Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Around the World Recipe Exchange

Please go to this wonderful blog site and visit my sweet friend Parsley. She has  a great recipe exchange going on and it sounds like lots of great fun!

I am so excited to participate. 

Come join the fun!


Hello and welcome to Mrs. Matlock's class. Don't be late! The teacher does not like anyone to be tardy! Just check out Jenny Matlock's blog at and join the fun. Thanks Mrs. M for hosting this fun meme each week! I am x-cited to share my x-cellent idea with you today.

Today I choose "Xanadu". The 1980 movie was a box office bomb but the whole Xanadu thing is really quite interesting and complicated. I am going to share a bit with you here. Olivia Newton John starred in this movie directed by Robert Greenwald along with Michael Beck and Gene Kelly. The title of the film is a reference to the poem Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is also called 'A Vision in a Dream: "A Fragment" '. Xanadu is the name of the Chinese province where Khan  established his pleasure garden in the poem.

The movie was released on DVD in June 2008 and was turned into a Broadway show in 2007 that ran until 2008.

Xanadu Island Resort is an actual place in San Pedro, Belize.

I hope you enjoyed my little post today and you remember seeing this B rated movie in Olivia Newton John's acting heyday.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Alabama - Montgomery          1
Alaska - Juneau                      3
Arizona - Phoenix                   2
Arkansas - Little Rock
California - Sacramento           8
Colorado - Denver                  4
Connecticut - Hartford             1
Delaware - Dover
Florida - Tallahassee                 4
Georgia - Atlanta                       2
Hawaii - Honolulu                      1
Idaho - Boise
Illinois - Springfield
Indiana - Indianapolis                  2
Iowa - Des Moines                      2
Kansas - Topeka
Kentucky - Frankfort
Louisiana - Baton Rouge               2
Maine - Augusta                           1
Maryland - Annapolis                    1
Massachusetts - Boston                 2
Michigan - Lansing                          2
Minnesota - St. Paul                        1
Mississippi - Jackson                        1
Missouri - Jefferson City
Montana - Helena
Nebraska - Lincoln
Nevada - Carson City                             1
New Hampshire - Concord
New Jersey - Trenton                               2
New Mexico - Santa Fe                            1
New York - Albany                                   1
North Carolina - Raleigh                             4
North Dakota - Bismarck
Ohio - Columbus                                          2
Oklahoma - Oklahoma City                           3
Oregon - Salem                                             2
Pennsylvania - Harrisburg                               1
Rhode Island - Providence
South Carolina - Columbia
South Dakota - Pierre
Tennessee - Nashville           1
Texas - Austin                      8
Utah - Salt Lake City            2
Vermont - Montpelier          1
Virginia - Richmond            4
Washington - Olympia        1
West Virginia - Charleston 1
Wisconsin - Madison         1
Wyoming - Cheyenne        1

Washington D.C.                1

Chile                                   1
England                                1
France                                 2
Mexico                                 1
Norway                                3
Panama                                 1

I am lacking thirteen states to finish the postcard exchange and draw the grand prize winner of the Colorado goody box.. Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire,North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota. You should find your state here and send a postcard! It is so easy!

I am having so much fun meeting everyone and finding out fun facts about various states. I hope other countries will join in as well. California and Texas are tied at 8 postcards each!

I hope you will help me complete this fun giveaway and exchange. I have had a lot of fun with it and hope you have too.

My life has been quite stressful lately with the illness of my mother-in-law and my stressful Vertigo and day job. At least my primary doctor knows and cares about me. He called me today, at my office, and when I answer my office phone I do not use my name but rather just say the business name. He said "Anne, is that you?" I said "who wants to know!" He said Dr. J. I said "Thanks for calling me from a private phone! Ha Ha!" But he got my thyroid lab results and had to adjust my thyroid medication again! I am glad he stays on top of that!

So please help me complete this postcard exchange and come join the fun. If your postcard for your state is still here, you need to send one! Duplicate states are welcomed!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 28, 2010


 Welcome to Tuesday's Show and Tail. Please go visit Angela at and come join the fun new meme. Once I master the button posting I will be able to show her pretty feathers here!

