Sunday, July 28, 2019

Aw....Mondays and Much More

Hi Aw....Mondays I thought this was too cute not to share. Have a terrific week.
You know, Love is... always makes me smile.
A little bit of Blue Monday with my sky shot from the 25th of July. I had Sally on my mind and she never failed to amaze me with her blues when she hosted long before the Lord took her home to be with Him. Miss you sweet friend and this sky reminded me of you.
Loretta is the cousin of a high school friend of mine. I never knew someone could make you laugh out loud on a daily basis. She is a crack up on  twenty four hour alert. Tree stalker! Ha Ha Ha!
Loretta is a real person. No phoniness about her. Plus she served in the military. So I admire her crazy antics and her honor to our nation and it's people. I also do not advocate smoking but this was so good not to share.
A sweet memory. My hubby was dear friends with Pastor Ed Pettit. He baptized two of our daughters, this is Rebekah (1988). Pastor was at Saint Theresa Catholic Church in Pueblo back than. It is funny because Avery was raised in the Nazarene church but he and the pastor had a good friend who ran a Mexican restaurant and they would sit and talk for hours on end. He was a kind person and he loved his faith and did not believe in all the rules and regulations churches are so inclined to have. He believed in putting Jesus first. When our oldest son was baptized, at the church, the younger priest who thought he was running the big show. He hassled us about the baptism. My entire phamily had driven from Pueblo to come to attend this ceremony. Pastor Pettit wrote the parish priest a letter and said if even a handful of churchgoers there had the faith we had he would be lucky to have us at his church! The church sent us two copies of Jeremy's baptismal certificate. Pastor moved to Saint Patrick's church also in Pueblo by the time Hannah was born and he did the honors a second time. When Nick came along the kids were attending Assumption School in Denver so Pastor Bob Anderson baptized Nick. He left the church in the US to become a missionary in Rwanda at the height of the civil war there. I often think of his kind heart too. Although we had a simple wedding ceremony and were married by a pastor in Denver I always regretted not knowing that Pastor Pettit would have married us in a late night ceremony and than required us to treat him to breakfast! Ha Ha Ha! He stood for God Almighty and not man made traditions.
Birthday wishes for my birthday boy last Tuesday! I was doing my Dress Up Challenge and he faithfully takes my photos every day.
When your girls love you bunches!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Happy Tuesday different shares. I thought these were spot on.
I lost the caption to this one. But it said, I think this is yours!  Too cute. So a very happy Tuesday Show and Tail. Kittens have long tails and raccoons do not.
My silkiness needs some help losing a few pounds.  But Love is...knows the ways to love.
I remember my own mother sharing these tidbits of wisdom with me when I was young. Although on #6 my mom would say, whoever told you life was fair lied to you. Life is hard, pray harder.
I love this Scripture and the background makes it extra special.
Some boys from the birthday bash: Nick, Colton, Alastor and Jayden. Jayden is the oldest brother of Baby Logan,
If my father were here today on his birthday which my hubby shares with him as well as my cousin Kay and cousin Chuck I would take him out to the ballgame. I would sit and talk about baseball. But today I will reflect on the amazing father he was as well as husband to my mom and granddad to all the kids. He would be over the moon with all the grand babies and great grand babies too.  Since I am already a very blessed great grandma he would be a great great grand dad. Missing you dad but knowing that heaven is now your home. I am going to see you there one day.
Missing you both so very much today. I know you loved your birthday surprises dad.

Monday, July 22, 2019

A Birthday Tribute with Aw...Mondays

A birthday tribute to my husband of 34 years. I would not trade him for all the money, fame and power the world has to offer.
Miss Molly Lu. she is four months old. She is hard to capture because she is filled with puppy energy. When she is ready to settle in she is sweet and cuddly. This is her. So visit Aw...Mondays and join Sandee and friends for fun shares. Molly is myfavorite canine puppy.
This was me all day today. I apologize to anyone trying to have a conversation with me. Anyone sharing photos and kind words. The birthday bash was fun filled but the memories everyone shared with the hubby were emotional and by the end of SONday I was emotionally spent. All I can say is we did something right. Avery was blessed with kind words from so many. I can not even begin to express graditude for helping make this celebration a terrific one.
Bruce Lee was there is spirit and cake form. Rebekah had A Cake Occasion create this amazing three tier cake with three different layers, chocolate with raspberry, White with bavarian creak and white with lemon. Colton and Jacey found the Bruce Lee figures. Avery loves this quote although while searching our favorite ones, trying to keep it all secret,let me tell you- Bruce Lee was one amazing guy  not just talented in the field of Martial Arts but he was intelligent and had a wide variety of  interesting hobbies.
The birthday boy celebrating with his new number. You know there is a saying :

