Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tail

If I shared this before, I apologize. I love doing laundry but I know many people do not like it. Here is something to think about next time you have laundry piling up.
There are six canine furry phamily members living here.  My photo collage has the two lower photos of  Loki plus the second row, first side on the left. Top row, Lulu and Molly. Second row, Loki and Finn and Leo. Now I will search for Thor.
This is a great shot of Thor, dreaming of treats and sunny beaches. All these pets remind me Happy Tuesday is here with Tuesday Show and Tail.
More humor from Maxine. I bet she was thinking of some of the people telling fibs in D.C.
A little police humor. Those fine folks in blue have been getting a bum rap by some businesses. I suppose maybe if you are being robbed or having another emergency you could always call someone who cares. Why we have such hatred for our law enforcement makes me sad but also very angry.
Do you know who loves the police? Gabriel Iglesias or "Fluffy" as his fans call him. He has some great cop humor in his comedy routine.
Thank an officer for their service next time you see one. Visiting NYC for the first time in 2015 and seeing the sights at Time Square, I must admit, I felt extremely safe. Police were everywhere mingling in with people and keeping us safe. Too many take it all for granted.
My dad had the loveliest trees. He kept them manicured and our yard both front and back always looked lovely. I Miss him tonight. He would have enjoyed the All Star game. He would be surprised to see the kind of paychecks those guys get these days. But they love our country and don't protest. I Like the fact that after the NFL went way left the MLB went forward to stand with America. Afterall, it's baseball, hot dogs and  apple pie  ! That's America.
I love to fly our flag in the front yard. Two of my neighbors do too. Like me, they were raised on it.
Google images are the best and this one reminds us who created this and where their blog is.


Theresa said...

I miss my Daddy too😢. I appreciate our Police officers and pray for their safety. Lots of cuteness living at your house, that picture of Thor is too cute. Enjoy your day dear friend hugs

Sandee said...

Such loads of happiness with those precious pups.

You know I support our law enforcement and I also pray for their safety.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Hope you had a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug. ♥

Brian said...

We love our police heroes too! Enjoyed those funnies and love those sweet pup faces!

Lilly Ann said...

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