Sunday, February 28, 2021

Awww...Mondays and Love is...



This cracked me up three years ago and it still does. My husband is a pop up and get the day started. Me, not so much. Thanks to Patsy Clairmont for always having a share to inspire, encourage or make us laugh out loud.  Please visit Awww.Mondays

LOSS: March, April and May are difficult months for me. Oh, I Love the fact that Spring will come and flowers will bloom, snow will go away and warmer days will prevail. But I have experienced some of the hardest losses in these months and I do not think it ever gets easier. 

I think when loved ones die, we absorb something from them that makes us who we are so we can continue on. ~Reginald VelJohnson

This quote really struck me. I am glad I found it and happy to share it. I purposely don't always share the dates of loss but often prefer to share how someone I loved lived, or when they celebrated their birthday. It is important to me.

I will get through the months ahead of me as I always do. I like to remember all the good things about the ones I Lost. My big sis, her husband. my cat Boots, my dad, our unborn daughter Rachel and my TaTa Rose. There are others. I hold them each inside my heart. 

Life goes by day after day. I keep these loved ones in my heart and always will, as long as I am here on this earth.

Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:24
Love is...always has a smile to help to through those sad days. My hope though, is knowing I will see them on the otherwise.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Fun


After playing in the water and washing all our dishes by hand, this child needs his socks and shirt dried. So he decided to model the bunny sunglasses while he was waiting for a dry shirt and socks. He is a good kid and so very helpful.

Little brother models the new sunglasses, red or blue? Hmmmm......which ones will I want?Mom and dad were still packing for the move, next weekend. These two are having fun being with us here.  We all had a two hour nap after our time together came to an end.

We will get more rest and finish our weekend with many smiles and many new memories. Sweet Dreams, get your rest and hoping we see each other again tomorrow. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Feline Friday, Answer for Friendly Fill In's and Pink Saturday


Feline Friday is a favorite. I was just lucky catching this kitty admiring me. HaHaHa! He is a scardey cat and he likes to stay close to me so I took this yesterday. He is also always cold like Rose use to be so he likes the bed because I rarely turn off the heated blanket. He gets cozy and falls asleep so I can sneak away. 

Here are my answers to Friendly Fill In's . Ellen hosts this blog hop with Lorianne :

1. You don't have to convince me eat dark chocolate truffles. One at a time and one each day I feel like it. 

2. Crazy driving is causing me stress. I prefer to stay home and stay away from those who do not pay attention, drive while under the fluence of whatever! I do not like to be stressed so enjoying quiet is my cup of tea.

3. Speaking from experience, don't forget to turn off the whistling tea kettle. Although I probably have the most sanitized stove in the country!

4. Over time, my opinion of social media sites has changed. 

These truffles are the best! I had that pretty pink heart one in the right hand corner/ It is dark chocolate with raspberry. Sigh.... Please visit Pink Saturday

Thursday, February 25, 2021



My great cousin Mike B sent this to me. He found the original at his dad's house so wanted to share it with me. My aunt and uncle were my great cousin MIke's grandparents. My mom and dad are the attendants. My dad's sister Angela "Gela" who was two years younger than dad was the bride. My uncle Anthony "Bear" was the groom. I really love looking over these old photos. They mean so much to me. Thanks Mike. You are a swell cousin and a real gem. 

I will return tomorrow, hopefully, to schedule my regular blog hop posts. Thanks for hanging in there with me. 

Much love and many sweet dreams to all. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Friendly Fill In Questions and Thankful Thursday

Ellen thinks up these questions with Lorianne I'll be back tomorrow with my answers.

1. You don’t have to convince me to ___________________________.

2. _____________is causing me stress.
3. Speaking from experience, _________.
4. Over time, my opinion of _________ has changed.


Each week Thankful Thursday is filled with great fun and all things everyone enjoys. Please visit. Please share. Stop by to say hello to Brian and friends.