This is Spats.He was my husband's dog. He was such an important part of our lives and I would literally have to write a book about him to share all the wonderful stories. My husband got his precious pup back when we were newlyweds. His grandfather George B for whom my husband is named gave him the puppy. Spats was a black lab mix and his mother "Bright Eyes" was an AKC show dog until she was sent to live with grandma and grandpa at the farm. I think she trotted around with other pets! Thus Spats and his brother Bubba. Five little female puppies all died at birth. Bubba did not live the long life that Spats enjoyed. Spats was a real part of our phamily. He enjoyed romping in our yard and he was the kindest companion to our young children. He was an avid Bronco football fan and watched the games each weekend with my hubby. He also liked to drink a cold beer! He intentionally would tip over the can or bottle and look surprised as if he himself was shocked that it happened! Then he would lap up the beer. He lived to be nearly 17 years old. In the last few months of his life he experienced many old age symptoms including hip dsyplasia, and loss of his bowels and bladder.

But as a young pup he enjoyed riding shotgun while I sat in the backseat behind him. When he was neutered he refused to look my husband in the eye for two whole weeks! He once woke us in the middle of the night prompting my hubby to grab his shotgun and head outside. When we swung up the garage door he ran to the car barking wildly. When we opened the door he jumped in and sat in his front seat looking at us like "What!?" He wanted to go for a ride!

He liked a plain McDonald's hamburger and once while staying with my in laws he took a liking to my late F-I-L and dad would drive him to McDonald's in his old Dodge pick up with Spats in the front seat!

This photo is Spats as a pup. He was a fun little fellow and we loved him and miss him much!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have spent a lot of time thinking about our Heavenly Father. I love quotes and so I am going to share some with you here.

"Aerodynamically  the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway." Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay was a Christian woman and I think she put some thought into this quote. Those bumble bees are amazing creatures and they should fall flat on their face! But for whatever His reasoning is, the Heavenly Father allows this tiny creature to have some amazing abilities.

Still unsure about God's existence?

"Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It's simply taking God at His word and taking the next step." Joni Earickson Tada

Joni crippled by a tragic diving accident  as a teen fought many battles with God constantly at her side. She always says one day she will dance in Heaven with Jesus!

"Every evening I turn my worries over to God, He is going to up all night anyway." Mary Crowley

Mary was an awesome warrior for God. She along with her friends Charlie Collis (founder Princess House) and Mary Kay Ash )Mary Kay Cosmetics) founded very successful businesses in the 1960s. Mary was the founder of Home Interiors. Today I found a HI picture at one of my favorite thrift stores. It was $5. It is sad that Mary's company went under after her grandchildren took hold of it but Mary herself was a very good example of a Christian woman. She spread the gospel of Jesus Christ until she took her dying breathe. If you read her life story, she was raised by loving grandparents and then was shipped off to live with her daddy and his new wife. Mary did not have a great childhood but she talked to Jesus and I think today Mary and Jesus are having a nice chat in Heaven.

"If you don't know what's meant by God, then watch a forsythia branch or a lettuce leaf grow." Martin H. Fischer

Have you ever watched a living thing grow? Do you believe it's science or just accidental? I believe it's God, busy always, with more of His handiwork.

"Weave in faith and God will find the thread." Unknown

I will close my Spiritual Sunday post with this quote by an unknown author and a picture of a hand stitched  piece I found today at my local thrift store for one dollar. I am shocked that someone tossed this away. But whoever framed it scotch taped the side to the frame and it is cut too short for this cheap frame. I am going to Micheal's and get this put into a nicer frame so it will grace my home. It says "The crown of the house is Godliness". "The beauty of the house is Orderliness." The glory of the house is Hospitality." and " The blessing of the house is contentment."  I like that. It is the way we should all live.

Now please click on my Spiritual Sunday button on the right sidebar and go thank Charlotte and Ginger for hosting this weekly meme.

My prayer list includes my own phamily. We have to travel to Pueblo again as my MIL is "rallying". My BIL who is a nurse says this is her way of preparing for the end of her life. She has a surge of energy and feels "normal". But she is saying she sees my FIL and he was talking with her. I have lost many relatives and I have heard this same story over and over. Two days ago she said her mom and dad came with her husband and they asked her to join them. She said no, that she was too ill to travel. My oldest sister told me this same thing on the telephone two weeks before her passing. She said she saw daddy and she was anxious to cross over so she could visit with him. She said Grandma S and Grandma K looked well. It is interesting because my sister signed herself out of the hospital and stopped taking all the medication that made her so sick to begin with and she was very lucid when I spoke with her.

