Friday, March 5, 2021

Technical Difficulties

 I think I need a new laptop. Weird things are happening causing me to be unable to update errors, and a host of other strange happenings.

As soon as Jeremy gets settled into their new home, which is spectacular by the way,  he will have to help me set in the market for a new laptop.

Tomorrow we will watch the littles and then get to visit the house again and see all the things they were able to get done. SONday the rest of their furniture will be there.

Thankful today and each day for my phamily.

Thankful for good weather to help with this move.

Thankful to be able to watch those littles so their parents can get moved without worry.

Thankful that I will hopefully have enohg patience to get through my blogs I wanted to visit today. I love seeing your posts and comment to you too.

Have a goodnight, rest well and hoping to see you soon. 



Brian said...

Good luck on the new laptop hunt, those techie problems are no fun at all.

Mevely317 said...

Exciting times! How blessed you are to have Jeremy help navigate the computer journey. Sandra (MadSnapper) had to get a new all-in-one desktop computer and shared much of that experience on her blog. I sure wouldn't have had her fortitude (or patience)!

messymimi said...

Here's hoping you do get what you need. Technology items just don't last very long.