1. Snow, we are currently getting more of the white stuff. If the hubby would be able to stay home with me, it would be great fun. They say four inches but in a matter of minutes the ground and sidewalks were covered. Rebekah shoveled already because she likes to clear a path for the pups.Hoping the roads will not be horrible for my honey to get to work.  Thankful for the moisture we need.

2. Warm blankets, we need them this time of year. I keep the heated blankets on almost all day. Sometime I like to take a quick cat nap. My weary bones are fragile so I like to rest them under a warm blanket. SIgh.... Thankful!

3. Puzzles, bought a fire truck puzzle as Brody especially is an excellent puzzle
boy. He and Rebekah put it all together. It is over 4 foot long. I need to figure a way to get a good shot of it. He was so happy she helped him complete that big puzzle. Very thankful.
4. Pizza, NIck made us two pizza's tonight. They were good. I need to eat better meals. It is hard though when pizza is filling the air. Thankful.
5. Socks, I love cute socks and have some llamas and dogs and cats too. LIke to have warm feet. I also love the fuzzy socks. Not in the hot weather though. Thankful.
6. Cat tails, nosey cats get stepped on. Mister KItty follows me everywhere. He and Leo are very similar. They are the two largest animals in the house and they are scady cats/dogs. Tonight before I could close my bathroom door, the cat ran in. Of course too late when I started to lose my balance as he ran under me and I stepped back only to step on his tail. Boy oh boy is he mad. I won't see him until I turn the lights off. He thinks he is sneaky. He likes to sleep by my feet so hopefully he will be nice when he settles in for the night. Thankful for his warmth that gives my feet extra care while I sleep. Thankful.

The fire truck puzzle. I need to grab a copy of the photo Rebekah took. For a small boy, this kid can put a puzzle together like Rebekah and Hannah. He is amazing and so smart. 
The cat image is actually a T Shirt. I thought it was funny. I love how that cat "knows stuff,"

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tails and Don't forget Maxine

 Happiness is a good thing. So stop by Happy Tuesday. Share some happiness.The world has become more scary but I try not to consentrate on that. Instead, I devote my time to happy things. Today was not an especially great day. But the electrician finally made it back to upgrade a few things so "praying" the city inspector will approve our solar. He is a nice young man and another electrician was with him. They worked hard and got everything done in a few hours. A smile for that victory.

Nightly grooming routine for this busy boy. I can rarely capture a good photo of him. He is terribly nosey and into things that are none of his business. But he was chasing the red dot earlier and had to have a quick nap. Now he is ready for more action. He makes me happy most of the time. He did not steal Daphne's food recently, so that is a  happy thing. He fits purrfectly into Tuesday and Show and Tails. My day disappeared quickly, one thing, than another and so on. I am grateful to be able to rest now. But I did accomplsih a few extra tasks waiting on the electrician.

Oh Maxine, you stole my heart today with this one. You are a little more direct than Bill Engvall with his "Here's your sign" mentality. HaHaHa Her pup is always looking so confused! Love you Maxine.


Woke up to the sunshine filling the sky. Happy!

Made pancakes and ate two with fresh blueberries that were super sweet. I loved it!

Had to load the dishwasher twice since I had so many dishes . They came out sparkling clean! YAY!

Dusted in my living room. Seems like the dust always setlles in my spaces.

 Did one load of laundry and enjoyed it! Laundry is my mental health therapy. Makes me happy cause I talk with God and do my best prayer time with Him there.

We cooked a roast with veggies last night and I was able to get the leftovers all contained in smaller containers and refrigerated after having some of the deliciousness. The hubby had it for breakfast. Happy.

I decided to forget about the things throughout the day that were not pleasant.  I made sure the recycle was coming tomorrow and filled one completely. Happy that the second container was half full. Makes the trash load lighter.