I also ask for prayer for Steve,Holly,Sean,Sarah, Arrick,Adriano,Linda,Alexis,Tom V. and Heather.


I love Maxine and her undies comment cracks me up! I live in Colorado and we are not known for tremendous bodies of water like Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Lakes! But Monday with temperatures soaring into the high 90's we had 100% humidity! 

I love Maxine! I am onry like she is sometime and I am learning to be a kinder driver. My friend Alyn is a wonderful Christian woman and she is always telling me to fold my fingers along with my hands in prayer! I call it my Tourette's finger because the devil does get a hold of me and I can not tell a lie!

I hope you will go over to Mary's blog at She participates in this fun Saturday posting. Go over and say hello.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am not sure my wedding bliss post will really reflect the love I have for my hubby or the cherished memories of my late parents and favorite aunt and uncle but I am showing  wedding photos. My modern wedding 26 years ago and the wedding of my parents, look at those cally lilies my mom was carrying. Then my aunt Ang and Uncle Louie. They had a very modern wedding for 1946 and my aunt wore a  suit. She was always a trendsetter. Uncle was quite debonair in his double breasted suit. My first born daughters wedding is here and  you can wish her and her hubby 10 years of wedding bliss this August. I was a May bride, my mom and daughter Noelle August brides and my aunt and uncle October.I also have a picture of my favorite Noelle bride doll. She has an unusual face and her gown is exquisite.

I don't want to whine but I have been sick with Vertigo for nearly three weeks and then the migraine headaches.  So I have missed out on much but love all of you for stopping by here today and ask you to please go visit Stephanie at and thank her for hosting this romantic meme.


Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday! I was trying to decide what to use in my post today. I was reading my Sunday newspaper and there was an ad for some new video games! I love Derek Jeter!Oh heck, I love baseball! So I was reading this little message he wrote comparing the new video games to the old! He said he was an "old school" video game player and told of fond memories he had playing Pac Man in his basement with his dad! I decided since Ms. Pac Man had been my favorite "old school game "I would write about her!

Ms. Pac Man is an arcade game introduced in 1981.  It was an unauthorized female version of the Original Pac Man! It became one the most popular video games and featured a female protagonist, new maze designs and several  minor game play changes  over the original game.  This game is fun and very "G" rated. Today I am appalled at some of the video games that kids play and all the violence that occurs.

Ms. Pac Man is very noteworthy and the game appears in many old school movies as well.

I just love all the pink in the Ms Pac Man game. I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane

I hope you will stop Beverly's place and thank her for hosting these awesome Pink Saturdays. She is a selfless woman who makes sure we all get involved in this and I thank her tremendously for that. Click on the Pink Saturday button on my right side bar.

Then please visit Brenda at and see the amazing talent over there. She also has a wonderful video post "All The Wrinkled Ladies". She will make you smile.

Now for some Ms. Pac Man

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"I Keep Six Honest Serving Men..." By Rudyard Kipling

I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
I send them East and West;
But after they have worked for me,
I give them all a rest.

I let them rest from nine til five.
For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast,lunch and tea,
For they are hungry men.
But different folks have different views;
I know a person small-
She keeps ten million serving men,
Who get no rest at all!
She sends 'em abroad on her own affairs.
From the second she opens her eyes-
One million Hows, two million Where's
And seven million Why's.

The Elephants Child

I was debating on this post! I thought of "W" our former president and how terribly fond I was of his animated way of talking to us. I wanted to re do my wedding vows but I will save that for a different post. "Water World" and "Pirates Cove",  refreshingly wonderful water parks locally and I even thought about the evil weeds that want to overtake my little flower garden!  I even thought about "Wash Day" although I wash laundry every day! Then there was "Winning". Gosh, I was not sure my Rockies were going to send Boston away with another loss in my home town baseball frenzy tonight! We were rooting for Ubaldo to win big tonight (he was under the weather) and he struggled thinking he was going home win less tonight! But thank goodness winning prevailed!