A baseball legend who this quote is attributed to. Plus the Rockies won their game over the Yankees yesterday. It was a great day!
Avery and his sister Lucy have not celebrated their birthdays  together for a long while. She is born on July 21 and is four years older than he is. After her near tragic car accident last July 2018, we are all grateful she is here. Left to right Rick, me, Jamie,Lucy,Avery,Sherry, Kameron, Kayden,Leah.
Us, all together for a photo. I may have been daydreaming while they were being serious.
Jeremy and Brittany and Brody and new Robinson Baby  coming soon.
 Addy was with her dad. We sure missed her. But her letter to Avery was very sweet and made us both tear up.
Rebekah and Zach. This girl worked so hard pulling all this off.  She is one amazing daughter.
Snoopy is right, the weather can not make up it's mind!
Forgiveness is difficult but once you get past your own pride you find out it is the best thing, no one is guaranteed tomorrow.
Logan's mom and dad got to see him open his eyes today. He certainly knows they are near him and hears their voices. Now I truly understand all the things my mom and grandmother said to me as a child, are truth. I truly believe babies see their guardian angel watching over them. If you know Scripture you know the Book of Matthew states that everyday your guardian angel gazes into the face of God Himself. What do you think babies see?

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Birthday Wishes

We celebrate lots of birthdays in the summertime. Today happens to be Lucy's birthday. She is my hubby's only sister. She was in the devastating car accident last summer, a little over  year ago. She is getting along but the road to recovery has been a long hard one. The person who nearly took her life and the lives of one of her daughters and four grandchildren walked away without a care in the world The justice systems seems to have justice for the criminal and none for the victims.
Bitterness should never become ones sole purpose in this life. Thinking of how strong each one of these people are makes me smile. I feel like the criminal will receive his punishment perhaps not in this life but he will face his maker one day. I hope he will pray for forgiveness for himself.
Here is a birthday cake with sweet wishes for a wonderful year filled with love and many new healing for Lucy. Happy Birthday sister-in-law.
This girl has been planning a big surprise for her dad's birthday which is 23 July 2019. Tomorrow we will have a barbecue and he will have a special cake. If you follow my pinterest page you can see that special cake there. I have a Phamily Celebration Cake board. But I will tell you words , Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee was probably my honey's most favorite person when he was into working out hard and studying Jete Kune Do . Bruce Lee is the most influential martial artists of the 20th century. I am not sure there will ever be another like him. He also fought for the rights of minorities in films and T.V. He was quite a fascinating person and lived an amazing although short life.
Baby Logan had a good day today. He is a tiny one and lost some ounces, which they say, is very normal. Just keeping a very close eye on this handsome boy. I salute all the medical personnel that deal with these tiny humans each and every day.
A boy and his shoe. We watched Brody for a few hours today so mom and sister could get some organizing done. Dad and Uncle Nick had flag football. He keeps us running. we are tired and look forward to a big day tomorrow with phamily.
In 1996 to 2000 there was a show called The Pretender on T.V. We love it and watch it on Saturdays. Brody is a classic pretender, he pretended to be resting his eyes but you can not fool this Grammy. She has had extensive experience in the field of child rearing. but I would never trade one moment with this guy for anything. He is a character. See that ding on his head? It's called, I balanced myself on a toy and when I pulled the fridge door open, conk, I bumped my head on the door. His daddy is getting use to this fearless child. He was a more reserved child at this age. Laughing at all the fun he will have raising this entertaining boy.
A very thought provoking Scripture. Angels watching over all of us.

Friday, July 19, 2019


Logan is getting sweeter each day. He has lived one whole day and he is a mover and getting his exercise stretching out his tiny arms and legs. His face is precious. Our daughter says he looks big in the photos  but he is very tiny and will remain at the hospital until Oct 18 which was his due date. He is a remarkable gift. Something so many overlook in this life.
I believe this and I stand on this. This tiny boy is a child of God. I believe Jesus has His hand on this boy.
Whatever His reasons are, God does have a plan for each life.

Praying is the best medicine for little souls like our great grand boy Logan. I will ask God to send His very best warrior angel to keep this child company.
Remember one thing about GOD:
I hope your weekend is blessed and beautiful and filled with love. If it is a heat wave where you are, stay cool.