Opened my front door to see the Fed Ex guy drive away. He left our truffles. It is our only vice really. Talk about being happy! The hubby was busy at work so he said I made his day when I told himt he truffles came. It does not take much to make us happy. :-)

Always looking forward to another day, if the Lord willing, gives me another 24 hours. I do not take anything for granted. Life is fleeting. Be happy. Be Thankful. Have some fun. Eat a Truffle

Sweet dreams. Enjoy a rest night of sound sleep. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Aw....Mondays and Love is....


This girl turns 3 on February 23rd. She is perfect to share with Aw...Mondays. She is the best mom always watching out for her children but she will steal from them as quickly as she will Leo. She loves running outside for the other pups but like Thor, she loves to run back into the house. Neither one of them love the cold temps. SHe is my favorite Monday morning aw.....

Even Love thinking about Springtime. Always a favorite Monday morning share.

Until tomorrow, may your dreams be sweet and your rest uninterupted.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Things That Start With the Letter A

 I sure miss the days of Jenny Matlock and her fun antics. I miss al the wonderful blog hops using the alphabet to think of things that , for instance, start eitht he first letter of your first name:


Something you:

Wear: Angora Sweater

Drink: Apple Juice

Place: Anchorage, Alaska

Food: Apples

Animal: Aardvark

Girl Name: Ashley

Boy Name: Brody & Blake

Profession: Attorney

Describe Someone: Articulate

Body Part: Abdomen

Now something :

That starts with the first letter of your middle name:


Wear: Mascara

Drink: Milk

Place: Madrid, Spain

Food: Meatloaf

Animal: Monkey

Girl Name: Monica

Boy Name: Marshall

Profession: Mail Carrier

Describe Someone: Manipulative

Body Part: Muscle

That starts with first letter of your last name:


Wear: Raincoat

Drink: Riesling

Place: Reykjavik, Iceland

Food: Ramen Noddles

Animal: Rabitt

Girl Name: Rhonda

Boy Name: Randy

Profession: Rabbi

Describe someone: Romantic

Body Part:Ribs

I love these things because you have to work your brain. I Had to stop and think about some of them. I had seen a piece about Reykjavik , Iceland so that one was easy peasey.

A few laughs before I close this snowy Saturday night.

I always have to share my very favorite snowy meme:

We are suppose to see 60 degree temps Monday and Tuesday and than.....tadah......more snow!

Thank you to Linda Conley for this meme.  I L O V E this! I need to post this somewhere so I see it and think about it  everyday. Folks, the world is losing it's grip completely. I am so sad but my hope is in Jesus and His return. C'mon Jesus. 

Hoping to see you tomorrow for another day. Sweet dreams....

Friday, February 19, 2021

Things I Love from A to Z

 I had so much time to create my last post. I enjoyed trying to think of words that would would fit into my Thankful plan.

I decided to try it again and list things I LOVE.

Avery,  Addy, animals, angels (Alastor Avery, Yesenia, Sarah ), Art, Apples

Brittany, Brody, Blake, Babies, beautiful kind hearts, books, brothers, Baseball

Children, cats, ,clothes, crepes, cameras, collectibles

Daphne, Dolls, Duke, Dogs

Edward, Every season, Embracing loved ones, Enjoying life, Energy (being energetic), Enthusiasm

Finn, Franklin, Faith,  Friends, Freedom, Fruit, Fun, Flower Gardens

God's Grace, Good people, games, Grands, GreatGrands, Gentle Breezes, Gardens

Hannah, Happy people, Horses ,Hump Day, Hugs

Ice cream, Icicles, I love Yous. IOUs. 