Instead I decided to post a favorite poem by Kipling and hopefully catch some of you that have not seen my post about this poem previously. Parents of young children should read this poem to their kids and remember you will have a lifetime of these wonderful words to encourage and educate your children throughout their lives with the wonders of What, Why, Where, When, Who and the odd one out How!

Please visit our favorite teacher Mrs. Matlock at and thank her for hosting this wacky, wonderful and  worthy post!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Welcome to Spiritual Sunday! Please stop by the link here on my sidebar and thank Charlotte and Ginger for hosting this awesome Sunday post.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock, If anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." Revelations 3:29 NASB

My hubby has carried this exact picture with him his entire adult life. It currently hangs at the side of our front door. It always has and always will. He is where our open lies. He is all there is to accept and insure your own salvation into His Heavenly kingdom. When he knocks on your door please invite Him in.

Today I wish all father's a Happy Father's Day! Enjoy these moments with your phamily!

I ask for much prayer today. My hubby's mom is hospitalized in our hometown 120 miles from us. We are heading out the door. She suffers from Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. The second disease has progressed and the prognosis is very glum. She can never remember my hubby and it breaks his heart. He is the middle son of three boys and one older sister. But yesterday she asked my SIL where he was. So off we go!

The day will be nice as I will be able to visit with my sis and her daughter and her phamily! It is always good to be with those you love.

Thank you for all the prayers and I ask for specific prayer for my MIL Rita and all the Robi phamily. I also ask for pray today for the phamily of Randy. He is a school teacher in Kiowa County Colorado that was suspiciously found dead. Pray for their strength in this difficult time along with the entire community. Then remember MizMollye and her phamily today. She lost her youngest son tragically this past week. I was touched that sweet MizMollye sent me an e mail thanking me for my prayers for her phamily. They need our love and support. Thank you and enjoy your Father's Day and Spiritual Sunday with all those that you love.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day on the Net - The History of Father's Day

Father's Day on the Net - The History of Father's Day

Please read all three of the Father's Day posts that I have here. I just put this up so you would have a history of the Father's Day celebrations from years gone by.

Happy Father's Day To Some Men Who Made Me Smile

This was a tough post for me. In these three photos are my late father, my favorite Uncle Louie and my father-in-law.

These are three men who valued the phamily. My father was the most kind and humble man you ever wanted to meet. He raised five children with my mother and he worked as a steel worker for forty seven years. He loved my mother in a way I could only dream I would be loved someday by a man. It is on Father's Day when I miss him peeking around the corner to see if he had a gift on the table although he always claimed he really didn't want gifts! I only learned to read in the Book of James because my father so often quoted from it. I miss him when I watch baseball because no body knew the sport like my dad. But today I know my father is safe in the arms of Our Almighty Father and that makes me smile.

Uncle Louie knew every ounce of Colorado history like the rest of us know the back of our own hand. He was a railroader. Although he and my favorite Auntie Ang never had children of their own they loved all the nieces and nephews as if we belonged to them. My uncle knew how to fly an airplane and he was an intelligent man that cared for my phamily very much. I always miss him today. I learned phrases like "That light isn't going to get an greener M O R A N !  My favorite was, you yellow bellied sap sucker, get moving. That light won't stay green forever!  He was an impatient driver.It irritated my dad that we learned some choice phrases like that from Uncle but my uncle was a good egg. He loved rhubarb pie and my homemade Belgian waffles. I miss him a lot today.

My late father-in-law is the one and the only Robi man, other than my own husband, who welcomed me into the phamily with open arms. He was a Navy man and he raised four children with my MIL. He had a knack for silliness and my children learned many silly songs from Grandpa Carl. He loved the Lord with a passion and he would talk with me for hours about the bible.  He was always cool and collected and he stuck up for me always. He once cared for me for an entire week while I was recuperating from brain surgery. My own father had fallen ill and my mother was tending to him. My FIL stayed with me, cooked and cleaned for me and helped me with my two younger children while my hubby went back to work.

I wish I had a photo of myself with my late parental grandfather. He was a man I admired even though I was a young child when I lost him. I believe my father got the wonderful values he raised us with from his own father.

Some appropriate quotes for these awesome men I was blessed to have in my life.

