Monday, July 15, 2019

Aw....Mondays and More

My Aw....Mondays share. My cute little mom with Gigi and Renee her pup. My dad let us breed Gigi once and she had five puppies. The stud's phamily (lol) took a male pup and there were two females and two more males. I was able to keep my Renee D' Orleans Antoinnette. She was AKC registered like her momma. I lost her in 1983. She had breast cancer. She waited for me to tell her goodbye before she passed away peacefully. That was so long ago but I never forgot those precious pups. They were poodles.  Our Gigi was Gigi Olvera. Her own mother had been a circus performer. Gigi was a very sweet girl too. Always thinking about them and my mom , she was so good with them. My dad was a kind because he flew Gigi from Fort Bragg, NC. My big sis's neighbor was headed to Germany and could not take the pup. She flew in with the bishop of our Catholic dioese. She was riding in style.
My dad was always dressed so nice when he was not working 12 hour shifts at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation where he worked as a head roller in the rail mill. I sure my miss my folks. This photo was taken in "the Grove" at my grandmother's home.

Blogger and friend Lady Kathrine Smith is needing prayer. She has dealt with pancreatic cancer on and off for quite some time and her younger brother was dealing with it as well. Please pray. She herself is an amazing and faithful warrior for Jesus. Some LuLaRoe friends lost a dear friend Marsha who left behind a husband and two young children.  Please pray for Brenda and Raizy and Marsha's family. Her loss was devastating for everyone who knew her. Although she is now at peace, those who loved her are grieving. Prayers for grand girl Tarrah. Baby Boy is not due until October but she suffers from seizure disorder and fell last night. She was hospitalized and  started to have contractions.  she was able to go home to their three boys today but was told to return ASAP if contractions come one per hour. She also has a follow up appointment tomorrow. Pray for Andrew and the boys also. Thank you.

The puppies are practicing naughtiness. Ring Leader Thor , light blonde with Jon Bon Jovi wings on his luxurious hair weighing in at 7 lbs. and Molly, petite , innocent looking (never be fooled by this) and 3 lbs. were caught on video destroying yet another puppy bed. We are certain Leo was giving them private lessons because if anyone could destroy a puppy bed it was Leo. We once arrived home to wall to wall stuffing and shreds of bedding material from one end of the house to another. Thor also offers lesson in non stop barking. Particularly at the 11 P.M. hour. He has the equivilent to Vulcan hearing a/k/a Dr. Spock from Star Trek! You give a pup a good home and this is how they thank you.
School supplies are popping up everywhere.  This little sweet cartoon made me smile. Leave it to your kid to forget to remind you. HaHaHa!
A M E N !
Have a great week everyone.


Sandee said...

Awww, on the pups. So cute.

You sure have some sweet memories of folks and your family. What a wonderful thing.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day, honey. Big hug. ♥

Mevely317 said...

Oh man, that meme about knocking on the door is SOOOOO true. I'll never figure why our pups act as if Satan himself is about to burst through.
Love that pix of your daddy in his hat. Maybe it's something about having to dress in uniforms the rest of the week? My dad was the same way; he loved having a few 'good' pieces to wear. Reminds me a bit about the late, great Tom Landry.

Brian said...

Those pics are very cool. Prayers to Lady Kathrine from all of us.

Lilly Ann said...

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