Jeremy, Jake, Jeans, Joyfulness,

Karoke, Kisses, Keys, Keepsakes, Knowledge

Leo, Loki, Luna, Leggings,  Lulu, Love, Letters, Laughter, Liberty, Literature

Marriage,  Mollie,  Mister Kitty, Moon, Monkey Business, Magical Moments, Mountains, Music, Movies

Noelle, Nick, Noodles, Namaste, Native, Neighborly, Noble, Nirvana

Optimism, Open-Hearted people, Ostriches

Phamily, Piper, Pizza, Peguins, Pretty Paper, PJs, Pie

Quiet, Quaint, Quirky, Quilts, Quackhood (the world has many)

Rebekah, Roger, Rainbow Bridge (where many loved fur babies live), Radio

Stella, Stars, Skies, Salad, Silly jokes, Shoes, Sleep, Sunshine, Sisters

The Word of God, Thor, Tea, Treasures, T-shirts, Tomatoes, Travel, TV Shows

Umbrellas, Unicorns,  Unlimited wifi, Unique things and people

Vegas ( love the shows and finding adventure off the strip), Vulcans (Mr. Spock), Victoria Magazine, Vegetable Gardens

Waffles, Watermelon, Welcoming houses, Wonderful memories, Wishes that come true

Xmas, X-Men, Xena, Princess Warrior, Xeroxing Things like articles, recipes. etc., X-Files

Yellow roses, Yogurt, YooHoo, Yakking,  Yummy food, Yes to so many adventures

ZigZagging, Zippety DoDah, Zippers, Zebras, Zoos, Zest, Zeal,  ZZZZZ's, ZipCodes, Zazzle, Zorro

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Birthday Boy , Feline Friday, Friendly Fill In's, Pink Saturday


Ellen and Lorianne co host Friendly Fill In's:

Here are the questions:

1. I keep hoping____________________.

2. Last year, at this time, I was __________________.

3. ___________________is my kind of weatheer.

4. One random fact I know is __________________.

Here are my answers:

1. I Keep hoping I am only dreaming that my country is forever gone.

2. Last year, at this time, I was getting ready to celebrate Brody turning two.

3. Springtime weather is my kind of weather.

4. One random fact I know is a Great White Shark has five gill slits,

My Boots was so beautiful. He preferred handsome but he was such a kind kitty. I will forever and always miss him terribly. He was a true joy in my life. I hope you will visit  Feline Friday and share in the fun, laughter and tears of joy over felines.

Ella Jean is pretty in pink. She is kicking some major butt at bringing up her weight. Weighing 5 lbs. 7 oz. This girl is a warrior, wanting to check off her check list of things she has to do to be released to home. She is the most beautiful Pink Saturday joyful share ever! Look how content she is. But she is her own person already and does not mind telling you with her voice that she wants to get her beauty sleep. Pray for her and pray for her momma too. Tarrah has obstacles to overcome with her own health. Pray for daddy Andrew and brothers, Jayden, Michael, Benjamin and Logan. 

How did Brody Edward turn three?  Born on the 18th of February 3 years ago, I am crying happy tears over this child. He is so kind. He is bright and witty. He has the very best of dad and mom. He is a good big brother to Blake and a good little bro to Addy. He loves Blippi so here is a Blippi cake image just for him.

From a tiny baby boy to a smart and incredibly talented little fellow.

Such a happy boy with a big smile.

A little energetic dynamo who loves climbing these railroad ties in our front yard. Grandpa is always ready to help out.

An Incredible child! Grandpa Avery has a Mr. Incredible figure on his dresser. Brody has to hold it and play with it everytime he comes over. 

A favorite Brody photo from February 6th. We were waiting on the front porch for mom and dad to come back. He loves sitting on that bench and waiting. He always says , I Just know they're coming soon. He does not ever want to miss them pulling in the driveway.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  BRODY!  I hope you love being three. I know you are going to love your new house with your new bedroom that you don't have to share. You love your Woody Buzz rug that will grace your room. So happy you belong to our phamily. We love your personality, your intelligent mind and you are forever learning something fun and new each day. Love how you count and know all your colors and want to learn every day. May God Bless Your Sweet Heart richly and may everything filled with goodness come to you.

Big boy with wit and candor

Really kind and caring

Observant Child with a quick mind for knowledge

Dear heart filled with love and kindness and caring

Youthful but wise beyond his years.