"A wise son maketh a glad father." Proverbs 10:1

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." Henry Ward Beecher

"My father use to play in the yard with me and my brother.Mother would come out and say"Your tearing up the grass.;" We're not raising grass my dad would reply, we're raising boys." Harmon Killebrew

"I can not think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." Sigmund Freud

If you missed the first Father's Day post please go back one post to read it. Thanks

This Is What Love Looks Like

Happy Father's Day to my husband and the father of five incredible children! This is a small photo collage of him as an infant, as a young stud, a high school graduate, a goofy guy who just asked me to marry him ( green shirt) and in his most important role on this earth as a father to two of his five kids.

Today I am going to do two separate posts. This one is dedicated to my husband. He is a hard working man who loves his phamily and is always looking for ways to contribute more into the phamily finances and help all of us keep our heads above water! He has a passion for Christ and writing based on biblical prophecies. He is the one person I feel like I fit together with  like two perfectly matched puzzles pieces .

These are some of my favorite quotes about men  :

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance." -- Ruth E. Renkel 

• "A father is a guy who has snapshots in his wallet where his money used to be." -- Unknown 

• "By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong." -- Charles Wadsworth 

• "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty." -- Unknown

Friday, June 18, 2010


Welcome to Pink Saturday. Please go to my sidebar and check the button for the pretty pink lady so you can visit Beverly at her blog and thank her for hosting the weekly pink fest! She is an awesome lady for hosting this and helping each one of us meet new pinkies each week and looking at all the pretty pinks.

I am going to show a few simple pictures that I took with my digital camera. I am not a terrific photographer but I was puttering around and took a few shots outside when it was 90 plus degrees today. My poor climbing rose bush is wilted. But the bright pink flowers always cheer me up. Then there are my tulips red and yellow from earlier this Spring. I will always think of Simply Debbie's daughter Amy whom she lost last year. Debbie told the sweetest story about Amy and a red tulip. Go check her blog and look at some older posts. You will enjoy it.

 I found this sweet framed piece of beautiful hand crafted art work at the thrift store for one dollar.
 My pretty little purple flowers getting pushed around by the weeds and in the background our my favorite four o'clocks. My late mother loved them and we had them all over our yard. My mom had bright pink, I have yellows ones. I need to get busy weeding!
My poor pinks taking a beating from the heat!

Now come visit This Debbie has a gift for art that will amaze you. Please join all the pinkies and have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Maxine on Dieting

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Please go to this fun and perfectly pretty blog and join in the wedded bliss June 25th. Stephanie is hosting this affair and you should go to her blog and check it out.


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SomeFamous "V"s With People,Places and Things

Welcome to Mrs. Matlock's Alphabe Thursday! Go here so you can join in the fun!

Today I have some famous V's to share with you!

How about Frankie Valli from the vintage group Frank Vallie and the Four Seasons. They sang  cool songs like "Cheri", "Walk Like A Man: and "Big Girls Don't Cry".

 While we are on the letter "V" and famous people, places and things how about some vinyl for the vintage folks out there! I loved my vinyl album collection and was sad when the 8 track tape replaced all my cool albums! I wish I still  had them. A full collection of Johnny Mathis, The Bee Gees and Dolly Parton! How's that for some variety in your life?

Like how about a Valley Girl? Like rad or what dude! Alicia Silverstone in the kooky, quirky and very funny movie "Clueless". Like wow!

Do you recall George Washington at Valley Forge from your school history dazes! It was the site of the camp of the American Continental Army  over the winter of 1976-1777 in the American Revolutionary War.

Have you ever been to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas? I was fortunate enough to stay there during a Princess House convention several years ago  . The hotel was brand new and we were given the most magnificent suites with marble tubs and walk in showers that were encased by glass doors. It was heaven on earth for a few days. Then home to my tiny little bathroom with bad grouting! Ha Ha!
Here is a double V for you! Vincent Van Gogh. The brilliant but troubled painter lived and died March 30 1853 to July 29, 1890. He is considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt, though he had little success during his lifetime. I own a lovely print of his artwork  "Sunflower". They say he cut off his own ear because he probably suffered from tinnitus (ringing of the ear) and it drove him mad!