21, 2021



Mister Kitty allowed me to capture his portrait. I may put this on a canvas. we butt heads all week long and then this happens. Cats are finicky for certain.

Love is...R E A L ! I just could not resist this one. 

Although Annie has taken a break, I thought I would share a very favorite quote here today.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Feline Friday and Friendly Fill In's

Feline Friday

This was Mister Kitty's favorite thing to do when he was a brand new kitten. Gotta smile, gotta laugh or the world will bring you down. 

Ellen and Lorianne each chose two sentences to share with all of us. Ellen has the first two and Lorianne the second two.

1. I look forward to __________every Spring.

2. The highlight of my week was _______________.

3. I think ___________is the best word that describes me. 

4. Nothing melts my heart like ____________.

My answers are here:

1. I look forward to flowers blooming and more daylight every Spring.

2. The highlight of my week was seeing photos of the grands and the little one getting his first haircut.'

3. I think caring is the best word that describes me. 

4. Nothing melts my heart like a newborn baby.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday It is hard to capture this ornery fellow in a posing mood. But it worked. I think he felt bad for me yesterday spending my time remembering Rose on what would have been her 16th birthday and Boots on the 12th anniversary of his passing. I think he gave me the pensive look I needed from him. He is a thankful gift. No matter how ornery he is or what mischief he gets into. He keeps my feet warm at night so I am thankful for that too. 

Some of these gnomes watch over my roses in the front yard. I don't know this fellow, he was a pinterest find, but he sure has a sweet face.

This fellow gnome looks like he has a mossy finish. I love that he has a shovel too.  Anxious for some gardening but with this blizzard the snow will be here for a while. Hopeful to plant some goodness for eating and gazing at beautiful flowers. Thankful for it all.

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Saint Patirck's Day yesterday. We had corn beef and cabbage with red potatoes and carrots. It is a nice meal .  We also had Irish Soda Bread.  Very thankful for all the good we have in our lives.


 Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 15, 2021

Happy Tuesday, Tuesday Show and Tails, Maxine Cracks Me Up


Happy Tuesday I have not been very happy with this fellow. He has been acting up and being a jerk. He has been stealing regular cat food from Daphne than puking and crying to get more food. He is on a strict weight loss food but since I can not monitor him constantly and we can not deprive the other kitty from her food, it is frustrating. The vet office laughed and said he isn't stupid. Why would he want to eat his bland food when he can eat full fat? Unfortunately, I do not see this as a laughing matter. I do not want him to die young. It is frustrating. So when we get appointments for our girls Lulu and Mollie to be spayed at CSU Vet Clinic I may check into finding him a different vet. I am normally very happy but it worries me. March 16th would have been Rose's birthday, She passed away from kidney disease but Boots, my boy passed away on her birthday in 2012. He had diabetes, but on an extreme happy note, all three of these special felines made me happy as well as my children through the years.

Wow did we have a wild floral sofa back in 2001. Rose was so small. She was always very petitie. She had the most beautiful jade green eyes, and she was a quirky kitty. I believe had she been a person, she would have been left handed. She had a mean left hook when the other kitties bugged her. I will always miss you, Rose. Happy Birthday to you at the Rainbow Bridge.  You always made us all so HAPPY.

My boy Boots went to the Rainbow Bridge March 16, 2012. There is not a day that I don't think of him, remember his kind heart or his funny habits. He was unique and a one of a kind gentleman feline. I often think he might have been an angel in disguise and that is how I will always remember him. He was born on our wedding anniversary and I paid a lady $35 for him as a gift to give Rebekah on her birthday, but he took a shine to me so I spent all the time I Had with him as a sweet and dear friend. He loved to pose for photos and when the girls were small they loved dressing him in costumes and hats and glasses. Let me say this, Mister Kitty and Rose, would not allow anyone to pose them, dress them up or wear accessories. They would bite, scratch and make a ruckus. Boots was a different sort. I will always love and miss him.

Perhaps one day Angela will host Tuesday Show and Tails again.  


Having pets to bring joy to your life has always been special for me. As a child my father let me adopt an abandoned kitten. Unfortunately, she was wild and was run over. I had two poodles Gigi and her daughter Renee. They were beautiful girls and so much fun to be with. My parents had two canaries, Elmer and Oliver. They lived long lives and gave us all great joy with their singing. Through the years my hubby and I have had many sweet fur babies. So celebrating them all on Happy Tuesday is a great happiness for me. 