I will continue this birthday story tomorrow, God willing. Meanwhile get your rest and have some sweet dreams. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Thankful Thursday,

 Visit Thankful Thursday

Thankful List A to Z


Be Kind

Carry Happiness Around

Discover something new each day

Encourage someone else

Fun activities

Gracefully allow others to lend a helping hand

Help a person or animal in need

Include others

Jot down your thankful thoughts each day

Key in on someone who is hurting and is afraid to ask for help

Love honestly

Make cookies for someone

Never speak spiteful words

Observe others and reach out to help if needed

Praise a child

Quick to speak a kind word

Ready to roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand

Shine Your Light on Others

Take time to listen

Uplift people


Willingly give out of the goodness of your heart

Xie Xie  ni (thank you in Chinese)

You deserve a break

Zeal: excited about moving forward with a plan

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Tuesday and More


This child loves Blippi! If you don't know Blippi google Blippi!HaHaHa, I wish I could have trasnferred the video his mom took. He is a natural born comedienne and acts like Blippi. Talk about some Happiness! See Happy Tuesday

Happy Birthday to Brittany our own and only daughter-in-love.  She celebrates with her brother Brandon and their dad Tim as they have birthdays all in a row. Brody turns 2 on the 18th so he rounds out phamily birthdays. It was such a pleasure to add Brittany into our phamily as we were so excited to have a DIL. We also were blessed with an automatic grandgirl with Addy. Our only other girl grand is Christal and she is a mom herself. It is fun to add girls into our world. We seem to have more boys than girls. But we love them all so much. So happy birthday Brittany and enjoy a beautiful new 2021. We also are excited for them to move to their new home soon. They received word today that the phamily they bought their home from is moving the first week in March. Excited for them all to have new homes and new memories to make.

My girl Lulu turns 3 on february 23. She was so tiny. But even after her unexected double surprise, Mollie and Finn, she got her cute figure back quickly. She is a good mom and most nights she will sleep with Mollie. finn likes his own space and Mollie is still so tiny. She is another Happy Tuesday time. Thinking always of Angela who who to host Tuesday and Show & Tails.

Maxine's dog is always at her side yet he is quiet. He lets Maxine take the lead and I am guessing she has biten a few folks before! Oh Maxine, you are such a character. 

Goodnight all. This kitten is having sweet dreams thinking of a dish of food. Have a wonderful rest and hoping we meet here tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentines Day 2021 and More


Happy Valentine's Day 2021 to all! I made this little one layer heart shaped cake. I found the recipe on my Goosberry Patch Calendar in my kitchen. It is a yummy little cake, not too sweet, just right for a quick bite. We had a nice day, extreme cold temps in the minus column but we had a nice dinner, We ordered pick up at Texas Roadhouse and I had yummy shrimp and steak. Avery had a ribeye and Nick some ribs. Zach and Rebekah had steaks too. It was a nice meal. The only disappointment I found was the lack of info for the Loveland Valentine's Day  card sending program they do each year. I don't know if it was stopped due to volunteers stamping all the cards or what happened but I was terribly disappointed. 

I made a few cupcakes too. I had little picks to add so it was a fun day. Celebrate Aw...Mondays

A few Valentine's Day photos to share. These brothers are the cutest.

Noelle snapped a few Saturday night too. Colton and Baby Shea. Oh how she loves this daddy. Maybe she is a Tom Brady as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan too. Colton came over to show us his new jersey last night. It was sweet to see how excited he was. Everyone has the right to happiness in liking a particular sports team or not. So I try to support him.

This boy loves a good selfie. 

Ella hit the 5 lb. mark. She is moving forward at an amazing pace. Tarrah is loving being with her girl. But she has many obstacles she is overcoming with her own health. We keep praying, asking for prayer and we love to see the outpouring of love for them and the answer to the prayers. Thank you.
Ah...Love is....expresses it all so well. Hoping your day was perfect in everyway. Get your beauty rest and Sweet Dreams too. Praying we return again tomorrow.