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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Postcard Exchange Update

 Send a postcard to the postcard exchange. Because I have been sick with Vertigo for the past two weeks if you have not yet received a postcard from me please e mail me so I can resend your card! I am very sorry and I am excited to do this postcard exchange so contact me so we can complete all the US states. I am going to blog about the countries which I have received postcards from. Anyone outside the USA please join us.
Share a bit of history or a cool fact about where you live. Let's all join together and get those postcards sent!

This is a list of the United States and its Territories in alphabetical order:

France 2
Chile 1
Norway 3
Mexico 1
England  1
Japan  1


    Angela said...

    I will be sending your card from West Virginia hopefully on Monday!

    Please stop by my blog to enter my giveaway!


    Parsley said...

    I see you are getting more. What fun. It does take time. Are you having a deadline or just keeping it open until you get all?

    Intense Guy said...

    I hope you get a lot more cards!