Monday, June 28, 2010


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This is Spats.He was my husband's dog. He was such an important part of our lives and I would literally have to write a book about him to share all the wonderful stories. My husband got his precious pup back when we were newlyweds. His grandfather George B for whom my husband is named gave him the puppy. Spats was a black lab mix and his mother "Bright Eyes" was an AKC show dog until she was sent to live with grandma and grandpa at the farm. I think she trotted around with other pets! Thus Spats and his brother Bubba. Five little female puppies all died at birth. Bubba did not live the long life that Spats enjoyed. Spats was a real part of our phamily. He enjoyed romping in our yard and he was the kindest companion to our young children. He was an avid Bronco football fan and watched the games each weekend with my hubby. He also liked to drink a cold beer! He intentionally would tip over the can or bottle and look surprised as if he himself was shocked that it happened! Then he would lap up the beer. He lived to be nearly 17 years old. In the last few months of his life he experienced many old age symptoms including hip dsyplasia, and loss of his bowels and bladder.

But as a young pup he enjoyed riding shotgun while I sat in the backseat behind him. When he was neutered he refused to look my husband in the eye for two whole weeks! He once woke us in the middle of the night prompting my hubby to grab his shotgun and head outside. When we swung up the garage door he ran to the car barking wildly. When we opened the door he jumped in and sat in his front seat looking at us like "What!?" He wanted to go for a ride!

He liked a plain McDonald's hamburger and once while staying with my in laws he took a liking to my late F-I-L and dad would drive him to McDonald's in his old Dodge pick up with Spats in the front seat!

This photo is Spats as a pup. He was a fun little fellow and we loved him and miss him much!


Chatty Crone said...

He's cute . . . sandie

Angela said...

Welcome to Tuesdays' Show & Tail!
I'm laughing out loud over the stories about Spats! He sure was a character wasn't he! I think everyone needs a little Spat in their lives don't you! He sure was cute!

Thanks for sharing such great memories of Spats with us this week!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

ClassyChassy said...

I love his name - so very fitting, with those white feet!!! A very nice story today!

shannon i olson said...

He is sweet! Our Casey is 11 1/2 and has hip dysplasia and it is getting a little hard for her to move around. OH my could I tell stories too! Funny dogs, what a blessing they are.

Parsley said...

Thanks for sharing Spats with us. {sniff sniff} I just love dogs too much....

Jeanne said...

Dear Anne, I am so sorry I haven't been over to visit sooner. We had a crazy busy week as you know.

The pink dishes arrived on Saturday and I Love, Love, Love them. My daughters loved them too. I am going to post them on pink Saturday this weekend. They are so lovely and they will go with my pink flower dishes that I love so much. Thank you very much Anne.

I do hope you are feeling better. It is so discouraging to feel ill. My prayers are for you to recover and soon.

Spats is adorable. His story just makes me smile. I know the years you had him were very dear to you and your family. He was a lucky fellow to have you for a family.

We had a black poodle, Babette that lived 16 1/2 years and her last year she had the same problems as Spat. We hated giving her up but we couldn't watch her suffer. She had a stroke at the last. We love our pets like children don't we? We have to hang on to our memories. She too had lots of escapades to laugh about. Love the ride stories Spat loved so much. LOL.

Have a wonderful day Anne. Hugs, Jeanne

Linda @ A La Carte said...

They do touch our lives don't they!! Sounds like a wonderful dog!

Shirley said...

A wonderful story about a wonderful dog. Our one lab lived till he was 17 also. They live on love. Really people dogs!

Intense Guy said...

Spats sounds like my kinda dog!

:) Thanks for sharing him with us.

Anonymous said...


Spats - a perfect name for a perfect 'best friend.' Thank you for sharing him with us. My Buster will be turning 14 this year. I don't think I will ever be prepared to say goodbye.

I posted my story about Buster on WV Treasures Link Party:

Your Friend,
Deborah said...

What a great life your spats had.
Enjoyed hearing about him

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh...this is to darn cute!!! I'll have to show the photo of Spats to my dad...In fact, he's so cute...that I want a dog, just so I could name him/her Spats!!! This made me really laugh, smile, cry a little bit too...but happy tears!!! I'm thinking the beer and all the love he received in your home helped him live a long happy life...!!!! thanks for sharing this, Anne. Lots of love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

D. Jean Quarles said...

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing spats with us.