Friday, August 24, 2018


For my son-in-law Zach. Hope this is birthday is memorable.
You know I could not resist! Canada + Hockey = eh! HaHaHa! Corny I know but I sure miss my hubby's former co worker Harold who use to say "eh"! I bet you didn't guess he was born in Canada.
If you know my son-in-law, you know is a one whole minute older than his twin sister Alexa. Yes, today is her birthday too.

His birthday cake.
Hawaii, 6/18 at Diamond Head Outlook. It was hot and humid after their hike.
Zach was our driver heading to Carbondale in February this year. It is becoming a phamily affair. The hubby and I were not stressed and not worrying about the drive. Zach got a last minute upgrade and we were riding in true style. Look at my silly Rebekah. she was the sign watchers.
Zach and ALexa having birthday fun with their mom and brother and sweethearts too.
The twins enjoying birthday shenanigans!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Aw....Mondays and More

It is a late post for Aw...Mondays and a sweet kitten who looks like I feel!

Getting ready for one of those milestone birthdays where you have to apply for Medicare was weighing heavily onmy mind. Recently,  I made the call and spoke to the lovliest lady named Robin. She really put my mind at ease. Often people who think they are helping you are really scaring the pants off of you with their horror tales of the Medicare system. So enough said except I am grateful I spoke with Robin at the Social Security 800 number. I heard God whispering "I told you so!". Learning to listen to Him is getting a bit easier.
You can call it what you like, special needs, disabilities. I like Joni Eareckson-Tada's take on it best:
She has often said, she dislikes labels. She said I am a cripple. I sit in a wheelchair. I don't really have a disability. I broke my neck and it put me in this chair! She always says when she gets to heaven she is going to dance with Jesus! Our country loves labels and offering pharmaceuticals to whoever feels like they need one. Have you seen the warning labels on so many of these drugs? It is absolutely frightening.
A friend I have known since we were 13 via "pen pals" reconnected with me at social media. She lost her younger sister Jackie recently. Jackie had Downs Syndrome. She lived a life that touched so many. I did not know her but hearing what others have to say about her makes me smile. I think Jane was truly blessed to have Jackie as her sibling. May Jackie Rest In Peace .
My friend Dr. T. or "Koko" as we call her always said her grandmother told her people do not understand those born with a pure soul. If you know someone with Downs Syndrome I know you will relate to this. Koko and I worked together, for many years in an ENT office. She was the doctor of Audiology.
The hubby is winding down his six days off in a row. He returns to work on Wednesday but we worked hard all weekend long with the newlyweds.
The start of our weekend long project.
The green, green grass of home.
Oh Maxine, stop reading my mind!

A thoughtful share for Anniewho always spread kindness. Remeber her in your prayers please as she is taking a much needed blog break.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Hello to Aw...Mondays . My friend Carole recently shared something. She said people spend too much time on their phones and ended with this message, put your damn phone down! Everywhere we go, people  with faces buried looking at  their phones.Look at life, your hubby or wife, your kids, grands and friends.Smile at a stranger. Please put your phone down while driving
This boy is on vacation in Cheese Country, otherwise known as Wisconsin. He told me one day to put my phone down and talk to him.  Goodbye phone, hello Harrison. I miss him already.
Harrison is warming up to the idea that in December, he will be a big brother. No pink ribbons there, another blue bundle of joy. Waiting on the name. They know I love Harley but they will have to find the perfect one. Love is...sums this up nicely.
HaHaHa! Oooooohhhhh Maxine, that new baby arriving in time for the CHRISTmas season. Maxine is 100 percent right, you know that don't you?
I have a quick challenge for you. instead of an unkind word or thought proceeding from your mind and mouth please do this:
Small kindnesses make big strides. People everywhere are fighting a battle you know nothing about. Use kindness.  It makes me feel better to be kind. It is easy to be mean, kindness is hard if you make it that way. I see so many wanting their cause championed or expressing the hate they say among others and yet they are doing the same thing. Try kindness, use love to it's full potential. Love is the greatest gift of all. Prayers going up for Annie who has always shared kindness and positive notes at her blog.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Happy birthday to this amazing son of mine! I wondered for a moment this morning at 5:40 A.M. why in the world was I waking up? Then it hit me, 33 years ago this morning I was having this beautiful boy!
Jeremy was a bright and witty child. He is now a husband and father. His little phamily is perfectly beautiful.
Addy, Brittany, Brody and Jeremy make up a cute little phamily unit. I love this photo of them all together.
Brody wasn't interested in his Wolf Ears but Addy wore her ears to a Rockies game and got lots of compliments.
When a boy won't sleep and only wants to be held. Brody is not a loner. He loves the closeness of mom and dad. He is a hands on boy.
Brody was tiny but he will share his daddy's love of sports.
Jeremy and Addy sharing some fun. Jeremy is in his element with kids. He loves them so very much.
The gender reveal before Brody's big debut.
Brittany and Jeremy at a Bronco game, one of their favorite things to do!
Siblings Photo by Mark Alison Photography. Jeremy's wedding Day April 30, 2016. Left to right Hannah, Noelle, Jeremy, Nick and Rebekah.
Mark Alison Photography captured this lovely shot of Addy and Jeremy dancing at the wedding 4/30/16. Simply beautiful.

My prayer is Jeremy, that you have a beautiful life and live it to the fullest with all those you love. You never need to be reminded who is the center of that marriage. I hope you have an amazing birthday.
Enjoy your day!