Monday, July 1, 2019

Aw....Mondays and Much More

I feel like I have a hundred photos of Leo like this! He will sit perfectly still for a photo. He is such a good furry buddy. As big as he is he knows that and treats all the puppies daintily. He is a father figure and the two boys Loki and Thor, particularly look up to him.  So he can be our star today of Aw...Mondays. At least he is a star to me.
Although I love celebrating this birthday of the greatest country in the world, I know many humans and pets do not do well with the ruckus of fireworks. We live in an area where we can sit in our own backyard and watch the sky light up from three different directions. Our city as well as the city of Thornton put on huge fireworks displays. We can also see the fireworks from downtown Denver. It is huge, after the Colorado Rockies baseball game. I can handle the local fireworks because they are handled with care but it is the neighborhood folks who set off bottle rockets and black cats that cause the most stress. It is a constant. It starts mid-May and we hear it all summer long. The police can not do enough to stop the violations of this illegal  madness. SO wherever you are, please be kind and don't make a racket intentionally.
Remember to be kind, Many cannot take the noise and loud booming. I am personally praying for rain non stop.
I love sitting in booths at restaurants . We usually sit across from each other but if we bring extra people we sit like this. Love matter which way you prefer, makes it right all the time.
For the direction impaired people. But truthfully, these types of directions have landmarks so makes finding your destination easier. Thank you to Anne  Christian Loyrs . I love this lady and have known her for nearly ten years here. I see her at social media these days but she had a beautiful blog and took the most fabulous photos.

Sometime finding out where we are going can bring about anxiety. Google and other sources aren't always 100 percent! If you are good with a map you have it made.  You can also pray.

A black and white collage, I could not flip the photo of my honey when he was a small child. They were visiting Arkansas. It was where his dad grew up. His mom is holding him as a baby and the other photos are me, my classmates and my girl Gigi from my childhood. Dad always had a huge bucket of water to extinguish fireworks and back in my youth we had sparklers and roman candles. You could hold those candles and they would shoot beautiful colors into the sky. It is all illegal today but does not stop the masses from shooting M-80's which sound like a constant sonic boom and other assorted fireworks from Wyoming just one hundred miles from our front door. The last time we bought fireworks, we bought smoke bombs to evict wild rabbits and wasp colonies from our front porch. IT is the only humane way to remove those pesky rabbits. Some people think it is wrong to evict them but we were tired of their babies trying to get out when the adult rabbits were gallivanting. We got tired of cleaning up their dead remains because no one came back to fed them. Rabbits in the wild are not as cute and kind as people imagine them to be.  Recently Loki came running with the skeletal remains of one of the large rabbits. Unsure what happened to him. But their days of living under our porch are over. The hubby secured it until we can tear it out and pour concrete. Our neighbor is doing lots of renovations outside and he is super clever. He designs things during his day job so he is an excellent neighbor to have. Especially with his knowledge of concrete and pouring cement. Otherwise it is so expensive to do.
I never tire of seeing this flag flying. It is the last symbol we have of freedom. MAny wish to take that freedom away from us. If you have a flag, fly it. If you do not own one, I would buy one. They are made in the USA and we should be proud of this. Every other country in the world flies their country's flag. Shame on those who refuse to defend our flag and country. Many gave all and others lost limbs, and minds and ended up on the streets. Yet here we are, still free, for a moment anyway.


Sandee said...

Awww, he's such an adorable pup. Loved the pups all dressed up for the 4th too.

What a fun post.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and 4th of July. Big hug. ♥

Brian said...

You are a handsome one Leo! Love the black and white photos. Fireworks are legal here and the go off across the street at our lake until at least 3AM every night for days.

Terra said...

Leo is a star. I agree with your remarks about our wonderful country and honoring it. My dog trembles and can not sleep (which means I can not sleep) when he hears neighborhood fireworks being set off at random, most recently for graduation night from high schools and colleges.

Mevely317 said...

Even when I don't know the subjects personally, I adore old photographs! Your meme about directions made Tom and I laugh out loud!

Join you in praying for rain! What's the matter with plain old sparklers?