Maxine has opinions on everything. This is one that is hard to disagree with her on ! Ha Ha Ha - some chores I would rather leave and never do. Others give me joy. So I agree here and always  love Maxine and her sassy attitude. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Aw...Mondays and More

 Three little puppies sitting in the chair....wishing everyone here an Aw.......Mondays

Loki, Lulu and Mollie, three puppies in a pod. They are so sweet, especially if a tasty reward is in their view.

Oh this Love perfectly sweet! We need body heat to survive this March Madness Marathon Snow Week. 

"Nature is full of genius.  Full of  the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes it's fashioning hand." Henry David Thoreau

Annie has been away from blogging and everyone misses her. Here is another winter wonderland quote to share. 

 The whiteness is blinding even without the sun shining. We keep hearing this will end around the 12:30 hour this A.M. It has been a long while since we had a blizzard like this and we live on the wrong side of the street. The wind has blown 90 % of the snow over to our side. There isn't anywhere to toss the snow. But somehow we will get through it all. We live in high altitude (5280) , we know how snow can change your plans in a moment and we have learned all our lives how to deal with it all. 

 - While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.



 This was early this SONday morning. Currently at two minutes to five o;clock in the evening the backyard, with blowing snow has snow up against the garage side door up to the door knob. They did not tell an untruth when they said we were getting possibly 40 inches. I think 40 inches is about right and this blizzard warning does not expire until 12:20 A.M.

This is unreal. We are hearing this could crack the top ten biggest snow storms and this will be H U G E when it stops falling. These photos look relatively normal, but we are just watching it fall from our windows, at least the ones that have a slit to peek through since the howling wind, blew the snow up against our doors and windows.

Who knows if remote learning would even work and those working from home. TV viewing is spotty, so it using the internet. So you can't do much in a blizzard. We are thankful we have food and warmth and each other.

We were watching a TV program on a cable channel. The national news came on and we were the headline story. They said by the time this is over Denver proper will receive 52 inches of snow. We have no where to shovel anymore snow. We have two five foot drifts that Zach and Rebekah had shoveled. But we are still safe and warm so we can not complain. Avery made a big pot of red chili with beans and hamburger. It is yummy. We have eaten it twice. He made us a hearty breakfast of biscuits and gravy and bacon. He is pretty sure he will not be able to get into work. My neighbor with a giant truck is stuck so there is that!

Here is a thankful list:

SNOW: Grateful always for the moisture because we needed it. But hopeful may others are safe and warm and well fed.

PHAMILY: A huge priority keeping the five of us safe. Cats could care less but the dogs do like to go outside. So making a safe path is important.

FOOD: Always grateful for yummy goodness. I found an Edwards Peaches and Cream pie yesterday at the store in the frozen food section. We put a dent in that pie. HaHaHa ! With chili in the fridge and other goodies we are going to be ok.

WINTERWEAR: It is important to have good boots, coats, gloves, hats in this weather because it does get nasty. We are grateful to be prepared.

TIME CHANGE: The Spring Forward change doesn't seem as difficult as the Fall Backward time change. Grateful to have a bit more daylight but missing that extra hour. HaHaHa

I am going to be prepared for my Aw...Mondays post as long as this power stays on. Say a prayer for us. We could use it.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Weekend Update and Pink Saturday

 I bought a new laptop today. Sincethe weather is whacky and we are unsure how the roads will be tomorrow, I won't be able to use it until it is fully set up. Jeremy, our son, is our go to guy for all the technology stuff. Our daughter Rebekah and her hubby Zach too.  The laptop is similar to the one I have had. It will be nice to have a computer that isn't jumping all over the place. My skills are limited with technology. 

I found this poem at Pinterest and wanted to share it for Pink Saturday

My Boots will be gone 9 years March 16th. So I am dedicated some posts to him all week. 

Hoping you have a restful night. Praying tomorrow brings new light, not 4 feet of snow on our grouns and time to return to visit again.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Feline Friday


These words touched me to my very core. I don't think people realize soemtime that even through smiling faces or laughter others are hurting. My heart hurt for a blog friend who lost three siblings each in a blink of the eye. I wish I had her strength to try to carry on. LIfe is hard, my mother would say to me, pray harder.

I wish I was given the talent of writing such a sweet poem. I wish my cat, a big orange tabby, would pose for such a precious  photo. I hope you will visit Feline Friday